OS X :: Finding Delete Button On A Macbook

Jun 11, 2007

Where can I find the delete button on a Macbook? Am I being blind/stupid or does it not exist.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Command For Delete Button

Aug 15, 2009

However, what's the command for the delete button?

I tried googling it, but the only result (fn+backspace), didn't work.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using a Danish keyboard.

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Intel Mac :: Change The Delete Button To Delete To The Right Instead Of To The Left?

Feb 1, 2012

Is there a way to change the delete button to delete to the right instead of to the left? I always have to reposition the cursor to delete what I want! 

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Get The Delete Button To Work

Jun 19, 2012

i can't get the delete button to work on my macbook pro

PowerPC G4, Mac OS X (10.5.5)

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MacBook Pro :: Delete Button On Keyboard?

Jul 1, 2012

just move to apple mac from windows can someone point to the delete button on the keyboard

Info:MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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ITunes For Mac :: Old IDs Still Alive But No Delete Button Available?

Aug 24, 2014

I need to deactivate old ID's in iTunes however there is no 'deactivate all' button in my current account preferences (says only one computer is autorized). When I want to authorize my current computer for past purchases on an old ID (old computer), I am asked for a PW for my old ID.  How do I get past the old ID (without a 'deactivate all' button) and get all my music purchased over the years?  BTW I have already re-set.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X :: How To Find Itunes Delete Key Right Next To The Next Button Macro

Apr 19, 2010

ok so I have 13000 track on my computer. I probably hate 9000 of them. This collection has been building up for a good 10 years. I like to listen to music on random. I want to be able to either hit "next" or "delete".

I dont want to have go to itunes window, hit delete then "Move to trash". I want the delete button to do that. even if I'm not on the itunes window.

thoughts? It also doesn't have to be itunes. I don't care what it is. if its not itunes i can use it for a month to syphon through all my music then all thats leftover Ill enjoy through itunes.

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Software :: Delete Button In Mail Is Disappeared - How To Restore

Feb 5, 2010

I have an aluminum macbook running Snow Leopard. If you open mail, the main "delete" button is gone. When you pop open (double click) each email in its own window, there it is. But that is sooooo inconvenient when you have 100 emails to go though.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Delete Button Changing To Undelete In Mail

Mar 19, 2012

My delete button is not working in mail. When I press delete it automatically change to undelete, and I can not delete any of my messages.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Delete Button On Mail Does Not Work 10.6.8?

Jun 17, 2012

My iMac 10.6.8 apple mail will not allow me to delete messages to mail trash folder.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB

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Hardware :: Finding MX Revolution Button Settings

Oct 28, 2009

I just got my MX Revolution today from Newegg and I'm working on configuring it (especially the scroll, which I can't seem to nail). I've been using Logitech Control Center, which seems to do everything I need...

This is what I have so far:

L click: left click

R click: right cilck

scroll: smooth scroll in firefox/safari, alternating scroll globally

scroll click: middle click in firefox, switches scroll modes globally

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Trying To Delete A Partition But Subtract Button Is Greyed Out

Aug 28, 2014

I have a 3 TB hard drive which I'd previously partitioned into a 1 TB and a 2 TB partition. I've emptied and erased the 2 TB compartment, but when I go to the partition section on Disk Utility, and select that partition (now called Free Space) and select it, only the + button is alive, and the - button is greyed out. 

How can I delete this entire partition?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: IWeb 09 With Photo Albums - Delete "download" Button?

Oct 1, 2010

I just created a website for my dad using iweb 09 and published it yesterday. However, in the photos section there is a "download" button when you enlarge the image. Is there a way to delete this button or at least disable it? He is a photographer and is trying to sell his photos, this will nto work if people can download them for free on the site.

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Applications :: Finding App To Delete Duplicates?

Feb 12, 2009

Does anyone know of a good, free/cheap application that will search my entire HardDrive and notify me of possible duplicates?

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IMac :: Finding To Delete A Whole Text Box In Powerpoint?

Nov 1, 2010

I am looking to delete a whole text box in Powerpoint MO11. I can only seem to delete word/letters.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Click On Play Button In DVD-player / Button Becomes Purple Square

Feb 19, 2012

When I click on the play button in DVD-player, the button becomes a purple square. Has someone got a solution?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac Mini :: Restart Message - Hold Power Button / Press Restart Button

Apr 29, 2009

I have just shipped my Mac Mini to its new home and I've had reports that the panic error is appearing on boot up: "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the Restart Button." This screen appears on the blue window just after the grey apple screen has disappeared and does not get as far as the desktop at the same point each time. We have tried to reinstall mac OS from the original install disk but holding the "C" Key or the "Option" Key down on restart doesn't boot from disc. Is there a way you can view the Kernel Panic log before you boot into Mac OS so we can try and pin point the source of this problem. I'm wondering if this could have been the result of the shipping that has caused some hardware to come loose.

