Mac Pro :: It Freezes Several Times A Day?

Jul 3, 2012

My Mac pro is running slowly and get the pinwheel often. It also freezes at least once a day.

Mac Pro, 2 hd one for mac one for windows

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IMac :: System Completely Freezes At Random Times

Feb 4, 2009

The last 2 days my iMac has completely frozen on me at random times. Frozen meaning, no mouse movement, no keyboard activity (caps lock not responding) and no OSX activity whatsoever. Temp at the time 41C, CPU Usage at 21% or smth, Fan speed at around 1200rpm. However, I don't get the infamous kernel panic error. I haven't changed anything hardware wise. I did have a couple of months ago the graphics glitch problem. Last software update was the iWork one. iMac is Aluminum 20' with C2D 2.4 and ATi 2600 Pro.

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MacBook Pro :: Safari Takes Time To Load Some Times It Just Freezes

May 18, 2012

My macbook pro is just year old when using safari it is slow and takes time to load pages and sometime it just freezez

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Pro :: Start Up Times And Booting Times?

Jul 21, 2006

17 inch Imac

1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor

6 seconds for shut down!

27 seconds for start up!

Is this normal? I had no applications running!

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Intel Mac :: Turns On But Just Beeps Three Times Stops Beeps More Times And Won't Start Up

Jun 16, 2012

My iMac turns on but just beeps three times stops beeps more times and won't start up


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OS X :: Did I Install SL 2 Times

Sep 2, 2009

Well i'm not going to bs anybody, i had the gm developers build, and today i bought the retail one. so i decided to install from dvd, but i never saw an option for "clean install" and now my next TM backup is tking 8gb, did i duplicate the folders or something similar? should i do clean install? and how?

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Mac Pro :: RAID5 / 6 Rebuilt Times?

Jan 2, 2011

I recently bought the Areca 1880ix-16 card and the backplane cable to hook to the mac pro internal drives - hooked up 4 x seagate ST32000644NS 2TB enterprise drives for an internal RAID5 with 6TB of space. Used the DX4 from transinternational to hook up my 2 SSD drives. The initial raid build time was just about 2 days (!) for the raid 5. Shortly after that I left town for a few days and came back to an alarm in my computer - one of the disks had dropped out. The rebuild time was again close to 2 days!. At thipoint I realized that if I was sitting there with that much data at risk for a 2 day rebuild, it would be agonizing and so I needed to go raid6 (which had been my goal from the start, but only 4 internal disks is very limiting). So I gave up on managing my storage internally and bought an istorage pro it8SAS external box connected by miniSAS cable. The raid5 had to complete the rebuild before it would let me expand to raid6. I added another seagate ST32000644NS 2TB enterprise drive (interestingly the drive that was originally listed as failed has caused no further problems at all) and expanded the raid to RAID6 with the same capacity but one extra drive for parity. The rebuild now has been going on for almost 48 hours and it's at 53% I had NO idea the rebuild times would be this long. I do have 2.3TB of data on the array, so I'm not sure if that prolongs it vs. an empty array. But just for others info, take into consideration these times when deciding what your own needs are - I bought a high end (AFAIK) raid card, running in a high end computer (mac pro 3ghz octocore with 16GB RAM) and quality enterprise drives, and it's still maddeningly slow to rebuild. Hopefully once it's up and running, this will all be forgotten, and if I ever have a drive fail, I know I can still lose another one without any data loss. RAID6 seems the only way to go given these times for rebuild. FWIW, I also put in another 3 drives - old 500gb drives I had sitting around and built a secondary RAID5 array since I had the space, that completed in around 36 hours or so, and was done during the original raid5 rebuild.

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OS X :: Mail - Server Times Out

Mar 5, 2007

I access my GMail account via POP with Apple's Mail client. The past couple of times I've tried to send an e-mail have resulted in an error message saying "The message could not be delivered and will remain in your Outbox until it can be delivered. The connection to the server [URL] on port 25 timed out." I know I have my account set up right, as I've been using it like this for years. I went into GMail in Safari and could send a message fine.

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OS X :: Increasing Boot Times?

Feb 11, 2009

I've been using my mac religiously on a daily basis for almost a year now. I have noticed that progressively the boot time and shut down time is getting longer and longer. And I understand as I install programs and use the laptop more, it's going to get slower and slower but right now the boot time and shut down time is more than I would expect.

For boot up, the only applications that open on login is Mail and Quicksilver.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the boot and shut down times?

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Mac Pro :: Chime 5 Times When Booting Up?

