MacBook Pro :: Removing Optical Drive - DVD Drive In Enclosure?

Dec 7, 2010

I was thinking of removing my DVD Superdrive and adding a SSD drive. Will I be able to put the DVD drive in an enclosure and use it as an external drive?

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Enclosure For Optical Bay?

Apr 8, 2012

I have bought a caddy from ebay some time back to replace the optical drive with ssd.  It worked great. Here is my current configuration: SSD is in optical driveStock hard drive stays same as it was Now I am planning to upgrade SSD and install the drive in the place of stock hard drive instead of in optical drive (to take advantage of higher speed).  But the stock hard drive doesn't fit in to the caddy that i bought.  It worked great for SSD, but not the internal hard drive. 

1) Can someone recommend suitable caddy model, (hopefully cheaper one).  Or if i take out the screws from hard drive, it may fit into the caddy that i have.

2) My admin user is configured in SSD, which should not have any problem after migration.  But my regular user is in stock hard drive. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Removing Stuck Disc Drive Enclosure?

Oct 7, 2010

So, I just got an SSD (vertex 2) and I decided to put it in the optical bay. The videos and instructions looked simple enough. You pull the enclosure straight out. However, I had to pull SO hard. The videos make it seem like it easily slides out, but I literally had to pull as hard as I could. I finally got it out and installed the SSD etc, but has anyone else had a problem with a really "stuck" optical drive enclosure?

Should I take it in for AppleCare?

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MacBook Pro :: Fit 1.8" Sata Ssd Without Removing Optical Drive?

Dec 28, 2010

I'm wondering if it would be possible to fit an extra 1.8" sata ssd in my macbookpro 15" without removing the optical drive. This way i can keep my 500GB storage and move the OS to a 128Gb ssd. I was hoping to stick a 1.8" ssd on to my standard hdd. since the 1.8" is only 5mm thick. This would require a new sata cable from the motherboard to my 2.5" and to my 1.8" I'm not sure this exists. Does anybody think this is possible? or not?

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MacBook Pro :: Removing Optical Drive Not Leave Anything To Plugged In?

Mar 16, 2010

I have a late 2009 macbook pro unibody 15" and I hardly use the optical drive, in fact that startup whine is really annoying, would it be harmful if I just removed the drive completly and not leave anything plugged in?

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MacBook Pro :: Weight Advantage For Removing Optical Drive?

Apr 23, 2010

A bit silly perhaps, but I was curious if anyone has ever considered removing the optical drive on their MBP in order to save weight. If you do not use it, and don't need to attach a 2nd HD inside, can you not just simply remove it and make your MBP lighter?I looked around for some specs on the internal drive but could not find how much it weighed. Anyone know?The gains would be minimal but hey every little bit helps right? I mean if it's a couple hundred grams that's almost half a pound.

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Mac Pro :: Removing The Optical Drive From The System

Oct 2, 2009

The manual states to lift the latch and pull out the bay. The latch is lifted but the tray feels like it's still stuck on something. I've never worked on a Pro before and obviously don't want to break anything. How much force is needed

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IMac :: Firewire 800 Hard Drive Enclosure - Average Speed Drive

Jun 5, 2009

I've been looking at a number of different Firewire 800 enclosures to use with my new Mac Mini and I have seen lots of complaints with almost all the enclosures that I have investigated, including the Newertech MiniStack v3 which I thought should be a good one. A recent enclosure I came across that I haven't seen any bad reviews about is the Icy Dock (MB559UEB-1S). I'd like to know if others are using this and what they think about it. The next question has to do with the type of hard drive to put into the enclosure. Is it worth getting a high performance drive, or will the Firewire 800 interface be the bottleneck even with an average speed drive?

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MacBook Pro :: IOS 7.1 / Slot Loading Super Drive Or Optical Drive?

Jun 5, 2014

My slot leading super drive has just quit ejecting the cd inside.  I tried 5 different ways to eject it but none work.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), iOS 7.1

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Replace Optical Drive With A Second Hard Drive

Aug 22, 2009

I read this somewhere but i cant seem to find it anywhere on google.

