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OS X :: IMac CD / DVD Drive Not Reading Disks?

it kind of just happened suddenly but my new aluminum iMac can not read CD/DVDs nor show them as an icon on the desktop. I don't know if this matters but it stopped reading them shortly after I preformed a mount with toast titanium on a mac universal binary image. Also, if I put a disk in, it thinks for a bit, then spits it out. I think I may have shut down the computer without dismounting the image and I don't know if that may contribute to the problem.

View 2 Replies (Posted: Aug 15, 2009)

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OS X :: CD/DVD Drive Not Reading Disks?
Bought a MacBook about a year and half ago and have had no issues until today. I have been able to burn numerous CD's and DVD's but for some reason today when I tried to burn a CD it keeps spitting the blank CD out. I doesn't seem to recognize any disk. When I put a disk in it makes a quiet noise like it's trying to read it but after a few seconds spits it out. No application seems to recognize any disk either.

Posted: Mar 7, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: DVD/CD Not Reading Disks
My DVD/CD player is not reading any of my disks. It spins them, as if it were going to read them, but then spits out the disk.

Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Dec 18, 2008

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IMac Intel :: Super Drive No Longer Reading CD / DVD
Recently my iMac has started to no longer read any CD's or DVD's. I insert the DVD / CD and the disc / drive clicks a little as the disc tries to read and then about 30 seconds to a minute later it is spewed out. Am I right to assume my drive is dead? That is terrible its not that old a system and isnt used much. Are there any 'home remedies' I can try to fix this? If not can anyone tell me what a new drive would cost to buy and get Apple to install? Or are there external drives that would do the job?

Intel iMac (Late 2008)
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Aug 3, 2010

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Intel Mac :: DVD+R Not Reading In The DVD Drive?
Has anyone else had a problem with a DVD+R not reading in the DVD drive on the Mac?


Posted: May 28, 2012

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IMac Intel :: CD / DVD Drive Making "Funny" Noises And Won't Eject Disks
This past summer I was cleaning and knocked my iMac off the desk while a game was running. The computer froze and after taking it to an Apple Store, I found out that the hard drive had failed. So, it's been sitting for about 4 or 5 months, and I finally decided to replace the HD. (It's not under warranty) So, I bought the new HD and put it in. After I put the whole computer back together I booted the system up and put in the OS X disk and the drive made a really "funny" noise. So, I pressed the eject key, but the disk wouldn't come out and it keeps making this disgruntled purring noise over and over.

I took the computer back apart and finally got the disk out of the CD Drive by using a credit card, but the drive is still making the same noises. I was extremely careful when replacing the hard drive, so I'm pretty sure I didn't "bump" or "touch" anything that I wasn't supposed to inside the computer, and all the wires I disconnected were reconnected. The CD Drive was still working after I knocked the computer off the desk. I was able to put in the OS X disk and get into disk repair, etc. But, I've not tried using it since then, and as I said, that's been a good many months. Do you think the CD Drive has failed? Something else maybe? Also, if the CD Drive has failed, what kind of drive do I need to buy to replace it?

20" iMac Core2Duo (Early 2008)
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Dec 30, 2009

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Mac Pro :: DVD Drive Not Reading / Loading Disc
Just recently my Mac Pro has started to give me trouble reading DVDs. The DVDs are fine as they read perfectly on my MacBook, but on the Mac Pro, they just spin up a bit in there and never load. Every once in a while, a DVD will load just fine, but for the most part I can't get DVDs to play. I think I've noticed a pattern. CDs and single-layer DVDs load without a problem. It's the newer Dual-layer DVDs that just sit in there and fail to load. I remember hearing about a similar issue in Nintendo Wiis and that it was because the drive was probably dirty. Any tips on how to clean the drives and test that out?

Posted: May 9, 2008

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IMac :: DVD Reading Slow In Windows XP
I have Windows XP installed on my iMac via Bootcamp. When I use the DVD Drive to copy data to my hard drive, the whole computer seems to go into slow motion.

I'm in Device Manager and under the Advanced Settings of my Primary IDE Channel, the Transfer Mode is set to PIO, which I hear it shouldn't be? Should changing this setting to "DMA if available" correct the slow transfer speeds?

Posted: Aug 21, 2009

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OS X Tiger :: Combo / Optical Drive Detected But Not Reading CD & DVD
Firstly, I apologize if this topic has been covered but I've searched up and down and couldn't find it.

