Applications :: Where To Find Logic Express/Logic Pro

Jan 9, 2011

Is it likely? Aperture is a pro app and is on there, and it'd make sense if they also added Logic and Final Cut - it'd be like a professional version of iWork with the whole set.

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Applications :: What Is The Difference Between Logic Studio And Logic Express?

Jul 24, 2009

Does anybody know what the specific differences are between Logic Studio and Logic Express?

Also, is there any place where I can get Logic Studio for cheaper than the $499 retail price? The cheapest place I found I was at MacMall for only $49 cheaper.

Can anybody find anyplace cheaper, preferably around $350 or lower?

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Applications :: Logic Express 8 - Creating Noise Sweep

Jul 10, 2009

I am new to Logic and have read through many tutorials which enabled me to create a trance/house song. It, however, is missing something crucial - a noise sweep or build-up or shwoosh sound, etc. I need that "airplane take off" sound that builds up before the bass hits. I have searched google and have been successful in finding posts that help other users, but not me. I need a step by step breakdown of how to do this...meaning like a 10 step list of exactly what to do (every step of the way).

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Applications :: Logic Express 8 Versus Garage Band And Jam Packs?

Nov 17, 2007

I hope I posted this in the right post.

I am finally upgrading to a MacBook Pro sometime around January, and I am as excited as can be. I do some messing around with audio, but nothing too serious, just things for fun and to show people, every now and then for a school project etc...
Mainly playing with samples and I'm looking to get more into it, and start some amateur DJ mixing.

That being said, I'm debating between Logic Express 8 and Garage band (plus several Jam Packs: Remix, Symphony Orchestra, World Music and Rhythm Section) since Logic would be cheaper.

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Applications :: Logic Express 9 With Midi Keyboard And Drum Machine

Feb 3, 2010

I have a yamaha mm6 keyboard which I have connected to my mac using midi, in logic express it shows that it is detecting the notes, yet nothing plays through the laptop speakers! I am selecting external midi when I make a new track btw. If I record something it even shows the notes as I play, but no sound. I want to use the instruments on the keyboard but don't know how to do this. Also I have a boss dr 670 drum machine and I can't get that to work at all in logic, the keyboard worked if I used a software instrument in logic. I want to also use the drums from the machine and things like it's quantizing, but I can't get logic to pick it up at all.

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Run Logic Express And Final Cut Express?

Apr 16, 2010

I really would like to get the cheaper, lighter, smaller, more portable 13" if at all possible. However, I need it to smoothly run Final Cut Express (I do some video editing for work) and Logic Express (I'm a full time musician). I travel a lot with my computer and my current 15" 2.16GHZ MBP has always been a bit bulky and heavy, and lags a bit when using Final Cut.

Will I get smooth performance running FCE and LE with the 13", and will it be a capable computer (keep up with updated software) for the next 4 years or so? I'd probably max out the RAM and maybe get a faster processor if I was to settle on the 13". If not, I'm looking at having to get the 15", any suggestions on which 15" model would be the best for me in terms of what I need it for? Would I be set with a lower end 15"?

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App Store :: Own Logic Pro 8 And Logic Pro 9 Upgrade / Can Download For Free

Apr 14, 2012

I want to save the hassle of trying to install using the DVDs as I'm anticipating that this won't be as simple as it should be and is likely to be less trouble with a download.

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OS X :: Updated To Os X To 10.4.10 / Logic Express Keeps On Crashing

Jan 6, 2011

Everything was working fine until I updated osx to 10.4.10 and now Logic Express keeps on crashing. The track starts playing fine then the core audio overload message appears then the program crashes when theres very little strain on the system. Ive attached the full error message... If anyone knows what the problem is please let me know.

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MacBook :: How To Master Logic Express 8

Apr 16, 2009

I have seen a few videos about mastering and gave it a try myself. It can be done by clicking the master tab, then going to the Input 1-2 column setting and then clicking setting - mastering, etc.

When I first did this a few weeks ago, there were many options such as hip hop mastering, electronic mastering, etc.

Now, when I do so, I have different - much less enticing options and have no idea where the good ones went.

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Software :: Using Logic Express 9 And Jam Packs?

Nov 7, 2009

I've just installed Logic Express 9 and was told that this would allow me to access and use my Apple Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra.

So far I can find now way to get this to appear in Logic Express.

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Applications :: Logic Express 9 Not Sending MIDI Data To External MIDI Devices?

