PowerPC :: IMac G4 Touch Screen?

Feb 1, 2009

I was wondering about touch screens for older iMac G4s. I don't know if anyone has ever done this but I'd like to put one of the older iMac G4s in the kitchen and would love for it to have a touchscreen. I've heard of people using the Wacom tablets behind the LCD screens in iBooks/Macbooks to make them tablet PCs. Would this idea work in the iMac?

I can't find anything on google, at least on the first 4 pages .

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PowerPC :: Finding Apple TV For Cube And Touch?

Apr 27, 2009

So someone offered me a g4 cube and a 32 gb 2nd gen touch for my 160 gb apple tv. I already have a 8 gig touch so i figure ill sell the 32 gig touch cause i dont need all that memory.The specs of the cube are 450 mhz processor,1gb of ram,leopard,and a 20 gb hard drive.Should i do this trade?

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PowerPC :: Should I Get Leopard For My IBook G4 - Cannot Use ITunes For My IPod Touch?

Mar 29, 2008

My iBook G4 has 512 MB RAM1.07 GHz i want it because i cant do anything with the version i have rite now. I cant use iTunes for my iPod Touch, get Limewire, run a whole bunch of programs. I want to do alot of stuff with my ibook but i cant. The software is 10.3.9. I thought about getting 10.4 thinking it would be cheaper but its the same price...please help. How would you rate the 10.4 compared to 10.5?

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Desktops :: Touch Screen Adaptor For Mac?

Sep 16, 2009

I've heard about computer monitor kits where you can transform the monitor into a touchscreen for PCs. Does such a kit exist for Macs ?

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OS X :: Looking For Touch Screen External Monitor?

Dec 15, 2008

I'm thinking of buying a 15" NEC AccuSync Touchscreen LCD Monitor from [URL]

Who was a touch screen monitor?

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MacBook Pro :: Safe To Touch The Screen?

Jul 14, 2009

I have a 15" 2008 uMBP and it seems like the screen is very hard, sort of like my iPod Touch screen, so I'm guessing fingerprints won't harm it in the least. Do you guys touch it, or allow people to touch it?

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MacBook Air :: Touch Screen With Dual OS?

Jun 29, 2010

Would it be cool to have dual-OS on the Macbook Air with Touch Screen? Apple is withholding any news from their Mac lineup update, I agree with this post about the likelihood of hybrid Macs in the near future. Apple surely wants the iAD readership expand?

Here's the article: Macbook Air Gets Touch-Sensitive Screen | Oxyjan

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IMac :: Top Back On The IMac Is Insanely Hot To Touch?

Aug 4, 2010

I bought a 21.5 i3 iMac a couple days ago. I was wondering if it was normal for the computer to be hot to touch on the back. The top back on the iMac is insanely hot too touch. I also just installed windows 7 and I noticed after I ejected the CD it was super super super hot as well. Is this all normal for iMacs? Thanks for your help!

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Mac :: When I Touch The Screen It Does Not Feel Cracked But Actually Its Cracks?

Jul 16, 2009

I have broken my Macbook screen it was either glasses cleaner (I use this to clean the screen) or I accidently flipped my Macbook over for no reason and I guess the force of when it flipped over back onto my bed might of caused it to. I'm really annoyed about this and it's not even my Macbook it's my friends. I am fine to pay $$$ to get this fixed as that is not really a problem for me tbh (When I get paid) but I was post up some photos and if you give me some advise on what it could be and how it could be fixed then I will be very pleased. (From the photos you will be able to see that the damage only appears when the laptop is switched on and when I touch the screen it does not feel cracked but if you look directly down on it then it looks like their is a separate layer, like from where the broken bit of the screen is and the working bit is.)

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Mac :: Macbook Pro Aluminium Multi Touch Screen

Jan 31, 2010

what I would have to do to turn my Macbook Pro into a touch screen or if it is possible.

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PowerPC :: IMac G3 Screen / CRT

Jan 30, 2010

I bought a used iMac G3 last week and everything is in working order, save for one thing. The right side of the display has a sort of faint yellow tint to it. The tint goes away on the right side of any window, menu, picture, text when in the area. It was doing this with OS 9.1 when I got it. I've since upgraded to Tiger (with proper firmware), and the problem persists. I don't think it's a magnetic issue, since it happens regardless of where the iMac is in the room. I've also played with the display options. It's still very much usable, just slightly annoying. A screenshot wouldn't show the tint, and my camera had it kind of blurry, so here's a crude mockup of what I'm experiencing: I don't know if I should toggle or tweak one of the ray guns inside, or what.

