OS X :: How Can I Make Volumes Exact Sizes

Jan 16, 2009

How can I make volumes exact sizes? I've noticed that when changing the size of my partitions with Disk Utility, the size of the partition actually ends up being .12GB smaller than what I set it to be. So if I type 300.00 in, the partition ends up being 299.88. If I type 300.12 in, it ends up being 299.88. If I type 300.13 in, it ends up being 300.01. If I type 360.12 in, it ends up showing 360.00 in Disk Utility, but on the desktop when I have show item info turned on it says 359.99GB.

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Mac Pro :: Can Make An Exact Copy From One Disk To Another

Apr 14, 2009

I have a Mac Pro with two disk drives is there anyway I can make an exact copy from one disk to another? or do I have to make a disk image and then burn it to a new disk?

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Applications :: Way To Make An Exact Copy Of Dvd On The Nsystem Through Handbrake

Sep 25, 2009

I've been using Handbrake to rip some of my dvds onto my harddrives for trips, but I want to make some copies so I don't have to bring originals. Is there any way to make an exact copy of the dvd on my macbook (obviously only one disc drive) through Handbrake or antother program?

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Applications :: Does IPhoto Make An Exact Copy Of The Photo When Importing

Aug 7, 2010

When importing photos into iPhoto, does iPhoto make an exact copy of the photo when importing it into the database? Or does it compress the file to a certain degree?

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OS X :: Will Lose Data From Volumes Such As Extended Volumes If Archive And Install

Dec 2, 2009

i turned my mac on last monday, and whn i tried to log onto my admin account, it took me to a light blue screen, then back to the login page. but i was able to log into a non-admin account. The system preferences is a question mark in my dock and it refuses to open when clicked in the apple dropdown.

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Mac Pro :: What Is The Exact Hardware Of The System

May 1, 2010

what is the exact hardware of the mac pro?

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MacBook Air :: Can't Eject Any Volumes

Nov 14, 2010

The eject functionality seems to be completely broken on my system. the button doesn't work, dragging to trash doesn't work, clicking eject in finder doesn't work. None of them give errors or anything. Everything from usb drives to virtual cds to app archives just dont unmount/eject. Has anyone experienced this before?

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OS X :: How To Navigate Volumes Folder - Where Is It

May 25, 2009

Whenever I click 'Source' in HandBrake, it opens Volumes where I have Macintosh HD and the DVD I have inserted. But recently, there's also one of my folders! I don't know how it got there nor how to move it back to Documents. If I spotlight it, nothing comes up, so how do I navigate to the Volumes folder?!

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OS X :: Why All Volumes Not Show Up In Finder

Aug 25, 2009

If I use terminal I have a volume which does not appear in Finder, why? It has files/directories etc.

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OS X :: Can Consolidate Volumes Back Into 1 HdD

Sep 25, 2009

and on another hard drive i have snow leopard.

can i somehow delete the leopard partition on my 500 gb hard drive. and with that free space can i consolidate it to music? so my music partition will be 500 gb?

also, if not, is there a way i can make my leopard partition be replaces by bootcamp? .. i dont wanna use my whole 500 gb dedicated to windows 7.. thats way too much.

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Mac Pro :: RAID Sets And Volumes

Jun 8, 2012

I am trying to set up a RAID5 but am having trouble with the volumes.  My RAID set is 5.23TB but my Volume is only 2TB.  I am creating a second volume of 3.23TB. Is there a way to combine the two volumes into one volume of 5.23TB to match the RAID set?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Digital Camera - Application To See On Mac Exact?

Mar 17, 2009

I'm looking for a program where I can take pictures with my digital camera and see them on the mac exact the same time I took the picture (plugged in via usb)

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Applications :: How To Use Handbrake For Exact Dvd Replica

May 10, 2009

handbrake rips them into great mkv files and that's cool i need that sometimes but as of now i just want the exact same files.. that way i can choose subtitles and chapter and have a menu. What would the settings be in order for me to get the exact thing without the protection?If this is not possible, what program would you suggest? I've read that mactheripper makes bad decryptions, i don't know if it's true but i don't want to spend hours and a few dvds to finding out..

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OS X :: Exact Info About Battery Cycle?

May 17, 2009

What exactly is a battery cycle?

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OS X :: Launch Three Apps At The Exact Same Time?

Aug 20, 2009

Is there a way to launch three apps at the exact same time to see which loads faster.

Like if i wanted all three apps to launch at 5:00 P.M could i do it. If so how? may you please post links or a guide here.

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Mac Pro :: Re - RAID - SSDs And Boot Volumes

Jan 12, 2011

So I'm considering a new boot volume for my Mac Pro revolving around this RAID controller, since I have had great experience with 3ware's products in my Linux boxen and it really seems like $700 for the Mac raid controller is a bit much. My workflow revolves very heavily around virtualization. I've been thinking about a variety of options for SSDs and hybrid drives and even just fast laptop HDs. Am I crazy for considering 2.5" drives other than SSDs? I'm thinking of 2.5" drives because I put a pair of them in the lower optical bay without issue. The amount of storage needed on the boot volume is probably in the range of 150-200GB. Getting SSDs that size may not be in the budget. Thus, I am currently considering either a pair of 320GB WD Scorpio Blacks or a pair of 250GB Seagate Momentus XTs. I'm not sure the hybrid Momentus drives are worth it. Additionally, I know that a lot of SSDs don't fully support RAID in their firmware. Thus, I am reluctant to buy one, let alone a pair, since a lot of places don't seem to have terribly generous return conditions for SSDs. Is this a fool's errand? Should I just relegate my VMs to other storage and get a smaller SSD for the OS + apps?

