MacBook :: Calculator App Working Slow / Numbers Appear On Screen In Slow Motion

Jun 3, 2004

I have a new MacBook (Dec '08) and everything is working fine with one exception. When I type numbers into the calculator app they appear on the screen in slow motion with a nice long pause as each number typed is displayed. On our iMac the calculator app just flies along and has no problem keeping up no matter how fast I enter in numbers. Any ideas where to start on this one? Besides the standard software we have installed Microsoft Office and Handbrake.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Calculator/Numbers Decimal Point Isn't Working Correctly

Feb 4, 2012

Since the installation of Lion the decimal point isn't working alright. Not in the calculator and not in Numbers. 

1. For instance when I type 1500 in the Calculator the displays says 1,500. That's not correct, in Europe it should be 1.500

No preferences in the calculator to change it. It worked well with Snowleopard. In system preferences Decimals is changed to ",", thousands is "." 

2. Numbers. When I type 123456789 in  numeric field it's changed in 123.456.789

If I change the last four digits to 2233 and accidently forget to change the points the point stays on the same place. It will say 123.452233 The same if you add a digit 123.456.789 will be 123.456.7892233

This worked well in Snowleopard. 

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MacBook Pro :: MBP Crashing On Video And Slow FCP / Motion?

May 18, 2010

I recently (Jan2010) purchased a new MBP 15, with 4GB RAM and 7200pm 500GB Hard disk.

The main reason for buying it was to do video editing on FCP and Motion.

However FCP on this machine seems really clunky, i.e. everything has to be rendered before you can even see an effect. Is this normal? I don't have this on my old work PC with CS4 Premiere Pro. And it sometimes crashes, even on titling.

Also, Motion is really clunky. It doesn't show me any fluidity when playing back even basic sequences... just jumping.

And when I even just play videos on QT or rented DVDs the computer just crashes about every half an hour. Proper crashing too, with no mouse movement or anything.

Can someone shed some light on this?

All the forums I read before buying this MBP, said FCP and Motion would be fine!

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Working Very Slow / Loading Websites Is Slow And Cant Watch Movie

Dec 11, 2010

Hey guys, i got an old Powerbook that the whole family use to surf the net. I notice its been super slow lately. Ive never had a problem with this notebook, I've only done 2 reinstall in the time ive owned it. I recentluy did another one, and notice its still slow, loading websites is slow, cant watch movies on it. This is a notebook i use to do photoshop and illustrator work on.

Do you think its just its time? I think it could be the hard drive or memory, is there any type of diagnostic i can do to find out what the problem is?

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MacBook Pro :: Launchpad Randomly Open In Slow Motion When Typing

Apr 29, 2012

A while ago, my MacBook Pro started to randomly open launchpad in "Slow motion" when I am typing. Ever since then, my computer has been acting quite sluggish, and once my iTunes library disappeared. (Luckily I keep a backup, but that seems to have resolved itself.) I do not think that the opening launchpad thing is a hardware issue, mainly because of all of the other symptoms. One thing that I'm worried about is it might be the Flashback trojan, but I have not downloaded anything that would appear to be an Adobe update, and I did get the Java update. I am just curious about what it sounds like.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Slow Motion Stacks Bug?

May 22, 2008

I was just playing around with stacks and I found out that if you hold shift and click on a stack it springs up VERY slow, kind of cool looking the first time you do it, kind of stupid after that lol.

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OS X :: Imovie - Put Videos Clips In Slow Motion?

May 19, 2010

imovie - put videos clips in slow motion? If so how?

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Software :: Watching TV Show (Slow Motion)

Dec 8, 2010

When I try to watch a already aired tv show thru my computer. It seems to be in slow motion. Am I doing something wrong. I have a g5 MAC OS X Version 10.4.11. I need help fast. I wasn't sure which forum to go to.

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Applications :: Slow Motion In Movie Goes All Shaky On Playback

Jul 9, 2006

This question is regarding burning a DVD that I have made in IDVD. I edit my dvds with Final Cut express and then set it all up in idvd. I was wondering why and how I can stop the fact that when I watch the DVD back, if I have used any slow motion in the movie that it goes all shaky and doesn't run smoothly at all. How I can stop it happening and make it so that slow motion runs smoothly once burnt on to the dvd? It plays fine during playback on the computer before I have burnt it on to dvd.