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Screen Spanning?

Oct 2, 2007

I was just wondering if the iMac G5's (the late 2005 models, last ones without isight i think) can support using a VGA/DVI monitor as a proper spanned second display with something like screen spanning doctor that works on the old iBooks, rather than just mirroring whatever is on the iMac display.

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PowerPC :: Imac G5 Display On Second Screen?

Mar 26, 2008

Can someone confirm if an Imac G5 will display on a second screen from startup or does the OSX have to complete the boot process before the second display will work.

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PowerPC :: The Extra Screen Need To Be The Same Resolution As The Imac Using Ssd?

Oct 3, 2006

what i intend to do is have my imac g5 and my peecee (pc ) on the same desk, but of course i cannot use the imac display, so i will use an extra display and use a KVM switch, my question is; Will the extra screen need to be the same resolution as the imac using ssd?

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PowerPC :: Screen Spanning Doctor And IMac G5?

Aug 11, 2007

Does anyone know if using Screen Spanning Doctor will void my AppleCare?

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PowerPC :: G4 Imac Screen Compared To New Imacs?

Aug 12, 2007

I have waited along time to upgrade my trusty imac g4. I know there is allot of negative remarks, about the new imac's. gfx card, glossy screen, and now there is some negative posts about the 20'' models using a low quality "tn" type lcd screen. which is lower quality than what was used in the last imac model line. Does any body know what was used in the last line of imac g4's late 2004. will this screen be comparable or worse than my g4?

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PowerPC :: Working IMac G4 With Dead Screen

Apr 6, 2009

I recently found in a dumpster a 17' inch iMac G4 (1Ghz, 80 HD, superdriver, 512MB). All components seem to be ok. When I power up the PC, you can hear the chime, but no image comes up. You can see there is backlight but the screen is as dark as night. I really do not care about the lamp case. I was hoping to move all the components to a spare PC case that I have in my basement. Can I use a regular ATX power supply? If I can use a regular PC case with a external LCD monitor (attach to the MB's external LCD port), that would be awesome.

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Screen Dull And Faded Looking

Apr 23, 2009

This morning I found my iMac G5 was accidentally left on all night. The screen saver was running so I didn't think there was a problem. However, my screen is now noticeably darker than it was yesterday. I've checked all the settings and they all appear fine. The brightness is set to 100%. My co-worker has the same iMac as me and her screen in set at 50% brightness and still looks brighter and crisper than mine. I've restarted, shut down, left off for about 10 minutes, no change.

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PowerPC :: Screen Repair - 20 Inch Imac G5?

May 21, 2009

My lovely cat recently decided to walk around my desk while I was at work and knocked over my Imac, causing a large crack in the glass and the screen. I'm not technically capable enough to do the install of the screen/glass myself, but I was wondering what I should expect a repair from an Apple certified technician to run.

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Screen - Hardware Or Software?

Nov 9, 2009

About a month ago, I started having trouble with my iMac G5: there seemed to be a pink grid all over the screen and the computer had trouble booting past the user login screen. When it did, the pink grid would be all over the place and a lot of the visuals would be screwy (transparency, etc.). However, when moving from "millions" of colors to thousands, the effect was not all over the screen, confined to the taskbar and icons. Pink grid: Transparency problem: If I started it safe mode and turned the display to thousands of colors, the problem pretty much went away (all the visual effects were there) except for one specific thing with the pointer in MS Office. I was wondering if anyone knew what the heck was going on, what I could do? I figured that if the problem shows up on a screenshot it's probably software-related, no?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 (iSight) Screen - Not Working

Dec 6, 2009

My mother's iMac G5 began this just two days ago. It turns on fine, but once is reaches the apple logo with the spinning wheel, the screen begins to exhibit what is shown in the pictures below. It first started when I opened an .AVI I received in an email from my uncle. When the file opened, the whole screen(within about 2 seconds) had discoloration and macro blocking spread from the center of the screen outward. After this I rebooted, tried again, and when I opened the file, it did the same thing. Now I can not even reach the log in screen. And after the screen has been in this state for a while, it may go blank and the fans run at full blast. I've opened the same file on a PowerMac G5 and a MacBook Pro with no problems.