Mar 13, 2010

I just recently purchased Logic Express 9. I am having difficulty getting the application to play my external MIDI gear.

I selected the appropriate track type (external MIDI), then selected from the library a MIDI device and channel. Logic sees the MIDI devices that I configured through Apple's "�Audio/MIDI interface� app".

This is my setup�

Logic Express is installed on an iMac with 4GB Memory running the latest version of MAC OS 10.x Snow Leopard.

I�m using a Motu Fastlane 2x2 MIDI Interface with Motu�s latest driver installed.

Connected to the Port A input of the Fastlane is a Yamaha P-80 that I am using as a MIDI controller and whose sounds I also want to use. Connected to the two output MIDI ports of the Fastlane are the Yamaha P-80 and a Roland JD990 MIDI synth module. In are correctly routed to outs and vice versa.

The Fastlane is recognized by the MAC computer. Also Logic Express sees the instruments I configured within the Apple�s �Audio/MIDI interface� app.

I am able to use the P-80 keyboard to record MIDI data to Logic Express for either an internal instrument track or an external MIDI track. The soft synths in the internal tracks play with no problem. For an External MIDI track, I see the data in the Piano roll view. When I play the track, no sound comes out but I see the output MIDI data indicated at the bottom of the arrangement window. Also my external MIDI gear�s audio outs are patched into an audio mixer connected to powered monitor speakers. So I would definitely hear the devices if they were receiving MIDI information. The MIDI indicator lights on the external devices are not flashing when Logic is playing back the data.

So obviously I have an output communication issue. Either something is not set properly within the Logic software or the �Audio/MIDI interface� app.

When I open up the �Audio/MIDI interface� app and click on test. I am able to here the tone when I press the keyboard which indicates the Motu Interface is receiving data from the keyboard. However, when I click on the port�s output arrow that is supposed to send a tone to the MIDI instruments, I hear nothing which is consistent with what is happening within Logic.

I know the Motu Fastlane works because I used it for a long time in a Windows based system. I have checked each wire and they check out as well. I have checked and double checked each connection and they are set properly. At this point, I am not sure what to do to correct this problem.

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Applications :: Unable To Export Track In Logic Express / Not Saving The Track

Feb 24, 2008

i just bought it and am having a little trouble exporting a track i made. i didnt do much to it, just cut it and can not figure out how to export. i go to the export option and then try and save it to the desktop but it is not there when i go to find it

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Hardware :: Does The Mac Mini Come With GarageBand And Logic Express?

Aug 20, 2009

This will be my first Mac computer and I was wondering. Does the Mac Mini come with GarageBand and Logic Express?

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OS X :: Logic Express 7 MIDI Options With M-Audio?

Dec 2, 2007

I am running an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 MIDI controller via USB into Logic Express 7. I use Mac OSX. I'm going straight from the Keystation Pro 88 into the MIDI port of my MacBook Pro. I use a Pre Sonus Firepod as my audio interface (not sure if that's even relevantWhen I begin playing too many notes (especially after pressing the sustain), the piano (Garage Band grand piano .exs) starts to cut out. It sounds like BAD static, as if the MIDI were overloading Logic. I've tried changing the buffer size in audio preferences - it gets no better, only worse when I lower the size (32 being nothing but static).

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OS X :: Logic Express 8 - Way To Figure Out Drum Beats

Feb 14, 2009

I just got logic express 8 and i'm using it with axiom 25, i'm trying to figure out when making drum beats, is there away that i can see my drum kit sounds and use my mouse to punch in where i want the notes, cause i'm not too good at using the 25 and trying to hit cymbals

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Cannot Open Or Upgrade Logic Express 9.0.1

May 24, 2012

I just migrated from Snow Leopard to Lion and now can't open or upgrade Logic Express 9.0.1 to a Lion version. How can I upgrade the software to the latest version? Software update doesn't show anything. I've migrated using my Time Machine backup from my Macbook running latest Snow Leopard.

Logic Express 9.0.1, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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IMac :: How Good Speakers If Plan To Use Logic Express

Mar 21, 2010

and connect my keyboard directly.. are the internal speakers of the imac enough? or i should buy the imac with some good external speakers?

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Software :: Logic Express 8 - No Output Audio To Attached Speakers

Jun 1, 2008

For some reason, I can't get Logic Express 8 to output audio to my Mac's attached speakers. It outputs fine through my M-Audio interface, though, but I'd just like to listen without headphones.

