Windows On Mac :: Setting Up Wireless Connection On XP

May 9, 2009

I installed all of the boot camp drivers. I still cannot set up a wireless connection on my xp after using boot camp.

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Mac Pro :: Setting Up Internet Connection Using Wireless Router

Dec 26, 2009

I Have a linksys Wireless-G router (Model WRT54G) that's already hooked up to one PC & I'd like to hook my new Mac Pro to it. Is it possible?

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Windows On Mac :: Which Setting To Access Wireless In Vm Fusion

Dec 13, 2009

imac 27" I7 VM Fusion 3 accessing bootcamp partition of Windows 7 Pro (32 bit) I use wireless for the Mac OS/X but when I use VM Fusion I can't get internet access. When I boot into the bootcamp partition I can access the internet via wireless but not in VM Fusion.

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Windows On Mac :: Using Xp Wireless Connection?

Feb 12, 2010

I've recently installed windows xp on my macbook pro (leopard). When I ran windows xp, i got connected to the wireless network (the one i use to connect while running mac os as well); however, it seems to me that now whenever i run my windows xp, it can't find the wireless network. it just shows other wireless networks which are considerably slower than my preference.

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Windows On Mac :: Configuring Wireless Connection When Running OS?

Nov 8, 2010

I installed windows 7 on Basecamp but I can't figure out how to configure it to work wirelessly with my airport base station. Is there a specific driver to install? If yes would it be on apple or windows website? If this helps I'm using an AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x93) card that came with the MBP.

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Internet Connection On XP Cuts Out

Feb 14, 2009

I can hook up and get wireless internet on OS X easy no problems. XP I can also hook up and get internet easily on XP. The problem is, all of a sudden it will cut out and stop working after awhile, then I have to select and repair my connection to get it to work again. I know its super vague but thats all I got.

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MacBook Pro :: Wireless Connection With Windows 7 Ultimate

Feb 14, 2012

I'm having trouble connecting via wireless router to the internet through windows 7 ultimate?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7, installed with boot camp

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Windows On Mac :: No Wireless Internet Connection On Vista Platform?

Feb 22, 2009

Running Vista on my mac, when I switch to windows it cannot pick up a wireless card.

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Windows On Mac :: Cannot Connect To The Wireless Connection When Running Bootcamp

Apr 28, 2009

I cannot seem to connect to the wireless connection when running bootcamp. It says something like the signal is too weak or whatever, but when I run it on OS X, it works perfectly fine.

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Windows On Mac :: Everything Works Fine Excepts The Wireless Connection Which Is Very Slow?

Jun 29, 2009

i have a problem with my bootcamp. I had installed all of the drivers and everything works fine excepts the wireless connection which is very slow. I had internet connection but it is very very slow and thats not right... i installed the 2.1 drivers from my Mac Disc. Any suggestions how to fix this ?

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MacBook Pro :: Airport On Brand New 13" - Wireless Connection Losing It's Connection

Jan 26, 2010

I recently purchased (as in days ago) a refurbished 13" Macbook Pro. I just noticed today that my wireless connection on my Macbook Pro has been losing it's connection about every other 2-3 minutes. I was on iChat with a buddy this morning, and I must have been disconnected and then reconnected about 8 times in 20 minutes. I first thought it must have been a problem with iChat. That said, I have sat here looking at my screen for the past ten minutes, and I have seen the Airport wireless indicator disconnect and then reconnect again at least three times in the past ten minutes.

I have AT&T U-Verse Service, and I am forced to use their provided 2WIRE router. That said, I have had no problems with any other device that uses the wireless connection, from my iPhone to my PS3. I work from home and have my HP laptop literally sitting right next to my Macbook, and it has not disconnected once from the same wireless connection, whereas my Macbook has literally disconnected at least 20 times.

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OS X :: Setting Up Bluetooth Internet Connection

Aug 26, 2009

Setting up the bluetooth so that I can use my mobile phone to access the internet on my mac. I have an LG phone but there isn't an LG option in the dropdown bar, does LG perhaps have another name that's in the list. Also what do I put in the username, password and phone number sections? I have tried to do it but it has failed.

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Desktops :: Resolution Setting For 16x9 G4 To Tv Connection?

Jan 20, 2010

Now that I have my G4 connected to my Vizio 20" LCD tv via VGA cable, can anyone tell me how I can properly set the resolution for a 16x9 screen. Currently, the screen has the appearance of a 4x3 aspect ratio stretched to fill screen.

