MacBook Pro :: How To Boot From Install Disc

Jun 6, 2012

Disk utilities says I need to boot from the install disc, but I can't get my computer to boot up from the install disc. I tried holding down the C key (the letter C), both lower and upper case, but it still boots off the hard drive. Is there a special way I am supposed to initiate the reboot? I just hit the power button to bring up the little window that has buttons for Restart, Sleep, Cancel, and Shut Down. So I held down the C key and clicked the restart button. I also held the C key till the sign-on menu came up. I am running Leopard.

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MacBook :: Unable To Boot Using OS X Install Disc?

Nov 18, 2010

I have an aluminum macbook, from made around January 09. The issue is I need to repair the hdd using the osx install disc. The problem is that when I try to do so, boot using the disc, it just restarts to the hdd, it will not boot from the disc. I try holding c and I have tried setting the disc as the startup disc and it just goes in this never ending circle of restarting and restarting. I've never seen this before.

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MacBook :: Unable To Boot From An Install Disc

Nov 27, 2010

My late-2007 Macbook's hdd got screwed and I bought a new one.

Now I try to install Snow Leopard but Macbook won't boot from the install disc.

It spins the disc a couple of seconds and then ejects it.

Key commands don't help. Startup manager won't show up if I keep pressing the option key during startup and same goes with pressing c for booting.

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MacBook Pro :: Tried To Boot From The Mac OS X Install Disc But Won't Turn On?

Feb 24, 2007

My MacBook won't turn on. I hear the noise (not from the speakers but from the inside, like the hdd or something) but nothing shows up on the screen. I tried to boot from the Mac OS X install disc, but now the disc is in there and not coming out, and when I turn the computer on i hear the cd/dvd drive instead of hard drive.Still nothing on the screen. This is a follow up to the behavior I described in this topic:[URL]

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Boot From Leopard Install Disc

Feb 15, 2010

I have a uMBP 2.26GHz with 4GB and 500GB HDD. I usually do the Disk Utility every once in a while and it recommended me to use the MAC OS X disk and repair the disk. I inserted the disk, restarted and held "C" and the disc was running and everything. Like 1 minute later my display went black but I can still hear the disc running. But that's all it happens. Everything runs but my display went black. This is a 3month old uMBP. This is the log from the Disk Utility

Verifying volume "Macbook Pro HD"
Performing live verification.
Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
Checking extents overflow file.
Checking catalog file.
Missing thread record (id = 782820)
Missing thread record (id = 962550)
Incorrect number of thread records
Checking multi-linked files.
Checking catalog hierarchy.
Invalid volume directory count
(It should be 54635 instead of 54637)
Checking extended attributes file.
Checking volume bitmap.
Checking volume information.
The volume Macbook Pro HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.
Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Start up your computer with another disk (such as your Mac OS X installation disc), and then use Disk Utility to repair this disk.

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OS X :: Macbook Unable To Boot With Install Disk - How To Repair Disc

Oct 11, 2009

My Macbook is starting to get really slow. I've tried Onyx and it told me that the startup volume had to be fixed. But I can't boot my install DVD by pressing "C" in the startup.

Is there another way to repair the disk?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: MacBook Pro Keep Ejecting Install Disc - Won't Boot

Mar 26, 2012

I bought a Mac OSX 10.6.3 Snow Leopard CD (Family Pack) to upgrade on my Macbook Pro, but it won't boot. There are sound like it was running but it reject in the end. My Macbook Pro is Intel Core Duo 2GHz with 2GB Ram. It is currently running OSX 10.5.8.I tried the disc on other Macbook running 10.6.6 purchased 2-3 years ago and it work. So I don't really know what happen with mine. My DVD drive work fine though.

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OS X :: MAC G5 Won't Boot To Install Disc

Mar 10, 2009

I dont know the password to a MAC G5 I bought. I have a G4 install disc and two white install discs witha leapord skin X on them one says install disc 1. the G5 wont boot to the install disc when I push the C key. I have reset the PRAM 1, 2 and three cycles. It wont boot to the G4 disc either. Disc is version 10.2

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OS X :: Can't Even Boot From Install Disc

May 5, 2010

24" iMac, 3.06 Ghz CPU, 500GB HD, 2GB RAM

My imac locked up on me the other day while watching a DVD. There were a few lines and splotches on the screen in various colors and the system just became unresponsive. I rebooted and the system came right back up, but when I started the DVD, it immediately crashed again. After that point, every time I tried to boot, it went straight into kernel panic (You must restart your computer message).

