PowerPC :: Bluetooth USB Dongle For IBook?

Apr 13, 2010

My iBook did not come with a Bluetooth built in module and was wondering if I purchased a USB dongle that it would work with a BT headset and a mighty mouse? Also use it for file transfers etc. I usually have to unplug the wireless usb hp mouse in lieu of my iPhone to charged when I'm on world of warcraft.

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PowerPC :: Bluetooth Dongle + Ibook G3 + BT Keyboard

Jul 9, 2009

,I would like to know,if I buy a Bluetooth Dongle (macos X compatible of course) I could plug it in my ibook g3 and use for example apple bluetooth keyboard.keep in mind that Ibook G3 has usb 1.1 not 2.0.if it was an "ordinary" windows pc I would say yes,but as it is a mac I am not sure..

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PowerPC :: Good USB Dongle Or Airport Card For 600MHz IBook G3?

Oct 23, 2006

I am running Panther and am looking a for a USB WiFi dongle.

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MacBook Pro :: Disable The Built-in Bluetooth And Enable A Bluetooth Dongle Instead?

Mar 4, 2008

I have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard that I want to share between a PC and MBP via a DVI/USB KVM switch. I think I can do this by plugging a USB Bluetooth dongle into the KVM's USB input.

If I use the MBP's built-in bluetooth then when I switch from one computer to the other via the KVM, the keyboard and mouse will stay paired with the MBP; but if I disable the built-in hardware then the dongle can provide the bluetooth capability and be switched between the computers.

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Hardware :: How To Use Bluetooth Usb Dongle With G4

Dec 23, 2007

can I use any bluetooth usb dongle with my G4 (which only has usb1)? I've seen some advertised for less than 5 uk pounds, and the D-Link ones, which it refers to in the bluetooth help file, for I believe over 20.

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Hardware :: How To Use Bluetooth USB Dongle External HDD

May 9, 2009

Recently bought an external hard drive so i could use time machine. Was looking at making it wireless by using a Bluetooth dongle to connect to it. However most usb dongle only seem to be compatible with vista.

Also thinking about getting a sony hifi with a usb port. Could i use a A2DP bluetooth connection to connect to this.

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PowerPC :: Internal Usb For Bluetooth - IBook G3 A1005?

Aug 13, 2010

I managed to nab an iBook G3 for �20 and am pretty much loving it.One problem is that for bluetooth I need to use a dongle, and even with modern super teeny-weeny ones, it's a bit of a pain.Now, I know it's possible to solder the connectors to a USB port and install the dongle internally, but this also has the disadvantage of disabling the use of your USB Port.

Therefore, does anyone know if the iBook G3 (A1005, 800Mhz) has any internal USB connectors that will allow me to do this without sacrificing a USB Port? When I had it open after I got it (Had to replace a broken display cable), I had a brief look, but it wasn't very thorough.Before I crack her open again, I'd just like to see if I can save myself a lot of time and effort for a possibly fruitless search.

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MacBook :: Where To Get Bluetooth Dongle Nano Size

Feb 28, 2010

I've been so unlucky that the bluetooth on my macbook unibody, has been destroyed, was down at the nearest Apple Store here in Norway, it will take about 1 to 2 weeks, they have to order the bluetooth. so they would have my macbook there until they got the part, to repair it.

And I can not live without macbook, and there is no question of me to sit here with a Windows or Linux computer, so I now use a Bluetooth dongle, but it sticks so far out from the macbook, anyone know of a bluetooth dongle that is nano size sticking 2 mm from the macbook?

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PowerPC :: IBook Display Stopped Working / Boot IBook Via Target Disk Mode?

Aug 13, 2010

I have a G3 iBook and just the other day the display stopped working. There were no signs of the display going bad, it's just went. Am I able to boot the iBook via Target Disk Mode on my PowerBook and run the iBook Hardware Test CD on it? Also, can I reboot my PowerBook and choose the iBook as the startup volume?