I'm running the following computer:
G4 MDD Dual 1.42Ghz, 1Gb RAM, OS 10.4

My computer has been dormant for about a month now and last night I fired it up with the following problem: Grey screen with spinning 'loading' icon and it wouldn't get into the desktop

I managed to successfully boot to the desktop after I did a combination of the following:
1. Reboot in Safe Mode (Shift)
2. Reset NVRAM (Opt + Cmd + O + F)
3. Reset PRAM (Opt + Cmd + P + R)
4. Removed all 3rd party cables

I haven't used the Combo/Optical Drive for about a month now and I decided that maybe I should re-install Tiger. When I inserted the Installer CD, the Combo Drive (1st slot) just ignored it. Initially, Superdrive (2nd slot) also ignores all discs I inserted. After countless restarts, I managed to get the Superdrive to read the G4 Hardware Test CD.

I've done the following:
1. Finder preference is set to not ignore inserted media
2. Tinkered with the Optical drive by unplugging and plugging it back
3. Everything else I could find on the internet regarding troubleshooting it
4. Made sure that the cables are connected properly inside the computer
5. Ran the Apple Hardware Test CD and everything is OK.
6. Checked with the System Profiler and it detects both Optical Drives (1st slot = Combo Drive, 2nd slot = Superdrive).

Now the problem is:
1. Combo Drive does not read any inserted disc (CD & DVD)
2. Superdrive reads but spits them out soon after
3. I can't re-install Tiger.

dual 1.42 MDD
Mac OS X (10.4.4)

Posted: Jun 19, 2010

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Power Mac G5 :: Gray Screen - No Boot To CD - Not Reading Dvd Drive
I bought a G5 on ebay. It's a 1.6 GHz with 1 GB RAM. It will not read the DVD drive. All I get is a gray screen. I can sometimes get the folder with the smiling face. It won't do anything. I've tried safemode, Option key, C key to force the DVD, all to no avail. I even unplugged everything, took the battery out and waited 20 minutes. Nothing. One thing, if it matters. I put an SATA HD in it from a Dell I own which has Windows XP on it. I'm figuring it doesn't matter since it should at least boot to the DVD drive. I hear the drive spin up so I don't know what else to do.

PowerPC G4 Dual 1 GHz
Mac OS X (10.4.11)
1.5 GB RAM, SuperDrive, nVidia GeForce 4 MX 64MB

Posted: Aug 23, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: DVD Drive Opening All Disks As Blank?
My macbook pro dvd drive opens all disks as blank. I have no access to a near by apple store as I live in remote NSW. I purchased the macbook when I lived in Sydney and the old owner had just had a fresh copy of the OS loaded.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Mar 31, 2012

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PowerPC :: G4-Dual 500 - Reading Data Burned On The DVD-RAM Drive
I have a client who wants me to obtain the data burned on a stock G4-dual 500 DVD-RAM drive (circa 1999). It is a double sided type1 5.2 GB.

I'm looking at currently at current DVD-RAM drives like this:[URL]

But (of course) I want to make sure they will read the older discs (after I bust them out of the protective case!).

Posted: Jul 27, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Not Reading CDs With Matshita DVD - R UJ - 875
I recently began having trouble reading audio CDs. The disc fails to mount and ejects.

Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Nov 7, 2010

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PowerPC :: Super-drive Not Reading Disc / Used Visual Hub To Burn An AVI To DVD
I think my superdrive died in my dual-core PM G5. This is what it's doing: I'll insert a DVD and it'll sit for a few seconds, then eject it. It DOES show up in my system profiler though. Is it dead, or is this a software problem? Oh- I should mention that the last thing I did was use Visual Hub to burn an AVI to a DVD. That worked fine. Afterward- nothing. I'm running OS 10.4.9. Help!

Posted: Sep 4, 2009

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Mac Mini :: CD/DVD Drive Won't Mount Disks?
My Mac Mini (early 2009) won't seem to mount any disks. I have tried recordable DVDs I recorded a while ago and shop bought DVDs also pre recorded CDs. Just whirrs a bit and then ejects.

It will mount a blank DVD, but that is all.I tried recording something to the disk and got an error 0x80020022. I have seen others with this error code but it usually seems to affect recording not actually mounting a disk. I get not error message at all when attempting to mount a disk.

Any ideas?

Mac Mini
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Aug 14, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: DVD Drive Won't Read Disks
I have the early 2006 17" first intel Macbook pro , My DVD drive stopped reading any Drive i put into , I've noticed that a couple of weeks back, but it would read them after a while.

Today I've tried installing SL on it and the drive keeps on spinning and spinning and the it would be ejected out , I've tried several times to no avail , tried switching users and it read the install DVD, pressed on install and it started installing , it required rebooting when the computer rebooted it stopped reading the drive!

