PowerPC :: Finding OS X Compatibility

Feb 26, 2009

will OS 10.5 from a macbook work on a powerbook g4 disk 1 2z619-6167-a disk 2 2z691-6147-a

printed on disk macbook

my powerbook g4 is 1.5ghz with 1.25 gb :ram

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Mac Pro :: Finding GPU Compatibility For OS X?

Nov 12, 2009

I'm tired of the low end GPUs in the MacBook Pros and iMacs, want to game but don't want a PC. I'm considering picking up a second hand Mac Pro and upgrading the GPU - however, I know there aren't currently drivers available for eg. the HD 5000 series. What would happen if I were to install one in a Mac Pro? Would I get no image at all in OS X? Would I get unusable video/flash/photoshop performance in OS X?

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OS X :: Finding Panasonic P2 Compatibility

Mar 15, 2010

I have a Panasonic P2 camera that records on mini dv or a P2 card. I can capture the video from tape but not from the P2 card. I've downloaded the drivers, installed the programs from the CD that came with the camera but it still won't work.

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OS X :: Finding IWorks Compatibility?

Mar 9, 2009

I was wondering about getting iWorks or Microsoft Office for Mac. The computer Im typing on is dying and full of viruses. I want to get iWorks but I need to know if I sent essay or something in pages as an attachment to my professor at the university and is able to open it in the email.

Also, what if I handed it in? Will he know the difference that I used pages or word? Like some of my professors want 1 inch margins all around the paper.

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Mac Pro :: Finding PCI Cards Compatibility?

Aug 3, 2010

Are all pci cards compatible with mac?

I've not looked it to this yet, so I'm totally in the dark.

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OS X :: Finding Snow Leopard Compatibility

Aug 25, 2009

I really wanna update to SL on day 1 but I am taking several online classes and need the following apps to work out of the box:

MS Office 2008, Firefox, Adobe CS masters, VirtualBox and Real Player (school uses realplayer for all video lectures...I smell a pay off...)

can anyone using SL Gold master or the latest pre release confirm if this software works?

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IMac :: Finding Memory Compatibility

Jan 19, 2009

Ok i just want to make triple sure that this ram will indeed work in my imac 20" 2.0 (late 07 model) which uses ddr2 pc5300 667 200 pin ram.

The only thing that is striking me odd is that this is the only ram on neweggs site that seems to be compatible with an iMac that doesn't actually show up under their Apple > Mac Memory category

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OS X :: Finding Webcam Compatibility With Leopard?

Mar 29, 2009

What is the general compatibility of OSX with webcams? I have an old Logitech Quickcam pro and a creative webcam and am wondering if these will work with the Mac Mini I plan to purchase soon. Does OSX have a generic driver model that work with most webcams?

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OS X :: Finding Compatibility Of 6gb Of Ram In Snow Leopard?

Aug 29, 2009

I have a Late 08 Unibody MBP, and I ordered 6gb (one 2gb and one 4gb) of Ram from OWC to install with Snow Leopard (super fast kitty ). So first I installed Snow Leopard with my orignal 2gb of Ram, and it was fine. Then, I installed the 6gb of Ram and it booted up fine and I checked "About this Mac" and it said "6gb of ddr3 ram" or something like that. So I thought all was well. After that, I was transferring some large files from an external HD over to my Mac (clean install), so I went to have some lunch

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Software :: Finding IWeb And IE Compatibility

Aug 17, 2010

I've found several posts related to my question, but I think each case is a little different - so here is my website: [URL]

I'm sure the veterans out there know that iWeb has issues with IE compatibility, so what's an ignorant web designer like myself to do?

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PowerPC :: Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 - Upgrade Compatibility?

Oct 20, 2008

I curently have 10.3.9 with a PowerPC G4 dual w/ 1.25 processors and 2 gig of ram. I want the highest upgrade I can get that will be compatibe with my software which is:

Quark 6.5
Acrobat 7.1
Acrobat Distiller 7.0
Illustrator CS1
Photoshop CS1
Microsoft Office (don't know what version but I've had it for years)

I really can't afford to go buy all the software again and I don't want my system to crash. Any suggestions?

This upgrade is mostly spawned due to the recent purchase of a new iPod Nano... Not supported by my current OS! Man, I didn't read the requirements, shame on me. However, the dang thing will work on my kid's PC w/ XP Pro. I only got the Nano cause it's mac - he wanted the Zune that ONLY works w/ PC.

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OS X :: Finding JVC Everio Compatibility With Snow Loepard

Sep 12, 2009

Has anybody tried to import movies from a JVC Everio with Snow Leopard. With 10.5 I had to use a legacy version of iMovie HD 6.0.4.

