MacBook Pro :: System Making Loud Noises / Loud Sound On Start Up ?

Aug 23, 2009

I just bought my MacBook Pro last week. When I power it up, it makes a loud noise for about a second and a half. I think it's the hard drive starting up or the disc drive. I'm not sure which one, but it's pretty loud, so I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this and if it is normal.

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Making Loud Noises / Gray Start Up Screen Appears

Dec 16, 2006

So, recently (as of thursday or so) my PBG4 has been making weird buzzing noises, usually only when it was working hard (or watching things online). Eventually, as it got closer to the weekend, the noise started to get louder whenever it would come on, so I'd just turn off my computer for an hour or so and let it cool. Finally, today, I turn it off again and now whenever I turn it back on, all I get is the gray start up screen, sans spinner. Sometimes I even get a little folder with the mac face on it. What's wrong?

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PowerPC :: System Making Loud Noises / Gray Screen With The Apple Logo At Startup

Jul 12, 2006

I have a Rev A 12 inch Powerbook - 867 mHz, 640 RAM, 40 GB hard drive. The machine's always been reliable and has performed great over the years. I bought it the last week of July, 2003.

Yesterday, the Pbook was shut down, and I press the on button so it would boot up. Almost immediately, the hard drive makes a loud, whirring noise. The computer advances to the gray screen with the Apple logo, but it doesn't get past that point and the noise continues, as if it's a car engine that just won't start...

I'm going to take it to my local Apple Store in the morning, and hopefully the data, including my nearly 22 GB of music, can be saved. Any thoughts on how to get my computer working again? By the way, it's the original hard drive installed. Hopefully this is enough info to generate some ideas, I'm stumped.

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MacBook Pro :: Fan Making Ridiculously Loud Noises

Nov 15, 2009

My friend's Macbook Pro (2006, 1.83ghz, upgraded to 2gb ram) has been making ridiculously loud fan noises. We found it was coming from the right fan, sounds like something is scraping - almost a tractor engine-type sound. I have a newer Macbook Pro and I installed fan control 1.2 on both of our macs to compare. It turns out on hers, the LEFT fan is running at 0rpm and the RIGHT fan (the noisy one) is running at fairly average speeds (compared to mine, which is quiet - between 1500 and 3500rpm). The temperature seems to be on par with mine (about 115-140 degrees F). We did a PMU reset, which didn't change anything. Do I need to replace BOTH fans? I have researched it, and it seems like I could replace them if I had to.

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MacBook Air :: System Making A Strange Noise / Loud High Pitch Whine

Jun 18, 2008

Hey guys, got a little issue here. I have had a MBA since about march of this year. Just recently I on two occasions the computer has all of a sudden had this loud high pitch whine. It has only happened twice and at both times (if I remember the 1st time correctly) I wasn't really doing anything on the computer. Today specifically it was just sitting idle on my desk. Not sure where its coming from maybe speakers? Any idea to what this is? Should I be setting up an appointment to see a Mac Genius?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Reset PRAM/Start Up Sound Loud/Implications?

Jul 9, 2009

I recently purchased a 13" 2.26 stock macbook. It's perfect, screen is good (no scrolling issues or purple blues) with no dead pixels, no slanted keys, and no scratches.

I updated the firmware that addresses the SATA 1.5 issue. After the update, I reset PRAM. I held down the buttons till I heard the second or third startup bong.

Here is where it gets funny.

Now, when I reboot or start up my computer, the start up noise is loud. Even with headphones plugged in and also the volume turned to its lowest setting (even with volume turned off). Eventually, to control the startup noise, I had to install the startupsound program in my system prefs as mentioned on other threads and that has seemed to control the startup sound.

I was wondering, if by resetting the PRAM if I have harmed my computer in any way. Should I be worried about deeper issues with my computer since the startup sound was not previously being affected by reducing the volume to zero with headphones plugged in?

