PowerPC :: Where Is The G4 Ibook/powerbook Sleep Sensor?

Oct 12, 2007

I was wondering how/where the sensor is/works to tell the computer to go to sleep when the lid is closed. I am doing some mods (discussed in the marketplace forum) and would like to try to keep that sensor intact if at all possible, but i realized I have no idea where it is located or how it senses that the lid is closed on these.

I searched the forum a bit and found nothing, and can't find anything in google other then sleeping problems... unless I just am horrible at googlin.

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PowerPC :: Moisture Sensor (Powerbook G4) Available?

Feb 28, 2008

Is there a moisture sensor on the Powerbook G4? I got mine soaked and it wont work (Kernal Errors and beyond).

I just opened it up, and didn't notice anything, but I didn't remove the logic board.

If there's not, maybe I can just play dumb and get it repaired?

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PowerPC :: Where Is The Hall Effect Sensor On The 15 Powerbook G4 1.67 Ghz?

Jul 2, 2009

I've been having problems with my computer sleeping when the computer closes. Basically i've narrowed it down to the hall effect sensor but no one has that part for my computer! ifixit and powerbook medic only have it for the 12". and it's not like the 15" is just out of stock, it doesn't seem to exist.

So is the thing that senses that the laptop is closed and puts the mac to sleep something else on the powerbook? I've searched for reed switches and hall effect sensors.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Keeps Going To Sleep

Oct 19, 2006

My Friend has a 15" Powerbook (2nd last rev.... 1.67ghz with lo-res screen) and it's been on the fritz lately. It operates completely normal and then it suddenly goes to sleep. When I wake it up it's back to normal just fine. It goes to sleep after about 3 minutes of use.

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PowerPC :: PowerBook G4 Does Not Sleep?

Jan 5, 2007

My PowerBook had a battery problem (dead battery which did not charge anymore). It lost date and time several times while mac was on AC and power cord was removed. Now it has a brand new battery.
Since then, Powerbook does not go to sleep mode anymore:

- if it goes to sleep following settings of energy saver prefs, it doesn't wake up anymore, black screen and LED stays on

- if I force it to sleep through the Apple menu, it freezes with a black screen with the following white text: You Mac needs to be restarted by pressing for a few seconds on the power button.

I have tried to reboot with apple-alt-P-R and waited 5 reboot

I have tried sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 in the terminal

Nothing changed...
Any (good) idea out there???

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PowerPC :: PowerBook Cut Off When Sent To Sleep?

Mar 16, 2009

I put my PowerBook to sleep and instead of going to sleep it locked up half way to sleep. The clock and WiFi settings were reset. What would of caused the WiFi settings to be reset?

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PowerPC :: PowerBook Keeps Going To Sleep ?

Oct 19, 2009

My G4 PowerBook (Aluminium 15" 1.67Ghz, A1104) keeps putting itself to sleep at odd times. This is without a main battery in place, and a dead PRAM battery, both of which I'm waiting to replace.When I wake it up, it tries to power up, HD spins, but then goes back to sleep without even the screen coming on. I can do this like 5 or 6 times, and then eventually it wakes up and stays awake. For a while.or the first time today it wouldn't actually even start up from a total shutdown 2 minutes revious. It was just dead. After about the 6th press of the power button it started up.

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PowerPC :: Will An IBook KB Fit In A Titanium Powerbook?

Sep 2, 2006

Does any one know if an ibook keyboard will fit in a tibook and are the connectors compatible?

I remember reading about someone putting one in. I was wondering if anyone knew for sure or not.

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PowerPC :: Using G4 PowerBook Charger On An IBook

May 30, 2008

Is it possible to use a G4 PowerBook (3 years old) charger on a 7 year old G3 iBook? Or will the higher power PB charger blow the iBook up?

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PowerPC :: IBook And Powerbook Died On The Same Day?

Jul 6, 2008

Yes, this actually happened to me.

My wife's powerbook and my iBook died Friday. I believe the Powerbook's HD crashed. As for the iBook:

Its a 1.2 ghz PowerPC g4 with 768 Ram. For some reason, the computer runs all day when its stable and on my desk. Once I move it, the screen will go blank and its obvious the computer is on. But the screen is a black with everything locked up. When I power down, let it sit and start it up, it works again, only until you move it. You can imagine how frustrating this is. Its completely updated to the latest version of 10.4.

Onto the Powerbook:

I heard some clicking. It sounded like a hard drive problem. I turned it on, it went right to a black screen which looks very similar to a DOS command screen. It says "Computer's Name Powerbook" or something like that on a command line. It just stalls at this screen.

My concern is this..are both computers dead? I'm in summer session and NEED a computer. So I have to act fast. What can I do?

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PowerPC :: IBook 45W Adapter To A Powerbook G4

Oct 19, 2009

I recently purchased an old Powerbook G4 since my iBook G4 recently died on me (After 5+ years). I'm using the Powerbook for a temp computer until Arrandale comes out on the next revision of the macbook/macbook pro.

