OS X :: Making The Switch - Partitions The ITunes & Mail Migration

Jun 15, 2009

It seems that my new MacBook Pro is finally on its way so I am preparing for the switch from XP to OS. I am pretty much set but still have some questions which I couldn?t find an answer for yet. So here we go:1.Partitions I:Do I need different partitions on a Mac as well? On Windows I always had my System Volume which I tried not to touch at all and then had another partition with all my data to be able to reinstall Windows without having to backup all my data. How does that work on a Mac? Do I need to reinstall Mac OS at least once a year as well because it has become terribly slow? Any other reasons why I should have different partitions?2.Partitions II: I am going to keep a copy of XP running on my Mac as well. I?d like to install it via BootCamp and then use it either with BootCamp or with Parallels or VMWare (prolly the former). Do I have to define the Windows partition beforehand? Because I guess the OS will come preinstalled, right?

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OS X :: Run OSX And Switch Between Different Languages ? - Two Partitions

Jan 10, 2011

my mac is for two people to use and two separate languages. When changing languages in system preferences to chinese, not everything will be in chinese, eg. applications, etc.Would I need to make two partitions and install two different language versions of OS X? Or buy a Chinese version of OSX?

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Windows On Mac :: Making Partitions On External Hard Drive?

Jun 8, 2010

How does one go about using an external HD for backing up on both Mac and Windows machines?

I would ideally like to use Time Machine on the mac side. I have a 1TB Western Digital. Plenty of space, because i dont have that much stuff to back up.

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MacBook Air :: Making The Switch, But To The Mba Or Mbp?

Jun 14, 2008

i know you've already tackled this a thousand times, but, having read those thousand threads, i'm still not sure which of these i should go for. you all seem generous with your opinions, so i'll ask again.i need to replace my 4 year old dell 700m (12.1", 1.6ghz, 512mb ram, tiny 24gb HD) as it has become painfully slow and things are beginning to stop working. i've very much enjoyed its portability (it's small and weighs just over 4 pounds) which is why the MBA has caught my eye. my concern, is that i've heard all these things about it being underpowered - but underpowered for what? the lure of the MBP, of course, is that it's a lot more power for its moderate increase in bulk and weight.

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MacBook Pro :: Considering Making The Switch To Anti Glare?

Aug 23, 2010

Has anybody gone from glossy to AG and found anything that irritates them about the AG screen?Does it seem weaker without the glass enforcement?Does dust collect around the edges of the screen since it isnt end to end?What about cleaning it?

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MacBook Pro :: Making The Switch - Running Things In The Background?

May 2, 2010

I am soon to be getting a MacBook Pro in about a month. Since I have always used PC's, although I am very excited, I am trying to gather all information possible to make the switch easy and be productive on the the new MacBook. I have a simple question, I know on windows when you have many things running at one time it tends to bog and slow down. Running things in the background are the issues I am getting at. Does running application and widgets in the background of a MacBook cause them to slow noticeably?

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Mac :: DJ Making The MBP Switch - Primarily Using Machine For Heavy Music Downloading?

Nov 5, 2009

i'm set on the 13'' MBP for portability, size, and strength and got stuck.
I will be primarily using this machine for heavy music downloading/use, regular browsing, and when I completely make the switch to all digital DJing, it will be the mainstay in my setupIf I have no need for gaming or video/photo editing, would it be in my best interest to wait for the MBP upgrade anyway? It's not the most important thing for me to carry the 'biggest stick' but I would like to be completely competent. I'm about the multitasking.

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OS X :: Changing Partitions - Time Machine Will Be Reinstall If I Change My Partitions?

Mar 7, 2010

I have an iMac 2.4ghz with a 320g hd, that I partitioned 50/270 when I installed Leopard. I read somewhere to have the opp system partitioned and I have been kicking myself in the rear ever since. Too many apps and files want to run next to the opp system, so I'm starting over.I used time machine for a backup of the system (both partitions are showing) on my 1 TB iomega external hard drive (minimax). I partitioned the external 500/500, time machine/additional storage.So that is what I'm working with, now for the question:With my backup complete, if I do a clean install to the internal hard drive (320g) in order to remove the 50g opp/sys partition and just have one 320g internal hd; will my time machine be able to restore to a clean 320 without having the 50/270gig partition setup? If so will this be a somewhat simple process?

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OS X :: Sharing ITunes Library Between Two Partitions - One Is 7?

Oct 15, 2009

Is it possible to listen to the music on my OSX partition while on my Windows 7 one? I don't want bring my music files over to my Windows 7 partition, so is there anyway to share my itunes library between partitions?

