Laptops :: MacBook Gets Hot And The Fan Runs Full-speed When Idle?

Oct 19, 2008

I have an early 2008 Black MacBook with 4GB of RAM and the stock 160GB hard drive. Sometimes, when I have only Mail and Safari open and am just browsing emails, the fan starts to run full speed, and the internal temperature reaches 180. This often happens when the Mac is actually idle and only displaying the screen saver! The room I'm in is rarely over 75 when this occurs. I don't really have any intensive login services, just a GMail notifier and things like Suitcase and iTunes Manager.

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MacBook Air :: Fan Runs At Full Speed?

Aug 21, 2014

Air book fan runs at full speed

MacBook Air

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Intel Mac :: Fan Runs At Full Speed On Start Up Of It?

Jun 7, 2012

Our iMac is 18 months old and three times in the last few months the fan has switched on at full speed as soon as I press the power button.  If I disconnect the computer from the power source and turn it upside down before reconnecting and starting it up, the fan will then work normally.  Has anyone else had this problem? I guess the answer is to take it to a service centre, but I thought I would see if there is a simple resolution to the problem first. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Power Mac G5 :: X800 Fan Runs At Full Speed All The Time

Dec 30, 2007

I recently purchased an X800 and installed in my G5 1.8DP (OS X 10.4.9) with the intention of having something to drive my shiney new 30" Cinema display. All booted fine and, in glorious wide-o-vision, I spent the next 30 mins playing with all of this extra screen real-estate. At that point, I started to notice that things were not as quiet as I'd initially anticipated.

In fact, the amount of fan noise was so high that I'm not going to be able to use the new card as the machine is part of a project recording studio installation. Doh! So, a quick trawl of the ATI web site lead me to the ROM updates claiming to address fan speed control.

Update to the most recent version of the ROM and no change. Similarly, I've installed the most recent version of teh ATI control panel.

Odd as other people seem to be saying that they're not experiencing the same problem. And strangely, the GFX card fan runs at a low "normal" speed in Safe Boot mode whilst installing the ROM updates.

G5 1.8DP + Macbook Pro

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IMac (Intel) :: Fan Runs Full Speed On Shut Down

Aug 27, 2014

My iMac runs perfectly fine; more or less as it did when it was new. In OS X, when I shut down the computer, the fan runs at full speed indefinitely, unless I unplug it or boot back up.  When running, the fan is perfectly normal (increases speed a bit when doing something taxing).  I've never heard it at full speed before until this started happening.  After following the SMC reset procedure with no luck (I'd like to add that the SMC reset only says it relates to fan problems when the computer is ON), I searched a bit and noticed there are one or two cases where a problem like mine was believed to be a motherboard issue, and therefore a costly fix. 

However, here's the fun part. When booted into Windows 8.1, shutting down the iMac does not cause this issue to occur.  It stays silent, as it should, even if I disconnect then reconnect the power.  This leads me to believe it's unlikely to be a motherboard issue.  However I've wiped, restored, and reinstalled fresh copies of Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Windows 8.1, and the result is still the same: if I don't want to have to unplug it from the wall, then I have to use Windows to shut it down. 

So then, my questions are these:

-What is the difference between shutting down from OS X and shutting down from Windows?

-Is an operating system allowed/able to touch BIOS settings?

-Is it possible to still be a hardware problem, given this difference? 

My default OS is OS X, and it makes no difference if I change that to Windows.  I also did a PRAM reset, even though that has nothing to do with fans...

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: On Idle, Fan Runs At 2K RPM Only?

Dec 5, 2009

I just bought a 13 inches alum macbook pro...I'm wondering why does it run @ 2K rpm even when my comp is freezing ( like 25C)...I used to own a white macbook and most of the times it was running @ 1K..Never saw my new macbook with less than 2K rpm...With 2K, I can hear the fans so it's a little annoying

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Laptops :: MacBook OS 10.6.2 - Fan Runs Almost Continuously

Dec 29, 2009

I have seen this question answered before but can't find it in the archives. Almost immediately after starting to use the laptop the fan starts running and doesn't quit until you put it back to sleep or turn it off. Any ideas on why this is happening and is it harmful to the computer in the long run?