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OS X :: Won't Use Optical Drive In Place Of Macbook Drive

Jul 7, 2010

So I have a Macbook (late 2008 model), and the optical drive essentially went bye bye. If I put a disc in, it will have trouble recognizing it and then it will eject out. Anyways, last night, I did some maintenance on OnyX and it said that my volume needs to be repaired. Even Disc Utility failed to finish and said that the "filesystem verify or repair failed."

The short of it, I need to put the Leopard disc in there and do a disc repair. However, is there a way, via firewire, where I could actually use my iMac's optical disc drive in place of the Macbook and connect via firewire, then do the disc repair? If so, what would be the specific way to do this?

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Hardware :: Won't Work With Optical Drive Or Hard Drive Failure

Mar 12, 2010

We have i-Mac 20" with built in i-sight Power PC, one of last ones I think before the intel. We have had a few problems before with it powering down and going to sleep. Used to hoover dust out and that seemed to fix it.

Now it won't start at all. I have tried all the PRAM and various commands to re set various things but none of these work. We had a wireless keyboard and I have just tried a wired one but I do not think either are connecting as the tab key light does not come on, which it does when I tested the wired on on my lap top.

When it died it crashed with a cd in drive. I have removed this and replaced it with the mac install disk to try and run the disk check but the optical drive is not starting at all either.

All that happens on start up is the sleep light comes on, then after a few moments fan starts to whirl. I can't hear the hard drive - have tried to rock hard drive to get it to spin but nothing.

Just wondering whether worth trying to replace optical drive or is this being controlled by hard drive - hence its not working nor hard drive. is there any way to recover data if it is the hard drive that is dead? anything else I can try and replace to fix it? could I use an external optical drive connected via USB to start?
I have tried to firewire but not joy their either!

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Mac Pro :: SSD On Optical Drive Bay Or Hard Disk Drive Bay - Difference In Performance?

Sep 19, 2010

I just bought a new Mac Pro 6-core and an OWC 120Gb SSD drive. My question is putting the SSD on optical drive bay or Hard disk drive bay, is there any difference in performance? My understanding from my old PC is never to share the SATA cable with the optical drive as it will take the transfer speed of the optical drive, because they are running in the same "channel"?Is the 2 SATA cable in the optical drive bay 2 separate distinct ports/channel?

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Hardware :: Won't Get Hard Drive Screws And Optical Drive Standoffs

Jul 7, 2006

I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get the screws that go in the side of the hard drive and the standoffs (screws) for the bottom of the optical drive for a Power Mac G5.

The hard drive needs screws so it will slide into and sit in the case properly.
I bought a Pioneer DVD drive to replace the original Sony SuperDrive. Apparently, there are different sized standoffs for Pioneer and Sony drives. With the Sony standoffs on the Pioneer drive, the tray scrapes the case when it ejects.

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IMac :: Second Internal Hard Drive In Place Of Optical Drive?

Feb 5, 2010

I did a search but couldn't find any specific info as related to the 20" (late 2006) iMac. Basically, I do a lot of audio work with Logic and DP and I'm interested in replacing my 20" iMac's optical drive with a second internal hard drive. If anyone has any experience or insight regarding this, I would greatly appreciate your input. About 6 months ago, I did a DIY replacement of my iMac's internal hard drive (upgrade to 1 tb), so I'm pretty sure I'd like to DIY an optical drive / hard drive swap - that is, if it's 1) Proven to work stably (thermally and otherwise) 2) Not going to require the iMac's fan to be running faster/louder than normal Looking at my iMac's system profiler, the DVD drive is on an ATA bus (which, as I remember it, is slower than S-ATA). What kind of transfer rates do you think one could realistically expect with a hard drive on this ATA bus? Also, would I have to be careful about new hard drive compatibility, or are S-ATA and S-ATA II backwards compatible with ATA?

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Enclosure Not Working?