I tried resetting the PRAM, but that didn't help. I also did the hardware diagnostic test (hold D during boot) and that said everything was OK.

I was able to boot from the CD. After a few unsuccessful attempts at restoring the OS from backup, it finally worked. Previous tries only resulted in the system locking up. Once I finally got everything running again, the system worked great. I worked it pretty hard in the next 24 hours after fixing it. No problems during use. Then I left for a few hours and came back to LOCKED UP COMPUTER AGAIN! Same squiggly lines on the screen.

Now I can boot into the hardware diagnostic test if need be. However, I can't boot into the computer any other way. Booting from hard disk, installation dvd/cd, and even Safe mode all cause a kernel panic. Also, I might add, that I had all peripherals unplugged from the machine and still got the kernel panic messages.

Any ideas? Closest Applestore is 3 hours away. The closest private licensed repair place is 60 miles away. I called Apple Support and they pretty much blew me off because My AppleCare was up about 6 months ago and I'm sure this would be a hard case to do over the phone. They suggested I take it in to get looked at.

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OS X :: Can't Boot Machine Via Install Disc

Oct 8, 2010

I want to format my macbook pro and reinstall osx Problem is, i can't boot up the machine via the install disc I've tried holding down the c key, i've tried holding down the options key and selecting install disc. Just loads forever until screen turns black.

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OS X :: Trying To Boot From Install Disc - Stuck At Apple Logo?

Dec 29, 2010

i'm trying to boot from the Snow Leopard install disc so I can format my drive and re-install, however... it just gets stuck on the white screen with the grey Apple logo, what's up with that?

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Mac Pro :: Older 8800GT Won't Boot From Leopard Install Disc

Oct 15, 2008

So i have a mac Pro octo from May 2007. I upgraded to the 8800GT when they came out and not have any problems since. Today I encountered some problems with my hard drive and am trying to boot from either my Mac Pro Install disc or my Leopard Install disc and get an error everytime. When I try and boot from the disc it gives me an error and tells me i need to reboot. I have found out through the apple discussion forums that Leopard Discs before 10.5.2 do not have the drivers for the 8800GT, and therefore will not let you boot. What am I to do here. Is there any way I can get a newer leopard install disc? It seems I am going to have to reinstall an Ati X1900 to get my own install discs to work. This is really annoying to me, this is an awful design flaw. How do they expect you to upgrade your mac pro and not have problems like this.

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OS X :: Flashing Question Mark And Cannot Boot From Install Disc

Nov 6, 2009

My iBook G4, 1 GHz, 1.2 G RAM white plastic 2 USB purchased 2004 refuses to boot. When I try to use the startup disc, I get the "You need to restart your computer." message. The HD was replaced 2 years ago after a fatal crash. Has it happened again? That repair at an authorized dealer was so expensive I'll be halfway to a new laptop if I go back. I have been able to get it up 3 times since the problem started, so I suspected kernel panics or RAM problems. But not been able to run disc utilities--it just stares at me. Now can't get it to boot at all.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Boot G4 From Retail Tiger Install Disc

Feb 7, 2009

so I have a very unique, bizarre problem. A friend brought her G4 1.67gHz 15" Powerbook to the office to have it looked at as it wasn't working properly. I took a look at it and found that one of the RAM chips was shorted out. I took it out and ordered her a new pair (since it was like $26 for 2gb, and with the one removed she was running on 512). Here's where it gets bizarre: I installed the new RAM and it was freezing regularly. I then took one out and it was still freezing regularly. I booted it from my Utilities partition (I have a bootable firewire drive set up to fix problems and recover data) and ran Disk Warrior, TechTool, and a whole heapin helpin of other fixin and optimization apps. I got it to fix all the reported errors, TechTool reports no hardware errors, everything should work perfectly. So now, the laptop boots to a blue screen. I can't boot it from a retail Tiger install disc, and I can't boot it from the hard drive, it just boots to the Apple logo, the Unix spinner, and then goes blue and freezes. So I set it as a firewire target drive and was able to do an archive/install of Tiger using my G5. It recognized and installed fine and it booted my G5. Ok, so it's not the drive. I restart and nothing, apple/unix logos then blue screen. Same with the Tiger DVD. I replace the original 512MB stick (the working one) and still same result. So finally I go back to my Firewire repairs disc and everything boots fine, all tests come out fine, drive is recognized and works fine, etc. What could cause a computer to boot, a drive to be bootable, but a computer not being able to boot on any installed drive?

