OS X Mavericks :: Possible To Grant ITunes Full Bandwidth While Denying All Other Applications Any Connection

Sep 13, 2014

Basically I recon that even with 120mbps internet, streaming from iTunes to Apple TV 3 still suffers from serious lag. So I thought what if I could make sure that iTunes is the only process connecting to the internet while streaming, thus giving it 100% of the available bandwidth. 

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Intel Mac :: Apple Keeps Denying Passwords

Mar 24, 2012

I think my desktop has a virus.  Apple keeps denying my passwords. 

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Applications :: ITunes LP And ITunes Extras / Full Screen On Mac?

Dec 10, 2009

Okay, I know that when iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras first came out, iTunes could not play them full screen.

I don't know when it happened, but I just noticed that I *CAN* play them full screen now. (Either by selecting "View" -> "Full Screen"; hitting Command-F, or clicking a new "Full screen" widget at the upper-right on the "title bar" for the LP/Extra within the content pane of iTunes.)

But, strangely, this only appears on one of my computers, even though both are running the same version of OS X (10.6.2,) and the same version of iTunes (9.0.2.)

Does anyone know the secret to enabling this? I have checked every single setting in iTunes, both menus and preferences, and they are all perfectly matched between the two computers.

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Applications :: Looking For Free Bandwidth Monitor?

Apr 19, 2010

ive been looking an application which shows traffic per applications. i have installed istat menus and sometimes the traffic goes up and i dont know which application is downloading/using.

im possibly looking for a freeware/GPL .

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Applications :: Any Way To Monitor Router Speed / Bandwidth?

Jan 15, 2009

I am able to monitor my wireless network no problem using something as simple as iStat pro but, for example, my xbox is connected to the router via ethernet cable so doesn't appear on any of the apps I have for found for monitoring network traffic. Is there an app that i can use to monitor the source i.e. the router itself, to see what speed/bandwidth the ethernet ports are using?

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Applications :: Program To Monitor - How Much Bandwidth Being Used On External IP

Jul 23, 2007

Is there any program to monitor how much bandwidth is being used on the external IP for a Mac, some how my home network goes through 1gig a day without trying, and well 12gig a month you can see whats wrong with that

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Applications :: IChat Bandwidth Limited By Comcast?

Oct 24, 2007

Ive been calling comcast over and over telling them that they have been throttling my internet's upload speed to the mid 40kbps range and they tell me no they havent. Finally they have been exposed in the past week, but they claim it is only to bit torrent traffic. This is not the case. I cant video chat for more than a minute or two before my internet gets throttled and the other person cant see me. The same goes for file transfers to a remote server for my graphic design stuff. Does anyone know a work around for this? Maybe changing the outgoing ports for iChat?

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Applications :: How To Limit Skypes Bandwidth Usage

Oct 5, 2008

what i want is to be able to limit skype to use 20kbps or something like that, if its even possible. there are no guides on google, nor any programs that i can use.

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Applications :: Software To Monitor Bandwidth Consumption For Mac?

Jul 23, 2010

Is there a software to monitor the Bandwidth consumption for Mac.

I use Bandwidth Monitor Pro for Windows and its good. But I guess they do not have it Mac.

Activity Monitor does a good job of showing the current speed and the total amount of data downloaded / uploaded, but thats just good for one session.

I am looking for some software that helps me view this information over a period of time.

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Applications :: Bandwidth Monitor - Stuff Downloading / Streaming?

Mar 16, 2009

I get most of my TV viewing done online these days. I watch a lot of hulu, [URL], etc. This has been great so far, but there is a looming problem. Many ISPs are moving toward bandwidth caps. Comcast allows 250GB, and I believe Charter will be rolling them out soon. My ISP (AT&T) doesn't have them yet, but I believe they will soon. Does anybody know of an app that will let me monitor just how much stuff I am downloading/streaming? I am really curious to see how big all this cool online video gets.

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Applications :: Won't Use Full Screen In Front Row Or ITunes

Oct 30, 2008

You know how with Quicktime you can stretch the image so it use the whole screen, similarly when using an iPod via a video out cable to watch a movie on TV it can zoom in to fill the screen?

Is there any way to do this when watching movies in iTunes or via Front Row? I watch a lot of TV shows on my MacBook when away and would prefer to have a full screen even if it cost me the top and bottom of the picture or some stretching.

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Applications :: Full Screen Video In ITunes 9.1?