I know how to do Target Disk Mode but the latter I'm not sure about.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Swapping - IBook G3 And IBook G4

Oct 20, 2006

My brother's iBook G4 (800Mhz, First Rev) has completely splattered itself and we're getting a new Macbook for him under insurance. My iBook G3 (White, 900Mhz G3..the last G3 Rev of the iBook) has a failing hard drive.

Now, could I swap out those two drives, at least to recover stuff? And is there a specific method of opening up the iBook G4 so that I don't break stuff (I've already messed with my G3..and ended up with a dozen extra screws ^_^

Mainly the aim is to salvage the hard drive and swap them out; replacing my faulty iBook G3 one with the iBook G4 one which is perfectly fine.

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Hardware :: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Will Not Pair With IBook?

Nov 18, 2006

I just got a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it will not pair with my iBook. When I use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, it sees the keyboard, and then asks me to type the passcode. I type it, hit the Return key, and it just sits there forever. I didn't have an issue pairing the keyboard with my new Mac Pro. What am I doing wrong?

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Power Supply For IBook G4?

Apr 5, 2007

My iBook G4 power supply failed and I'm awaiting a replacement. In the mean time, can I use the power supply from my iBook G3 with the iBook G4?

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PowerPC :: How Much Faster Is An G4 IBook Compared To A G3 IBook

Jul 13, 2008

Right now I have a G3 iBook (900 MHz, 640 MB RAM, Combodrive, 40 GB HDD). I'm looking at a G4 iBook (1.2 GHz, 768 MB RAM, Superdrive, 60 GB HDD).

How much faster would the G4 be over my G3. I figure that after selling my G3, the G4 would only be another $200ish on top of it. Would this be worth it?

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PowerPC :: Can I Port An IBook G4 Install To An IBook G3

Apr 19, 2009

I just bought a parts ibook from ebay, but I managed to fix it, except there was no hard drive. I currently have a 6 GB HD in it with OS X.3.9 on it, but I want tiger. I have the tiger family pack, so I have a license for it. It only has a CD-ROM drive, so I am wondering if I can buy a 40 GB HD, and clone the one from my G4 onto it.

ibook G3- 500 MHZ
192 MB RAM
currently has 6 GB HD
ibook G4- 1064 MHZ
1.25 GB RAM
Combo drive
40 GB HD

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PowerPC :: Using IBook And MBP Or IBook And IMac?

Jul 20, 2006

So, I'll spare you guys the details, haha, but I am stuck trying to decide between getting an iMac Intel or a MacBook Pro for my home use computer. What would be the advantages of one over the other? I just really love the fact that a MacBook Pro would be portable yet powerful. And yes, I have this iBook for portability to school and such, but if I want to do extensive work on the couch, I could bring a MBP vs. an iMac. What do you all think? Are too laptops redundant?

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PowerPC :: G3 IBook Screen Into A G4 IBook?

Dec 17, 2006

are these two LCDs swappable? Can I stick a G3 iBook Screen into a G4? I have no idea and I'd like to have some idea.

does the hinge and everything line up, too?

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PowerPC :: Using IBook G3 Keyboard On IBook G4?

Apr 27, 2007

Will an iBook G3 keyboard ([URL]) work on an iBook G4?

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PowerPC :: Using IBook G3 DC-in Board In An IBook G4?

Mar 31, 2009

Can it work? I found the part I need in my closet from an iBG3 and if it worked that'd just be great.

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PowerPC :: Using Bluetooth Adapter For G5

Sep 21, 2010

I have finally gotten my PowerMac G5 to boot. It was given to me, so I did not know much about this machine. Once I got it working, I realized it is missing a bluetooth and airport module. I do not want to take the pricy route of getting internal Airport and internal Bluetooth. Can anybody point me to link for relatively cheap USB bluetooth and WiFi adapters that will work properly with 10.5.8 Leopard?

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PowerPC :: Getting Bluetooth And Wireless On My EMac?

Sep 5, 2010

I know I could use the apple branded stuff so I don't have to use up usb ports but I'm not sure which airport card I need (I'm guessing the airport extreme) and I don't know where the bluetooth card is installed.

Its a 1.42ghz model.

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PowerPC :: Possible To Connect Powerbook Via Bluetooth?