My question is can I use my iBook 45W adapter to power the Powerbook? I believe the original adapters for the Powerbooks were 65W. If it is possible are there any fire hazards of the power brick overheating or shorting out the Powerbook?

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PowerPC :: Sleep Light On PowerBook?

May 7, 2005

I had an iBook, now I have a powerbook. Both have the feature when I shut the computers and they are in sleep mode, the light goes from dim to bright to dim to bright..... It drives me nuts. I have to put my computer in a drawer or cover it up at night. Does anyone know how to turn the light off? or have it be constant? Is there a download that fixes it?

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PowerPC :: Why PowerBook G4 Won't Wake From Sleep?

Aug 12, 2006

My G4 Rev E PowerBook won't wake from sleep. The battery died and the computer slept, but now when I boot it, it gets to 3.5 progress bars and freezes. I have tried rebooting but I can't seem to get out of the resume from sleep mode.

Any ideas? It doesn't show the grey Apple screen like it does from a fresh boot, just the progress bars that show up when the battery dies.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Unresponsive After Sleep?

Oct 26, 2006

Each time I open my powerbook today it is completely unresponsive.

Mouse wont work.Trackpad wont work. Can't alt+tab between apps.

The only thing i can do is hold down the power button to reboot.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Keeps Going To Sleep Automatically?

Apr 14, 2007

my powerbook keeps going to sleep automatically! i'll be using it one moment, the next it just goes to sleep! it's a 15" powerbook g4 with the latest software updates. i just set it to 'never sleep' in energy saver. hopefully that keeps it from going to sleep all the time. but in the mean time, any one know anything about this prob and what to do?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Keyboard Vs IBook Vs Macbook?

Feb 13, 2007

Which one? (i believe the Aluminium Powerbooks and the MacBook Pros are using the SAME keyboard, so which one you like best? my girlfriend had an ibook and the keyboard was "alright", better than ALL the PC keyboards out there, but i had an AlPowebook and that keyboard was BLISS!! i currently own a Blackbook and i REALLY dig the keyboard, but the powerbook's keyboard was by far the coolest/easiest/most confortable keyboard EVER.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook G4 Aluminum Won't Wake From Sleep?

Aug 6, 2008

Recently my powerbook g4 aluminum 15" won't wake from sleep mode, and i can't turn it off with the button. When the computer does turn off the only way i can get it back on is to open it up and reset the logic board by disconnecting the back up battery for a little bit. I've tried reseting the PMU,

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PowerPC :: 12" Powerbook G4 / 867mhz Vs IBook G4 / 1.2ghz

Aug 1, 2007

I am looking for a mac laptop to use during high school for light video editing and writing papers, maybe a few games. Which is going to work better for me an iBook G4 with a 1.0ghz processor or a Powerbook with a 867mhz Processor? I'm trying to stay under $500.00.

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PowerPC :: My Powerbook Won't Wake HP 6500 Wireless From Sleep?

Jan 14, 2010

When I try to print from my Powerbook G4 to my HP 6500 wireless printer it will not work. I have found out that if I turn off/on the printer then it will print. So, it must be an issue with the computer not waking the printer from a sleep mode. Anyone have a solution to this that doesn't consist of me turning off then on the printer? I have tried to reinstall a few times with no avail.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Logic Board Work In A 12" Ibook?

Sep 21, 2006

will a 12" powerbook logic board work in a 12" ibook? i mean they aer the same size but is there something that wont work?

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Frozen In Sleep?

Jan 10, 2007

Last night I put my iBook to sleep and now it won't seem to wake up. The little snoring light thing is maybe half-lit, but it doesn't snore like normal--just one solid, half-way lit light. I've tried force shuttng down (holding down the power button) and force restarting (command-control-power), and neither work. I've also tried the obvious--closing lid (it was open), unplugging it (the battery still has life though).

Anything else I can do?

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Won't Sleep Manually?

Feb 2, 2007

I can put my iBook G4 to sleep manually, but it will not sleep on its own. Why is that? I'm running 10.4.8 and I have the power settings in preferences set for "Better Energy Savings".

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Goes Deep Sleep?

Sep 7, 2007

My coworker is having some problems with his iBook G4 and I (being the mac guy I am) volunteered to help set it straight. I have encountered a bit of a snag that seems quite strange to me. The problem is that when the computer boots and gets to the login screen, it goes into a deep sleep and can only be revived by removing the battery. It stays at the login screen for about 3 seconds before this happens. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this in advance so I don't have my usual supplies (OSX CD or a Firewire cable to go into target disk mode so I can poke around from my MBP). If the sleep problem were not strange enough, I cant boot into single user mode! It just keeps a black screen up. Verbose startup does the same thing. Has anybody here come across a problem like this before?


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PowerPC :: Ibook G3 Won't Wake From Sleep?

Nov 16, 2008

when i close the lid it goes to sleep properly but then it won't wake back up. anything special i got to press at all?

