MacBook Pro :: BT Dropouts Under Heavy Wifi Access?

Jul 24, 2009

Just bought a 23" dell monitor and BT keyboard (already have wireless Logitech mouse) to use with my late 2008 MBP.

Almost immediately I noticed I was getting frequent 'Connection to Keyboard lost' errors, almost 100% of the time this happens the Wifi is under heavy use moving large files to my NAS for example.

I searched Apple support and this appears to be quite common and 1 suggestion was to change my airport extreme base station to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz for the network. This tweak seems to have solve the issue 100%, the only downside is not all of my kit can use 5GHz .. for my work laptop I've invested in a new wifi adapter that'll cope but my Apple TV and iPhone can no longer connect to the WLAN.

Anyone else have an alternative solution for this? Or is it pure and simple down to BT interference and I should perhaps ditch the BT keyboard for a wired one?

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MacBook Pro :: Wifi Reception Is Terrible / Constant Wifi Dropouts?

Apr 27, 2010

My 2010 15" MBP has constant Wifi dropouts, sometimes minutes at a time. Sometimes I have to reconnect. Yet it gets 4 bars. My MacBook never had these problems. It's generally slower, too. It's now useless for online video like Hulu. Anyone else seeing this? I wonder whether it's hardware (e.g. they moved the antenna, and/or because of the metal case) or software/drivers? I'm going to submit feedback after input from ya'll.

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MacBook Pro :: AirPort WiFi Intermittent Dropouts With Full Signal Strength

Sep 11, 2007

I've recently converted to mac and replaced my 8 month old Vaio AR11s with a new white macbook(2.16ghz). Recently I am having all sorts of problems with the wireless. I've been reading this forum for a week of so now and realize that I am not alone with my WiFi woes. My problem is the fact that my wireless intermittently drops and although the signal strength is still showing full I have no internet connection until i turn off and on the airport card.. this happens on both psu and battery!

I have tried installing the 2007-004 update, deleting the airport.plist file and the 2007-002 update and it appears to fix the fault for a while but then it comes back. I' ve also messed with enable/disabling frame bursting,different channels on my netgear wnr834n router but my other mac(using ethernet, bought a 24" imac tuesday!) and wifes vista laptop (wifi 802.11g) are fine so I have ruled out the router.

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MacBook Pro :: Frequent Dropouts Of Wireless Internet Connection

Jul 21, 2009

I have a new (June 09 model) 15" MacBook Pro, 2.66 GHz and I'm experiencing frequent (every 3-5 minute) drop outs on my wireless internet connection, but only when I'm running Mac OS X-- my Windows Vista Ultimate partition is operating flawlessly. After Googling, I have come to the conclusion that this is extremely common in MBPro's since there is such a saturation of search results?

Background on the wireless networks used:
- home: 128-bit WEP-open
- work: WPA2-Enterprise

Again, I haven't experienced a single disconnect when running the following:
- Vista - wireless
- Vista - wired
- Mac OS X - wired

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MacBook :: Cannot Get Internet Access On WiFi

Jan 12, 2011

Recently, my MacBook (purchased summer of 2007 and running Snow Leopard) stopped connecting to the internet wirelessly. It can connect to the net via ethernet. And it can connect to networks and other computers wirelessly to exchange files, but not to connect to the internet through them. It backs up to my Time Capsule wirelessly without a hitch. This seems like a software problem, not a hardware problem, to me. Why I can't get internet access wirelessly?

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MacBook :: Can't Access Router With WiFi?

Apr 5, 2009

I just bought my new MacBook. Got it all set up, wifi works like a charm. But one problem is I cannot access my router (Using like I can on my other computers. I'm trying to get my MacBook and my desktop running Ubuntu networked together, but I can't, and I believe this is the root of the problem.

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Login Because Cannot Access Networks For Wifi

Jun 15, 2012

cannot log in because i cannot access networks for wifi

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: WiFi Connected With No Internet Access?

