Applications :: How To Get Aperture Stop Starting Automatically

Mar 22, 2009

How do you get it to stop starting when I plug in my camera/iPod?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can't Stop Applications Automatically Starting In User Account

Jun 1, 2012

Parental control is active, but no restrictions on which applications they can use; just website restrictions and time limits.Allowed them to modify the dock.Each time they log in various applications automatically start and removing them from the startup list does not seem to solve the problem, and one is not even on the list.The "re-open windows" check box is NOT selected when they log out and I watched them quit the applications before logging out.

Example: for one account iTunes Helper always shows up on the startup list... I try to remove it in their account and it just pops back up... this appears to cause iTunes to autostart each time the log in... annoying.

Example: same account, the System Preferences always start up... fortunately it is locked so the kid can modify anything. But again, annoying.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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OS X :: Aperture Keeps Starting, How Do I Stop It

Sep 30, 2010

When I plug my kindle 3 into my MBP it automatically starts aperture.Why does it do this, and more importantly how do I stop it?

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Applications :: Stop Evernote From Starting Up?

Sep 10, 2009

is there a way to stop the evernote helper from starting up? I tried deleting it from the start up items in my account preference, but it keeps adding itself to it later. Is there a way to permanently stop it from automatically starting up?

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Applications :: How To Stop Preview From Automatically Opening Photos

Nov 21, 2009

I am a new Mac user (had my macbook for 2 weeks, loving it, but still learning how to use it). I am really annoyed by Preview app. Anytime I save a photo in my Download folder, it automatically opens it with Preview, whether I want it or not. When I quit Preview, it still opens the next time I download a photo. I can't find anywhere in Preview options such option to disconnect automatic opening of photos. How do I turn it off please?

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When Start Up IMac Several Applications Launch Automatically / How To Stop This

Apr 1, 2012

when I start up my iMac several applications launch automatically, how can I stop this?


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Applications :: Using An FTP / SFTP App Call Cyberduck - Stop Connect Automatically?

Mar 17, 2009

I have been using an FTP/SFTP app call cyberduck. It is good and it works except for one thing. When I open the app it connects to all my bookmarks. Is there a way to stop this?

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OS X Mountain Lion :: How To Stop Some Applications Automatically Opening At Start Up

Jun 5, 2014

There is probably a very simple answer to this - but I can't find it! Everytime I start up my imac, a couple of tedious applications that take a long time have to open then I have to close them to get on with what I want to do.

How do I stop these loading automatically?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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Intel Mac :: While Turning Computer On How To Stop Lots Of Applications Opening Automatically

Mar 14, 2012

How do I stop several applications opening when I turn my mac on?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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PowerPC :: Not Starting Up - Automatically Shut Off?

Sep 14, 2009

My powerbook will not start up all the way. It suddenly went off yesterday and did not give any noticeable warning. I left it alone after trying to start it up several times. I tried again today and had the same problem. I will here the motor for a few seconds and then nothing. Also, it did come on twice, went off both times when titled the entire laptop up. So, if I tilt it at anytime it automatically shut off.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Change Programs Starting Up Automatically

Feb 29, 2012

There are a number of programs that automatically start up when I boot up my mac. I don't want this to happen as it annoys me! How do I control and change the settings of this?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Stop Mail From Starting Up At Login?

Oct 22, 2009

Mail keeps starting up at login. In the preferences>accounts and login items it's not listed, so there's nothing to remove there. Please, how do I stop from mail opening at startup, I don't want to use it, as I do everything via webmail.

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ITunes For Mac :: Disabling From Automatically Starting When Headphone Plugged In

Dec 3, 2014

I have a Macbook Pro running OS X Yosemite Ver 10.10.1. Whenever I plug in my Apple headphone it in, the iTunes automatically starts and I would like to disable the same. I am talking on FaceTime using my head phone, (I am guessing some small movements of headphone triggering this) the  iTunes starts automatically and the songs start to play during the FaceTime call. 

Does any one know how to disable the iTunes from not starting up automatically, whenever a Headphone is inserted into Mac. I can start iTunes whenever I want like any other application. But I just don’t want any automatic starting of iTunes, when I plug the headphone!

Mac Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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OS X :: Stop Skype Frm Starting Evrytime I Turn My Mac On?

Jan 23, 2010

i checked all the options on skype but i cudnt find one tht wud stop it frm starting automatically, evrytime i started my mbp

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MacBook Pro :: Stop Programs From Starting When Boot Up?

Feb 11, 2012

how can I stop programs from starting when I boot up?  I have the Mac book pro. 


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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Stop ITunes From Starting When Reboot

Apr 29, 2012

i don't know how to tell it to stop starting up whenever i restart OS X.

Mac mini

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Intel Mac :: Keeps Starting Up In Safe Mode - How To Stop This?

Jun 9, 2012

My imac keeps starting up in safe mode how can i stop this?

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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OS X :: How To Stop Aperture Opening At Startup

Aug 23, 2010

I'm having a small problem with my Mac. Every time I start up Aperture seems to open automatically. I've made sure it's not in the list of start up programs and it only started doing this since yesterday (monday).