Tried remote disk method to no avail, it cannot read other disk drives on the same network while the other computers read its drive, I've made sure that the share DVD option from the sharing pane in system preferences was enabled on both machines...

Posted: Sep 24, 2009

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Power Mac G5 :: Dual Keeps Reading Disks Excessively Despite 6.5 GB Ram
I have a G5 Power PC with Dual Ghz 2.5 processors. I have two 250 GB hard drives, my primary drive has 45 GB available and my secondary (storage drive) has 10 GB left.

My problem is that I have 6.5 GB of installed and recognized RAM, and yet I constantly hear my hard drive spinning up, as though the OS is using virtual RAM off of my hard drive(s), and ignoring my plentiful system RAM.

This happens when launching every application - big or small - and even surfing the internet. I open Activity Monitor and see that my Virtual memory is 7.2 when idle and grows to 8.5 with a couple of programs open. My page in/out is 48919/0.

This "spin up" sound happens all of the time, whether I am working on something or not, but particularly when I launch programs. No background programs (such as a virus scanner) are installed or running.

So my question is this: Is there any way that I can adjust OS X (latest version) so that it strictly reads my system RAM first before going to my drive? Some setting somewhere? I thought that OS X (as in all computers) only went to the hard drive's VM when it ran out of System RAM. Am I missing something?

Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 and iMac G4 800MHz w/ 1 GB RAM
Mac OS X (10.4.10)
G5 Dual 2.5 Ghz 6.5 GB DDR SDRAM, 2 - 250 GB HDs Logic studio 8 and Adobe CS3 Suite,.

Posted: Oct 14, 2007

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MacBook Pro :: Not Reading Disks - Eject Automatically After Inserting
Whenever I put any disk in the CD-drive. It goes in and two seconds later it pops it back out.

The computer doesn't ever give me a message of anything abnormal is happening. It is just like the Mac is refusing to actually read the disks.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Dec 12, 2009

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OS9/OS8/System 7 :: Reading Windows Floppy Disks On Mac Classic?
I am in the process of pulling the data off of my collection of floppy disks. A lot of them are the really ancient 800K kind so I am using a Mac Classic II running System 7.0.1 to access them.The process is going well but occasionally I've run across a PC formatted floppy that the Mac won't read. It just says: This disk is not a Macintosh diskette. Do you want to Initialize it?So how do I give my Classic the ability to access these PC format diskettes?

Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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IMac Intel :: Weird Fix For IMac Optical Drive Ejecting Disks
I have a MATSHITADVD-R UJ-875 on my Intel 24" iMac with Leopard 10.5.8.Recently I tried to use a CD that I bought some time ago. It worked when I first bought the CD, but now, the drive would sometimes mount and when I click on the CD it would eject OR the drive would just do this off-on slow whir sound and then eject the CD.

I tried using a DVD cleaner. The cleaner worked but the CD I wanted to use didn't.Now here's where it gets weird. In the above link you scroll down until you see a post by "chandhiran 2009-09-29 09:37" where he tilts the screen to face up.I tried it and it worked! I tilted the iMac first, then inserted the CD and a-bata-bing-a-bata-boom it ran. As you can see by the next poster (Derek Bill) this may not work for everyone. To me, there's still a problem. Fortunately I always buy the AppleCare so I followup and see if I can get this fixed.

The reason I'm posting this is because "most times" the simple and easiest solution may be all that we need---okay maybe sometimes, or once in a while. I know this may not work for anyone. But hey. It's so simple, can't hurt trying.

Intel iMac 24"
Mac OS X (10.5.4)
iPod 5th Gen 60GB-Mac

Posted: May 12, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Backing Up Music On DVD - R ... Burns 3 Disks ... Then Just Stops Burning
I am having with my $2200 computer. it seems now that when I am trying to back-up my music on DVD-R disks it just stops burning completely after 3 disks. it starts "8" disks are needed to fill up all my movies and music. ok. so i start with disk 1. fine,. 2 fine.3 fine now i insert disk 4. nothing happens. tried restarting computer, turning off computer and starting again.....then i go to iTunes to restart backup where I left therefore I need 5 disks (as stated) insert disk 4 ....nothing happens.

iMac i7 mid 2010
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Nov 12, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Drive Not Reading CDs Or DVDs?
I have an Intel-based iMac (28") and one day my drive just stopped reading/recognizing disks I put in. I have tried the disks elsewhere and they work. I put in a disk and it thinks for a bit then spits it out. I don't think it is a hardware problem because it has not had any problems beforehand. I realized it a short time after I had mounted a .dmg file using toast and I believe that I had shut down without dismounting it (if that matters at all). It was working before... and no it doesn't.

iMac 28"
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Aug 16, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Hard Drive Constantly Reading Itself
I have an imac 24inch (early 2008 model) and have had it repaired once for ram failure and 6 months later there is a sudden juddering sound coming from the hard drive. Basically even when not in use the hard drive seems to be reading itself constantly. Something which I am worried about. I have verified disk permissions, repaired disk etc and nothing. I have also run the Tech Tool Deluxe software which claims everything is in order.