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Applications :: Video Software For Slow Motion Effect?

Feb 13, 2010

is there a decent FREE program out there to simply add slow motion to a video? iMovie obviously can't unless i'm missing something.

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OS X :: Calculator Not Working / Spotlight Calculator 10.5.7 Bust

Feb 19, 2010

For some reason the spotlight calculator no longer works.I have searched the interenet and tried everything but still it refuses to work.


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IMac (Intel) :: Extremely Slow Since Downloading Latest Software Update For Numbers

Aug 25, 2014

Mac extremely slow since recently downloading latest "numbers" software update. Also Mac when put to sleep, will now wake up by itself and go back to sleep etc, etc.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Startup / Extra Slow To Load Dock / Interface

Mar 28, 2012

I have a Macbook Pro core 2 duo era 2007, OS 10.6.8, with an interesting problem I've not encountered in reading other issues. Here's the system profile, to get that out of the way: [code] Enabled Other than the faulty video card that seems standard for this run of the Pro, I have never had an issue. I have just replaced the battery from the original battery that came with the computer. It was useless to the extent of the word, but my budget did not allow me to purchase a new battery until recently. The battery info only stated "Replace Now" and the LED meter no longer functioned. The battery held no charge, and the computer only ran off of wall power. Up until a few days before I replaced the battery, this provided no trouble. However, it began one day to startup extremely slowly (5 minutes or more on the Apple logo startup screen, and then more time to load dock/top screen toolbar/etc. It also failed to recognize the external HD I frequently use with this computer. My theory was that it was simply underpowered on account of the failed battery, and the internal HD or the CPU was just not able to run properly. I finally put a new battery in hoping that it would fix the issue, but no avail. My startup time seems slightly less, but it seems as if the computer has not loaded interface protocols, as the computer is unresponsive to attempts to open the dock or a finder window, or even hover over battery or volume icons. After 5-10 minutes it finally kicks in and I can use my computer without problem, with the exception of the external HD, which will still not load.I have run disk utility, verified my HD, no errors reported. I have the activity monitor up which shows a pretty minimal load on the CPU and disk usage. Nothing I can think of would explain the problem my computer has suddenly adopted.

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Running So Slow On Startup And Apps Are Very Slow To Open Like Around 5 Minutes

Aug 24, 2014

I have this MBP 13'' Mac OS X 10.7.5 running a 2.4GHz i5, 4GB RAMs and 500GB storage.The problem started yesterday when I was typing on Word and I copy pasted something from the net (chrome browser) then it froze.I waited for around 5minutes and still frozen with the spinning wheel, then I decided to turn it off by pressing power for 10 seconds restarted my

MBP then now it running so slow on start-up and apps are very slow to open like around 5 minutes. Every action that I try to do like clicking on the apple in the upper left it freezes showing a spinning wheel and it will take time to show the drop down options. I checked disk utility and it said that HD is ok, done verify/permission verify and repair.

I checked the activity monitor noting the ram/CPU usage and its normal it even tells that 2GB of ram is not use.It shows not responding in the activity monitor if you open an app for around 5mins then it opens or it will crash.I already done the 2 kinds of reset and did not work.BUT it opens normally in Safe mode. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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MacBook Air :: Slow Opening Apps - Slow Read Speed?

Apr 17, 2009

I'm finding my MBA rev b to be quite slow opening apps, I bought the 1.6 ghz 120gb model.

It seems like everything's rather slow to open. I have 30gb free on the hard drive, iTunes, Safari (5 tabs) TextWrangler and mail open all day.

If I ever need to go into Firefox it takes a fair while to get up and running. I ran some xbench scores and it seems very slow on the random reads, oddly it was much quicker writing to the disk than reading.

Is their anyone in the know who can confirm that this is normal? Or if not, is there anything I can do to give it a boost?

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QuickTime :: Videos Play In Slow Motion Using Quicktime 7.7 With Iphoto 08'?

Jun 18, 2012

I have several HD videos from my Sony NEX-3 camera that will not play very well from within iMovie.  They freeze up, or run in slow motion while the sound track continues without any problem.  I've seen other related comments on this forum, but no one has suggested a fix yet.  I can play my clips just fine from the finder menu using "Quick Look".  Other videos from the same camera work, what has changed?

