IMac :: How To Make Text Fonts Look Bigger

Jan 11, 2009

I just purchased a 24" iMac. This is my first Apple machine. How do I make the text fonts look bigger while still retaining the 1920x1200 resolution?


MacBook Air :: Make Fonts Bigger In Finder Menu And Safari Menus ?

Feb 17, 2012

How can i make fonts bigger in finder menu and safari menus . everything is very small

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: How To Make Text Bigger System Wide

Nov 8, 2010

I�m trying to help my mum set up her imac and she has asked me to help make the text bigger on the screen. I�ve shown her how to zoom on word/safari/etc, however ideally I want to make all the text on the computer bigger - eg. menus at top of screen, finder text, etc...

The first thing I tried was adjusting the display resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x900 or 1280x720, but this seemed to make the screen blurry.

Does anyone know if there is any other way that I can help make the text bigger for all system elements?

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OS X :: Make Finder Sidebar Text Bigger?

Sep 1, 2009

In Leopard the Finder sidebar text was always too small. Is there a way to control the font size in Snow Leopard, maybe through the Terminal if anyone knows? Apple made everything else resizable in the new Finder but I can't figure out the sidebar text.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Make Text Bigger Without Zooming In

Apr 20, 2012

how to make text bigger without zooming in,i.e in ical the text is to small but i want to see the hole of the calender

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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IMac :: How Do You Make Everything On The Screen Bigger

Apr 17, 2009

I can barely see anything from my chair and couch, and I even have to use the second best solution. With the best solution it just gets too small, so I cant see anything. Is there any way to make everything a little bigger?

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Applications :: How To Make The Font Bigger

Sep 17, 2010

I used to Excel and recently switched to Mac using Open Office spreadsheet. I have 2 questions and would

A) How to make the font bigger
B) When I highlight the box, the default blue is too faint. Can the colour be changed?

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OS X :: Possible To Resize The OSX Partition To Make It Bigger?

Mar 18, 2008

I have a MBP 2.4 SR and windows XP 32bit is installed on Boot Camp... I would like to know if it's possible to resize the OSX partition to make it bigger... Or do I have to uninstall windows and install it again...? Because I really need the space...

Btw, is there a program that can tell me what optional leopard software (printer drivers etc.) are installed?

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OS X :: How To Make Safari Webpages Appear Bigger

May 19, 2009

i know how to make text size bigger but i want the whole thing to remain bigger. anybody can tell me how to?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Make Window Bigger

Mar 8, 2012

what i need to be able to play items on my tv ,like movies and videos from my macbook ,did i miss something ?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Software :: How To Make A Smart Art Graph Bigger

Dec 11, 2009

Im creating a Pyramid graph. Im using Microsoft word for macs. I can't seem to enlarge my final product to fit page size. adding a second smart graph (circular arrows). I need the pyramid to be the background and insert the arrows within the pyramid without interfering with the text.

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OS X :: Shrinking HFS To Make NTFS Partition Bigger

Sep 8, 2009

All I want to do is simply shrink the size of my HFS+ partition and make my NTFS partition bigger. I tried CampTune but it doesn't detect my hard drive (common problem). I'm going to try iPartition soon. In Windows, resizing partitions was a snap. Doesn't seem to be that easy in OS X for some reason.

I was gonna try Disk Utility but it says that it may make my Boot Camp partition unbootable. I don't really want to take a chance. I just made my HFS+ partition smaller in boot camp, but it won't let me touch my NTFS partition. I'm thinking about going into Windows 7 and using Disk Management to extend the NTFS partition.

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Applications :: How To Make All Periods In Document Bigger

Nov 30, 2009

I'm writing an essay tonight, suppose to be like 7 pages. I'm at about 7 right now, however i've always been one to go...above and beyond.

I know how to do it in microsoft word, however would love to just do it in Pages.

I'd like to find all the "." in the document, which are sized 12 and secretly make them like size 15, or 17...whatever doesn't look too obvious.

In Microsoft word this usually adds me like an extra page, depending how much i've got written down..

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Applications :: Make Pages Toolbar Bigger?

Jul 24, 2010

I have a 24" iMac and when my mom opens up Pages she can see the icons for Inspector and Fonts and everything just fine but she can't see jack ***** on the toolbar below that - the one with the font, justification, etc. options. I can make the Fonts and Inspector icons even bigger but can't do anything with the toolbar below that. Why? And why can't I find anything at all in Settings or on the Apple site about doing that? My mom isn't even a senior - no clue how anyone over 60 could see anything.

I can change the resolution of the whole screen but that's a pretty clunky solution.

It's absolutely tiny. How do I make it bigger?

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MacBook Pro :: Getting An App To Make Tool Bars Bigger?

Apr 20, 2012

All the tool bars are ways too small.  It's painful to read.  I know there're ways to work around this problem such as decreasing the screen resolution, or use the Zoom feature.  These are only workaround solutions because decreasing screen resolution makes pictures look less sharp, and the Zoom feature is not that fun to have all the times on your screen.  It looks like Apple should come up with a permanent fix, as it is clearly not acceptable fix.  Hopefully some Genius will come up with an App that offers a better resolution. 