Nov 16, 2006

Is there a way of using my Orange Samsung D600e to allow my Powerbook to surf the net when wifi isn't present. I've heard bits about using it via GPRS.So far I've managed to browse certain files from my Mac on the phone but I really wan't to be able to switch off airport and get a connection via my mobile. Any tips? Is it possible?I also have an old Nokia 6230e handset

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PowerPC :: PowerBook Lost Bluetooth After 10.4.9?

Apr 6, 2007

i know there are a lot of MB/MBP users here, but if i was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with their powerbooky A few days after i installed 10.4.9, my bluetooth mouse started having a harder and harder time connecting, and now cannot connect at all. I also used to be able to pair my phone, and no longer can. The mouse still works with other computers (friends MBP).

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PowerPC :: Internet On G4 With Bluetooth Via IPhone Possible?

Feb 21, 2009

I have a PowerBook G4 with bluetooth, can I use internet on it through my (to get) iPhone with bluetooth? Will it cost more of iPhone's battery life?

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PowerPC :: EMac Bluetooth Product?

Dec 23, 2009

I have an eMac 1.42GHz/2GB/160GB/Superdrive/Bluetooth/OS 10.5.8.

Will any of these three products work with an eMac this old?

The New Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Magic Mouse

DR-BT101 Sony Bluetooth Headphones (Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR)

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PowerPC :: LG Shine & Powerbook - Photos PB Via Bluetooth?

Jul 7, 2008

I've just spent 30 minutes trying to do it. I have the Bluetooth 2.0 PB so that's not the problem. They reconise eachother, its just when i go to send the photo to the PB it says "failed" after about 5 seconds. I have the PB on discoverable too

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PowerPC :: AHT Discs From A 1.2 GHz 12" IBook Work In A 1 GHz 12" IBook?

Aug 18, 2009

Will the restore and AHT discs from a 1.2 GHz 12" iBook work in a 1 GHz 12" iBook? All I am interested in is the AHT.

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PowerPC :: Mid 2005 G5 Requires Antenna For Bluetooth Operation?

Nov 27, 2006

I was wondering if the mid 2005 G5 requires an antenna for bluetooth operation. After looking on ebay, it seems that the module goes for only $20 bucks, but the antenna alone goes for another $20. I plan on using it to sync with my Motorola Razr, so it won't be far from the computer. So, without an antenna, will it still work well enough? (or at all?)

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PowerPC :: Won't Transfer Data / Cant Fix Powerbook's Bluetooth Signal

Mar 31, 2007

When I transfer large amounts of data over my Powerbook's wireless, I lose my bluetooth connection to my keyboard. Also my wireless signal decreases. Is there some way to fix this? I'm trying to backup a drive to my windows pc in the other room.

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PowerPC :: Get Or Upgrade Mini To Have Nonexistent Bluetooth Module?

May 11, 2007

So my iBook of 4 years died last week from a bad hard drive. Today I purchased a 1.42 Ghz G4 Mini with 1 GB of RAM, 80 Gb HDD, Super Drive, and Airport, for $300 on craigslist. I got it today set everything up with my Dell Monitor and Apple Keyboard and Mouse etc.

First: Any thoughts on if this was a wise purchase (hindsight being 20/20 and all), I'm very happy thus far and will look to get a Macbook Pro in about 6-12 months.

Second: Is there anyway to get or upgrade the Mini to have the nonexistent Bluetooth module? If not, what's the best option to create Bluetooth connectivity?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook With Bluetooth Mighty Mouse Options?

Aug 3, 2008

I have a 12" PowerBook G4 (the very last revision in 2006) and I've never had issues with the bluetooth before (although I've only ever used it to move a few pictures from my phone to my laptop occasionally). This week, I bought a wireless mighty mouse and connected it no problem. Yesterday was the first day I used it and it worked like a champ all day. Today, I was using it and in the middle of moving it around, it just stopped responding. My trackpad still works fine, but the cursor stops moving with the mouse, the clicker doesn't work, etc. When I turn the mouse off for a minute and then turn it back on, it works for a few minutes and then quits again. The first thing I tried was to swap batteries, but that didn't help. Neither did a restart.

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