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PowerPC :: Ibook G4 Shuts Down When Put In Sleep?

May 25, 2010

I have an ibook G4 14" 1.42ghz.I have it plugged into a power adapter almost always. It has been plugged in in both instances/I recently put it to sleep and when I return anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours it is shut down. I have a heck of a time getting it to power on. It took me several times, anywhere from 3-6 times to get it to turn on.

When I turn it on it goes through the usual loading procedures and after loading a window pops up saying the date and time are wrong and could cause applications to act erratically. The date ends up being 1969 and sometimes the time is wrong.

I have fixed the date and it still happens.

I don't know if this has affected or led to this but my battery has been shot for a couple months now and occasionally (probably 1-2 times a day) the power adapter (a cheap copy of apple's) would become unplugged from the laptop prompting the message stating you are on reserve battery and that the computer will go to sleep soon.

Does anyone know what is causing this? How much would it cost to fix it?

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PowerPC :: Strange Sleep Screen On IBook

Oct 21, 2006

When I sleep my iBook (indigo clamshell), it does not dim to a black screen like it is supposed to...Instead I het a multicolor static looking screen...the hard drive does appear to power down and the green light slowly blinks as usual in sleep.

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OS X :: Deactivate PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor In 10.5

Nov 11, 2008

I think this post would fit in the Hardware/Notebook-section as well but since I am looking for a OSX workaround, I will post it here:

I have a problem with the sudden motion function in my PowerBook. When switched on, the SMS causes to switch off the internal hard-drive at random, even if the Laptop stands on a perfectly still and flat surface. This results in interruptions that make it impossible to work with the computer.

I already had this problem when I was running Panther (10.3.9), and deactivated the SMS with the "pmset"-command using the Terminal at the time. As long as I was running Panther, this workaround worked perfectly for me, I had no more hard-drive-interruptions.

Later, however, I made the Upgrade to Leopard (I skipped Tiger), making a clean install after formatting the PowerBooks hard-drive. Now the SMS was active again (and displayed "active" in the System Profiler) and the HD-interruptions were back.

So I tried to deactivate the SMS with the "pmset"-command - this time without result. I can set the value of "sms" to 0 and back to 1 all right - the Terminal shows the corresponding value when prompting "pmset -g".

Unfortunately this has no effect to either the hardware (the interruptions are still there) or the System Profiler (is displays "active" for the sms, regardless of the value that is shown when using "pmset -g"). I am aware that the variable was altered from "ams" to "sms" from Panther to Tiger (and subsequently Leopard), but neither "pmset -a ams 0" nor "pmset -a sms 0" would work.

To exclude the possibility of a real hard-drive-malfunction, I bootet the Powerbook from an external Firewire-Drive an with my an Panther-backup. After making some testing with accessing the internal HD (it worked fine), I looked into Panther's System Profiler and saw that the SMS was deactivated as expected.

I then experienced something strange - when rebooting Leopard, the sms-Status in the Profiler still was "inactive" and the PowerBook worked perfectly again. I was quite happy and made some updates. However, somehow the status was set to "active" again after some reboots, along with the malfunctions experienced before.

I wanted to find out, whether this "reactivation" had something to do with one of the updates (I brought the system up to 10.5.5 at the time) and booted the old Panther again. The sms was inactive again, again remainded inactive after reboot with Leopard.

I tried to reboot with and without power plug, I even made a PMU reset - the SMS remained inactive (which was good and made me hopeful again). However, after I switched of the Notebook and bootet again a few hours later, the sms-Setting in the Profiler was "active" and the Notebook was again not working properly.

Is there any possibility to access the sms-setting apart from "pmset" in the Terminal? Where does the system profiler derive the status from?

I want to deactivate the sms for good and at the moment this apparently works only in Panther (and I really don't want to downgrade to 10.3 again). I don't want to have it repaired since I think this would mean to replace the Logic Board which is a much too expensive investment for a 4.5-year-old Notebook.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Charge The Ibook In Sleep Mode

Feb 25, 2007

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me or if anyone is having the same problem as me... Since 16th Feb I have not been able to charge my ibook in sleep mode. Every time you put the ibook into sleep mode while the power cable is connected the ibook goes to sleep for a second or so and then wakes up again... If the screen is shut it just continuously keeps repeating the process...

I would be very grateful if anyone could advice me on what to do or recommend any diagnostic checks i should do to rectify the problem...

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PowerPC :: Disable Sleep With Lid Closed On 12" IBook G4 1.33GHz?

Mar 16, 2008

I'm running Leopard on my iBook G4, 1.33GHz. I am using it with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor, but the "clamshell mode" is not supported on iBook G4s. I've tried Sleepless and InsomniaX, but they both don't work.

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PowerPC :: Older IBook Cd Drive Going Wild In Sleep Mode?

Oct 4, 2009

The cd drive is making a revving noise in around 5 second intervals when I close the ibook's lid. Here is a video I shot of the noise; it keeps repeating in short intervals (not shown in video

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