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OS X :: How To Make Screen Size Bigger Than Macbook Pro's Monitor

Aug 29, 2010

i have a 13 inch macbook pro, and i want to set the screen size bigger than 1280 * 800, to maybe 1600 * 1200 or something. obviously i cant fit more than 1280 * 800 pixels in the 13 inch MBP screen, but I want it to function as kind of a 'cropped' screen - so i'd have to move my trackpad around the corners of the screen to see more of the desktop. i know it will look like crap and be a bit cumbersome, but i don't really care about that. is there any way to do this?

by the way, i don't NEED the ability to use my trackpad to move around the screen. i don't plan on using my MBP like this permanently, this is just for experimental purposes.

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OS X :: How To Make The Close And Minimise Buttons In Safari Bigger

Sep 5, 2006

Make the close and minimise buttons in safari bigger.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: How To Make Window Controls Bigger On MacBook Pro

Apr 10, 2012

The red green and blue buttons in the top left of a window. Is there any way to make them bigger like in 10.6. They're too small.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), external battery pack

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Windows On Mac :: Backup / Restore To Make Bigger Partition For Games?

Feb 17, 2010

I made my windows partition too small. I use it mainly for games and didn't fully realize the size of games these days. I decided to use a 500gb hd that regrettably is USB. I kept windows on my mac but moved steam and all the games onto the hd. Now everything is slow to load (naturally) and it just isn't a great experience. What would I need to do to backup windows onto the hd, delete my partition, make a new bigger partition, then restore onto my mac?

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MacBook Pro :: Make High Resolution Screen Display Bigger?

Jun 7, 2010

I got a Matte screen 2010 MBP. It comes with higher res screen. I personally find the text to be a little bit too small for my liking. Is it possible to uniformly make everything bigger so the higher res only make image and text sharper and not smaller than original resolution?

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MacBook Pro :: Make A Bigger Partition - Dual Boot Via Bootcamp With Window 7

Mar 5, 2010

I bought a macbook pro off ebay it's a 15in model # A1211 and I just put a new hard drive in it. The hard drive is a seagate 500gb 7200rpm. The real question I have is that I cloned my hard drive but in disk utility I cant just move my hard drive down extend my space to fill in the empty space for my mac partition. Also my hard drive is dual boot via bootcamp with windows 7.

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Intel Mac :: Make The Font Size Bigger On Safari's Bookmarks Toolbar?

Apr 7, 2012

I prefer not to change the resolution of my iMac.  I find that the bookmarks toolbar is not that easy to read with the default font size.  How do I change it and make it permanent?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Way To Keep Safari On Larger Fonts And Text For MBP 17"?

Nov 22, 2010

I know how to zoom in with the a/A option on Safari, but the zoomed in effect is only temporary. When I leave Safari and return I have to go through this each time.I know that Firefox can be set permanently to a certain text size (let's call it a permanently zoomed in size), but is that possible with Safari? If so,how?

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Applications :: Mail Text And Signature Fonts ?

Mar 22, 2010

Today, after using a signature in Apple Mail for the past few months, I discovered that my signature is HUGE when read by non Apple Mail users and that the text in my emails is in Times New Roman even though I set it to Helvectia by default.

Turns out this is a problem in Apple Mail, as setting a default font only affects what YOU see, not what the email recipient sees. This seems backwards to me. My emails have apparently been all unorganized for months now. I've sent out job applications thinking I had a sleek format...

Anyways, researching this, I read nearly every post in this google search, but still don't understand how to fix the problem. Apparently there's one "fix" involving stationary, and another fix where you begin typing right at the beginning of the sig...?

Can anyone tell me how to make my emails that I send from Apple Mail show up for my recipients in Helvectia and have the signature be in the same font size and Helvectia as well ? And no, clicking the "always match my default message font" button didn't do this, just in case.

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Applications :: Export Pages Text Document To PDF/fonts And Graphics?

Jan 19, 2009

just a short question: Can anybody tell me a program/way to export my PAGES document to a PDF with all the used fonts and graphics embedded? I want that it looks exactely the same on e.g. a Windows computer on which the used fonts aren't installed. Unfortunately, even the Word exporting fuction of Pages doesn't seem very reliable - or do I do something wrong? I sometimes even lose bold/italic format etc. Very strange ... Anyway, I need a way to send somebody this text either as a Word or PDF file which won't make problems and look the same.

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OS X :: Text Fonts Garbled In Safari And Address Book Snow Leopard?

Sep 26, 2009

System: clean install of 10.6

[B]Issues:[/B ]Safari has garbled menus/text and so does [URL]
Also the groups on the right in address book are garbled (the text looks out of place/corrupt ). The contacts look fine, it's just a couple group names, not all.

