PowerPC :: Hardrive Compatibility For G3?

Nov 18, 2007

A friend of mine recently gave me an old G3 but the hdd made clicking noises. I need to replace that obviously, but im totally clueless as to what to put in. I just want something that i can plug in and go.

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PowerPC :: Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 - Upgrade Compatibility?

Oct 20, 2008

I curently have 10.3.9 with a PowerPC G4 dual w/ 1.25 processors and 2 gig of ram. I want the highest upgrade I can get that will be compatibe with my software which is:

Quark 6.5
Acrobat 7.1
Acrobat Distiller 7.0
Illustrator CS1
Photoshop CS1
Microsoft Office (don't know what version but I've had it for years)

I really can't afford to go buy all the software again and I don't want my system to crash. Any suggestions?

This upgrade is mostly spawned due to the recent purchase of a new iPod Nano... Not supported by my current OS! Man, I didn't read the requirements, shame on me. However, the dang thing will work on my kid's PC w/ XP Pro. I only got the Nano cause it's mac - he wanted the Zune that ONLY works w/ PC.

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PowerPC :: Getting Old G5 And Leopard Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

I have an old dual processor G5 power mac. A few years ago I tried to upgrade to OSX Leopard and after a month or so my system slowly started to go wrong, first problems with emails and safari, and then other miscellaneous issues and finally it completely crashed. I cleared the hard drive, reinstalled everything, and the same thing happened.

I got a local Mac service chap out to look at it and he tried a few things that didn't work and said that there were issues of compatibility with Leopard and the the old non-intel processors and recommended reinstalling Tiger. Which I did and have stuck with it since then with no problems.

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PowerPC :: Finding OS X Compatibility

Feb 26, 2009

will OS 10.5 from a macbook work on a powerbook g4 disk 1 2z619-6167-a disk 2 2z691-6147-a

printed on disk macbook

my powerbook g4 is 1.5ghz with 1.25 gb :ram

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PowerPC :: How To Know About Hard Disk Compatibility

Nov 2, 2006

I was wondering if this HD was compatible with a PB G4?


I know the old drive was ATA, but this one is Ultra ATA.

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PowerPC :: LaCie DVD-RW Compatibility With PowerMac G4 AGP

Jan 11, 2010

I have a PowerMac G4 AGP graphics with a 450 MHz single processor, a second internal Seagate Barracuda 120GB Hard drive and 1.2 GB of RAM.

I have my eye on the LaCie DVD-RW firewire drive designed by RA Porche. The LaCie data sheet specifies a minimum G4 500Mhz processor for compatibility. Does any one know whether my 450 Mhz processor will work? If no, can anyone recommend a DVD RW firewire external drive, or failing that, an external, firewire CD RW drive that I can add to my kit?

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PowerPC :: 2 Different RAM DDR2 Speed Sticks Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

On my iMac g4 I've got 2 different ram ddr2 speed sticks in there. The standard 256mb apple shipping stick and a faster sodimm, (1.0ghz iMac). My question is will this work just fine, I mean it boots and runs fine or will I get compatibility issues later on?

Dimm0. 1gb. Pc2700u
Dimm1. 256mb pc2100u

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Compatibility For G5 IMac

Nov 17, 2007

I'm looking to upgrade my iMac's hardrive and I found an HDD that I'd like to buy; I just want to make sure its compatible with my computer. I have a 17inch imac, and a 1.8 G5 processor (NO built in iSight). The hardrive I'm looking at is a Seagate Barracuda 500GB internal HDD. Here's a link to detailed specks: [URL]The size is right but I'm not sure the computer will accept SERIAL-ATA. It looks like the drive installed now is only ATA, so I wanted to double check and see if this makes a difference. If it does, could someone please recomend a suitable 500GB internal Hardrive.

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PowerPC :: G5 Logic Board EEE Code Compatibility

Mar 27, 2008

I'm obviously new with Power Mac G5. I have two different logic boards for a Power Mac G5. The EEE code and part numbers are as follows:

Logic Board 1:
Part Num: 661-3585
Other Num: 630T6907 (I don't know what this number signifies)

Logic Board 2:
Part Num: 661-3584
Other Num: 630T6906 (Again, I don't know what this number is for)

My question is this; what configurations can I use these boards as replacements in? I'm looking at 3 PowerMacs right now but none have matching EEE codes. I listed the EEE codes and the type of machine they are below.

