MacBook :: Battery Level Drops While Plugged In

Jul 6, 2008

I have a brand new MacBook ( < 1 month old ). I usually leave it plugged in and sleeping on my desk, and open it up to use it. After about a day of this, it will still say the battery is fully charged, and the light on the MagSafe is green, but the batter display shows 99% (or 98%, 97%, 96%). If I unplug it and use it for a bit, and the plug it in again, the battery will charge back up to 100% (and then the whole process will begin again). I love my MacBook, and want to make sure this behavior is normal.

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Hardware :: Plugged In But No Change In Battery Charge Level

Oct 20, 2008

I have an iBook G4 Mac laptop. It's a model that pre-dates the duel cores that are now standard. I'm having an odd battery issue and I'm wondering if my battery is fried. The other night the computer was run on battery power and was reduced to 25% capacity. Normally this is fine. We just leave it plugged in and the battery charges. This time the battery is not charging. The ring around the power cord that connects the computer is staying green and the battery's capacity is at 28%. I left it plugged in over night and there has been no change in the battery's charge level.

If I disconnect the power cord and re-connect it the light will turn orange to indicate it's charging, but a few seconds will go back to green or blink between green and orange. I have re-started the computer twice. I have switched power outlets and have brought the laptop into the office to see if it was a power supply problem at my home. I even switched out power cords. I recently bought a spare cord when my original cord became frayed around the power connector. Is this a sign my battery is finished and needs to be replaced?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Find Battery Life Info / Plugged Or Not Plugged

Oct 17, 2009

I use my MBP 15" (the new one), as my primary machine in my office. I sit by my best usually 10-12hrs a day working on it.

I am trying to figure out what is best to do, keep the AC plugged in or have it un-plugged and only plug it in when the battery is drained (or less then 50%)? I have tried different experiments, plugged in, not-plugged and time is about the same for life of the battery. The true question is, how is is best to do it for the health of the battery.

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MacBook :: Battery Level Not Changing?

Jun 15, 2009

When I unplug the power cord from my MacBook (unibody - late 2008), the battery icon in Mac OS X stops updating it's level and the icon does not change. The menu says that it is running on power adapter even when it is unplugged and that the computer is not charging. The hardware battery indicator continues to show the correct battery level. Normally I should get a warning when the battery is about to die (running on emergency power) but I don't, instead it just runs out of battery and shuts down.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Charge Drops To 20% Everytime

Jul 11, 2010

I got a MBP just last month, the battery capacity has decreased to 97%.

However, recently, when I turn my MBP on and I check Coconut Battery, the battery capacity remains at 97% but my battery charge is only at 20%. And I kind of leave my MBP plugged in all the time usually at 100% charge, I have no idea why the battery charge keeps dropping and if this is normal.

As in after I charge it up, turn it off overnight, turn it on the next morning, the battery charge is only 20% and it doesn't charge until I unplug it and plug it in again.

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MacBook :: Why Does Battery Level Stop Charging At 99%

Sep 18, 2010

when i plug the power cord in to charge my macbook it goes to the green light but only shows that it charged to 99%.

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MacBook Air :: Brightness Level And Battery Life

Jan 13, 2011

Excluding sitting outside in the sun or in very dark rooms, what level do you usually keep your MBA brightness level at and what kind of battery life do you get? I've got mine set to about 65%, haven't used it enough to know what kind of life I get.

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MacBook Pro :: Not Starting Even With Full Battery Level

May 9, 2012

Macbook pro not starting up - Battery level is full.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook :: Battery Health Drops 25 Percent In Two Days

Feb 12, 2009

I have no idea what is going on with my battery. Two days ago I downloaded Coconut battery and it showed the battery health at 99%. I checked it today and now it is at 76%. Is my battery already biting the dust? I only have 79 cycles on my Al MB.

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MacBook :: Unibody - CE - Battery Plate - Wont Fit Snuggly Or Level With Rest Of The Back

Jun 6, 2010

After taking the back plate off to add ram, replace hardrive etc.. it appears it wont fit snuggly or level with the rest of the back any more.

The battery is almost like a spring when I release the catch, Im not sure it use to be like that.

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OS X :: Battery Level Stays At 0%?

Jan 10, 2010

Since yesterday my battery level has stayed at 0%, even tho I am charging it. What's going on?