What i've tried: There are no duplicates in my font book. I repaired permissions. I've tried the demo of fontdoctor 7.6 but it says no errors, everything passed.

I'm completely stuck - anyone else have this problem?

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Mac Pro :: How To Make Fonts Larger

May 6, 2012

I am having trouble seeing the words in the URL headings, or any of the other choices under the URL.I can hardly see the lettering across the top of the apple page.  i.e. Safari  file  edit  view  history etc etc,How can I make all this larger?  I am visually impaired, and I have set up (never use sizes smaller than 14)My URL addresses must be coming in as an 8 or smaller... Command plus enlarges the page, but not the wording at the top.

mail fonts

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Intel Mac :: Make Mail Readable, Text Barely Readable On Screen When Set To 12 Point Text?

May 20, 2012

Is there a way to increase the size of the displayed mail, as you are creating it? I have mine set to 12 point text, but it is still difficult to read. The e-mail when received is fine, it's the creating that's "tiny"?

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OS X :: How To Make Text Sharper

Mar 4, 2009

I have a problem with the clarity and sharpness of text on my new 2.0ghz unibody Macbook. The text, regardless of how bright my screen is or what the size of the text is, seems fuzzy and unclear.

Can anyone make things appear sharper? I do wear glasses, but it's minimal prescription.

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Applications :: How To Make Scanned Text Searchable

Feb 10, 2009

How do I make a scanned text searchable in Acrobat 7 Pro?

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Applications :: How To Make Bold Text In TextEdit

May 11, 2009

I am trying to make One sentence bold in Text Edit , but when i hit cmd + B, it makes the entire text BOLD ??

How do i just make the selected text bold and not the entire text ?

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OS X :: How To Make Text Smaller In Safari By Default

Oct 10, 2009

having my eyes get used to the 1900x1200 resolution in my 17" unibody macbook pro's screen is probably not good with the macbook air's 1280x800 resolution i use at home, so i need to press "cmd -" every time i browse some pages.

is there any way to make safari load pages with smaller text size? 1 press of "cmd -" is probably good enough.

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OS X :: How To Make Images And Text Align To The Center

Feb 17, 2010

I wrote on this forum a while ago about problems with my macbook (I did a security update that stopped midway, which lead to the disappearance of my dock, inability to drag or minimize items or to shut down properly, etc.) I managed to fix it and now safari is acting weird. When I go to one page, it will load but safari will quit, it freezes on on twitter, and the images and words on facebook and youtube are aligned to the left. how do i make it possible so that it won't quit or freeze, and how can i align images and text to the center on youtube and facebook?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Make Non-Safari Text Larger

Jun 14, 2012

How does one make (non-safari) text larger?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Scan Document - Make It Template To Add Text

Dec 21, 2010

How do I do this, scanning a document as a TIFF or using a text recognition program to create a template, then making a place were I can edit text, or add text to the document scanned?

steps I think?
1) scan document as TIFF
2) convert to PDF
3) use a PDF form filler? like [URL]

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Intel Mac :: Make Text Appear Larger On Desktop And Applications?

Mar 19, 2012

Is there a way to make all text appear larger in all or most of my programs including the desktop? I wear glasses and have a difficult time writing and reading text?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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Intel Mac :: Make Text Cells On A 45 Degree Angle?

Jun 21, 2012

I am trying to make a chart and I am trying to make the top row of colums with the information postioned on a 45 degree. How do adjust the setting in numbers or pages to accomplish this.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Software :: How To Make The Icons And Text In Boxes Such As Applications In The Dock

Jun 24, 2010

I recently tried to download a free trial of World of Warcraft for Macs but instead screwed up the display settings on my Macbook (version 10.6.4 OS X). I removed it from the computer when the game didn't play, it just gave a black screen, at which point I had restarted the computer to find text sizes magnified, the display setting changed so the whole screen wasn't being used, etc. I was able to change the screen display size no problem but cannot figure out how to make the icons and text in boxes such as applications in the dock, or system preferences folder smaller. Is there a way, without reinstalling the operating system, to reset these minor settings? I could live with the changes but would rather not.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Sandbox Make Preview And Text Edit Unresponsive?

Apr 2, 2012

i want to open an image or pdf with preview,it loads slowly for the first time  while mouse pointer wheeling (like crash time)and the console error is about sandboxing,i think it is created because of update from 10.7.1 to 10.7.3, the console message is

sandboxd[318] ([313]): Preview(313) deny iokit-open AppleGraphicsPolicyClient[322]: warning: invalid bfrange: string length is not a multiple of 2.

i don't know what to do more to  solve this problem, i have done reset password,disk utility permissions repair?

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OS X :: Fonts Messed Up In Snow Leopard - System Things Display Strange Fonts

Dec 3, 2009

fonts must be messed up in Snow Leopard. Some system things display strange fonts. For example, my user name in upper right hand corner of the screen doesn't look right.ALso, the font on the "tabs," in Safari is not correct, and I can compare it to other SL computers.

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