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IMac :: Computer Making Loud Constant Noise / Sound Coming After 30 Seconds

Nov 17, 2010

My family just recently upgraded from an old PC to this 27" iMac, during the early part of the summer. While using it over the last little while, I would notice a noise that sounded like a harddrive spinning or possibly some sort of a fan noise. The best way to describe it would probably be as digital noise. It's not incredibly loud, but it's a decent volume, and can get quite annoying. It has a little bit of a squeak to it.

Over the last little while, it's become more constant. When the computer is in use, it'll usually occur quite often. It's quite annoying and obtrusive when I'm watching videos and I'd like to know what it could be.I think our computer is still under warranty, so I'm hoping to find out if it is something wrong, so I can get it replaced.

I've also been wondering if it's a fan, or a regular noise. However, it's so constant that I'm starting to wonder. The other night, I was watching a video and it seemed like it was coming on every 30 seconds for a long span of time. We don't run any memory heavy programs on this computer. If anything, we're just using Firefox, iTunes and/or Messenger. Sometimes Office. There's little to nothing stored on this computer, as it's brand new, so most of its memory is free.

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Mac Pro :: How To Remove Loud Start Up Sound

Mar 18, 2012

Before I have to enter my password the mac pro gives a very loud sound latelylike with a pram reset. How can I remove that sound?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Tighten Touchpad For System - Not To Sound Loud Whenever Clicked

Jan 31, 2010

I want to tighten the touchpad so it doesn't sound so loud whenever I click on it. But I can't find the correct size allen key for the battery screw. Does anyone here know what is the exact size for the screw for the battery and what type of screw driver to adjust on the touchpad? I know I can use a flat head screw driver, the main part is to get the battery out of the way.

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MacBook Pro :: Loud Whining Noise From System - Makes Sound At Wakeup

Sep 7, 2009

It happens when the MBP wakes up from sleep. The longer it sleeps, the louder it's. Listen for it after the 1st 10 second.
MBP Whine.m4a

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Intel Mac :: Makes Loud Noise And Whirring Sound On Start Up?

Apr 7, 2012

My new imac makes a very loud noise on startup and a whirring noise comes from computer screen had it just over a week should I return and get a replacement.

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OS X :: Internal Speakers On IMac - Jarringly Loud Noises?

Jul 23, 2009

A year ago next month I bought the best iMac on the market at the time, as souped up as it could possibly be. I have not had any problems with it until now. Last night, my computer began suffering an incredibly strange problem with the internal speakers (I don't own any external ones). It all began when I opened GarageBand: noise was suddenly 10x louder, I tried to turn the volume down and the clicks that usually sound off when I work the volume were not only louder, but different clicks. The only way I could stop the jarringly loud noises was to mute the computer entirely. When I exited out of GarageBand, everything returned to normal.

I thought that was the end of the problem until today. I was on Youtube watching a music video, and in the midst of changing my status on Yahoo messenger, I heard another extremely loud click noises. These clicks don't sound like they're coming from some kind of malfunction in the computer. They sound like the computer actually means to make this sound, like it's stored in the computer's library of sounds. That went away, but the volume was again messed up. It was way too loud and in between turning it down, the volume suddenly disappeared altogether! Without being muted, my computer was not making any noise, although the music video should have still been playing. Only time seemed to solve the problem, as the sound later returned (I exited messenger and re-opened it as I had exited GarageBand--but I wasn't sure if this is what caused the sound to return).

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MacBook Air :: Won't Turn On And The Fan Is Making A Loud Noise

Jun 28, 2014

My Macbook Air has suddenly decided not to turn. I have tried the rebook using the left hand side keys 'shift/control/option & power' but still nothing happens. Every now and again when I try turning it on using the power button the fan turns on and is really loud?

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OS X :: Noticed Unusually Loud Clicking Noises From The Hard Drive - HD Fails?

