Hardware :: Can An Airport Express Extend Range Of Airport Extreme?

Oct 11, 2009

Can it? If it can, would Airtunes still work like normal.

In other words, can I be connected to my Airport EXTREME and Airtunes would still work since the Airport EXTREME and EXPRESS are using the same network wifi-name (the Express is just extending the Extreme's range).

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Hardware :: How To Use Airport Express With It To Extend Network Or Still Need The Extreme

Aug 16, 2009

Can the new Time Capsule be used as a stand alone router or do I have to connect it to my existing Sky router?
I believe people on here call it bridging.

Can I use Airport express with it to extend my network or will I still need the Extreme?

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Hardware :: Running AirPort Extreme As Base - Express To Extend Coverage?

Apr 2, 2009

Is it possible to run or are some of you running on airport extreme as your base and then using an express to extend the coverage of your Wifi?

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Hardware :: Is There An Antenna To Extend Range Of Airport Reception?

Jan 27, 2008

We use our MacBook Pro in our RV, usually in campgrounds with wifi. Often we're not near the transmitter, and the signal is unusable.

We've seen Yagi antennas on other RV's, and wonder how one of these might be used with our Mac. Specifically, what do I need to connect such an antenna to the Mac?

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Not Forwarding Airdisk To Connected Airport Express Network?

Apr 25, 2010

I have an Airport Extreme, with two USB hard drives connected to it. The Airport Extreme shares these disks to my wireless network via Airport Disks.

Upstairs I have an Airport Express, that wirelessly connects to my Airport Extreme downstairs, and extends the wireless network so I get a good wireless reception upstairs.

My problem is, that it does not seem like me Airport Express does a good job of forwarding my 2 USB Airport Disks to the extended wireless network upstairs.

For example, when I use the AirVideo iPhone app to stream video from my USB Airport Disks I get a server connection error when I go upstairs and the iPad/iPhone switches to the Airport Express networks. I cannot reconnect as long as it is on the Airport Express network. If I turn the airport Express off, and thus switch to the poor wireless reception from the Airport Extreme, I can connect to the USB Airport disks again.

The Airport Express is connected to the Airport Extreme in bridged mode.

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Hardware :: Can Airport Express/Airport Extreme Host More Than One USB Device?

Jan 29, 2009

Just a question for those who have used the Airports. Can a USB hub be used to expand the number of devices the Airport can use? i.e., an external hd, a laserjet, and an inkjet.

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Hardware :: Setting Up Airport Express Through Airport Extreme?

Mar 9, 2010

I currently have the apple extreme as my wireless router. It works great. I absolutely love it. I have two macbook pro's (wife and I both have one) and use it for my PS3 and Xbox 360. I started a new job and was given a free HP desktop (not my choice, but hey, it's free, so what can I say). The desktop is not wireless and I am not able to put my computer near the airport extreme because my TV already owns that territory. Today I bought the Airport express to use as a bridge (and other things in the future). I have plugged it in. I opened the airport utility using my macbook. It finds my extreme and my express. I select that I want to set up the express. I select that I want to set it up using an existing wireless network. I select my airport extreme. It tells me that it has to restart the express. I wait approximately 3 minutes. It then tells me that the settings to the express have been changed but it's not able to find it.

My main goal is to use the express as a bridge. I have the express plugged in beside the desktop and want to run an ethernet cable from the express to the desktop to allow for wireless capability.

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Hardware :: Airport Express Vs Airport Extreme

Feb 13, 2010

I am upgrading from a g wireless router to an n. I have a Belkin right now that I hate. Neither I, on a mac, nor my roommate, on a PC, can get a consistent connection on it. Needless to say it's going back and I want to get an express or an extreme. I had actually bought an Airport Extreme first and it was lightening fast, but I was told that the Express was just as fast, so I went to exchange. The guy at BestBuy told me the Belkin was cheaper and just as fast, so I bought it. I would really like this to be my last trip to the store for a router. Do I need to shell out for the Extreme or is the Express just as fast if all you need is an n router?

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OS X :: Setting Up Airport Extreme As Range Extender?

Mar 29, 2009

On the Bestbuy website they market the airport extreme as having the capability to become a range extender and the guy in the store said it would work with a linksys. The Linksys is a WRT150N. I have the airport extreme set-up in my room and it has a solid green light. When I go into the set-up for it I click join network and It sees the linksys and I select it and it says everything is working fine but it stays on the green light and the signal isn't being extended.

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OS X :: Using Airport Express With Extend Network - Ethernet

Apr 17, 2009

When i try to extend my network with my Airport Express it creates another wireless network, wich is not what i want.