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MacBook Pro :: Delete Text - Delete And Backspace Keys

Sep 12, 2007

How do I delete text. Let's say I wrote the wrong word, as you know a Windows keyboard has "Delete" and "Backspace" keys, but a MacBook keyboard only has a "Delete" key which acts like the "Backspace" key. So in order for me to delete on work I have to go behind the text and use it like backspace.. how do I just delete the word from the front?

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MacBook Pro :: If I Delete A User Account Does That Delete His Library?

Jul 12, 2009

I never use "User Accounts" on my MacBook. So I don't know much about them.

If I delete one User Account, will it delete that user's libraries, such as their music, movies, documents, etc?

Also, will it delete the programs that were installed under that user's account, but are accessible by all users?

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OS X :: Macbook Pro - Command-delete Delete The File Immediately?

Jun 7, 2010

This morning I suddenly found out that, on my new macbook pro, command-delete will delete the file (with the warning window) immediately without putting it into trash first. This function works well yesterday.

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MacBook :: Delete A Group Of Old Emails Without Having To Delete Each Individual One?

Jun 22, 2012

I want to delete a large number of old emails in my Mac Mail inbox.  I have 4425 in inbox and want to delete all but current ones.  How do I highlight the mails, as a group, from the oldest to mail to most current that I want to delete?

Mac OS X (10.6.4), I pad

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: For PDF Documents The "archive As" Button Do Not Appear But Only The "active" Button?

May 4, 2012

My "achive as" button do not appear when im trying to save a scanned PDF document but only the "achive" button. I have tried seraching the internet for answer but without any result.  A solution to the prblem is to press doublicate and then "archive" then i get the option to save in a specific loaction (notice that even after doublicating i don't get the option to archvie as).

-The problem also appears on exsisting pdf document and documents from other users.

- i open it in apple standard preview program

- The problem appaered 6 months ago after and general apple software upgrade.

- I don't have any "download" folder in my finder menu ( I don't know if this is a relevant information but could have somthing to do with the settings i.e. as administor even though it is my own mac). 

Mac Pro, iOS 5.1

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MacBook Air :: Why Is There An Eject Button

Nov 4, 2010

I've been accustomed to pressing the volume up button as the second to last key in the top row, but with the new MBA, there is an eject button replacing it. Why is there even an eject button if there is no built in CD Drive. Yes, some ppl use the superdrive, but i dont see how the rest of us need that button. Apple is trying to emphasize the lack of importance of the CD Drive itself, so why are they still adding this nonessential key?

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MacBook :: 2.4 Alu Button Popping Out?

Jan 8, 2009

Searched this but didn't find anything similar.

I have a problem with a "q" button on my 2.4 Alu Makbook. If I press (normal gentle) the button several times near the left edge, the right edge of the button would pop out.

To put it back in I would have to push the button hard until a little click.

I took the button out completely and there is nothing wrong with it visually. Reattached and it still keeps popping out.

The fanny thing is that I only use macbook connected to the external monitor and keyboard so I really used a built in keyboard one or two times.

Has anyone had anything like that? Is there a way to fix it? Should I take to Apple Store?

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MacBook Pro :: Why It Gets Warm Down Button

May 4, 2012

why the macbook pro get warm down button , when i put between in my legs

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Something Got Underneath My Trackpad Button?

Sep 10, 2010

This is an early 2008 MBP, so I have a button separate from the track pad. For the last several days it has been most of the time clicking twice when I press it. The first one doesnt do anything, the second one actually clicks (that is, if I dont push it all the way down it clicks the first time and doesnt do anything, if i push it harder, it clicks the second time).

What can I do about this?

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MacBook Pro :: How Can I Clean Under The MB Trackpad Button

Jan 22, 2008

So, first of all, here's some advice: Don't leave your macbook open, on the floor. You never know what cups you've left there.

In other news, I spilled coke (the soda) on my macbook keyboard/trackpad. I put it on the floor because I thought that it would keep it cooler, since I was installing something and the fans were going *******.

The keys seem fine, but now the trackpad button has a sticky feeling and sound to it, which is very annoying/disconcerting. Is this a genius bar job, or can I get in there and clean it myself?

It's mostly cosmetic, as the trackpad still works, but I wonder what will happen as the coke starts a new life under there congealing and whatever.

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MacBook Pro :: Power Button Not Working

Mar 31, 2008

My Macbook Was On And Working And I Tried To Hit The Power Button To Turn The Macbook Off And It Would Not Work....so I Shut It Down Using Computer Shut Down Under The Apple ....now It Will Not Turn Back On......it Has To Be The Power Button Itself....is There Any Where I Could Buy A Replacement Power Button? And Is There Any Other Way To Get It To Turn On Without Using The Power Button?

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MacBook Air :: Trackpad Button Noises?

May 17, 2008

So I'm using my air today and when I press the trackpad button slightly, it makes a clicking noise... of course, not the click it makes when you fully press it. Hard to explain the sound, but before it really recognizes the function, it makes a sound like an external mouse click. sorry if this doesn't make sense... hard to explain.

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MacBook Air :: Causes For Unresponsive Trackpad Button?

Jul 4, 2008

What is the cause of this is it software or hardware? I'm puzzled as to how it's possible for it recover overnight so that it's reliable again the next morning.

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