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Laptops :: MacBook Runs Hot When Using Windows

Aug 15, 2010

When I made the switch to the Mac world with a MacBook Pro, I needed to replace my old Microsoft Money for simple small business functions. I tried a number of Mac programs, and all were lacking. Fortora came close, but definitely no cigar. So I installed Windows 7 to permit me to run Quicken. Despite all the strong negative reviews, this program works well and is far ahead of all Mac financial software. Since I use Windows only for Quicken and for Audible Site, since iTunes does not play nice with my Sansa Clip.

I didn't want to divide up my 4 MB of RAM using virtualization software. So I use Boot Camp, and this solution works well for me. What was immediately obvious was that my Mac Book runs very hot when using Windows, where I do little more than use Quicken. So hot that I dare not set my machine on my lap. As soon as I reboot to the Mac OS, the machine cools down. My impression, although I have not really tested this, is that the battery also runs down faster on the Windows side.

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Laptops :: MacBook Pro Fan Runs High When Asleep?

Oct 25, 2010

MacBook Pro 2.16 Intel Core2Duo with 2 GB 667MHz SDRAM runs very quietly when being used. When left with lid closed overnight but still logged in, each AM the the fan is running loudly at high speed and the case is hot. As soon as I open it and it starts up, the fan quiets down and the case is cool in a few minutes. The temps range (when open and quiet) from 90-125 F for various components and the fan speeds are about 2000 RPM. Why should it run hot when closed and asleep.

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MacBook Pro :: 13 Fan Runs Constantly At High Speed?

Apr 14, 2012

From a cold startup my Macbook pro 13 fan runs continuously at high speed.

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Laptops :: Ibook G4 - Fan Runs And Black Screen

Jan 7, 2010

My ibook G4 turned itself off and when I tried to power it up the fan turns vigorously while the screen stays black. Thats it.

Prior to this I was doing some pretty heavy music importing and during that time the fan was going nuts (I then stopped importing)...also while it was charging it the past few nights the light on the connector would go out and it stopped charging while it was still plugged in. This was the first time it happened and it happened 2-3 times.

Like for most people my entire life is on that computer along with a very important document that I need to access ASAP. What could be the issue...not the logic board!

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MacBook Air :: Battery Gets Very Hot During Use And Doesn't Last Long, Fan Runs At High Speed

Jun 25, 2012

Macbook Air isn't a year old and I don't leave it plugged in ever. The battery might last 2 hours and gets very hot. In addition the fan runs at a very high speed. The computer won't shut down in a normal way. I have to hold the power button down to shut it off.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Hardware :: Adding A Webcam To Imac Desktop - High Speed Usb 2.0 Vs Full Speed

Dec 20, 2007

I am interested in adding a webcam to my desktop Imac (power pc)- Isight is no longer available- an option that I found is the Ecamm Image- but apparently it is USB and not firewire and it will only run with high speed usb- how do I know which type is on my computer? I checked system profiler but quite frankly wasn't sure of the designations.. does anyone have any experience with this camera, by the way? is USB 2.0 by definition "High Speed"?

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Hardware :: G4 Fan Runs At Max Speed From Startup

Jan 15, 2008

As stated on subject, the fan in my PBG4 runs at max speed from the laptop starts. I have tried to reset NVRAM, PRAM, PMU, but no luck. The laptop is not hot at all.

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Power Mac G5 :: Display Shows Gray Screen - Fan Runs High Speed ?

Oct 10, 2007

I purchased my PowerMac G5 in 2003 and no problems till now. My problem is that on startup, the display first shows gray screen with a globe in a white box flashing in the center of the screen. This continues for about 90 seconds --- then the globe in box icon changes to a small file folder icon with alternating face/question mark flashing in the file folder. At about the same time, the fan speeds up dramatically. The fan continues to run at this high speed for about 90 additional seconds, then the fan returns to normal speed, and the startup continues normally to the blue screen. Once startup is complete, computer runs okay. The whole process takes about 4 minutes.

PowerMac G5, 1.8 Ghz, OS X 10.2.8
Mac OS X (10.2.x)

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PowerPC :: G4 Ibook Dead - Blank Screen - Fan Runs On High Speed?