Feb 14, 2012

For the last two days, my Mac Pro chimes 5 times when booting up. As far as I can tell, it's booting up fine and everything seems to be running OK.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: Sometimes It Chimes Several Times

Mar 5, 2012

Sometimes my Imac (mid 2011) starts chiming; this can happen on waking up, or while it is sending email; I haven't spotted a pattern yet. It has been happening more often lately.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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Mac Pro :: Keep It Plugged In All Times While Working On It?

Mar 20, 2012

Can I keep my MacBook pro plugged in all day and run music on it without draining the battery life/ lasting?

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IMac PPC :: Have To Restart Several Times To Get It To Come Up

Jun 30, 2012

I'm suspicious it's something to do with the power supply because after about 4 reboots where I hold the power button down until a horn beeps, it will start. It first only boots to white screen...reboot...comes up to white screen with Apple in middle...reboot...comes up to blue fine and operates fine.   I do notice that it reboots every once in awhile for no apparent reason. 

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How Many Times Can Install OS X Lion

Jul 6, 2012

I got an iMac last year and got the free download of Lion as a result of this purchase. Just wondering how many licenses I have with that, or is it unlimited?

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OS X :: Loads Webpages Slow Or Times Out?

Sep 27, 2010

I have a MacBook Pro with bootcamp and Windows 7 as well as OS X (unsure of version number at this moment, but think its 10.5). On the Windows 7 side, webpages load quickly in both Firefox 3.6.10 and Internet Explorer 8.0 and I rarely have trouble. On the MAC side, webpages are often unbearably slow to load and often do not load at all or time out or stop halfway through loading. This is both occurring in Firefox (latest version) and Safari (latest version).

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IMac :: Hardware - Beeping Nine Times ?

Nov 28, 2010

The mac in question is a late 2009 27" iMac 2.8Ghz i7, with the stock HD, and graphics options. With 2x 2GB sticks of Apple RAM, and a further 2x 2GB sticks of Kingston RAM. The machine was purchased in March, and has worked flawlessly until 10.6.5

The machine is still in Warrenty, I can take it in if I need to.. but here in Holland that usually means it has to stay in shop for over a week. The closest place to our residence is a long distance and.. yeah, it's just not easy, it really is a last resort.

When we updated it to 10.6.5, it required a restart. Upon restarting it beeped for a number of minutes before it started restarting itself and beeping numerous times before it loaded the operating system. This was two weeks ago.

Since then, when she has tried to boot it it has either:
A) Beeped 9 times, 3 short - 3 long - 3 short;
B) Booted normally without issue.

When "A" happened, she's been turning it off and waiting for a few minutes before trying again. If it did not load first time - after a few attempts, it always booted.

Yesterday I finally had some time to take a look at the problem, and discovered that 9 beeps means there is a hardware issue. Most likely a RAM issue.

I checked the "About this mac" and "more info.." area's of her computer and saw nothing unusual. The machine recognised every part including all 8GBs of RAM.

I looked into information regarding faulty firmware and found nothing solid - so I left it alone.

Today we found that the machine does not boot up at all. Waiting any length of time and trying to boot the machine up again does not result in a successful boot.

I then took the following steps - and got the following results:

-I removed all 3rd party RAM, and booted - received the same 9 beeps.
-Moved the stock Apple RAM into the upper slots - received a single long beep repeatedly. (No RAM detected?)
-Replaced the Apple RAM in the lower slots (where it has always been) - received the same 9 beeps..

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MacBook :: Beeps 3 Times But Does Not Turn On

Jul 15, 2008

So I was on my MacBook and all of a sudden the screen gets some weird lines on it and then freezes. I turn it off and turn it back on and I get a black screen and 3 short beeps and it keeps going. Well I called apple and they said it is a hardware issue. I goggled it and found it is a memory issue (maybe).

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Applications :: Contacted Adobe 4 Times Without Getting Any Help?

Jan 15, 2009

I'm recently purchased CS4 and when I attempt to install it on my imac, I receive the following error.I've contacted Adobe 4 times without getting any help in resolving the problem...all they do is pass me from person to person.Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

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OS X :: Desktop Refreshes Several Times After Startup

Jan 17, 2009

When I start/restart my mac os x 10.5.5 (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) the desktop refreshes several times before going back to the pale blue screen and then refreshing a final time. The mouse is then sluggish and/or jumps sporadically.

What I've tried:
AppleCare, Apple Hardware, Onyx

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OS X :: Motherboard Is Shutting Off At Random Times

Apr 11, 2009

I have an old HP Pavilion 700 that I am having trouble with. A few months ago, I replaced its power supply because the fan inside of it would start up for about a second and then shut off. The problem I am having now is the fan (shown in pic) connected to the motherboard is shutting off at random times and causes the external display to go blank. But the fan inside the power supply will always stay on though. Sometimes, I can get the computer completely booted up for about 10 minutes and use it just like normal before this happens. Other times, I can only get as far as the startup screen before the fan and screen shut off.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Beeps 3 Times?