Aug 28, 2010

I went to the applestore and, after purchasing one to one, was turned down for a data transfer from my old macbook pro to my new macbook pro. The "genius" recommended that I buy an external hard drive from newegg and get some screwdrivers and do it myself. So I did, except (I think) he told me to get the wrong kind of external hard drive enclosure and now I'm just really upset because I went through the process and got the hard drive out of the old macbook pro perfectly. What do I need to (re)buy to make this data transfer work?

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MacBook :: Cloning HD - Need FireWire Or USB Enclosure For The New Drive?

Sep 20, 2010

I just purchused a Hitachi 500GB Travelstar internal HD to replace the 250GB HD and I have a few questions about the directions on cloning. Do you need a FireWire or USB enclosure for the new drive? Do can you use disk utility or do you have to use a program like carbon copy cloner or super duper?

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MacBook Pro :: External 2.5 Enclosure Firewire Drive?

Nov 16, 2010

im looking for an external enclosure that provides a firewire option for my macbook pro. The reason i am doing this is because my macbook will randomly eject my usb powered one for no reason. I have been reading that firewire does not have this problem. Im only looking for an enclosure as I replaced my stock 320gb hardrive with a 64gb ssd for my main drive. Preferably something in the 30$ range because im a poor college student . Anybody know of a good enclosure to go with?

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Mac Pro :: Hard Drive Will Not Mount After Optical Drive Upgrade?

Feb 23, 2012

I recently performed an optical drive install. Had to remove the hard drive bays (I use three hard drives - Luckily, 2 run OSX).  I carefully removed all three drive bays and the empty bay. When I inserted the drives into the computer I had changed the position, swapping one OSX drive with a different one and reversing the drive bays. On restart, the computer started on the drive I had not selected for startup and I received an error message stating the other drive could not mount and it gave three options (Initialize - Ignore and Eject).  

I can see the drive in Disk Utility and repair the permissions (it's also located in the System Profile).  

I tried a few things I read in the community using various Terminal commands but was unsuccessful.   

(Let me point out that I recently switched from a PPC G5 to MacPro and swapped the drives from PPC into MacPro and all has been fine until I removed changed their positions in the bays) 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook :: Hard Drive External Enclosure - Firewire And Usb?

Jul 23, 2009

I just got a new hard drive for my Black macbook 2,1 and no i need a good external hard drive to put my old hard drive. Do you guys have any recommendations, I'd like to get something that has firewire and usb.

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MacBook Pro :: External DVD Enclosure That Works With Super Drive?

Jul 1, 2010

Okay so I'm thinking of putting a Intel SSD in my MacBook Pro 13" as soon the next generation is launched thus removing the SuperDrive in order to fit both drives. I haven't used it a lot of times but a few times I do need it and that's why I'm now asking this question.

What external DVD enclosure will work with the MBP SuperDrive if any and how will i eject the DVDs. I'm not going to shell out a 100 bucks plus shipping to Sweden for the MCE Optibay so that's out of question, however cheaper ebay alternative that ships to Sweden with reasonable shipping is okay.

Also while I'm here. I've been thinking about upgrading to 8GB ram kit however a friend of mine told me any ddr3 sodimm ram won't work which sounds weird but to be safe I'm asking if that's true? I'm thinking of buying a Corsair 8GB(2x4GB) 1333MHz kit.

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MacBook :: Cheap External Enclosure For Hard Drive Swap?

Mar 12, 2010

I'm going to do my first HDD swap with my unibody macbook. I was all set to use Time machine, but I'm hearing that CCCloner or SuperDuper are a better idea. So, could someone link me a good deal on an enclosure I can stick my new drive into? OR, would I be ok just cloning to a partition on my 1TB external WD drive, then installing the fresh HDD, then cloning from external WD to new internal?

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MacBook Air :: Enclosure For A 2.5" Sata Drive Which Work From One Usb Port?