Quicktime, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Quicktime Version 7.7, iPhoto 7.1.5

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Why Is Macbook Pro Running So Slow And So Slow To Reboot

Jun 6, 2012

I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop and I'm having an issue while editing. After editing around 8-10 photos in Photoshop the computer starts running unbelievably slow. After each 8-10 photos I have to close down everything and reboot. Even the reboot process is super slow as I have to force quit each application usually 1-2 times to get it to close. Is this normal? I have a 2011 17" with 2.2 GHZ i7 with 8GB ram. Is there any setting that I can change or be aware of.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook :: Very Slow When Working With RAW Images

Aug 3, 2010

I have a late 2008 MacBook, which is the white one with the old design. It has a 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo cpu, an intel graphics chip and 2gb. of ram. It's more than sufficient on an everyday basis, however; when viewing and editing RAW images from my camera it is extremely laggy. Is there anything I could do to speed this up?

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MacBook Air :: Working Very Slow And Fan Sound Is So Much

Dec 3, 2014

I bought it few months before,it was performing well,sudden it becomes so slow and i can listen fan voice is so much...

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014), iOS 8.1.1

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MacBook Pro :: Suddenly Working Really Slow?

Aug 28, 2014

my macbook pro is suddenly working really slow, sometimes it even won't shutdown. I haven't installed anything then because i was on vacation and didn't have internet nor did i installed anything from a CD.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Mac Pro :: Ripping DVDs Is Very Slow / TheRipper Is As Slow As Making A Disk Image

Nov 23, 2008

I am copying my DVD collection to the computer to be able to play on an iPod and a mac mini hooked up to the hdtv. Mainly TV shows.I have a Mac Pro with 2 DVD drives. The first one is the original drive (Pioneer DVR-111D) and the second is a Pioneer DVR-116D which I added. I intended to use this 2nd drive mainly for ripping DVDs because I knew I would have to update the firmware to get rid of riplock.

On the DVR-116D drive, I updated the firmware to remove riplock so it would not be limited to 5x read. I have not updated the firmware on the original DVR-111D drive. I am using fairmount to rip the DVD.Under OS X just ripping the DVD to the hard drive takes maybe 20-30 minutes. MacTheRipper is just as slow as is making a disk image using disk utility. I boot into Vista and use DVD Extractor and the same DVD takes 7 or 8 minutes .

Why is it so slow or is there a faster method of ripping a DVD on OS X?

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Intel Mac :: Very Slow Startup And Very Slow Response Time When Doing Tasks?

Apr 22, 2012

recently my Mac is really slow, slow on startup(took around 1-2hours), and slow on task(more than 5 minutes delayed time on every single task), I don't know what happened to it,

My Mac specs:  

1.Mid-2010 27 inch iMac,

2.Original 4g Ram upgraded to 12g

3.1TB HD has got more than 400gb free space.

4.i3 processor

5.Using latest Lion(I think it's 10.7.3) 


1.Startup tooooooooo slow, take more than 1 hour

2.Extreamly slow on tasks. Without any apps opened, every single click, it turned into the 'colorful fan', for instance, open finder, it took more than five mins, and it's not only the finder, it's EVERYTHING!!!! 

What I have done so far: 

1.I have reduced the login items

2.I have changed the password login to the automatic login

3.I have tried verify disk permission, verify disk, repair disk permission and repair disk

4.Unplug all unnecessary items(monitor, external drive etc.)

5.Run couple of time of 'clean my Mac', get rid of all the trash.

6.Cleaned the cache 

Due to the ridiculous, frustrating startup, that's all I could do, however, none of them worked.

Now I am using recovery HD to reinstall Lion from a disc, but I don't know if it'll work or not. 

I don't have another Mac, I don't have backups(don't want to lose my data),that's my situation.

iMac 27'', Mac OS X (10.7), iPhone 3GS,iPad 3G/Wifi 64G, Sony vaio CR

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OS X :: Webpage Loading Very Slow / Slow Internet Or CPU Speed?

Oct 30, 2010

Is there a way to tell which one is slow, if anything is going slow? I have an extremely old PC which is normally ok for most things, but gets bogged down if I am doing too many things.I was so annoyed with our national real estate site after they changed the format that I wrote a letter once a long time ago.. and I was ready to let them have it again, listing all the reasons why it is so bad and so much worse than the original.