PowerMac 1:
EEE code: Q5M
Single 1.8GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 2:
EEE code: ROR
Dual 2.5GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 3:
EEE code: Q6E
Dual 2.0 GHz G5, 4GB Ram, Bought in late 2003

So, if it is impossible to use these logic boards as replacements in any of the above mentioned systems, which systems are they actually good for? I understand there may be system bus speed differences for one. But is there some sort of reference for these EEE codes such as a table or chart? Or possibly a compatibility list or description table with features for each board?

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PowerPC :: ATI Radeon X1650 Graphics Card Compatibility?

Apr 22, 2007

Can someone tell me if I could put a ATI Radeon X1650 Pro graphics card in a 800 MHz PowerMac? I know that the PowerMac uses AGP, and that card is agp, so will it work? If it doesent, could you point me out to some cards that will?

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PowerPC :: G4 Power Mac "Quicksilver" - Compatibility?

Apr 7, 2008

I am buying a G4 Power Mac. I was wondering if anyone knows what the capabilities are of this computer. Can the RAM be upgraded to 2 or 4GB? Graphics card? As far as I know, Leopard can be installed so I am good with the OS. Oh, and a friend told me the Power Mac is like a Mac Pro but older. Is this true? Like can the Power Mac house multiple processors and hard drives?

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OS X :: Can't See Hardrive On Laptop

Feb 21, 2009

I have a Macpro laptop 15" running Tiger 10.4.1

I have a complete backup of my laptop on an external hardrive that I made 6 months ago, the problem is that I can't see my hardrive at all on my laptop. How do I get my good backup onto my laptop?

I also tried using the install disks that came with the laptop, but still can't see my hardrive on my laptop. Using the disk utility all it does is sits and spins saying (gathering disk information) let it run for about an hour or so but I'm thinking it's not doing anything.

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OS X :: Cannot See New Hardrive On Desktop

Apr 8, 2010

I installed a 550GB WD harddrive for my G5(1.6Ghz). I looked up info on computer and it showed drive was connected, but I could not see it on desktop, and I cannot install Tiger. Also, I had system look for network(forgot specific), now all I see when I boot up is a globe. How can I get out of this?

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OS X :: Using External Hardrive For Both PC And MAC?

May 9, 2010

i have a old sata harddrive from my PC..i bought a nice casing for it and was planning to use it as a external hardrive for my macbook pro. But it didnt recognized it..so after some searches i found out i needed to partion it to MAC journaled. And my macbook pro finally recognized it but my PC wont!

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OS X :: How Do I Store My Photos Onto Hardrive

Sep 7, 2010

My computer's memory is complety full. Im trying to select al these photos (10,000) and drag them to my hardrive...no luck! ans then as a test I try to drag just one...no luck! Any advice out there?

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OS X :: How To Format GUID For A Hardrive?

Jan 19, 2008

Can't seem to find the GUID formatting option in Disk Utility......?

Can somebody enlighten me?

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OS X :: Mac Mini - Hardrive Crash

May 10, 2009

I was recently using my computer the other day which is a mac mini. I left it on and came back to use it and when I just clicked the mouse the screen froze. I tried using Ctrl-Alt-Esc but nothing worked so I just turned off the computer. I rebooted it again and I hear a clicking noise and the computer wont load, just a blank white screen. Repeated the same thing multiple times and still the same. Unfortunatley for me I didn't make a backup of the hard drive. I brought the computer into the apple store to get it fixed.

I wanted to know if there is any way to salvage(data recovery) any of the files from the hardrive or someway to recover them. I looked at how much it costs to do a data recovery and the price seems way to expensive.

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MacBook Pro :: Transferring With External Hardrive?

Sep 3, 2010

Transfer his files from his old over heated macbook 2006 to his new macbook pro

WE have a external hard drive case for the old macbook hard drive and I am looking for a "quick" way to transfer all the files to his new computer from this

Some of the files are gone and we are guessing that is the heat damage and want to get the rest off ASAP

We already have a new external hard drive to back up his files

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OS X :: External Hardrive Stopped Working?

Jan 8, 2011

I have a WD 2 TB My Book Home Edition external hard drive, I have had it for about a year... it worked fine I had a little over 1 TB of data on the hard drive and after coming home from vacation when I reconnected my hard drive it would not mount. The message was "Hard disk not recognized by this computer" so I properly disconnected the hard drive and replugged it in and reconnected to iMac and still same thing. I have tried everything in the book it feels like and nothing is working, and of course I did not have all the info backup with time machine (I REGRET and beat myself up for not) so I need to recover the data and I am not sure what to do. I did run Data Rescue 3 and it said that there was nothing on the hard drive to recover. Of course I am panicking and I have been told to send it off for Data recovery but that is going to cost up to 2,000 and I just want to make sure that this is my last resort or is it hopeless and should I just seek counseling for all the lost pictures of my kiddos...LOL I did try opening the case and inserting hard drive directly in a hard drive docking station

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OS X :: How To Reduce Hardrive To Operating System?