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Applications :: Mail.app POP To IMAP Migration?

Jul 16, 2007

I have several POP accounts setup in Mail.app and I want to change over the protocol to IMAP...how should I do this?I don't want to delete the accounts and lose all the mail...is there an option somewhere to switch the account from POP to IMAP?

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OS X :: Migrating Mail Without The Migration Assistant?

Nov 21, 2008

I just bought a new Rev A. Macbook Air for my GF. I don't have it yet. Currently she has a Powerbook 12" running Tiger. She will want to do some very light file transfers. Being the resident geek, I am in charge of this. I don't see any real need to bother with migration assistant. Tranferrring her music, bookmarks, and address book are no issue for me. She barely has any apps worth transferring.

My only real concern is about mail, coming from Tiger to Leopard, and the fact that she uses a mix of email sources...MobileMe, Gmail, etc. Setting up the accounts is not a problem, but I'm wondering about the actual message files on her Powerbook. After I set up her main user account on the MBA, can I just replace the mail folder in her home folder with the mail folder from her Powerbook? Some of the messages are IMAP, and some are POP accounts which she doesn't want to lose. I did this very thing when I got a new desktop, but it was a Tiger - to - Tiger transfer, so I just want to check if there are any issues doing this from Tiger to Leo

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Applications :: Migration From Thunderbird To Mail?

Feb 22, 2010

I decided to use Mail.app after using Thunderbird for years. When I use the import in Mail, it fails to import inbox items after May 2007.

Then, I copied all inbox items into a folder in Thunderbird. When I import that folder into Mail, again 17 out of 282 items which are dated until May 2007.

What do I have to do to fully import my mails?

btw sent & messages in other folders are correctly imported.

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ICloud :: What Are The Mail Settings For It After Migration

May 7, 2012

I wish to know what the settings are for in Mail now  ( using cloud )surely they are not mobile me , shouldnt it say cloud or something? I migrated a week or so agao and all was going fine till yesterday.... I am not receiveing mail  for  me.com /mac.com ( cloud ) on MBPro but am on  iPhone , yet the password is the same ! there is 300 + gig of space on MBP HD Ive trashed the accounts and redone them but still it asks for password.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Macbook Pro , Me.com & 2 OTHER MACS

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Open Mail After Migration To New

Jul 5, 2012

Just received a new MacBook Pro and used Migration Assistant to transfer everything over from the old MBP to the new one. 

Everything worked fine - except for Mail, which won't open.   

I just get this message: 

"Mail can’t open because you don’t have the necessary permissions to change the folder where it saves information.Mail stores information in /Macintosh HD/Users/howardburch/Library/Mail. If this folder is on your computer, use the Get Info window in the Finder to change your permissions for this folder to “Read & Write.” If this folder is located on a network server, contact the server administrator. After your permissions are changed, open Mail again." 

I can't find the Library/Mail folder in my users folder. 

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Applications :: How To Switch Dictionaries In Mail

Mar 21, 2009

My daughter is bilingual and somehow switched Mail to spell check in Spanish. But now she cannot figure out how to change it back to select the English dictionary.

Leopard is easy (there you can control-click the spellchecked redlined word for a contextual menu with dictionary management on it).

But Mail v2.3.3, on Tiger at least, does not work the same way.

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Intel Mac :: Switch Back To LION OSX Way Of Seeing Mail?

Apr 26, 2012

I inadvertently switch to classic mail viewing while wiping off mouse but can't figure out how to switch back to LION OSX way of seeing mail.

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OS X Mavericks :: Mail Language Does Not Switch Automatically

Jun 20, 2014

Apple Mail would recognize the language I would write after typing the first word or two. After a system crash, I can only write in German although the language for Mail is selected as English using Language Switcher. After some time, Mail opens in German again, and the language displayed in Language Switcher is Arabic. 

On all my other machines, Mail behaves as ever. Mavericks is being operated in German, Mail in English. Some of the language settings must have been changed.

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Applications :: Migration Assistant Mail Tiger To Leopard

Dec 25, 2008

I did a fresh Leopard install onto a new HDD. I use the migration assistant to transfer my Tiger profile to a new account on the Leopard install. My default Leopard user account Mail app works for but the profile/user I migrated just will not work (mail). When I start Mail on the migrated profile I get nothing; no window except the File Menu Bar changes to "Mail". New Mail Window does nothing and I can't Quit the application..