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OS X ::Windows 7 Under Boot Camp - Using The Snow Leopard To Install Disc?

May 12, 2010

I got my new Macbook today. I've reformatted and installed Snow Leopard. Then I set up Boot Camp and installed Windows 7. I installed all the drivers under Windows 7 using the Snow Leopard install disc. One problem that remains is under Windows 7, I can't tap the trackpad to click. I have to use a mouse.Anyone know of a fix? Can't find it under Apple Support at all.

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OS X :: Boot Camp Install Gone Wrong - 32GB Of Disc Space Missing?

Jun 16, 2010

Boot camp went wrong because I had to reboot my macbook while windows 7 was being installed. After that, I deleted the 32gb windows partition. But guess what? Disk utility says that my free space is 468 gb, when before boot camp I had 493gb.

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MacBook Air :: Ripping Leopard Install Disc Via Remote Disc

Jun 2, 2008

Well, my question is very simple: I have a MBA and this other laptop from work, a crappy HP which is old as hell. I'm planning to use Remote Disc to reinstall my Leopard, since the upgrade to 10.5.3 really screwed things here, and I can't figure out why. Point is: instead of running all Leopard installation thru Remote Disc, I would prefer to share Leopard disc 1 over Remote Disc and restore it to a partition on my external HD, making a clone of it, which would install *much* faster. Has anyone tried anything like this? There's any Windows program which allows me to rip a Mac DVD to a Mac partition?

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MacBook :: Install OS On Blank Hard Drive Without Install Disc

Jun 3, 2014

I have an aluminum Macbook from late 2008, model A1278. I just had to replace the hard drive, and need to install an OS on the currently blank HDD. Problem is, my CD drive doesn't work, so I can't just install from a disc. I had installed Mountain Lion on my old hard drive, but the original OS was Snow Leopard. I haven't succeeded in getting any of my information off my old HDD. Is there another way to install either Snow Leopard or Lion onto my new hard drive?

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Windows On Mac :: Full Install Leopard / SL Disc To Run Bootcamp / Update Disc?

Oct 13, 2009

Please take pity on a confused newbie. I'm running 10.4.11 (Tiger) on a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 13" Macbook with 1GB ram. My school requires me to run Bootcamp to take my exams. They told us that we need 10.5 minimum OS and must have our 'original system discs'. The installation dics that I have are for Tiger. If I buy an upgrade disc to Leopard/SL, will that contain the windows drivers I need to install after I install bootcamp? Or do I need to buy a full installation disc of Snow Leopard (since I think you can't buy the Leopard full installation anymore)? Another issue someone mentioned is that both Leopard & SL require 1BG ram minimum, which is what I have. I'm worried the os will run very slow, but I don't really have the money to buy new ram and get it install (and don't want to crack the fragile top case) now that I have to buy the new software too.

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OS X :: Start Up From Install Disc - Run Disc Utilities From Earlier Version

Jun 1, 2010

I have recently tried to run Onyx which has identified a problem which requires me to run disc utilities from the start up disc. The Snow leopard disc I have only appears to offer Install option.

Q1 Have I missed something?
Q2 Otherwise should I try to run Disc Utilities from an earlier version of OSX

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Mac Pro :: Install Leopard Install Disc For MacBook Pro?

May 23, 2008

I'm new to Mac. I feel I have been suitably rehabilitated from my former ways. I bought a MacBook Pro. It came with an installation disc for Leopard. I'm not sure if it's an image or if it's the OS install DVD. I bought a Mac Pro, quad Xeon 64 bit monster. The guy I bought it from had to retain the HDD for legal reasons. So, I bought a couple of drives that I'll slot in. Question: Can I use the install disc from my MacBook Pro to install Leopard on my Mac Pro?

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Won't Boot From Disc Or USB

Oct 24, 2010

My 13" MBP (Spring 2010) will NOT boot from an OS X Snow Leopard disc (disc or USB bootable). I get a Kernal panic every time with the window shade and 20 languages telling me to restart my computer.

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MacBook :: Failing To Boot To OS X Or From OS X Disc?

Apr 10, 2010

My MacBook 13" which was the current model when I bought it in September '08 decided after a normal shut down to not boot up the next time I tried. It gets as far as loading the grey apple symbol and then gets no further (no loading cog etc.

Naturally my first thought was to try to repair from my OSX install disc but when I booted from this the same problem occurred (the grey apple symbol, no further). The disc is definitely recognised by the disc drive and is displayed when I hold the option key on startup. I also tried using a friends OSX disc and the same problem occurred so I'm assuming it can't be the disc.