Nov 22, 2008

I purchased a used ibook from owc in January and have had it back to them twice for repairs. Lately, it stopped booting up again and they told me to use [URL] to take the mobo out and ship it to Arizona to have the solder refloated. I did and got it back, put it together and it would boot up, only to run for 15 minutes and shut down. Thinking I missed something, I dissasembled it today and reassembled it. Now it turns on with a blank screen, the fan runs on high, and it will go no further. I tried to reset the power manager, reset the p-ram, the hard drive is only a few months old and my brain is getting fried with frustration.

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Applications :: Speed Download Not Working Fine / System Runs Very Slow While Downloading

Jan 13, 2010

I need to find a better download management application than Speed Download. Whenever I run speed, and download more than one file at a time, my memory usage skyrockets and maxes out. System runs VERY sluggish, and i basically can't use my MBP until downloads are done.

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Laptops :: Is It Possible To Speed Up IBook Video

Apr 15, 2010

I've got an iBook G4, 1.2 GHz, OS 10.4.11, 125 gb HD, 1.2 GB RAM, usual 32 MB vram.Thing is, the video speed isn't quite what it used to be. YouTube vids used to run just fine, about 2-3 years ago. Now, of course, it's choppy at best. Ditto Hulu and pretty much any other online video.

I seem to recall something from years and years ago, back in the Classic days, of how you could let the graphics use regular RAM to supplement the vram, something like that - the end result being that it would play smoother than before, kind of a speed bump for the video.

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MacBook Pro :: Fans Run At Full Speed While Charging

Nov 4, 2010

I've got this weird problem with my late 07 SR 17'' MBP, after I plug in the Magsafe charger the fans start spining and in like 3 minutes they reach 6000 rpm (both of them) and stay that way until it's finishing the charge. I did the same exact tasks with my laptop charged and plugged in, and the fans stay around 2000 rpm, as opposed to when it's charging staying at full speed.

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MacBook Pro :: Full Fan Speed During In-built Chess?

Aug 21, 2014

I got my rMBP 15" mid-2014 model. It is equipped with an i7 cpu and 16 gb ram. 2 days ago, I fully charged my mac. Then, I began my work on a document. After working for 6 hours, I thought I'd take a break. At that time, 20% battery was left. I opened chess. Within 10 minutes into the game, my macbook's fan started roaring at full speed. I checked the activity moniter and saw sjeng (chess engine) using 100% cpu. Is this normal? Can chess really hog the cpu and force the fans to full speed on an i7?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does Fan Start On Full Speed Only When Watch Netlfix

Jun 22, 2014

I tested it out and the fan only turns on full speed when I start to watch Netflix.

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Laptops :: Burn A Full Length Film On Dvd From PC Using DVD Clone?

Sep 15, 2009

Can anyone explain to me why when I burn a full length film on dvd from my PC using DVD Clone, I can rip the dvd and burn it from the hard drive without compressing. A very simple process. But on the mac the dvd has to be ripped with MTR, or similar, then compressed, then burned using Toast or Popcorn or something similar. Why are these added steps not necessary on a PC. I don't understand.

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MacBook Pro :: Fans Running At Full Speed / Heat Sensors Are Fine?

Apr 14, 2010

So today I opened up my MBP to clean it out and stuff (it had a ton of dust... A wall of it had built up where the fans blow out)All is fine and dandy now except for one thing. Since I don't want to open my case up for the second time today (right fan wasn't plugged in all the way first time I started it up... oops x( ) I'm asking here since everything else seems to be fine.

What I did:
Opened everything up all the way down to the heatsink.Applied correct amount of Thermal paste.plugged everything back in (right fan wasn't perfect at first, but fixed and stupidly didn't double check everything else while I was in there)

And now both fans are running at 6k (full) constantly. I tried resetting PRAM and SMC with no luck. I'm about to grab my disk 1 and run the diagnosis to see if that turns up anything.Are there any plugs that I might have accidentally not plugged in all the way or at all that would cause this? Also any other suggestions if everything is plugged in correctly?