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MacBook Pro :: Migration Assistance On PC With Windows Mail Message

May 2, 2012

The Windows PC does not have windows Mail configured however the migration assistant displays message to close the windows mail and is not further proceeding on windows PC.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ICloud :: Migration - How To Sync IMAP Passwords On Server For Mac Mail

Mar 25, 2012

Recently my Mailbox started prompting me for my password. When I enter it, I get told the MobileMe IMAP server rejects it, so my mac mail is frozen in time when viewed on my MAC. Yet I can log into to my mail via web just fine, my iPhone and iPad have no problem. It seems like this is an issue that occurred recently after I migrated ot iCloud but I cant be sure. I haven't made any other changes or software upgrades and I've been happily using mail for years. How does one resync IMAP passords on the server (if that is what I need to do)?


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Applications :: Mail Stopped Making Sounds?

Jan 2, 2009

It might be just a minor problem, but Mail stopped making sounds. No new mail sound, no reassuring jetplane sound when a mail is sent, no blip when there's nothing going on. I've checked the preferences, and they should still be turned on.

Also, I've got the impression something hapened to either my keychain or my cookies in Safari, since I had to login to a bunch of forums and other sites that I can normally just check. Firefox doesn't seem to have this problem, but I prefer Safari as my primary internet browser.

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OS X :: Making Mail App Icon Bounce With New Message?

Apr 7, 2009

I am trying out having my dock auto hide to have some extra space on the bottom of the screen. I like it but I am wondering if there is a way to get the mail app to bounce when a new email comes in the way other apps bounce when they need attention. I could not find it in the preferences but maybe I missed it somewhere.

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Applications :: Making Mail App Rules Un-check Themselves?

May 4, 2009

A few times now I have found my rules suddenly unchecked. I can't seem to find a pattern.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Making Rules For Apple Mail?

May 23, 2012

I want to make some rules for some emails that I get. Let's say I get a email when someone resonds to a post I made on a forum and I don't want it in my INBOX. I made a folder for that particular forum.  How to I make a rule so that all of those emails from that forum go in that folder instead of my INBOX? 

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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Intel Mac :: Mail Is Making It Run Really Slow And Hogging CPU?

Jun 27, 2012

When I launch Mail app, my mac starts running ridiculously slow. I get the spinning ball after almost every click.Just switching between safari tabs can take 1/2 minutes. In activity monitor it is showing 118% is being used by mail when it is running which hogs the entire CPU effectively.When I quit the application through activity monitor it quits, however if I try to quit (CMD Q) or force quit the application nothing happens. Also when I try and shut mail stops the shut down. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Applications :: Making Mail Dock Icon Bounce

Sep 10, 2006

Is there any easy way to make the Mail dock icon bounce when new mail is received? All I can find is a preference for playing a sound, but I hate system sounds with a passion, so a visual cue would be much preferred. Any one know how to do this?

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OS X :: Making Leopard Mail To Play Notification Sounds?

Nov 29, 2007

I have recently thought I was going deaf because I was getting new mail and never hearing the sound for it. I thought maybe iTunes was on too loud or something. However, I've just done a test and no, Mail is definitely not playing the new mail sound. Speakers are the internal default ones, volume is up, but when I send mail to myself from a different Gmail account, when it arrives in Apple Mail there's no sound. This happens whether the app is active or in the background.

I'm sure I've heard it working a couple of times recently, but it's random and seems to be very much in the minority of occasions. Here's another weird thing it does - when I've received new mail during the day but Mail has been turned off, when I get home and open the application it searches for mail, downloads the new ones, and plays the 'No new mail' sound.

I've considered these things might be because I've already received the mail on my Blackberry, but this never used to happen in Tiger, and I'm using a POP Gmail service, not an IMAP one it shouldn't be able to tell I've already had them.

I have Dockstar installed but it worked fine with Dockstar before. Might it be causing a conflict somehow? Dockstar doesn't play any sounds, only changes how the mail notifications appear in the dock icon.

I don't use iChat so I don't know if this problem has affected other Apple apps. I've read some people having problems with that too.

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ITunes :: How To Switch Account From Pc To Mac

Apr 7, 2012

just bougth a mac how do i swap my px based itunes account onyo my new imac?

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ITunes :: Switch Users In It?

May 4, 2012

How do you switch users in iTunes.

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FaceTime :: Connects And Mail Program Started Making Noise

Mar 16, 2012

Each time I have my MacBook Pro up and running, with my Apple Mail app running and I connect via FaceTime to someone, the mail program starts making tons of nosie as if it's sending and receiving mail over and over and over and over again. I have a 2/2011 MBP 15" maxed out.

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