Apr 20, 2009

For some reason my iBook froze up, so I held the power button til it went off, then started it back up and now it just beeps 3 times and nothing, what is wrong with it?

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MacBook Air :: What Is Application Loading Times

May 23, 2009

i have spent roughly half my life (or it just feels like it) deciding between these three notebooks and i know all the advantages, disadvantages, problems, etc but i would love to know how the loading times for various applications vary between the three. Someone here said that the rev b takes about 25% longer to open an application than the macbook. How accurate is this? So basically if anyone can tell me how long any app takes to load on their macbook air or unibody it would be a gr8 help (i know i can live with all of the airs other disadvantages but this hasnt been talked about too much).

btw a ssd is not an option and obviously the macbook is gonna be faster than the air, im just wondering how much faster

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MacBook Pro :: Freezing Up Randomly (20 Times Per Day)

Jul 11, 2009

I bought a MacBook Pro a few weeks ago about a week after they came out. It's the 13 inch 2.26GHz model. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed it freezing up randomly at times. I have heard that bluetooth keyboards and mouse devices may cause the problem, but I have disabled both and it still freezes up.

About 5 days ago, I ran TechTool Deluxe and it came up that the Video RAM failed, so I restarted, tested again and it didn't show the message again. I don't have that much programs open, probably Microsoft Word, Firefox, iTunes and Safari. I've also tried Disk Utility, nothing. It is getting very annoying and it happens just at random times and it happens about 20 times per day.

If I have to send this in for repair, I will be really disappointed. My first iMac had to be brought in for repair. My iPhone has been in for repair three times and I really am thinking Apple is just failing on me.

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PowerPC :: G5 Having Kernel Panics 3 To 4 Times A Day

Jul 24, 2009

The computer I am having problems with is a Mac Dual 2.7 Ghz Power PC G5 with 3.75 GB DDR SDRAM. Moved premises at start of year - had to have a new ethernet adapter card fitted but no problems for about 4 months. Then it started having Kernel Panics. It got to the stage where at one time it was 3 to 4 times a day. Took it to a local repair shop who put it on test but said they couldn't find a problem. Within 10 minutes of my switching it on it went again. They changed a memory board. Still no change. Changed Ethernet adapter card. Still no change. I have a print out of the latest system & console logs I can email if that will help an expert.

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OS X :: Can't Connect To Internet During Specific Times

Jul 25, 2009

I can't connect to the internet from 8 pm to 8 am because my parens are turning my internet off. No i'm not a little kid or anything, besides nobody would give a little kid a laptop. i have an v10.5.7 2 Ghz intel core 2 duo macbook. I don't know how my parents are automatically turning off the internet at exactly 8 pm then turning it on at 8 am. And it is just my laptop because my brother can connect to the same network after 8. How is she doing this and is there a way to connect? also, if i restore my laptop to factory settings, would it change the IP address?

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Applications :: IP Refreshing Too Many Times Per Minute

Feb 19, 2010

Is there any way to monitor this and find out which program is causing it? I don't use Limewire or any other type of file sharing software. Every once in a while I'll see a slight spike (between 500-800KB/S) in bandwidth for no real reason, then my IP gets blocked. How do I find out what's going on behind the scenes?

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MacBook Pro :: Left Fan Goes Crazy A Many Times During The Day?

Apr 11, 2010

I've noticed (actually the past few months, but it never really annoyed me until recently), that my left fan will spin really fast and very loud a few times during the day at random moments. Sometimes I will leave my computer for a few minutes, and it won't be doing anything difficult (just finder, or something not cpu intensive), and it will be blowing like crazy when I come back. These "episodes" last for a few minutes and then return to normal. Activity monitor shows that my cpu is barely being used, so nothing is taxing the system. Weirdly enough, when this happens, istat says the fan is at 0 RPM, yet it is very loud. I cleaned out my fans with a little keyboard vacuum to make sure there was not dust stuck in their, but it still makes those fan noises occasionally. I even did the Apple hardware test, and nothing showed up. I have a late 08 MBP.

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OS X :: Quick Times Burn DVDs?

Jun 5, 2010

Can I use quick times 6.5 to burn�coppy dvd�s�

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OS X :: Time Machine - Does The HD Have To Be Connect At All Times

Jul 17, 2010

I do backups the old fashion way of dumping everything onto a HD from time to time. I'm thinking of going the Time Machine route. I'm wondering if the HD you are using for backup has to be connect to your computer at all times for time machine to work.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Stops A Few Times During A Session?

Feb 21, 2012

Wifi is nog working with Lion. it stops a few times during a session......

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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