Imac 24 inch
Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Posted: Oct 29, 2009

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IMac Intel :: SuperDrive Reads Blank Disks, Will Burn, Won't Play DVDs, Run Install Disks?
Pop in a CD/DVD that is NOT blank, media spins, churns, makes noises like it normally does trying to mount and nothing. Spits out the disk.

Pop in a blank CD/DVD, drive spins, churns, and mounts. No problem. Burn to the disk. No problem.What's going on? Luckily, I have an external DVD drive I can use as an alternative.You guess it, my 27inch iMac is 1 year and 2 Weeks old. Forgot to buy AppleCare.Should I try a cleaner? I've tried compressed air, no go. I have on rare occasions been able to get the DVD (movie) to mount but after about 10 tries.HL-DT-ST DVDRW GA11N

Firmware Revision:KA18
Burn Support:Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
Cache:2048 KB
Reads DVD:Yes
CD-Write:-R, -RW
DVD-Write:-R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
Write Strategies:CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
Media:To show the available burn speeds, insert a disc and choose View > Refresh

27 iMac Mandingo
Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Posted: Nov 15, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Drive Eject Vista Install Disk But Not Any Other Disks
My two-day old iMac G5 will not accept my install disk for vista. It has accepted all other media that I have tried so far. The disk was immediately recognized by my MacBook Pro, so it is not a problem with the dvd itself.

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
iMac G5

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Optical Drive Burns Disks With Loud Hiss?
My iMac 24-inch 2.66 ghz is burning some disks that either have a very loud hiss or they have corrupted areas. The drive is a OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5670S. Has anyone else had this problem?

iMac 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Nov 14, 2009

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OS X :: External Drive And Disks Don't Show On Desktop, Visible In Disk Utility, Can't Burn DVD
Disks I put in the Superdrive, external hard drives, or anything in the USB or Firewire (thumbdrive, etc) -- nothing shows up on the desktop. All are visible in Disk Utility. USB thumbdrives and external hard drives are visible in the sidebar in Finder, but disks are not (only disk utility).

Because of this I can't burn a disk because the disk is not being recognized. In Disk Utility, the external hard drives appear mounted and can be opened in Finder, but why aren't they appearing on my desktop (they used to)?

Posted: Feb 8, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: DVD Drive Won't Accept Disks Since Snow Leopard Upgrade
I just upgraded my Macbook to Snow Leopard, and now I can't insert disks into my optical drive. It just won't accept them.

MacBook 2.2GHz Intel Core Duo processor (white)
Mac OS X (10.6.1)
120GB HD, SuperDrive, 1GB RAM, 1TB external HD

Posted: Nov 2, 2009

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PowerPC :: Will Dvd Mini Discs Fit An IMac Or Powerbook Dvd Drive
I am new to this forums and want to know if my dvd mini discs will fit into the dvr drive on an iMac. I also have an older Powerbook and would also like to know if the mini discs will fit also. I haven't tried this yet because I don't want to loose the discs or ruin my drives. I just bought a used iMac 20" widescreen and wanted to just put my mini discs from my camcorder into it without having to plug the unit in via hard wire.

Posted: Oct 5, 2009

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IMac :: Unable To Find Dvd Drive / Dvd Player Showing There Was No Supported Disc
I had a dvd in the drive of my imac and it had no idea it was there. it wasn't on my desktop and it wasn't listed under devices. I tried to open the dvd player, and it told me that there was no supported disc. After I ejected and reinserted it, it worked. Was this just a mac brain fart?

Posted: Aug 27, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Reading Burned CD / DVD On PC
I've burned data (PDFs created with InDesign CS3 and Acrobat Pro 9) to CD on my 2.2ghz MacBook Pro with OS 10.4.11 with Superdrive and the data is easily readable on Macs, but PCs drives don't recognize the discs. I place a disc in my drive, add files and either eject or Control-click and choose Burn from the fly-out. There isn't a place to choose the format, which I think may be the problem.