If the new version of iMovie still isn't compatible will it be possible to install iMovie HD 6.0.4 on Snow Leopard?

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MacBook :: Finding Snow Leopard Compatibility?

May 26, 2009

Ok, So I have heard what others are saying , but I just want to be sure, I have a Late 2009 White Macbook (Feb. 4, 2009). It is running Leopard 2GB RAM, 64 BIT, 120 HD, BLUETOOTH, ECT. I was curious if my Macbook will be able to run Snow Leopard because some people say it needs 4GB RAM and I can replace my ram, but I really just want to run it smoothly on my macbook.

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MacBook :: Will 500 Gb Internal Hdd Work - Finding Compatibility

Apr 4, 2010


I have a Macbook "collectors edition" as seen below.

If not, then what will work?

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Hardware :: Finding Compatibility Of Samsung Syncmaster 906BW

Jun 21, 2007

So I bought a 19 inch Samsung Syncmaster 906BW to use with my Macbook after reading a lot of good reviews on it. When using this monitor on Windows it is nice, lots of screen real estate and good color. However when using it with the Mac I am unable to get it to look decent. At first it was incredibly bright, which was only amplified because I have a light background. I ran the Apple display calibrator and that fixed it somewhat, but it is still too bright. There is also a noticeable difference in colors between the Macbook display and the Samsung display. The colors on the Samsung are very deep, but they're almost too deep that it is distracting. For example look at the record, it's a goldish color on the Macbook (which makes sense because it complements the lower stripe), but on the Samsung it's a bright green. Another thing to notice is the dock, the dock border is apparent on the Macbook screen but almost blends in on the Samsung. One last problem is that even with it on the max resolution (1440x900) I really don't gain any extra desktop space. On Windows when altering the resolution there is an obvious increase in real estate, but with the Mac everything just seems to become disproportionately large. (For instance the top menu bar)

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Applications :: Finding IChat Compatibility With Yahoo Messenger

Jan 18, 2009

With the new iPhoto '09 having Flickr support, a site owned by Yahoo!, I was hoping we would see some updates for iChat support with Yahoo Messenger. Does anyone see this happening? It would be very convenient as opposed to the Jabber hack job.

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OS X :: Snow Leopard 10A432 - Finding Application Compatibility

Aug 18, 2009

Let's have a list of applications that currently don't work under Snow Leopard 10A432.

CandyBar 3.1.2 - Unstable, becomes unresponsive after some time. Cannot scroll through installed icons.

Glims - Installs, but doesn't show up in Safari preferences.

Inquisitor - Installs, but doesn't show up in Safari preferences.

DNS-323 NAS Samba access is also broken in Snow Leopard. I can confirm this.

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Hardware :: Finding Compatibility Of Logitech Control Center 3.1?

Sep 25, 2009

I just noticed Logitech Control Center was updated to 3.1 earlier this week. This version is supposed to be compatible with Snow Leopard. Has anyone tried it out yet?

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Hardware :: NTFS-3G On External Drive - Finding Compatibility Performance?

Oct 30, 2009

I am currently in the market for a portable external hard drive or enclosure with usb2+fw800. (Any recommendations BTW?)

Is there any time of performance decrease in reading/writing onto the drive if its formated as NFTS and then use NTFS-3G on my Mac? Compared to HFS+ which is Mac's native partition.

My main issue is wanting this external drive to be compatible between my Mac and Windows machines. Also want to run Time Machine backups on the drive,

I know Fat32 would be another option, but not when it comes to large ISOs and 1080p videos larger than 4GB.

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MacBook :: Finding 4.1 (White) And Circa 2005 Cinema Display Compatibility?

Nov 27, 2010

I just wanted to ask how i can get this white macbook to run (if it can this cinema display)

Its the 4.1 White macbook, and the cinema display i had with my G5 which i bought in 2005. THe display has the old connectors (see MM photo Album below)


Is it possible for me to get the macbook to run this? If so, how? (i can head to apple store today to pick up parts! Wife needs the largerr real estate to sort out her portfolio as i have put of buying a MacPro for a few months (just finished travelling for 3 years

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MacBook :: Finding Printer Compatibility Konica Minolta Pagepro 1400W

Oct 31, 2009

So I have a konica Minolta Pagepro 1400W.. a pretty old printer (3 years). I wonder if it is compatible with mac. I am getting some conflicting answers on google, one saying that only windows machine is compatible with it. And then there's another site which direct me to a site to download something called min12xxw. I dun understand anything that's stated on that site and would like some help with it.