Mar 18, 2009

I recently purchased a secondhand macbook pro with os x 10.5.
The only problem is that it's filled with the previous users junk
(about 70% of which is porn, lmao). I would like to do sort of
a wholesale delete and reduce the HD down to just the OS.

This wouldn't be a problem if I had the actual DVD, but unfortunatley
the one he gave me is damaged beyond repair. I don't have the money
to buy a new copy and I can't bring myself to pirate mp3's let alone an
operating system.

In short, is there a way to restore the OS to factory condition without
the use of the OEM dvd.

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OS X :: Hardrive Icon Keeps Disappearing From My Desktop?

Jan 17, 2010

I have an extra internal hard drive (Maxtor) on my Apple Mac.

Recently, I have noticed that the icon on the desktop that represents Maxtor only remains on the desktop for a period of 2-3 days then disappears. I then have to manually restore it but any files saved on it are lost.

Fortunately I do not use this Maxtor drive for saving files to much but I would still like to know how to solve this problem.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Write Anything On The Hardrive?

Jul 2, 2010

My problem seems to be having a PC and MAC exxternal hardrive that i have used in the transition from PC to Mac. I bought a 2Tb mybook essential to transfer all of my photographs to my new mac. I connected it to my pc to get the pictures, now that i have my mac i have tried to access the files. I can open and view them.But im unable to write anything on the hardrive. Even files ive opened up that were on the hardrive that i tried to save again.

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MacBook :: Remove The Hardrive Label When Its On Desktop?

May 4, 2009

their was a way to remove the hardrive label when its on the desktop? I want to just have the hardrive with nothing on it so it looks a bit cleaner. I searched all over for the answer and couldnt find it anywhere.

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MacBook Pro :: Hardrive And Ram - Can Play Any Games - Put A Copy Of XP?

Jun 28, 2009

So I've finally saved up for a Macbook, I'll probably get the 13" 2.26 model then upgrade the hardrive and ram myself.

1. Could you recommend a good hardrive and ram please, I'm in the UK.
http://www.dabs.com/products/hitachi...3-5--4THP.html Would this be any good?

2. Bit of a vague question but, can you play any games on it? I mainly play on the ps3, but I do enjoy games such as Football manager and Empire: Total War would these run on it? If its been disscussed elsewhere links would be good

3. I'll need to put a copy of XP on to it unfortunatly and I think bootcamp is best for playing games, but if I bought parallels does this use the same partion as bootcamp or would I have to create a 3rd partition?

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Hardware :: Way To Reformat External Hardrive In My System?

Feb 26, 2008

I have a Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5, 1.5 GB ram OSX 10.4.11, And My Main goal is to Create a recordable Drive for my pro tools to save sessions on.I asked Digi Design how to do This, and they told me to Reformat my Fat32 to MAC-OS extended. It is Read/write capable currently... But everytime I try and Change the Format using Disk utility it says, Could not unmount disk. How else can i reformat my External hardrive?

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Software :: Using External Hardrive - How To Stop Copy Bar

May 21, 2009

I have got a Powerbook g4 laptop which I have had for a while and still are very pleased with. I recently bought a 1 terabite external hardrive to transfer most of my data onto it seeing I have only 80 gig in my internal hardrive. I am also doing this through a firewire cable. I am starting to transfer my music library first seeing that is what is taking up all of the space. All seems to go well until it gets to about 5 gig already transferred and doesn't seem to go any further. When I try and press stop on the copy bar nothing happens. I can't even close the bar if I want to shut down my computer.

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Hardware :: External Hardrive Mounted, Bootable, But Never Opens?

Dec 20, 2009

need to figure out formatting...will post again.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Unable To Reallocated Hardrive Space

Mar 6, 2012

I removed a bootcamp windows 7 partion and unable to reallocated the hardrive space where windows was located. How do I recover unallocated space?

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Intel Mac :: Retrieving Files From A Down Hardrive Via FireWire Cable

Jun 2, 2012

I have an iMac and a MacBook. The iMac hardrive won't boot so I am trying to get files off of it by connecting it to the MacBook via FireWire.  After holding down T and booting up the iMac I don't see the drive on the MacBook.  I only see the drive in disk utilities.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Got A External Hardrive After Hooking It Up To Time Machine

Jun 28, 2012

Recently i got a external hardrive (my passport) after hooking it up to time machine and it being "backed up" should i make a folder within the hardrive for just photos or just music? or is that already covered?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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