MacBook Pro 2,2 15.4" late '06
C2D 2.33GHz
2GB Ram

Also, I have iStat Menu. No apps using all my CPU (Mostly <10% usage right now) and temp is mostly <40c right now. All temps have a temperature so I'm assuming all heat sensors are fine.On a great note: My computer is so much cooler now! Even before this at 6k rpm I'd get down to MAYBE 45c if I was lucky.I also have Fan Control installed and it's not having any effect

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Power Mac G5 :: Full Speed Fan With Cover On - How To Know About It

Nov 4, 2007

My fans are running at full speed and it's getting really noisy when the plastic cover is on.

Its the two fans that you remove when accessing the memory slots that are causing all the noise, as soon as i remove the plastic cover they start to slow down.

g5 powermac 1.8 dual
Mac OS X (10.4.10)

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Mac Mini :: Fan On Full Speed + Front LED Off?

Feb 22, 2010

After resetting my Mac mini with the PMU reset it

- runs its fan on full speed
- the front (power) LED does not show anything
- SMC fan control shows "0�C" / "000rpm"

Any way how to fix that? I did a PRAM and PMU reset again, but no go.

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OS X :: CPU Fan Running At Full Speed All The Time

Mar 4, 2010

20'' Aluminium iMac, 2.4ghz, 4GB RAM, 2133.

My internal hard drive recently fatally crashed out so I replaced the hard drive with a nice big 1TB one. Since i put the machine back together and reinstalled OSX (Leopard 10.5), this fan has been going constantly:

The one you can see at the bottom there. I guess its the CPU

I installed the iStat widget to check what the temperatures were like inside. I got this back:

By this point I'm assuming the sensor/s is either disconnected or something worse, and the fan is being clever and safe by running all the time. So I open it up and check the connections which seem to be fine, but i give them a blow etc and THEN I got a reading on the temps, and the fan was working nice and calm. I closed her up, and typically, the problem started again.

I assumed that the case had something to do with it, pressing on the sensor or something. Which it wasn't.

I did all the things I did the first time again, but this time with no temperature readings at any stage.

Now I'm not sure what to do. The fan is running at full speed all the time and I have no temperature readings, save the two shown above. I also tried the application 'Temperature Monitor' with the same results.

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PowerPC :: G5 Fans Run Full Speed All The Time?

Sep 3, 2010

My step-son works for a company that uses a variety of computers in their test dept. and when they upgraded the test equipment they gave the old stuff to employees.My step-son is a dyed-in-the-wool PC guy who doesn't care for Macs so when he saw a G5 PPC sitting there he took it home and gave it to me.

It's a 2.0 GHz dual-processor with 8x AGP video. I checked it out and the only thing "wrong" with it is that someone has set up the fans, all of them, to run full-speed all the time.First, how did they most likely do that and, second, how can I return the fans to their normal operation. This can't be good for the computer and it's so loud and annoying that I'd rather use my G4.It's a great computer otherwise, I hope they didn't do something permanent that would require a new motherboard, that's not in my budget.

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Mac Pro :: Fans Running At Full Speed Non Stop

Mar 27, 2009

Brand new 2009 octo, with the 2.2x ghz CPUs. Turn it on, start NO apps. Let it sit idle. Within a few minutes the fans ramp up to FULL jet engine speed. I can't hear people on the telephone. And never stop. Let me reiterate that I am running NO apps. My load averages are in the zeros.

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Intel Mac :: Fans Running At Full Speed?

May 18, 2012

Machine: iMac intel core 2  2.66Ghz Model A1224

sn# YM******ZE3 

Ran the hardware test by pressing 'D' key. hardware test came back with error :4SN/1/40000000: T00P-65.250 

I am guessing some sort of temp sensor might need replacing. 


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OS X :: IMac Fans Running At Full Speed - Reset SMC?

Feb 28, 2009

I've got a little problem with my iMac 24" 2.8 GHz Nvidia Geforce 8800GS 500GB. When I start it up, the fans start blowing at full speed. I checked the apple support page for support and found my problem with all the symptoms being correct. The support said I had to reset the SMC by shutting down the iMac, then removing the power cord and all the other one's, wait 15 seconds and then put the power cord and the other one's in respectively. I did this almost 10 times, but my iMac still won't stop making those annoying noises. Maybe it has to do with the SMC fancontrol app my brother installed lately.

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