Today for the first time, I accessed the site ( using my new iMac. It was like lightening speed, comparatively speaking.Wow, suddenly I knew why the mls people hadn't changed their new format.But then I started going to other sites.. like for example, and it was slow as heck... and stalling.. etc.
How would I be able to tell whether it is an internet slowness or the computer being slow?

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MacBook :: Slow Startup At Blue Screen

Jul 5, 2012

macbook recently took a trip to the dashbord of the car while getting re-ended in the passenger seat.

It still runs!! But sometimes boots slowly at the blue screen where the progress bar is displayed. Never freezes up but very slow.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - 2GB Ram

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MacBook :: Runs Really Slow And Sometimes Red Lines Appearing On Screen

Mar 26, 2012

I just got a 07 macbook white and it has red lines on the screen sometimes and it runs really slow when it does so i think its the ram or vram?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 4gb ram

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Intel Mac :: Slow Start Up On Macbook Pro (gray Screen)

May 24, 2012

when i start my macbook pro i get the gray screen before loading. start up is very slow.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Software :: Safari Working Very Slow

Sep 24, 2008

In the last few days safari has become painfully slow. in some cases wont load pages from my bookmarks that it has been finding instantly in the past.

i have an intel imac and when i switch to windows and use IE i have no such problems everything loads instantly. im running safari 3.1.2

Does anyone have any idea how i can fix this or what has suddenly gone wrong. Ive read similar threads to this and there seems to be an issue about how much free HD space people have. i have 254GB of free space so i dont think thats the problem.

Ive also tried resetting safari

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MacBook :: A1181 Blue Screen On Start, Slow Boot

Mar 22, 2012

My macboock 3,1 (A1181) is very slow on boot.

At first i get the white apple logo en the round indicator and then the screen turns blue/turcuse and it takes aprox 10min before i see the desktop. Its fast but not very fast to boot into safemode. When the computer is all booted up everything work great! 

Ive tried to reinstall Snow Lion after i formated the drive but without any luck. Ive resetted SMC and PRAM. The superdrive has stopped work to, when i insert a disk i spinnsup for a min or a half then it ejects the disc.

I installed snow leopard now thru a external dvd via usb. AND! I almost forgot, the computer doesent get out of sleepmode after i closed the lid,  

MacBook (13-inch Late 2007), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: When Restart Machine, Bootup Is Really Slow And Then Get A Weird Screen Glitch?

Apr 7, 2007

I have a 1.83 MBP, with 1.5 gigs of RAM (stock 512 + additional crucial 1gb) 80 gig HD. Pretty standard.My issue is that once in a while when I restart my machine, bootup is really slow and then I get a weird screen glitch. Often I won't get a full re-boot but will get a half appearing dock and no desktop icons. Sometimes it will have lots of grainy lines across it. Sometimes I will get the beach ball for extended times and it will just freeze there. Basically I keep restarting it, and eventually it goes away and boots up normal.

The thing is I can't really replicate the problem. It just happens at random. Sometimes it happens after I have a system crash, and I need to restart, and sometimes it happens just after a system update restart.Like I said, it doesn't happen that often, but when it does it kind of freaks me out. I've had the logic board replaced in the past to eliminate the "whinning" (which, thankfully is now gone) and I wonder if this is another logic board problem. Other than that the computer has been great. And upon the complementary Applecare expiring pretty soon, I wonder if I should take it in for a repair or just not worry about it. It's kind of hard to take it in if I can't really show them the problem.

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OS X :: Networked Hard Drive Is Slow Working Live From It?

Mar 29, 2010

i have a small mac office with a PPC G5 and an intel G5 as my two main boxes. I currently work from a very slow raid network box - no screen, just a networked hard drive really. problem is that it is really slow working live form it. Everything is fine when I copy files to my machine first then work on it.

I can't do this as I'm in the graphics field, and all my links, pics, blah blah are on the server - linking to things like InDesign etc.i need to upgrade in here and add a new machine, but not sure on which way in terms of software for my old G5.The PPC G5 is to become my server (its got to be better than my current network server). As per software tho, because its a non-intel G5, i read that i cannot upgrade to latest software. I'm currently running 10.4.11.

Do I, or, Should I, or for what reasons - would I upgrade to a 'server' software, rather than leave it as its current tiger 10.4.11 software (non software)basically, are there major security, network, etc features of the server OSX over non-server OSX?

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