Windows On Mac :: Possible To Run 64 Bit Vista On MP / MBP

May 2, 2008

Has the situation changed with the new IMacs? Are they able to run 64 bit vista like the mac pro and MBP, or are they like the past generation of IMacs?

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Windows On Mac :: Buy Upgrade For Windows 7 From Vista To Windows 7 Or Full Copy?

Oct 28, 2009

Is it better for me to buy the upgrade for windows 7, from vista to windows 7 or to buy the full copy? If i buy the fully version, should i get rid of my pardon, and re-do it with bootcamp, or should i just do it over my current pardon? (Vista) I just want the best way, less pain, less anger. Im willing to pay more for full IF IT IS THE BEST way to do it.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Mouse Jumping And Hard To Control In Parallal?

Jun 9, 2009

I'm running Windows vista ultimate on my Imac and lately the mouse started acting weird on Vista, it's jumping around and moving unpredictable,and also i use windows in spaces, and i can't switch to spaces anymore until i click control + command, please let me know what the problem is, ohh i'm running a USB G9 Logitech mouse.

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Windows On Mac :: Install Windows Vista Via Boot Camp Using Dell Reinstallation DVD?

May 22, 2010

I have a Macbook Pro and I'm hoping to install Windows Vista via Boot Camp. Is it possible to do this with a Dell reinstallation DVD that came with my Dell laptop?

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Windows On Mac :: Stuck On Windows Vista Home Premium / Unable To Select Operating System

Mar 9, 2008

I installed Windows Vista, and Vista boots up fine. However, I hold down the command keys when starting my computer up again, and it won't let me select Mac OS X. It just starts Vista.

On "My Computer" in Vista I see "Bootcamp (C" and "Macintosh HD (E in my Hard Disks Drives. Also, whenever I start up Vista it tells me something about a wrongly formatted drive. My files are still all in the Mactintosh HD drive, but I don't know how to start up Mac OS X.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows Vista Home Premium / Requires NTFS Format Partition

Aug 23, 2009

Does anyone know how can i install Vista home premium on my imac? ive been using boot camp to do all the steps but im stuck at where i should choose NTFS format partition had disk. Seems like mine is FAT32.

This is what ive done;
1.Open up bootcamp assistant
2.Partition, divide equally(116GB each)
3.Insert Vista disk and start installation
4.Install Vista and insert CD key
5.custom installation
6.Now this is where i stuck

I have 4 options, and i should choose the last one which says bootcamp 116gb, but i cant click it since it says the disk need to have NTFS format. How can i set so that i partiton it to NTFS?

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Work With Parallels / Windows Vista 64-bit Boot Camp

Apr 10, 2009

I was able to get Windows Vista 64 running on my 17" MBP, it is pretty slick. I set aside 32 GB for Windows, ran the install, loaded all the appropriate Boot Camp drivers and everything is working perfectly in Windows. I boot back to OS X to attempt to configure Parallels...

So I fired up Parallels and follow the guided instructions. However, when I get to step 2 Im not sure what I should be doing. I already have Windows on its own partition, but Parallels is asking me for a CD/DVD image. Im a little leery of putting the Win disc back in, I dont want Parallels to always want to boot from the disc. how do I tell Parallels to load Windows as a Virtual Machine off of the Boot Camp partition?

The partition Boot Camp created now appears on my Desktop in OS X as Untitled, I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to change that. If I eject that volume will I still be able to Boot to Windows? Will Parallel still work?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Parallels/finding Network Drivers?

Apr 22, 2009

I recently installed Windows vista using going through parallels because my bootcamp failed a while ago. This partition also acts as my bootcamp. Well The internet on parallels works fine because it is using osx network, but when i boot into bootcamp the network drivers seem to be missing. I cant figure it out, but it says the ethernet and network drivers are not there. I cant find the drivers on the internet anywhere and when i use the vista disk i have it still does not want to install them.

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Windows On Mac :: Internal Microphone Will Not Work On Windows Vista Partion?

Aug 29, 2009

I just bought a new MacBook pro 1 week old. I partioned my hard drive and installed a clean copy of Windows Vista Ultimate on one side. I then downloaded skype, but my internal microphone will not work. I tried everything. Can someone help me out with this issue.

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Windows On Mac :: Sound In Windows Vista (64bit) Not Working Right Under BootCamp 3.0?

Sep 24, 2009

Last night I installed Windows Vista to run a game on here, but I got several issues. I already installed the drivers from the Snow Leopard DVD, but the problems still persist.

The issues are:

1. Sound is very very low and uneven. I have the volume all the way maxed, but the loudest it can go is less than half than the potential volume in Snow Leopard.