I've tried each of the resolution settings in the G4 with no luck. The tv does not have an option to correct.

Also, would I see better results -- or have more options -- if I purchased a vga - hdmi converter box?

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Hardware :: Time Capsule - Setting Up Internet Connection

Nov 10, 2010

I recently got a new time capsule but I have difficulties setting up the internet connection. The time capsule is connected to our WAN using a cable in my office. The computers in our organization are authenticated using their MAC address. So, I have to add the MAC address of the time capsule to make it connected to the internet. I want to connect the TC to our WAN using a cable, then I want to connect my MacBook using a wireless connection to the TC.

When I config the TC using the NAT mode (Share a public IP address), I can use the internet but I get a double NAT error and TC's LED is yellow. When I config the TC using the Bridge Mode, the led goes green. Anyway, if I connect my MacBook using wireless I cannot reach the internet. I get no error in this case so I don't know what is happening inside the TC. Interestingly, if I connect the MacBook to the TC using an ethernet cable, it works perfectly! I have added all the MAC addresses of the wired and wireless interfaces to the list of my computers.

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MacBook Pro :: Setting Up Wireless Bridge?

Nov 29, 2010

I would like to know how to connect to multiple networks from the same router. For instance, I have on uncapped shaped account and one capped unshaped account. So i use the shaped account for gaming and the uncapped for torrents.

on my old windows, I would have to connect tot the router and from there connect to one of the internet accounts. However, on my mac it just connects to the router but cannot choose which ISP I want.

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OS X :: Setting Up Secure Wireless Network

May 27, 2009

So explain to me as you would to a complete moron how to create a wireless network with WEP encryption. I have an iMac running Leopard and my router is a D-Link DI-524.

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OS X :: Mac Mini Wireless Setting Keeps On Reverting

Jan 12, 2010

Is there a reason why, when I change my wireless setting at my mac mini (I'm using it as a WiFi spot), it keeps reverting to making an unsecured network everytime I restart the computer? I'm trying to change it via network settings' "Create a network" choice from the networks drop down menu. Is there another settings I have to go through?
Using OSX 10.5.7

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Hardware :: Setting Up Wireless Router With Mac?

Mar 24, 2009

I have been sent a wireless router from Virgin, with no instructions or disc. To cut a long story short they now tell me they have no support for Mac users

I'm sure it's not that difficult, what steps do I have to take?

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Intel Mac :: Setting Up A Wireless Printer?

Mar 17, 2012

What wireless router works best for setting up a wireless printer?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), E-1000 Linksys wireless router

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Hardware :: Setting AirPort Extreme To Wireless N Only

Aug 2, 2009

Quick question does anyone know how to set the Airport Extreme to wireless N only? I understand it will be wireless N only if I connect to the 5 ghz band. Problem is my Netgear Wireless N Bridge is 2.4 ghz only, and when it connects to the Airport extreme for some reason it only connects at wireless G. I do not see an option in Airport Utility for it to broadcast in Wireless N only. My options are 1) Automatic 2) 802.11a/n-802.11b/g 3) 802.11a-802.11b/g

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Hardware :: Setting Up Wireless For Brother HL-2170...

Aug 6, 2010

Can't seem to find a way to get the wireless feature of this Brother HL-2170W Printer working. It prints fine using the USB cable. A bit frustrated that spent the extra $$ for wireless feature that I can't get to work.

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Hardware :: Setting Up Ad Hoc Network For Wireless Printing?

Aug 18, 2010

I am attempting to create an ad hoc network for the purpose of wireless printing, but I am clueless how to do so, or if it is even a possibility. I am a student and I do not want to connect my printer to the school's wireless network, nor do I want to connect via the USB interface. These are the peripherals:

Macbook Pro 13", 10.6.4

Brother HL 2170w

Can anyone explain to me how I might go about setting up a network on my Macbook Pro that my printer would be able to connect with?

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Hardware :: Setting Up Brother HL-2170W And 10.5.5 To Communicate With Wireless?

Nov 10, 2008

As anyone set up a brother 2170W printer to communicate with an iMac running 10.5.5. via Airport? Is this possible?

I have it running on USB now no probs (after a firmware update) however when I try to set it up for wireless I still get the 'printer offline' error.