Jun 4, 2014

I downloaded hotspot shield and immediately my internet stopped working.  Wifi still connects to every available wifi.  Every other device can connect without an issue.  I deleted hotspot shield from applications and the problem persists.  When i delete then re-add wifi in network settings it temporarily says no ip.

I'm running a MacBook Pro OS X version 10.9

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Wifi With Cisco Clean Access

Nov 7, 2009

I have a 13" MBP running 10.5.8 My wifi works fine everywhere except for my school.

The airport connects, has full "signal" and it seems to assign an ip. BUT when i open firefox or safari the redirect/authentication page that is supposed to open never does; instead i get "page not found" or its equivalent. So i can't login or access the internet obviously.

Here is the other part, there are about 40 or so macbooks in every class I have running leopard and snow leopard and no one else seems to have a problem.

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OS X :: Leopard And Airport Dropouts?

Oct 4, 2008

One thing preventing me from FULLY adopting Leopard is the fact that i can't seem to maintain a steady Airport connection. I've done everything i can including router reset, OS reinstall, software updates, firmware updates, a plethora of suggested fixes and still no dice.

I know its Leopard because all other systems in my house running XP, Vista, Tiger, OS X Mobile connect just fine to the same router, in fact i'm dual booting Leopard/Tiger on my iMac and when i load the Tiger partition it works fine but when i load Leopard...

I'm running an AEBS and yes my channel is interference free.

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MacBook :: Is It Too Heavy Than Air

Jun 11, 2012

Comparing the updated MacBook air and pro 13 inch, for the high end version of both models, which laptop comes out better for performance? Add the 8GB of Memory instead of 4GB and potentially the 2.0GHz i7 upgrade to the air and does it bring it up to higher level than the pro? Primary use is for study needs (so portability is important) as well as music, videos, and games such as the GTA's, sports games and games like Civ V. Is the pro too heavy? Is the air to structurally flimsy?

iPad 2

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MacBook Pro :: Heats Up When Not Doing Heavy Tasks

Aug 30, 2014

My MackBook Pro heats up pretty bad even when i'm not doing heavy tasks. What could be the cause? 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), mid 2012

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OS X :: WiFi With 10A432 (cannot Access Anything On The Internet)

Aug 17, 2009

I almost upgraded my 10.5.8 after all the reports of how stable/fast 10A432 is. Now I am glad that I didn't - after installing on an external partition and booting up (and migrating my settings and apps), there is a big Wifi problem. SL sees the network and connects to it, gets an IP, however I cannot access anything on the internet, nor ping any sites from Terminal. When I boot back into 10.5.8 it works. Restarting the router/modem has no effect, and it does this at home and at the office. I see these guys are having the same issue: [URL] Any idea what's up and how to solve this? I sure hope now that this is NOT the GM.

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Gets Really Hot Without Extended Or Heavy Usage?

May 20, 2012

My 13" MacBook pro gets really hot without extended or heavy usage and the fan's noise is annoying, my friends say this is not normal.

It gets really hot especially when there is flash content

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Heavy, Continuous System Lag, Kernel_task @ 100%+?

May 27, 2012

i was playing Diablo3 when i suddenly experienced heavy, unusual lag. I tried to reboot to see if that could even things out. No success. It took longer then usual to boot up, and when i finally reached the login-windows asking for password, it wouldent react to my typing and clicking for about 5 minutes. I could move around the mouse and the keyboard did get signal (it un-dimmed the scren when i pushed any key after letting it dim over time). 

Then i tried to do a clean install of OS X Snow Leopard (formating the drive and then install). After longer then usual,reached the "choose your language" window. This window too had extreem long respond-time. I managed to start the installation but it stopped at 33minutes remaining, giving me the "Install Failed" window. this told me "Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer. The installer could not copy the necessary support fies. Click restart to restart your computer and try again.". I tried it again but it gave me the same result. 

it made me believe the hardware was the problem. First i swapped the Optical Drive with an older vrsion MacBook (2008), this gave me the same install-problem (stopped at 33mins left) Then i swapped HDD with the older MacBook. It managed to boot and start "normally" with exactly the same problems as the original HDD. The first thing that gets to my mind is that something might be fried inside the computer. 