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MacBook :: Can Still Use It Even Without Its Battery Given That It Is Still Plugged In

Apr 28, 2012

I've been told that I should replace its battery since it's been damaged. I haven't had the time or the money yet to buy a new one, and right now, I really need to use it.


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OS X :: Make Battery Stop Charging At A Certain Level?

Feb 9, 2010

i just had service battery on my laptop and took it to apple. they replaced the battery and explained that if i leave it charging at 100 it overcharges and causes service battery and other errors. is there any programs or something i can use to make my mac stop charging at 99%? or do i just have to manually pull out the charger?

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MacBook Pro :: Best For Battery Health - Plugged In Or Not?

Aug 24, 2010

I just bought the new MBP 13" 'cause I'm gonna need it for college, but since I'll also use it as "personal computer", for web browsing, playing music and movies, I'll probably have to charge every day. My question is: if I got home and my MBP is dead, I plug it in and use it, when the battery is fully charged, I have to unplug it or I can use it for the night (still plugged in) and just unplug it the next day for school?

Is it somehow harmful to my battery life? And by the way, I've read that "discharge the battery" means just use at least until the 50%, is that right? So if I charge it just when it's about 40%, I just need to recalibrate once a month, and that's all fine, right?

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Battery - Plugged Up

Oct 12, 2010

My wife and I always leave our MBP plugged up when we are near a charger. This morning the MBP had been plugged up all night, but the battery was dead. I noticed the light was out on the charger so I went to take it out, but when I touched it it turned red indicating that it was now charging. It turns out it is very finicky and randomly stops charging. Anybody else had problems with their charger? It will be Thursday before I have a chance to get to the Apple store.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Capacity When Always Plugged In

Feb 28, 2010

I bought my MacBook Pro 13.3" 5 months ago (according to Coconut Battery) and the battery-loadcycle is already at 51 and 89% battery capacity. Anyway I wanted to know, if I keep my Mac plugged in on the charger will the battery-loadcycles decrease?

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MacBook Pro :: Plugged In But Battery Not Charging

Mar 20, 2010

I bought my macbook exactly two weeks ago (tomorrow) and I'm already starting to have problems. My battery is currently at 10% when not plugged in but then when I plug it in it won't charge. What is wrong with it?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Used When Plugged Into Electricity?

Jul 28, 2010

Haven't found anything relevant on this. Basically my 2010 15" MBP just emptied its battery and is almost fully charged now. All this while it was plugged into electricity. Why?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Shows 96% When Plugged In ?

Apr 13, 2012

i very rarely use my MacBookPro away from home (scared of loosing it, LOL) almost all the time it is plugged into the mains 24/7, i just shut the lid when i am not using it. It is about 12 months old, but i notice that the battery meter never goes above 96%, does this mean the battery is on the way out and is going to get progressively worse ?I suppose it means the battery isnt going to last anywhere near 6 or 7 hours if i did unplug it from the mains? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), iPad 2, iPhone 4S

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MacBook :: Won't Start Without Being Plugged In, But Battery Says 53%

May 7, 2012

my macbook will not start unless its plugged in to a power source. if you unplug it while running, instead of switching to battery power, it shuts off. the battery is currently at 53%, so i do not know why it will not run on the battery.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Hardware :: Apple Rechargable Battery And Charging Level

Nov 18, 2010

I bought the Apple Rechargeable Battery kit and like the whole idea but have noticed that the batteries never seem to reach 'full' charge. I use them primarily in my Magic Mice and the Bluetooth link at the top of the screen never shows them having a 100% charge. It's usually in the 70 to 80% range.

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Hardware :: Magic Mouse Battery Level Inaccurately At 0%

Dec 7, 2009

My magic mouse keeps indicating that the battery level is at 0% even when I just put in some new batteries in it. Any insight into this issue? Should I exchange it. If I get the unit as part of an imac I got from the apple online store, would I be able to get it serviced at a retail location?

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IMac :: Wireless Keyboard Battery Level Not Changing?

Jan 14, 2010

Anyone else have this Mom has the new 21.5" iMac (base model) with the wireless keyboard. The Magic Mouse battery level changes, however the keyboard battery level stays at 100% all the time?