Dec 1, 2009

I have a Unibody Macbook, and recently it has been very slow. But not with processes as much has hard drive related actions such as playing back saved video, loading files in the finder, especially applications, and its been temporarily freezing lately for like 10 seconds. I have also noticed unusually loud clicking noises from the hard drive, which i am pretty sure screams imminent hard drive failure. Do this sound , does 4 gigs of ram make a noticeable difference over 2?

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MacBook Air :: Fan Making Loud Noise After Use It For A Long Time?

Jun 19, 2014

Just got my Macbook air and it's making loud fan noises after I use it for a long time. Is there anything I could do to prevent that. Or should I be worried?  just want to be careful with my computer

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MacBook :: Hard Drive Making Clicking Noise / Fan Is Pretty Loud?

Sep 26, 2010

I am so upset right now, this is my 2nd macbook with this problem. I just got this macbook yesterday and the hard drive is making a clicking noise, but it isn't a like a lot of people have had, it's actually more of a quick series of clicks every few seconds, almost like the hard drive is shaking. It goes away for a bit when I am typing, like right now, but after I stop it comes right back.

Also the fan is pretty loud, considering I haven't put anything on the computer yet.. I've already been to the genius bar and all they did was give me a new, worse macbook, so there is no way I'm going back. Are there any fixes for a noisy hard drive aside from voiding my warranty and putting my own in? If it is normal, I might just invest in a good pair on noise cancelling head phones... Thanks!

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Intel Mac :: Its Making Very Loud Sounds

May 5, 2012

My mac is making very loud sounds. Hard drive or fan. comming from the bottom right hand corner.


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MacBook Pro :: Loud HD Spinning Sound?

May 11, 2010

I just got my MBP 2.66 i7, 500HD 7200RPM I can hear the HD spinning, is this normal, I didn't have this for my old macbook

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Mac Pro :: Fans Making Loud Noise For Few Seconds On Startup

Sep 27, 2009

I just received my new Mac Pro from apple on Saturday. This thing is a beast! I am planning on running apps from Final Cut Studio 3, Photoshop, After Effects, and others. 2.66 Quad/6GB RAM (OWC)/640GB HD/ATI 4870

I have a few questions.
1.) Is it normal for the Mac Pro's fans to make a lot of noise when you first start it up or wake it from sleep? My fans make a lot of noise for about 16 seconds or so.
2.) I am planning to put a second optical drive in it. Is there a way to eject only one tray at a time, or will it do both?

Now, I am selling my iMac for around $800 and I am looking at some upgrades:
An additional 21.5" Acer LCD display
A mini display port to dvi adapter
A LG blu ray burner
Two 1TB samsung internal HDs
A blu ray player (I do not have one yet)
Elgato Eye TV hybrid

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IMac (Intel) :: Suddenly Making A Really Loud Noise?

Sep 4, 2014

My iMac suddenly making a really loud noise and I had to turn down the computer and reboot it

This happened several times and I'm not sure what is the cause of it

iMac, iOS 7

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MacBook Pro :: Loud Clicking Sound - Lid Corner Too Sharp

Nov 1, 2009

When I click on the built-in mouse (whatever it's called), it's a lot louder/snappier sounding and feeling - makes more of a loud clicking sound - then my old Powerbook G4 did. Might I have got one that's a little out of whack or are they all that way? If it's normal, why so "clicky?" These days aren't they able to make things softer/quieter? I also noticed how sharp one of the corners is in the area where the latch (or lack of) is...that center area where you lift up the lid. I like that much better than the old one but does anyone else have the problem of a corner being too sharp?

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MacBook Pro :: Loud Clicking Sound When Closing Lid With 13"

Jan 13, 2010

few loud clicks when closing the lid of a MBP 13" slowly, mostly when its like in a 45 degree angle (the lid compared to the bottom)? Really creeps me out sometimes. Edit: sorry about duplicate thread, forum didnt seem to respond at first.