I restored the original HDD with TimeMachine (needless to say i still got the problem). I'm in the middle of my exam-papers, so its reaelly annoying its happening now.I also tried installing OS X SL using an external HDD with an image of the installer disk made in disk utilities, but this only gives me "kernel error" during booting (the annoying dimmed screen with a black box in the middle telling you to restart). 

Today i took a look in the Activity Monitor and it shows the CPU acting strange, spending 100-120% on kernel_task ALL the time (see added picture).Is something wrong with the CPU? Is it possible to fry only one core in a CPU leaving the others intact?I have different components available for change as long as they match each other (Macbook pro 2010 and MacBook 2008).  


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Laptops :: No Internet Access Through WiFi Network

Sep 20, 2009

I have had my MacBook for 6 months and it has worked just great with my WiFi network and any other WiFi I have happened to connect it to. This morning, while I was downloading some files, my internet connection died on me. At 1st I thought it was my provider and I usually fix that by restarting my Router. I did that, but nothing happened. I could detect and connect to my WiFi but I had no internet access! My wife's PC and mobile phone connect perfectly well to my WiFi and so does my iPhone!!! My MacBook now only works with Ethernet. Let me add that I have the 13.3" MacBook unibody running the latest Leopard 10.5.8. software upgrades.

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OS X :: Any Way To Allow Temporary WiFi Access (Guest Network)

Sep 6, 2010

I have an Airport Extreme base station and am curious if there is anyway to allow temporary access to my wifi signal its configured with a WPA passcode. I have neighbors that come over and use my wifi but then continue to use it when they return to their homes, is there anyway for me to allow them temporary access or create some kind of guest network that I could turn off when they leave? I HATE having to change the administrative password when they leave because I have to re-enter it on all of my devices.

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Intel Mac :: Wifi Is Connected But Can't Access Internet

Apr 24, 2012

My imac is contected to the intervet via wi-fi but I can 't load any pages on safari or firefox.  Both my macbook and iphone have no problem getting online. .

Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Slow NAS Access Via WiFi On IMac

May 23, 2012

I'm currently running on Mac OSX 10.7.4. Access to my NAS via wifi is very slow as compared to accessing it via Windows. I've tested with both AFP and CIFS but both are equally problematic.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: CPU Temperature Is 20C More Than The CPU Heat Sink During Heavy Loading?

Apr 23, 2010

I got my macbook pro core i7 yesterday. I found that the cpu temperature is 20C more than the cpu heatsink. is it a problem of my mbp? just curious to ask because it is just 2~6 degree Celsius varying in my mac mini.

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PowerPC :: IBook Wifi Access Point Selection?

Jan 21, 2007

Recently my dad inherited an iBook G4. The Airport works, but it seems to accept the signal broadcast from only one of the two wireless access points in the house. The two routers are being used to extend the coverage, i.e. iStumbler and Airport Radar show two entries, both with the same ID.

My Macbook is fine; I can move from one end of the house to the other and signal remains high. The iBook's signal gets weaker as it moves from the router on that side of the house. Is this a hardware issue (specifcally, the iBook's Airport), or is there a way to specify which access point to use?

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Applications :: WiFi Protected Access 2 With PSK - Secure Network?

Jan 10, 2009

I've got a Netgear DG834G V3 router. I've just updated the firmware to the latest one on Netgear's site, which unveiled a whole host of new security settings. After a bit of research I opted for WPA2-PSK (WiFi Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key). Is this the best thing to go for out of the below options:

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)
WPA2-PSK(Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key)

I've got myself a random password (thanks to a generator website) and I'm not allowing the broadcast of the name (SSID).

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MacBook :: X Over Battery Icon And The Fan Is Running Even Though No Heavy Duty Performance?