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MacBook :: System Plugged In But Battery Not Charging

Jun 2, 2008

I just noticed that my when I got my macbook plugged in, it's not charging. The icon is the one you got when it's plugged in (with the little fork-shaped thing in the middle), but instead of it saying 'charging' like when the battery isn't full, or 'charged', when it is, it just says 'Not Charging'. It's like it can see the magsafe connector inside, but the juice isn't coming through to the battery, even though the computer itself is powered by the charger since when I click on the power symbol I get 'Power source: Power adapter'.

Also, the magsafe connector itself isn't lit. It used to be green for a bit, but a much weaker green than normal, and before that it wasn't even lit--I've tried with three different wall outlets, one of which was outside my house where I usually use it (it was in a starbucks). Also, when I disconnected the magsafe to get a reading for the battery, it was only 1:35, even though the magsafe light was green (albeit a weak green). If it matters, I'm running 10.5.3. The macbook is still fairly new, bought mid-december, all updates current as I got it set to checking daily and install the minute I get the notice.

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MacBook :: Not Charging Battery Status When Plugged In?

Feb 15, 2009

My aluminum unibody MacBook is plugged in to the power adapter and the light on the adapter is green. The battery status indicator says "Not Charging." What do I do?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery - Should Keep It Plugged In When Its Full Or Should Let It Drain

Jun 22, 2009

I looked around and I find varying opinions. My laptop is mostly at home. Should I keep it plugged in when its full or should I let it drain? Please explain too.

Also, coconutBattery says I've used five cycles even though none of those were complete cycles. Is it just problems with the software or does it really count as a complete cycle?

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MacBook :: Leaving Laptop Plugged In Bad For Battery?

Feb 7, 2010

I've heard conflicting reports that leaving the laptop plugged lowers the battery life and that it is not true since it stops charging the battery. So is it bad to leave it plugged in all the time?

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MacBook Pro :: Laptop Won't Turn On Either Plugged Into Battery Or Not?

May 13, 2010

About a month ago I bought one of the new Macbook Pros, a 15 inch i7 version with highres matte screen.This morning I went to turn on my computer and I thought I had turned it off last night, but it turns out that I hadn't, so when I hit the start button it woke up and then promptly shut off. I haven't been able to get it to turn on since. Absolutely nothing happens when I push the start button, whether I have it plugged into battery power or not.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Fully Discharging While Plugged In

Jun 15, 2010

So today I was using my MBP that I got about a week ago and all of a sudden I got a low battery message. My MBP was plugged in at the time, and had been plugged in for about the last two days. AC adapter was plugged in and very hot i might add. MagSafe never got disconnected. After I clicked ok on the low battery message my MBP just started charging like I'd been using it on battery power and just plugged it in. I know there was no power outage or anything like that, all my computer stuff is plugged in to a UPS that beeps if it looses power and switches to the UPS battery power. I shut my MBP down when I went to work and when I came back it took a good min before it made the powering on noise and the apple appeared. I checked my battery health and capacity through the system profiler and the condition is normal and it has 7 cycles on it.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Draining While Plugged In And Idle?

Mar 9, 2012

This morning I set to work on my laptop as usual. I typically leave it plugged in while not moving around, and today was no exception. I h ave a 15" macbook I purchased in December of 2010, and it's currently running OS X 10.6.8, if that makes a difference.

Anyhow, when I started up my Macbook and set to work, the battery was fully charged (indicator read that it was fully charge, and that the power source was the power adapter). The power adapter light was green. I then stood up and did some work for roughly 2 hours away from the laptop. When Ieft, I put the display to sleep - In the background the machine was still running a webbrowser (reading an all-text page) and preview (a PDF was open). This is nothing out of the oridinary, and I do it all the time usually.

What was unusual was when I returned to my machine after 2 hours of idling (with the display asleep)  to find that my battery had been almost completely drained. The power adapter light was now orange, and the indicator showed that the battery was only 4% charged. The power source was still displayed as the power adapter.

I understand that during intense processses the Macbook will draw from the battery AND the power adapter - But my Macbook was simply idling! I can't fathom that a webbrowser and Preview would require THAT much draw for power. In fact, I've run my Macbook MUCH more intensely for much longer periods of time when running Final Cut and Adobe After Effects and NEVER seen this issue before.

Is this an indication of a failing battery? Ever since I noticed this, the charging time indicated has held steady at ~1:13 (that's been about a half an hour now). I don't know if the Macbook will discharge the battery completely every so often by itself, or if the battery is just failing and that's why it went from 100% to 4% in just under two hours while idle.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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