Do I need to use a different program to burn for better compatibility? If so, is there one that works well that's free to download, or do I need to by Toast or something like that? I also have a flash drive that I have formatted on the MacBook Pro to DOS (for compatibility), and PCs have a little trouble with it also. The PC's can't double-click to open the PDFs, but can open them from within Acrobat with File>Open. Is this to be expected, or is there a way around it.

2.2 Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.10)
4GB, Fast 160HD

Posted: Apr 4, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: Burnt DVD's Not Reading
I'm running 10.5.8 and very recently I have started to get a problem whenever I insert a previously burnt DVD. Usually the discs mount on the desktop with no problems, but lately it takes 5 or 6 attempts to get it to mount. I usually get an error message that implies the disc is blank and 'ignore' or 'eject'. This happens on every 'burnt' disc I use (about 20 different discs) and I have used these discs many times before and they mount first time on my macbook. There are no obvious problems with the discs themselves so I am starting to wonder if it is the firmware revision? I seem to remember an update a month or so ago?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Apr 11, 2010

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MacBook :: Player Not Reading CD Or DVD - Just Ejected It
I have a iBook G4. The cd player all of a sudden is not reading a dvd or a cd when inserted. Never have had a problem with it at all. It tries to read it and then just ejects it. Tried to reinstall a new dvd software for the dvd player but didn't help. Just tried to insert a blank cd to burn jpgs to it and did the same thing, just ejected it.

Posted: Dec 25, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Not Reading Burnt Cd / Dvd R
My macbook pro cd drive seems to be acting up. It doesn't like to read any of my burnt cd/dvd-r, but it reads 'proper' and blank DVDs just fine (by 'proper' i mean like DVD movies, Apple Tiger OSX dvd, and such).. The discs that it refuses to read are fine, no scratches or anything. It takes the disc in, spins and tries to read it for about 3 times and spits it out. I've tried using those DVD lens cleaner discs with brushes on them.. but they didn't help. I've also tried resetting my PRAM (and the other one where you hold the power button for 5 seconds while shut down), and that didn't help either.. If it matters, my superdrive details are: MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857D: Firmware Revision:KCV9 My machine is bit over 2 years old, so it's no longer on warranty/AppleCare. Has anyone encountered this before?

Posted: Nov 20, 2008

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MacBook :: DVD Player Not Reading Disc?
I have two commercial discs that I have been watching. Now one of them is not being read by my DVD Player. I watched the disc last night. I cannot read it today, but I can still read the other one.

Posted: Jan 24, 2010

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Hardware :: Mac Desktop G5 Not Reading DVD
I have a Mac Desktop G5, and it isn't reading burned DVD+R's. The DVD's work fine in our normal DVD player, but it won't even show up on my desktop. I can hear it spinning in there like it's trying to read it, but it just gives up.

Posted: Nov 8, 2007

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Software :: DVD Player Not Reading Media?
DVD Player won't read most of my commercial DVD media. I insert the disk, and it shows up on the desktop. But when I try to run it through the DVD app, the program just freezes, and I get the beach ball. I tried opening through VLC player, and even VLC wouldn't correctly read the disk.

I have the original Apple-shipped Superdrive, as well as an external Lacie drive. I tried disks in both drives with the same result.

All my disks are Region 1 major titles.

I'm running Mac Pro 2.66ghz, 9gb RAM, OS 10.5.7.

Posted: Jul 15, 2009

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Mac Pro :: Dvd Drives Not Reading?
Our dvd drive on our Power Mac 2x2.66 GHz Dual Core intel.The drive is an Optiarc dvd rw ad-717a: sometimes will not read inserted discs. These discs work ok when tried on our I mac. Other discs work fine. This has occurred with discs that have bee writen in the drive as well as supplied discs.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: Not Reading Dual Layer Dvd
I have been searching the net for 2 straight hours now. I cant get my g5 to read dual layer dvd +r disks. Not write but read. My ibook g4 can just fine. My drive is a pioneer dvr-107d. I keep reading about updating the firmware but for the life of me i cant firmware anywhere.

powermac g5 dual 1.8
Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Posted: Nov 28, 2007

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Software :: Reading DVD - System Cannot Recognize Disk At All
My son made me a DVD-r of mp3 files and a dvd on his new mac. I cannot get it to read on my system. Other CDs and dvds work fine so know disk drive is ok. I have tried the disk on windows based computers and it works fine. Is my computer too old to read or do you have a suggestion on how to read? When I insert the disk, nothing comes up on the desktop to click on to read.

Posted: Mar 13, 2009

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