Mar 22, 2010

I have an old laptop hd which i have in an enclosure. The problem is the enclosure uses a Y-usb cable (think thats what its called - the cable that plugs into 2 usb ports on your comp) - you see where i'm going?!

Anyone know of an enclosure for a 2.5" sata drive which will work from just one usb port so i can use it with my soon to be macbook air?

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MacBook Pro :: Move Hard Drive To Time Capsule Via USB Enclosure And Use 60 GB OCZ SSD

May 23, 2010

Right now I have an i5 MacBook Pro with a 320 GB hard drive. I want to move that hard drive to my Time Capsule via a USB enclosure and use a 60 GB OCZ SSD hard drive in my MacBook. Do you think this is a good idea speed-wise? Also, does anyone have any experience with using iTunes or viewing videos with a hard drive plugged into a Time Capsule that's a few rooms away? I'm probably only going to use the wireless hard drive to listen to music and maybe move files to it once in a while. Would that be too slow? I would unplug it from the Time Capsule and plug it into my Mac to transfer big files or install software that's on the external drive.

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MacBook Pro :: Hard Drive Gets Error -50 When Connected Internally But Not In USB Enclosure

Sep 4, 2014

I have a SATA hard drive that works perfectly when connected through an external USB enclosure but whenever it's plugged into the internal SATA connector on my MacBook Pro I receive the error message "The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50)." any time I attempt to move or copy a file to it. 

This doesn't happen with any other hard drive I connect internally, so I don't believe it's an issue with the internal cable.  

I have made sure all permissions are set to allow reading and writing to the drive as well as selecting the "Ignore ownership on this volume" option in the Get Info panel.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook :: Restore Files To New Hard Drive / Transfer Files Via Hard Drive Enclosure?

Oct 2, 2009

I bought a new 500GB WD hard drive for my Late 2008 MacBook to upgrade from my 250GB drive. I have a hard drive enclosure, but I was wondering if when I install my 500GB hard drive, would I be able to use the enclosure to transfer files from my 250GB drive? I hope this was specific enough to get a clear response. If not, I'll try re-wording my question.

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Mac :: Possible To Remove WD Drive From Enclosure To Put In Mac Pro?

Nov 6, 2008

I would like to know if it's possible to disassemble both this: and this: drive to remove from the casing and put in a Mac Pro. I've seen pictures here: on how to disassemble the case, but am wondering if it will work in a Mac Pro.

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IMac :: Can Add Second Drive In A 2 Bay Enclosure

Mar 31, 2010

a new 2-bay external enclosure for back up purposes, but only using 1 bay in it. When I have the need or money, I plan on buying another drive to put in there. The question I have is, when I do that will I have to reformat the first drive to be able to see both of them as one?

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MacBook Pro :: MBP Optical Drive ?

Sep 11, 2009

I have a MacbookPro. The factory fitted DVD/CD drive plays dvds fine but spits out CDs [even originals]. I have Windows XP installed via bootcamp which doesn't cause me any problems.

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Hardware :: USB Drive Enclosure Recommendations?

Dec 23, 2008

Okay, I've recently re-discovered the 250gb drive that came with my Mac Pro, which I immediately switched out for four 750gb ones. Anyway, I now have need of a new external drive, so my thinking was to simply get a drive-enclosure rather than a whole new external drive. My need isn't urgent, but it's one of those things I really like to have and do find useful from time-to-time, though this may change. My requirements are:Supports 3.5" form-factor, SATA-300 drives, as that's what I've got. Is boot-able, as I'd like to use it as an emergency drive, and possibly install Windows to it, though I may change my mind on that as the procedure looks fairly complicated. I read somewhere that whether a computer can boot from it or not may depend on a chip in the enclosure but I'm unsure how to find out about that. USB 2.0, as while it's not a compact drive I'd like it to be portable. Additionally on this front, being bus-powered would be great, but not an absolute requirement (I'm not incapable of carrying a power-adaptor Just hoping to get any recommendations from people that have bought USB enclosures recently, or otherwise know of some good ones to investigate.

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