May 20, 2012

Earlier today, maybe around 3PM, I was using my laptop, and it was charging and it was maybe around 60% battety life when out of no where it just shut off and even the light on my charger went out. When I turned it back on, the fan was running and there was an X over the battery icon. I've tried turning it off and on, and leaving it alone for a few hours, to see if it would resolve the problem but it didn't.  It is currently 9:52PM, I'm still experiencing these problems and I'm using the exact laptop to type this, but I don't know how much battery life is left. 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Hardware :: Using Time Capsule As Server - Access Files From Wifi?

Apr 8, 2008

It is possible for me to use my Time Capsule as a server. I want to be able to access my files from anywhere that I have Wi-Fi.

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OS X :: Combine Wifi And Tethered IPhone For Increase Internet Access

Mar 24, 2010

I travel every week and each week I have to decide whether to use my tethered iPhone (not jailbroken) or the hotel Wifi. I pick which ever one seems fastest.

What I would like to do is combine both of these connections together and get better speeds. Or possibly assign one connection to one application (skype) and the other connection to firefox.

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Access Internet And Thunder Bird As Wifi?

Apr 27, 2012

Unable to access internet and thunder bird as wifi!Is Lion 10.7.3 my problem?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: A Single POP Sound From Left Speaker After System Heavy Load?

Apr 14, 2012

I bought Brand New Macbook pro 15" Late 2011 Ci7, this is incredible machine. But a month past and i started to notice a very strange behavior: When i using mac for resource "Eating" application or processes my computer starts to Heat-this is normal.

When i close all the apps here starts interesting) I have Istat installed, so i can see what temps are in my system. Computer is cooling, and when cpu reaches 50-55 degrees (Celsium, from 80 degrees, because of heavy load) ,my left speaker produces a single loud pop sound. (like something turning of may be)

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Heavy Memory Loss Storage - When Saving PDF Document In Preview

Sep 1, 2014

I am currently editing lots of pdfs and other files for notes. There is one particular big file, ca. 300 MB (part of a book). When I edit this file in Preview (underlining etc.) and save my changes, I loose almost the whole size of the file in disk space.  

Saving 10 times, that equals ca. 3 GB. Since I am a diligent "back-upper", I loose ca. 3 GB every 90 minutes. Over the last 3 days, this has consumed more or less 40 GB of my storage space. I have restarted several times and had to delete a lot of files; the sleepimage file is ca. 1 GB big only, so that is not the problem;so I have used "Disk Utility" to localize the massive space use. 

Disk utility registers the storage loss in total numbers (35 GB free, next time only 32 GB free), but not within the folders (the single sizes of the folders -Application; Library; User etc-), their sizes stay the same!what happened to my disk space. I need to restore those 40 GB they are being used by something completely useless somewhere. 

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X Yosemite :: Delete WiFi Certificate In Keychain Access - Continually Crashes

Dec 2, 2014

Every time I try to delete my wifi certificate in Keychain Access, it continually crashes.  Tried it in safe mode, still crashes. I cannot get my Airport extreme 5th gen to pass along an IP address to my Mac even though mac is connected to AE (seen via Network Utility). Thought that deleting keychain password would work.  OSX 10.10.1  retina Macbook Pro 13

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OS X Yosemite :: MacBook Pro Hangs Randomly When Opening A Graphics Heavy Website In Chrome

Dec 7, 2014

Product Name - MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)
Processor - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory - 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
Serial Number - C02J1192DKQ4 
OS - OSX 10.10 .1(Yosemite) 

Problem - It happened couple of time, earlier it happened when I was opening "" (I know, it was Black Friday time ) and it happened yesterday again, while opening When the problem occurs, machine hangs and after some time I can move cursor, but can't do anything. I have to hard restart the machine. after machine restarts, it shows a popup saying that a graphics problem detected and do you want to report it.

I suggested switching off "graphics switching" from energy menu in system preferences. even that crashed the machine first time when I tried that. So I have graphics switching off for now. Don't know for sure if it is OSX bug, Chrome/Browser bug or something else.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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