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OS X :: Logic Express 8 Drums / Unable To View Drum Kit Sounds

Sep 11, 2009

I just got logic express 8 and i'm using it with axiom 25, i'm trying to figure out when making drum beats, is there away that i can see my drum kit sounds and use my mouse to punch in where i want the notes, cause i'm not too good at using the 25 and trying to hit cymbals and hit hats and the rest, if anyone could let me know,

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Software :: Logic Express 9 Re-Install / Get Back Original Demo Project As Learning Tool?

Oct 26, 2010

i've been using Logic Express 9 for a few months now and started today messing about with the included demo project "The Numbers Game".Unfortunately, I accidentally hit save on a change and now have fundamentally affected the demo.

If I do a re-install of Logic Express 9 will this wipe out or affect my other projects in any way? I really don't want to lose any of the work I've done so far, but would really like to have back the original demo project as a learning tool.

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IMac :: Won't Find Info / Working In Logic

Aug 19, 2010

just asking for personal opinions on speed in Logic. I work with both software instruments and audio tracks, up to 40+ tracks per song-will the minimum imac model work for me? I would also like to do work in Reason and Record in the future so.

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MacBook :: Replacing C2d Logic Board With Cd Logic Board Cause Heat Sink?

May 13, 2008

so i've got a system with a fried c2d board. i can pick up a cd board for $150 plus shipping which is good for me. to find a comparable replacement, i'm looking at ~350 and i'm just not feelin that price as im on a budget.

i'm not concerned about the speed decrease as im just trying to get this thing rebuilt.

i understand that there are different heatsink assemblys..vertical vs horizontal. however, i do not know how to tell the difference and i am also unsure whether or not my c2d heatsink will work on this board i receive.

the logicboard possess a t7300 c2d and model # is 820-2279-a, it appears.

i cant find anything on that model, except for on ebay.

and i totally cant find the serial number on this macbook. under the battery on the tray has no serial number listed, and i've read through this documentation [URL]

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Software :: Logic Express Unable To Output Audio To Speakers / Output Is Fine In Headphones

Sep 18, 2009

For some reason, I can't get Logic Express 8 to output audio to my Mac's attached speakers. It outputs fine through my M-Audio interface, though, but I'd just like to listen without headphones.

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Applications :: Help Using Logic Studio 9?

Oct 14, 2009

I am completely new to this program, and dont know what i am doing at all.

is there a tutorial somewhere that can teach me from the beginning?

i have little music experience, anyone know of a video collection or manual.

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Applications :: Difference Between Logic And GarageBand

Jan 24, 2009

Is buying logic advisable if I use garageband? The thing I cannot wait to try is MainStage, it looks fantastic. Is there seriously that much of a difference between logic and garageband? Right now however, I'm just messing around with garageband and such. Is there seriously that much of a difference between logic and garageband? Though in the next few months, I plan on utilizing my mac more professional reasons. The reasons I bought it for, recording. (So far, its just an expensive type writer).

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Applications :: Install Logic After Format

Sep 17, 2009

I`m going to format my macbook completely and wonders if there would be any problem with authorizing/installing/registring Logic Pro 8 after a format? Is there something have to deauthorize before i delete everything?

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Applications :: Can I Use Logic Pro 8 Like Fruity Loops?

Jul 17, 2010

I have just got Logic Pro 8 and i was wondering is it possible to use it like to make beats like you can in fruity loops?

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Applications :: Possible To Install Logic Content On An External HDD?

Jan 9, 2008

Like it says. I don't want to use up 40GB on my MBP's HDD on just loops, but I do want access to all of them. I know I could install the entire Logic package on my external, but I'd rather have the application on my hard drive and the loops on an external.

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Applications :: $999 Macbook White & Logic Studio 8?

Jan 29, 2009

Is the newly updated $999 macbook white good enough for running logic studio 8?

i plan on using the macbook to produce hip hop beats and record vocals.

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Applications :: Logic Studio 2 (Mainstage) Usage?

Sep 22, 2009

So I just got a look at the Logic Studio 2 Package and was a really interested in MainStage. I play a Gibson Les Paul 1957 Standard and an ESP Horizon FR-II. I currently only have one guitar effect pedal and a large Crate amp - those I am planning on upgrading until I saw MainStage. I saw some videos that you can select different model amps and effects to use live and for recording.

What would be the ideal device to get so I could plug my guitar in? Is there a pedal board I could use to program and change effects in MainStage?

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