I follow the Brother instructions and use a network cable etc and the mac finds the printer but when I disconnect I get the error.

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OS X :: Connection Drop When Windows Join Connection?

Jan 1, 2010

I have owned my mac for some time now. I have an IMAC 24" and a macbook 13" black. Have owned the Imac for nearly 2 years and macbook for about a year. Absolutely love them and i made the switch from windows for various reasons.

After switching our ISP to "talk talk" (UK) I have noticed that when a windows machine boots up and the wireless is detected my internet connection either drops or cuts out all together. Sometimes having to reset the router. This doesn't always work though. This happens when either an acer laptop running XP Pro or Asus laptop running vista connects.

Im not sure if this is to do with the isp or weather its something in the mac that i could resolve.

I have tried contacting them but usually put through to a call center in India or talk to someone with a strong Indian decent accent. I personally find it hard understanding them so prefer not to call as i feel im being rude constantly asking them to repeat. Also tried signing up to the talk talk forum but it ask for my home number and also a number we was issued with when we bought the package, and i for the life of me cant find it!

Has anyone else had this problem were he internet connection drops? It's fine if i have macbook and imac running at the same time but when the windows joins connection drops or just fails. If anyone else has had this please post.

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Hardware :: Setting Up A Wireless Print / Hard Drive Network?

May 31, 2009

I'm trying to make my laptop as mobile as possible and I'm wondering what I need to buy to accomplish this.

I would like to be able to access my external hard drive [s] wirelessly. I currently have three external drives, and I would also like to print wirelessly [which may be a problem because I have the Epson 595 ].

What would you recommend I purchase to make this work? Do I need a second laptop to run as a 'server' or can I just get something like the AEBS or can I use my existing Linksys router somehow?

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Hardware :: Setting Airport Extreme As Wireless Access Point

Jul 10, 2009

I'm trying to set Airport Extreme as a wireless access point, but having some problems with it. My current setup is as follows: Time Capsule as the main router. Connected to my cable modem, and all computers connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. Two Airport Expresses connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. "Join a wireless network" and have selected "Allow Ethernet Clients" I want to have Airport Extreme do the same thing that Airport Expresses are doing, and have it connect wirelessly to Time Capsule. I have some ethernet required devices that need to be in another room. Can this be done? I set Airport Extreme exactly same as Airport Express, but do not see "Allow Ethernet Clients" checkbox.

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OS X :: Do Need A Wireless Connection To Use Mac

Apr 6, 2009

bare with me please, but please don't use my age as an excuse to ignore my question. I recently got a MacBook 13 Inch computer, and I want to hook it up to the Internet. Do I need a wireless connection to do so, and if I do would I need to buy a wireless router? Because I can buy it I just don't want to have a whole new Internet connection set up just for my computer.

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OS X :: Wireless Connection Status?

Apr 28, 2009

I just bought an iMac 24" base model and love it. I'm quickly learning the OS, but there is still a lot that is foreign to me.

Wireless was easy to setup, however I can't find any type of connection status (as in signal strength). Am I just missing it, or do I need a 3rd party program?

Another quick question while we're here, what OS do I have? It's OS X 10.5.6, would that be Leopard? All these code names are new to me

Another question I see a lot of people talking about using different browsers. Is Safari considered the Internet Explorer of the MAC? Or is Safari a good browser and people just like to try different things?

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OS X :: Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping

Nov 27, 2009

I just bought a MBP 13 inch in August '09 and Ive been experiencing consistent dropped internet connections wherever I go. I'm in college right now, and I have wireless internet at my dorm and my connection keeps dropping randomly and the only way I can reconnect is by turning on and off Airport. I just went home today and Im experiencing the same scenario with my Home Wireless Network connection. Anyone know whats going on or how I can fix this?

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Windows On Mac :: Setting Up Parallels On Windows Network?

Sep 4, 2009

I've just ordered a Mac for work, which I'll be adding to a PC-based network all running under Windows Small Business Server. I know I can add the Mac ok, but I just wondered what will happen when I then add Parallels. If the Mac is properly set up and attached to a domain, will the "Virtual Windows" machine by definition be part of the same network and work ok, or is it better to think of the virtual machine as a completely new entity in the network?

Perhaps it'll all become blindingly obvious when I start, but I just wondered if there was anything I need to know so I go into this with my admittedly non-techie eyes open!

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