2. Headphones don't work. I've tried like 3 pairs of headphones and none of them work. When I plug them in, the sound still comes from the left speaker (I can barely hear the right speaker) on the laptop and not on the headphones. Also, the headphone jack is emitting a red light out of it.

3. The lights on the keyboard won't shut off. I used the F5 key to turn off the keyboard backlighting, and while it goes very dim they won't shut off.

I already tried the suggestions on this thread but none of those fixes work. I need help! Especially with the sound! Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running a MacBook Pro 13" from June 2009, 2.26GHz Intel, 4GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce 9400M. I instlled a 64bit version of Windows Vista (OEM).

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Connect Internet / Using Windows Vista And Boot Camp

Oct 9, 2009

I've installed the drivers, and when I start up in Windows, neither the internet or the wireless pick up.

Using Windows Vista Home Premium. The little wireless icon in the tray just has the big X, so it's literally picking up nothing. I also can't connect via ethernet.

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MacBook Pro :: Should Install Window 7 Or Windows XP Or Windows Vista?

May 1, 2010

im about to install windows on my macbook via bootcamp. However, i will use the same partition for parallels, which means that my ram is goign to be damaged. I wanted to know which os did u recomment me to install. Does windows 7 hog more cpu and ram than vista?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista - 32bit Or 64bit?

Apr 27, 2009

I'd appreciate it if anyone could offer me some advice on whether to go with the 32bit or 64bit version of Vista on a 4-core 'Nehalem' Mac Pro. I've read that some drivers will fail to work under this version of the operating system - is this the case for the hardware in the Mac Pro (particularly the HD 4870)?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows X64 Vista On Unibody Macbook?

Sep 25, 2009

I have the "collectors edition" macbook unibody....2.4ghz 4gb ram, 250gb hdd. On apples website it states that x64 is compatible with the new 13" pro but not mine...i didn't think there was any difference really besides firewire and a sd car it possible to install x64 vista via bootcamp or not??? I need to have vista on my laptop for "Examsof" for lawschool and parallels is not allowed.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Vs Windows XP (Gaming)

Mar 12, 2009

i have my aluminum 2.4GHz 4gb RAM aluminum macbook with the geforce 9400m. and i was wondering. is DirectX 9 better then DirectX 10?. even if the difference is only 8 FPS it still counts.(really the only game im going to play is elder scrolls 4 oblivion)

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Windows On Mac :: Should I Go With Xp Or Vista?

Mar 11, 2009

I just bought a new 24" imac with 3.06GHz, 4GB memory, 1TB hard drive, and the ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB graphics processor i am still waiting for it to arrive but am wondering which MS software i should go with xp or vista? i have been reading around to see what other ppl are saying about vista but most ppl are running it on the older imacs or pc's and im seeing that some ppl love it and others dont... so im wondering if there is anyone out there who is running vista on the new imacs and which software would be best for my mac? im using windows only for gaming.

Depending on when my imac arrives i might just skip out on buying xp or vista and wait for windows 7. but if it comes soon i dont want to have to wait forever to get windows 7 before i can start playing games.

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Install Windows XP - Vista

Sep 19, 2009

I have this issue where whatever version of Windows I try to install when it gets past the initial software load up to the part where it asks what language you want it will just stop and stay there. With Vista it's after the scrolling progress bar, I get the curntains background and that's it. Nothing more. With Windows 7, same thing—after the swirly Windows logo appears and then it should ask what to do, it doesn't show that window. I've tried:

1) Ripping out all my drives, except the one I need.
2) Installing Snow Leopard client and trying BootCamp
3) Change video cards
4) Disconnect peripherals
5) Reset PRAM, SMC, etc.

The know the disks are good since I have tested them, I've tried almost a dozen different copies of Windows from XP to Vista to 7; all with the same result. I can't install at all. It's quite frustrating since Apple has no clue to what's going on, and I can't take this to the Apple Store seeing that I don't have a car.

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Windows On Mac :: Upgrading From XP To Vista?

Oct 13, 2010

i currently have it formatted in FAT should i delete the windows xp partition reinstall xp under the NTFS format and then upgrade to Vista?

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OS X :: Better To Network With Mac - Windows Vista Or XP?

Nov 6, 2010

I just bought a Macbook Air, my first Mac! After a couple days figuring out how to navigate I am starting to get the hang of it. I want to network with my old Laptop PC to be able to see some files that I plan on keeping there. My question is this: Is it easier to set up a home network with Vista or XP?

I have Vista on my PC right now(and I've tried a few online guides to view my files but I can't get it to work) but I also have a copy of XP. I was thinking of wiping my hard drive on the PC and installing XP instead.