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OS X :: Stop VMWare Fusion 3.0 Running In The Background While Starting Up?

Oct 29, 2009

I just installed VM Fusion 3.0, it is really much faster running Windows Vista with it.

Anyway, my main issue is, when I opened Activity Monitor, I realized that VMF 3.0 runs in the background when the computer start, is there anyway to totally shut it off if I am not using it?

Also, on the top right tool bar, there is a "bi-head" arrow of VMF 3.0, how to get rid of it?

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Aperture :: Make Folder Appear Automatically In Pictures Area Vs Projects

Jun 22, 2014

OK, brand new to Aperture from iPhoto.Not a professional just a frequent traveller with lots of pictures.In iPhoto we had Folders say "Travel" then Sub-Folders like "Turkey" then folders in there for various cities, so "Istanbul" for example.Then inside there we have an album.

Projects is unimportant to us because we do such a good job of organizing our photos, usually at the end of the day, but certainly on the plane ride home.I have Projects hidden in Aperture so that is fine.But today we tried to make a new Folder and it placed it at the bottom of Projects, if we make an album it places it at the bottom of all the other Folders in our Picture library.

Our work around was go back to iPhoto which works the way we want it to.Short of dragging the Folder that Aperture made in Projects down or working in iPhoto is there any other way to make a Folder appear automatically in the Pictures area vs. Projects?

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Aperture :: Version 3.2.4 Will Not Stop Loading Assets - Camera Not Connected To Mac

Aug 27, 2014

I have a Mac OSx ver 10.6.8 using Aperture ver 3.2.4.  I recently tried downloading my pictures from my Pentax K-r. Could not import pictures. Since then I cannot eject the Pentax K-r icon and Aperture keeps trying to load assets even without the camera being connected to my Mac. How can I stop this from happening?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: App Store/ Upgrading From Aperture 2 To Aperture 3

Jan 6, 2011

I noticed that Aperture 3 is priced really, REALLY low on the Mac App Store. So I made the decision to buy it. But... I already have Aperture 2 installed. So what happens when I buy Aperture 3? Does it recognize that I have Aperture 2 installed, and upgrade it, or will it install Aperture 3 alongside Aperture 2?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Stop Automatically Magnifying

Jun 28, 2012

How can I stop the automatically magnifying my internet page that I am currently viewing? I automatically does it and I either have to refresh my page or close safari and reopen it.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Stop ITunes From Adding Songs Automatically?

Nov 6, 2010

I've been trying to figure out how to sort this for ages now, and I just can't get to the bottom of it to save my life. This is the situation. I've just downloaded an album, and it ended up in my Downloads folder, so I moved it to the desktop, then played one of the songs in the album. s soon as I played the song, it opened up in iTunes and then automatically added the song to the music library. I don't want it to do that, I've spent the last couple of hours sorting out my library, adding album artwork, name changes etc and the last thing I need is things getting automatically added to the music library and cluttering and messing things up.

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OS X :: How To Stop My System From Automatically Connecting To The Internet

Mar 5, 2009

I'm using a Macbook Pro OS X and was wondering if there is a way to stop my airport/wireless internet from automatically connecting to the internet when i start my computer.I want it so that it disconnects from the internet when i close the lid and for it to stay disconnected until i manually reconnect it myself again. I'm currently connected to shared internet which does not require me to enter a password.

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OS X :: How Would You Stop System From Automatically Unzipping Files

Mar 12, 2009

I use Mac Tiger 10.4.11 When I download .Zip files, they are automatically unzipped by whichever program I have set as my default "(de)compression-program" on Mac.what I should do to stop my .Zip files from automatically being unzipped immediately after I download them.

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MacBook Pro :: Stop Display From Dimming Automatically?

May 5, 2010

is there a way to stop the Macbook Pro display from dimming automatically?

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Safari :: Stop From Opening 99 Tabs Automatically

Apr 21, 2012

When I first start up Safari - it automatically opens a huge number of tabs (the drop down menu on a tab right click shows an option to bookmark 99 tabs - and there are more tabs opened than I care to count). They appear to all be existing bookmarks; but could also be history.

At one point it would not let me close it at all & because it wouldn't close the OS would not allow a shutdown. So I had to do a hardware power off instead.

I played around with the setting and finnally - after severl hard reboots and a lot of try this & try that - I got it to allow itself to be closed. 

But the 99+/- auto opens continue to be a problem.  I've tried to completely clear my history, and several other property adjustments - but overall the behaviour remains very very flakely. 

I want to make it my default browser on all my Apple things (Macbook / iTouch / iPad) but the very bad behaviour keeps pushing me back to Firefox - sigh. It feels like a very bad user design that cannot be trusted. 

Are there some obvious know gotcha's with this browser? Or some standard settings that should never be touched? Or are these common bugs that just don't work right?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Stop It From Automatically Downloading Mails?

Jun 21, 2012

is it possible to stop ur mac from automatically downloading ur mails because im running low on memory

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OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.3 - How To Stop Apps Automatically Opening When Log In

Jun 17, 2014

on OSX 10.9.13 how do i stop things automatically opening e.g.. mail, messenger when I log in?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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