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OS X :: Volumes Reset To Mute When Mac Turned On?

Feb 24, 2009

The normal output volume is saved when you turn your mac off, but for some reason the input volume and sound effects are reset to mute when I turn it back on, why is this? Does anybody else have this problem its just incredibly tedious especially when you go to talk to someone on ichat only to find they cant hear and after about 10 seconds you realise and have to open up system preferences and change everything, also it means I don't hear when my mail arrives too.

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Mac Pro :: Can Software RAID Volumes Be Expanded

Mar 24, 2009

I popped a new drive into my Mac Pro that's running a 2 disk raid-0 stripe set. I thought I could add the new drive into the existing raid array but I fail. Disk Util won't let me drag the new drive into the raid set.

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OS X :: No Spotlight On NTFS Formatted Volumes?

Apr 2, 2009

Am I correct, that Spotlight doesn't index NTFS formatted volumes? I have a 1tb external with about 700gb full of apps, media and other data I'd like to be able to search.

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OS X :: How To Remove Empty Unwanted Volumes

Dec 6, 2009

Last week I have discovered two volumes (net and home) on my iMac. I have no idea when and how they were created, but they are empty. I would like to remove them, but cannot find how to do this.

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OS X :: Won't Work With Indexing Volumes In Spotlight

Jul 22, 2010

I have had my iMac for months now. However, recently, it's started displaying the blinking dot inside Spotlight.

When I hover over it, all it says (!!!) is "Indexing Volumes". No useful information about "what volume", why it's taking so long (7 hours so far), etc.. If I click the hour glass, spotlight works as always. Does anyone have any ideas what's going on here or what I might try to "fix" this problem. Currently, I'm doing the (Windows) reboot method to clear this "Indexing Volumes", but it comes back.

Should I let the machine run overnight?

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Software :: How To Access Volumes Folder

Feb 1, 2002

i was downloading mp3s in limewire again and in the process of my friends changing the name of my external hd osx for some reason just created its own name for the device. so now in limewire when i look in the volumes folder theres a "firewire HD" and a "firewire HD 1" which all the files are now being saved to... and i can't access it. how do i get into the volumes folder to transfer all the new mp3's to the original firewire hd and delete the new firewire hd 1 folder?

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: How To Re-index Folders Or Volumes

May 17, 2012

I think the title says it all, but to elaborate if I re-index the files on my harddrive, I was wondering if the indexing algorithm index my files more efficiently, perhaps due to the added freedom of not having to assimilate into an existing file lookup table.I have bagillions of science monographs in my file system, and spotlight now takes tens of seconds to find stuff.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Laptops :: How To Burn An Exact Copy Of OS X Disk

Jul 18, 2010

an exact copy of OS X disk which come with my new Mac book pro -just in case the original disk gets damaged (I already had such unpleasant experience with previous Mac). what are the precise steps to do this burning of an exact copy of CD and can it be done with software already installed in my Mac laptop.The laptop is bought 4 months ago with OS X 10.6, no additional (3rd party) disk burning software is installed.

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Hardware :: Can't Determine Exact Number Of Files On My HD

Feb 24, 2010

I am trying to find out how many files I have on my Internal HD so as I can match them to the copied files on my external HD before I re-format to make sure they have all copied.

My external is MS-DOT (FAT32) and the internal OS Extended Journaled giving me a difference of roughly 7GB, I can only bring up the capacity, available and used information.

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OS X :: Free Applications That Will Burn Exact Copies Of DVD's?

Nov 18, 2008

Is there a (preferably free) application that will burn exact copies of DVD's. I know theres the Mactheripper which excracts the dvd but you have to convert it and use a bunch of other applications to get in onto a DVD. Is there a free DVD coping program out there for a mac?

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OS X :: Battery Dies - The Mac Restarts In The Exact Way You Left It?

Jun 5, 2009

You know how when the battery dies the mac restarts in the exact way you left it? well, i was wondering if there was any way that i could put in that mode on my own (without pulling out the battery or hurting the mac).

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OS X :: Is It Possible To Find The Exact Date When Turn The System

Aug 20, 2009

it was possible to find the exact date in which I first turn my MacBook on? In other words the day that the MacBook was turned on and my administrator account was created?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Exact Release Time?

Aug 25, 2009

I hope if this has already been asked, but does anybody know what time the APPLE STORES (not online) will get Snow Leopard. I want to wait in line and get it

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IMac :: Exact Dimensions Of 27" Without Stand?

Nov 28, 2009

does anyone know the exact dimensions of the new 27" iMac without the stand attached? The depth would be nice too...

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