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MacBook Pro :: Flickering Screen And Loud Alarming Sound

Apr 16, 2012


I have a late 2011 MacbBook Pro with Lion. Sometimes my Mac gets vertical flickering bands almong with a really loud alam/emergency sound. Since I am in an office with svereral people, I have to swith it off by using the power button. I upgraded my RAM to 8GB (did it my self)... but there dosen't seem to be a problem with it since it says OK in the System report. Can someone please tell me what the problem might be? 



Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does Computer Start Running Loud At Different Times Of Use

Feb 4, 2012

Why does my computer start running loud at different times of using it?  It is random and not always when it is getting hot.  Is this normal or do i need to call Apple to replace my computer?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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IMac :: Making Loud Whir When Fast Switching Enabled

May 16, 2009

I was watching WWDC 2003(panther intro) this morning, and I only just learned about Fast Account Switching from it. So, right after watching, I went to system preferences and enabled fast switching. However, right after I did this, my iMac made an unusually loud whir, which I assumed was the hard drive loading some files, although I have never heard it do this before. After about a minute of hearing this, I assumed that something was wrong, and I quit all applications other than system preferences, and when it didn't stop, I disabled Fast Switch. The iMac quickly quieted down. After thinking about it, I realized that I only had 1GB of RAM in the machine, which may cause the system to use virtual memory. Would having 2GB or even 4GB make this not happen, or would I need more than that? I never have noticed the iMac lagging in other areas, but would RAM help in general tasks too?

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Power Mac :: G5 Fans Running And Making Loud Noise Before Crashing?

Mar 24, 2012

I was out of town so this description was second hand but the computer has been running a little weird for a while. When I have too many apps open or on a website that has a lot going on...the computer starts revving up until I quit out of everything and let it slow down. I guess while I was gone, this happened but nobody quit out the apps and it eventually turned the screen black. When I tried restarting it sounds like the computer is working but the screen is black so I can't see if it is booting up or not. I took the monitor into the apple store yesterday and it started up right away for them. It's a cinema 23" I think.

Power Mac G5 (Late 2005), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Air :: Loud Screeching Sound When Browsing Webpage With Safari

Mar 2, 2008

I was browsing a webpage with Safari when suddenly this really loud screeching sound came from my Macbook Air. I am not talking about the small clicks the HD seems to be doing once in a while. This was a very loud screeching sound, like someone cutting glass with a diamond. I didn't have any other programs on and my speakers were off. The sound lasted for about 2 seconds and got me very scared. I immediately checked the temperatures and fanspeeds but they were all normal (CPU around 45 celcius and fan about 2500 rpm). Now I'm afraid that it was my HD and it will fail on me sooner or later. Everything seems to be work normally now but I already sent all my important documents to another computer.

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IMac :: Sudden Loud Fan Noise / Computer Making Crazy Sounds

Nov 24, 2010

Today, I got home and turned on my iMac 21.5 inch. On a typical day, I'd here the "BONG" and then everything would be normal. Today, my fans, or something inside the computer, sounded like it was going crazy. I have no idea what's wrong.

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MacBook :: System Has Been Running Very Loud?

Oct 3, 2009

recently my MacBook has been running very loud when i only have like, 2 applications open. This started maybe 3 days ago. The 2 applications were iTunes and Firefox. on iTunes i just play music and on Firefox im on Youtube or RuneScape. It's been running fine ever since i bought it just over an year ago (playing the same applications) but now its started to get loud when i use it.

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MacBook Pro :: 13 Inch System CPU 99% Fan Loud?

Jun 3, 2012

My Macbook Pro 13 inch system is loading up 99% CPU. i have cross checked the status of my macbook usage, i didn't find any process is running out my CPU, i have reinstalled my Mac OS but the problem still here, i don't know if there are any hidden process are running or other reason cause the problem, i didn't feel the CPU Hot but i can heard the fan running very loud?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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