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OS :: Connecting To OS X 10.6.5 From Windows Vista

Nov 13, 2010

I have a Mac Mini running OS X 10.6.5, and a Windows Vista SP2 laptop. I sync my iPhone to the Mini, so all my photos and videos are saved there. Now, I want to be able to access the Mini from Vista on the laptop. Windows Sharing is on, and in Vista I select Run-> "" (the IP address of the Mini), and an explorer window pops up asking me for a password. I enter the password for the administrator account I use to log in on the Mini, "user1" and "blahblah", where "user1" is the user ID, not the name associated with the account, i.e. "John Doe".

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Windows On Mac :: Vista On MBA - Parallels 5 Or 6

Dec 18, 2010

I have been running Vista in Parallels 5 on my rev B 1.86 MBA SSD. Now I see version 6 is out and what is the opinion about the speed increase? Btw, I still run Leopard 10.5 on my MBA.

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Windows On Mac :: Can Vista X64 Run On An IMac?

Apr 7, 2008

I know this question must have been answered before, but I'm a little lazy and don't want to search the forums tonight.

Anyway, I understand that Vista x64 is supported for current Mac Pros and MBPs, but is it also supported for the iMac? If its not, does anyone think that Apple will provide support in the next anticipated update?

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Windows On Mac :: Vista Theme On OSX 10.5?

Aug 10, 2008

I have an iMac which runs 10.5, and I was wondering, I love the look of vista, so is there a way to customize the looks of the computer to do this (Install a Vista theme, if you will)?

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OS X :: Installing Windows Vista Without SP1

Nov 16, 2008

I was wondering if you can install a version of Windows Vista without the service pack one built into it. I am planning on getting the old Windows Vista Home Basic without the sp1 because it is cheaper to buy. Can I install that on the mac using bootcamp and then upgrade to sp1 after the installation?

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OS X :: Can I Install Windows Vista On A Mac?

Dec 18, 2008

I have a apple mac os x.. For several reasons I would like to install windows vista or xp on this computer.. Is it possible, and what do i have to do?

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Windows On Mac :: XP SP3 And Vista SP1 Very Unstable

Jan 30, 2009

I have a 24" Mid-2007 iMac, with 4GB of ram. I'm trying to setup Boot Camp with either XP or Vista so I can run some CAD software (Solidworks) for a class I'm taking. I installed XP SP3 using media that had SP3 pre-applied, and installed the Boot Camp drivers that came with my computer, then downloaded the Boot Camp 2.1 update. However, applications frequently crash - windows update fails randomly, the solidworks installer crashed, internet explorer crashes, etc. I then decided to try out Vista - formatted the partition, started from scratch, same deal. Ran the Boot Camp driver DVD, applied the Vista Boot Camp 2.1 update, then the crashed begin. Windows Update failed about halfway through the updates, internet explorer crashes, didn't even bother installed Solidworks.

What is going on? I have absolutely no problems in OS X, and I've never encountered anything like this in XP or Vista before on other computers. Jokes aside, a fresh install typically works for a while. It makes me think its a hardware issue - but what hardware failure would only manifest itself in windows?

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels With Vista 32 Or 64-bit?

Feb 3, 2009

I think I will just use Vista for gaming and a bit photoshop or photo editing stuffs? What is the big differences with 32 and 64 bit? Going to use with the new MBP 17".

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Windows On Mac :: Vista DVD Keeps Getting Ejected

Feb 24, 2009

Made my first attempt at bootcamp last night. Whenever it would restart with the Vista DVD in the drive it would eject the disk and and give a non boot disk error. I have a Vista iso image burned onto a DVD+RW with Magic ISO. Is it because it is burned to a DVD+RW and not DVD-R? I know "RW" sometimes means there is a another bit of software on the DVD that's not part of the ISO. I loaded XP just fine and when I am in Windows and insert the Vista disk it recognizes it as a Vista disk. It will even start he installation but stops because the format is FAT32. So I restart from XP and it still ejects the disk.

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Use 4 Gigs Of RAM In Vista 32-bit?

Apr 4, 2009

I'm wanting to install 4 gigs of RAM to my MBP to get better gaming FPS and to play games I will be using Windows Vista 32-bit.I know 32-bit operating systems only recognize up to 3 gigs of ram so I'm not sure if I'll be fine and Windows Vista 32-bit will still work Will it still work under 4 gigs or will I have to get a 64-bit version of Vista?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Run Vista 64 On New Imac ?

Apr 16, 2009

Hey. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to offer up some instructions on how I can go about getting vista 64 to work on my new imac. I didnt realize it wasnt supported and bought it and now cant figure out how to get drivers for it, and get them installed.

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