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PowerPC :: IMac G3 Crt Screen - Rainbow - Dimmed Out

Apr 11, 2010

I have an iMac G3. The specs are: 600 MHz G3 /Graphite 1 GB RAM 40 GB HDD CD-RW Mac os x tiger 10.4 Here are the 2 problems with the screen/ crt: The problem with the screen is that it's not as good, as it used to be. I have another g3 imac (450 MHz Sage) and my dad pointed out that the sage imac's display is much more sharper then my 600 mhz graphite. And i had a look at at it and my dad was right. Also their are lines going down the sides of my screen (which you can barely notice on the sage imac) is their a way to fix this? Also another problem i have with the screen is that I am seeing rainbow affects on the screen. I read online that the anti-glare film/coating is scratched (but thats with different crt monitors eg sony 21" etc) Is their a way to fix that as well?

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PowerPC :: Using Imac G5's Screen To Play Xbox?

May 24, 2010

Can I use an old iMac G5's 20' screen to play xbox 360 games?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Failing To Recognize New Hdd - Only Black Screen

Jan 3, 2009

I have an rev. A iMac G5 that was purchased in January of 2005. The applecare has long expired. However, in May of 2008 due to factory defect Apple replaced the logic board, power supply and super drive [URL]. In December 2008 after experiencing problems with my hard drive I took my computer to the apple store. There they said it was dying and it would be cheaper to replace it myself. After purchasing a seagate hdd [URL] my computer won't recognize it. It stays at the black screen while the power light glows. After a few minutes the fans kick in at full force. I tested the hdd in another iMac G5 rev. B and it works fine. Any ideas on what the problem is or how to resolve it?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 (First Gen) Screen Fills With Bunch Of Lines

Mar 30, 2009

I'm looking for some information and possible repair tips for my cousins iMac G5 (First Gen) 1989. I don't know anything about mac's, I've always been a PC user. But, I recently fixed both my aunt's laptop and desktop (both pc), so my cousin asked if I would take a look at her mac, as well. Basically, when the iMac is turned on, the screen goes weird. It fills with a bunch of lines (both horizontal and vertical), some spanning the entire length of the screen, and some being only about half an inch long. The lines don't stay stable, they flicker and change positions every few seconds. Behind the lines, you can see the black screen with the apple on it.

It doesn't seem to get past this point though, it seems to freeze and never leave the apple screen, although the flickering lines continue to change. I tried jiggling and moving the power cord around, and whenever I moved it the lines on the screen seemed to change positions. I also tried taking hold of the sides of the monitor (machine? I have no idea what mac-speak for anything is) and very gently pressing and "twisting", and this changed the lines as well, at one point it turned to all vertical lines spanning the entire length of the screen. We opened it up to see if any wires were loose inside or anything, but there really weren't any exposed wires that I could see that I could even try to tighten/adjust. Right now it's not even usable.

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PowerPC :: Strange Pink Artifacts Over IMac G5 Screen

May 11, 2009

I have an iMac G5 (rev. B with ambient light sensor) which has suddenly started having a problem where the entire screen is covered with pink artifacts. The iMac had been left on overnight and when waking up in the morning I found the screen looking like this and now it continues to stay like this no matter what I do. I have attached a screenshot and was wondering if anyone might have a clue what has caused this to happen

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PowerPC :: IMac G4 Screen - Violent Pink Tint On It?

Aug 6, 2009

I have a 15'' iMac G4 with 800 MHZ processor and 768 mb ram. I woke it from sleep one day when suddenly everything had a violent pink tint to it. I had no idea what to do. I've replugged-in the video cable, messed with Colorsync, blew dust from the internal monitor port. I don't know what to do!!

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IMac :: Better Touch Tool - Snapping Feature?

Jun 7, 2010

What exactly can you do with bettertouchtool and what exactly does it mean by windows 7 like snapping feature.

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PowerPC :: Pre ISight G5 IMac Never Gets Past White Apple Screen

Aug 30, 2006

At work, we have a 17" G5 iMac from back before the iSight was put in. We're an Apple shop, so we have the new iMac actually on the floor for people to try out. The old G5 this thread is addressing is up on a shelf, but we want to turn it on as a display model. We plug a temporary mouse and keyboard into it, but the machine never gets past the white Apple screen with the "I'm thinking" animation. After a minute or two, the fan turns on full blast, but the white screen remains without any signs of moving on. What is our problem?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Won't Turn On Beyond First Screen With Cranted Wheel Just Spinning On?

Sep 6, 2007

After having inserted a dvd borrowed from the library which my Imac had a really tough time reading, I turned off my Imac as usual. Since then when I turn my mac on the fan starts roaring and i don't get beyond the first white screen with the sort of clocked wheel just going round and round. I don't have a clue to what to do.

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