Apr 12, 2010

Let me start by saying it was really early this morning when I tried, but I couldn't find the "full screen" setting for video. I know you can hit the expansion arrows and that works, but the actual VIDEO didn't get any bigger. In 9.0.3 I'd hit the arrows and the video would fill the screen. Today on 9.1 the video stayed the same size and the black boarder filled the screen.

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Applications :: IStat Menus - Does Not Display Network/bandwidth Data?

Feb 10, 2010

I'm running the latest iStat Menus (2.0) on Snow Leopard 10.6.2. All the displayed data shows just fine with the exception of the Network (bandwidth) menu. The graph does not reflect bandwidth being used and the "KB/s" displays a constant "0.0KB/s." I've tried rebooting and I've also tried manually selecting "Airport" in the General Settings in iStat Menus' Preference Pane.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

(iStat Pro, the widget version of this program, displays the bandwidth data though.)

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Applications :: How To Make Itunes And Safari Full Screen

Nov 12, 2010

I finally bought an iMac 27" today. very excited! i have a problem that i am starting to think is the norm...how do you make itunes & safari full screen

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Applications :: Easiest Way To Play A Full Album In Itunes?

Jul 27, 2005

This may be the dumbest post in history, but is there an easier way to play a full album in itunes than having to make a separate playlist out of the album or having to check the box on every single track on the album? This seems slightly more complicated than it needs to be, but I can't figure out any other way to do it.

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Applications :: ITunes Visualiser Jumpy In Full Screen?

May 9, 2010

I am running my MacMini 1.83GHz, OSX10.6.3 through my 37" Sharp LCD TV as my media centre.

When I activate the iTunes visualiser in full screen, the image jumps and jagged lines appear randomly across the screen.

This does not happen if the visualiser Is running where you can see iTunes control bar above and below the visualiser graphics. It also does not seem to happen with any of the other iTunes built in visualisers.

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Applications :: Fastest Connection To Download Itunes

Nov 27, 2009

I'm downloading a movie on iTunes... and it's taking forever. Is this normal? I mean I may not have the fastest connection, but it's still DSL. experienced some slow downloads?

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Applications :: App For Test Internet Speed / Check Bandwidth At Regular Intervals?

Nov 1, 2008

I'm looking for an app for my mac which can test my ADSL download speed automtically at regular intervals through the day and log the results for me to look over later.

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Applications :: ITunes 8 Suspends Airtunes Transmissions During DLs At Full Speed

Sep 10, 2008

Gear & Settings: Airport Express 802.11g / Macbook 802.11g / WPA2 secured network, set to 802.11g only

I have this problem that is completely reproducible every time and I wanted to check whether anyone else can confirm it .

When I'm listening to music over airTunes while anything is being downloaded at ~700KB/s, fully utilizing the capacity of my internet connection, the music temporarily stops - the little scrubber thing actually continues to move, but no music can be heard. As soon as I pause the download, the music continues. It will also stop again when I resume the download.

I can't quite believe that the data throughput should be above what my wireless 802.11g network can handle. This also didn't seem to be a problem "pre-iTunes 8".

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Applications :: ITunes Movie Does Not Display Full Screen On HDTV?

Dec 27, 2009

I have everything connected and working to display my MBP to my Sony Bravia HDTV. I am using the TV as a second display. When I choose full screen for my iTunes movie, it goes black. The iTunes movie plays in reduced screen. Does anyone have a solution how I can play full screen?

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Applications :: ITunes Store Network Connection Error

Sep 4, 2010

Over the last couple of months, I sometimes get an error when using the iTunes Store: "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection was reset. Make sure your network connection is active and try again." It seems happen at random. I click to download an app and I get the message. I click again and it works. Sometimes I'm browsing the store and everything's fine, then I start getting the message over and over for a while.

I tried rebuilding my home network, updating airport software, everything I could think of on my end. Is this a problem on Apple's servers? Do a lot of other people have this problem? I haven't had much luck finding answers on this site or searching Google. I use an Airport Extreme, I have Time Warner Cable internet. I have no other internet connection issues.

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Applications :: Using ITunes/(Secure Network Connection Could Not Be Established)

Apr 19, 2010

Every time I try to click on something to buy in the iTunes store or even to authorize my computer or even to view my Account details, I get the error:

"We could not complete your iTunes store request. A secure network connection could not be established. Check that your computer's date and time are correct and try again."

I made sure my time and date are correct and such. I even did it on my iPhone and it gives me the same error. Anyone have a previous solution to this?

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MacBook :: Full Bars But Shows No Connection?