I have tried booting in safe mode, single user mode & verbose mode, none of which work although I am able to see where the script gets to in a safe mode boot by using the option that shows this .

The weirdest thing is that I have dual-boot set up with Ubuntu on my macbook and I can still boot to ubuntu fine, also all linux live discs I have tried in order to investigate the hard drive have had no trouble booting.

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IMac :: Install New Hard Drive But Missing Leopard Install Disc

Jan 30, 2010

I'm using a iMac PowerPC G5 that I've received from my brother. He gave it to me with a fresh install of Leopard on it, but he unfortunately no longer has the disc that came with the computer that he also used to format it before handing it to me. With that said, I ordered a new internal hard drive. Naturally, I'll need to re-install Leopard, but I don't have an install disc anywhere. How is this going to be possible? Or will it not be? Do I have to buy a new Leopard install disc? If so where and how much?

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MacBook :: Restoring To Factory - Cannot Get Disc To Boot?

Mar 22, 2009

I'm trying to restore my Macbook (white) to factory defaults and I can't get the disk to boot and am having trouble. Whenever I load the disk in and restart holding c, the disk spins and then spits out and the computer boots to Mac OS X (Leopard). I've reset the nvram, the pram, repaired permissions with no success. I used to have Bootcamp installed, but I read that may cause problems so I uninstalled it and it still won't work. These are the grey disks that came with the computer when I bought it new a few months ago so I know they work. They say Mac OS X Disc 1/Disc 1. Any suggestions to getting the disk to boot instead of spit out?

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MacBook Pro :: HDD Won't Boot - Blinking Folder Even With OSX Disc?

Feb 13, 2010

I had only Windows 7 on my HDD for the past few months. I wanted to reinstall mac osx so I restarted it and tried to install it on a partition I made in 7 but to no avail. The disc reformatted the HDD as BOOTCAMP with the old data on it and I lost the extra partition. I placed the HDD in an exernal bay that I have. I backed up what I needed and reformatted. It's being read as G: (NTFS) on my PC and it works. I rebooted witht eh DVD in to reinstall MAC and redo the BOOTCAMP system but the blinking folder comes up.

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MacBook Air :: Remote Disc Boot Via Wireless Connection

Mar 2, 2008

I have followed the instructions, on the boot screen I selected the appropriate option to remote disc boot via wireless connection to my iMac to OSX. Well its been 15 minutes now and still it has not booted into the OSX setup screen. It just shows a "no smoking" type symbol, and a little circle like its doing something and the iMac Remote Install Mac OSX app just says "Waiting for MBA to startup"... but its taking so goddamn long! How long is it supposed to take to reach the OSX setup screen over wireless?

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Use OS X Install CD To Get To Disc Utility

Sep 28, 2010

So I need to start my MBP up in OS X but i currently have windows selected to start up everytime through bootcamp. Problem is I don't have a serial key and I'm stuck at the authorization prompt. At this point I don't even care to use windows anymore I just want to get back to my Mac. Which brings me to the subject of the post: I've read that you can choose which partition to use at startup from the Disc Utility and I've tried to access this by inserting my OS X install disc and holding down the "C" key during startup. All this does for me is add a few seconds to Windows boot up time. Also, I've tried holding the "Alt/Option" key at startup to get to the disk selection menu but all this does is bring up a grey screen with a Lock on it and a password field. The admin password I made when I installed OS X definitely doesn't work and no serial numbers I've typed in works either. As a last ditch effort I tried changing the firmware password through Single-User Mode, but holding down "CMD+S" during startup does nothing for me either. Could it be that no Mac startup commands work when Windows is trying to boot up?

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MacBook :: Misplaced Re-install Disc?

Mar 14, 2009

I have misplaced my MacBook re-install disc, is it possible to use an install disc from a newer model MacBook? That should work right? You just can't use a MacPro re-install disc, right?Sorry if this was posted. Couldn't find it anywhere at the moment.

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MacBook Pro :: Install Disc Won't Load?

Mar 30, 2012

I'm trying to re-install the OS on a MacBook Pro that i'm selling so as to erase all my data from it, however the Install Disc will not start up to run the Installer. I load it, press install, it says it has to Restart, i click ok and it then begins to restart but then just stops at a white screen. The disc drive goes quiet as well. I've tried just starting and holding C down as well. Same result. 

Just wondering if anyone knows a way around this? Or is it probably a dodgy disc? It seems to be fine until it tries to start up from the disc.

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