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PowerPC :: Getting Old G5 And Leopard Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

I have an old dual processor G5 power mac. A few years ago I tried to upgrade to OSX Leopard and after a month or so my system slowly started to go wrong, first problems with emails and safari, and then other miscellaneous issues and finally it completely crashed. I cleared the hard drive, reinstalled everything, and the same thing happened.

I got a local Mac service chap out to look at it and he tried a few things that didn't work and said that there were issues of compatibility with Leopard and the the old non-intel processors and recommended reinstalling Tiger. Which I did and have stuck with it since then with no problems.

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PowerPC :: Hardrive Compatibility For G3?

Nov 18, 2007

A friend of mine recently gave me an old G3 but the hdd made clicking noises. I need to replace that obviously, but im totally clueless as to what to put in. I just want something that i can plug in and go.

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PowerPC :: How To Know About Hard Disk Compatibility

Nov 2, 2006

I was wondering if this HD was compatible with a PB G4?


I know the old drive was ATA, but this one is Ultra ATA.

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PowerPC :: LaCie DVD-RW Compatibility With PowerMac G4 AGP

Jan 11, 2010

I have a PowerMac G4 AGP graphics with a 450 MHz single processor, a second internal Seagate Barracuda 120GB Hard drive and 1.2 GB of RAM.

I have my eye on the LaCie DVD-RW firewire drive designed by RA Porche. The LaCie data sheet specifies a minimum G4 500Mhz processor for compatibility. Does any one know whether my 450 Mhz processor will work? If no, can anyone recommend a DVD RW firewire external drive, or failing that, an external, firewire CD RW drive that I can add to my kit?

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PowerPC :: 2 Different RAM DDR2 Speed Sticks Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

On my iMac g4 I've got 2 different ram ddr2 speed sticks in there. The standard 256mb apple shipping stick and a faster sodimm, (1.0ghz iMac). My question is will this work just fine, I mean it boots and runs fine or will I get compatibility issues later on?

Dimm0. 1gb. Pc2700u
Dimm1. 256mb pc2100u

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Compatibility For G5 IMac

Nov 17, 2007

I'm looking to upgrade my iMac's hardrive and I found an HDD that I'd like to buy; I just want to make sure its compatible with my computer. I have a 17inch imac, and a 1.8 G5 processor (NO built in iSight). The hardrive I'm looking at is a Seagate Barracuda 500GB internal HDD. Here's a link to detailed specks: [URL]The size is right but I'm not sure the computer will accept SERIAL-ATA. It looks like the drive installed now is only ATA, so I wanted to double check and see if this makes a difference. If it does, could someone please recomend a suitable 500GB internal Hardrive.

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PowerPC :: G5 Logic Board EEE Code Compatibility

Mar 27, 2008

I'm obviously new with Power Mac G5. I have two different logic boards for a Power Mac G5. The EEE code and part numbers are as follows:

Logic Board 1:
Part Num: 661-3585
Other Num: 630T6907 (I don't know what this number signifies)

Logic Board 2:
Part Num: 661-3584
Other Num: 630T6906 (Again, I don't know what this number is for)

My question is this; what configurations can I use these boards as replacements in? I'm looking at 3 PowerMacs right now but none have matching EEE codes. I listed the EEE codes and the type of machine they are below.

PowerMac 1:
EEE code: Q5M
Single 1.8GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 2:
EEE code: ROR
Dual 2.5GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 3:
EEE code: Q6E
Dual 2.0 GHz G5, 4GB Ram, Bought in late 2003

So, if it is impossible to use these logic boards as replacements in any of the above mentioned systems, which systems are they actually good for? I understand there may be system bus speed differences for one. But is there some sort of reference for these EEE codes such as a table or chart? Or possibly a compatibility list or description table with features for each board?

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PowerPC :: ATI Radeon X1650 Graphics Card Compatibility?

Apr 22, 2007

Can someone tell me if I could put a ATI Radeon X1650 Pro graphics card in a 800 MHz PowerMac? I know that the PowerMac uses AGP, and that card is agp, so will it work? If it doesent, could you point me out to some cards that will?

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PowerPC :: G4 Power Mac "Quicksilver" - Compatibility?

Apr 7, 2008

I am buying a G4 Power Mac. I was wondering if anyone knows what the capabilities are of this computer. Can the RAM be upgraded to 2 or 4GB? Graphics card? As far as I know, Leopard can be installed so I am good with the OS. Oh, and a friend told me the Power Mac is like a Mac Pro but older. Is this true? Like can the Power Mac house multiple processors and hard drives?

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