Feb 2, 2009

I have the 2.4ghz aluminum macbook, late '08. I go to a community college that is pretty large, compared to community colleges. I have full bars most of the time at school but about 50% of the time there is no connection. On mozilla i get an error to contact the server administrator and i just get a no network on safari. I installed windows 7 and there is also full bars but no connection. My friends, who have PCs, connect fine. There s a dell netbook and a 50lbs Toshiba laptop.

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Applications :: Videos In ITunes Play Full Screen On A Secondary Display?

Feb 28, 2007

Just wondering if there is a way to have videos in iTunes play full screen on a secondary display. I know you can do it in Quicktime, VLC and eyeTV with terminal... but all my content is in iTunes..Can anyone help?I take it from this overwhelming responce that it is not possible to do??

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Applications :: Launch ITunes In Full Screen Cover Flow Mode?

Mar 14, 2007

i want to start itunes in full screen cover mode, not all of the time, maybe from a shortcut in windows but not sure if its possible. anyone know how to do this?

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Applications :: Using ITunes With Dropping Connection To A Shared Library On Vista?

Sep 12, 2007

Seems that maybe i had this in the wrong forum so i'm posting it over here...

I have all my music stored on a Vista machine. I share that library with my Macbook Pro. When i open itunes on the macbook it recognizes the library on my vista machine and i enter the password and everything is fine for about 90 seconds. Then it just drops the connection and the shared library disappears. Any ideas? anyone else have this problem? It's not a network problem because i can still access the internet and stuff after this happens.

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Applications :: ITunes 10.1.1 Moving Files To Wrong Location And Then Losing Connection?

Dec 16, 2010

This morning I tried to play one of my albums and it told me it wasn't able to locate the files (on my external disk) so I located them manually and for some reason it has created a new iTunes folder in the root of my HDD (even though the iTunes prefs still pointed at the external disk) and moved the files in to that.

I deleted the album from the library and then imported the files from the new folder. It imported them fine and copied them to the exiting iTunes folder in the ext HDD but then immediately copied them back to the wrong iTunes folder. Then it told me it couldn't find them again!

I've now discovered 4 other albums that it's doing the same thing with and no matter what I do I can't get them to import, stay on the ext HDD and remain connected.

I've re-installed iTunes and restored my library file from before I upgraded to 10.1.1(4) but it's still doing the same thing.

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Applications :: ITunes Video (fullscreen) Disappear When Close VNC Connection Under Windows

Mar 31, 2009

Have a PC hooked up to a Pioneer plasma here, and it's basically used to loop trailers in my video-store. The PC is running Windows 2003, and I thought iTunes is probably perfect for this as all the trailers I use are the 720p ones from Apple's servers. So I connect to the PC with VNC (no mouse or keyboard attached), start up iTunes, start the playlist with the videos and they start running fullscreen. But whenever I close the VNC connection the video window disappears from the Pioneer and I just get the desktop + iTunes. The videos are still running though, as the sound is playing and iTunes say they're running, but the video is completely gone.

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MacBook :: No Internet Connection - AirPort Icon Indicates Full Signals

Feb 9, 2009

I have a Macbook purchased in July 2008. In the last month or so, it has been erratic when connecting to the internet. The Airport Icon at the top of the screen shows a complete and full connection. However, when I attempt to connect to the internet with either Safari or Firefox, it won't necessarily connect. Sometimes it does connect, other times it fails to connect. Either way, the airport icon indicates full signal strength.

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OS X :: Airport Shows Connection (Full Bars) - Can't Access Internet

Mar 4, 2009

This problem has been going on for a couple of months now. I use my macbook at 2 places: school and home. At school, when I click the school network under airport, it connects and shows the full bars. But when I open safari/firefox, the page won't load and I get the error message when you're not connected. However, sometimes after like an hour of persisting and retrying, it will be able to access the internet for a little bit for like an hour or so maybe, and then it'll stop working. At home, it's the same thing. It will connect to my home network (got wireless at home set up through my desktop PC), and show the full connection on airport, but it won't access the internet for the life of me. The difference is I can never gt it to connect unlike at school where it sometimes works, except that it worked for like one day out of the last 2 months (and I didn't change any settings then so it's not like I can attribute it to that). Also, I am absolutely positive that the networks of my home/school computer and the router settings etc. aren't to blame. Reason is that my friends with macbooks can access the internet both using my home network and the school network (the school one is obvious). What could possibly be going wrong? Any settings on my macbook that I can change / completely reset? Is the network card or something messed up? I'm contemplating just completely formatting my laptop to see if it fixes the issue. I have leopard installed btw.

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