I have a Leve1 router as my main, connected to my modem.

My airport express is connected to the network with a CAT5 ethernet cable.

I use the setup in Aiport Utility and choose:
I Want Airport Express to join my current network ->
I want to connect AirPort Express to my network using Ethernet to extend my current netork or create a second network ->
I choose my network on the list and click continue ->
I want to connect AirPort Express to my network using Ethernet to extend my existing wireless network ->

And then it doenst join my network, but creates a new called Apple Network 00a133..

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Hardware :: How To Use Airport Express To Extend Wireless

Jul 8, 2009

I am thinking about buying an airport express to extend the wireless coverage in my house.

I have a wireless router, however the signal does not quite reach the other side of the house. At the moment I use some network over mains equipment, like [URL], to connect a desktop up at the other side of the house.

I was wondering if I will be able to connect an airport express up to one of these power line adapters and use it in conjunction with the other wireless.

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Hardware :: Using AirPort Express As Client / Range Extender

Sep 29, 2010

So, first time setting up an Airport Express. I had read that the Airport Express can be used as a range extender so I figure I'd give it a shot. Using the Airport Utility, I followed the directions to set it up to "connect to my current wireless network". It found my SSID and I was able to put my password there too. I had named the Airport Express "iqwertyi Extended". Everything looks fine, now my question is, am I suppose to see this SSID?

Or am I only supposed to see the original router "iqwertyi"? The reason I ask is that I don't see the new "iqwertyi Extended" SSID and connecting to the original "iqwertyi" on the other side of the house doesn't seem to have a better connection. I had plugged in the Airport Express in the middle of the house, but not sure if I set this up properly.

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Hardware :: How Extending Range With Airport Express Works

Oct 11, 2009

I recently bought an airport express for itunes music and a print server. I have it setup as a client and once in a while i have audio drop out and itunes stops responding. I never have this problem when only playing through the laptop speakers.

the setup is a belking wireless router, nas hardwired to the belkin, ae client and wireless laptop all wireless g.

i thought about using the ae as an extender hoping this proble would go away but do I have to tell the laptop which router it would be hooked to if the se is an extender?

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OS X :: Airport Extreme Card, Linksys G Wireless -- No Range?

Jun 10, 2009

I'm lucky if I can get more than five feet away from my Linksys wireless-G router before the Airport Extreme says it's getting no bars. My son also has an Airport Extreme card in his iMac; connection is always iffy, even though his computer is barely four feet from the router.

Do I need a wireless-N router? Is there no backwards compatibility here (e.g. shouldn't a wireless-G router be able to work with wireless-N Airport Extreme cards?)

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Hardware :: How To Extend Multi Ssid (N And G) With Airport Express

Dec 14, 2010

we have time capsule and airport express. TC wifi protocols N and G.

and i want to extend two protocol with airport express.

but, Airport express extend only G protocol when I extend.

how to extend multi ssid (N & G) with airport express ?

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Hardware :: Possible To Extend Wired LAN From Linksys To AirPort Express

Jul 10, 2009

I'm trying to figure out the possibilities of the Airport Express. I have tried to draw up what I want and would like to know if t is possible. I want to use the Airport express as a frontend unit because of he ability to use AirTunes. Unfortunately my HDX 1000 is not wireless (NMT to play media to my TV from my NAS). Is it possible to extend the wired LAN from my Linksys to the AE and by that enable my HDX 1000 to play content from my NAS?

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Software :: Airport Express Doesn't Extend Network?

Sep 18, 2009

Is it possible to extend my wifi network with my Airport express, knowing that my airport express is not connected by ethernet ?

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Hardware :: Using Airport Express To Extend Wifi From Time Capsule?

Sep 13, 2010

Sorry if this question has been asked many times before - I tried running numerous searches, but it's been difficult to find a straightforward answer to my predicament.

I have a time capsule and an airport express. I would like to extend the range of my wifi network as my modem (attached to the time capsule) is on the third floor of my home and I'd like to improve the strength of my internet connection to the lower floors. I've tried to set-up airport express (located on the 2nd floor, but initially set-up near my time capsule) and the time capsule with the extend range options, but my airport express doesn't seem to improve the range of the wifi. I tested my internet speed by running the test away from airport express, near airport express and with my laptop connected to airport express via ethernet. In fact, connecting the laptop to airport express seems to produce the slowest download speed and being near airport express does not seem to provide faster download speeds.

Can someone point me to straightforward instructions where I can setup airport express to extend the range of my wifi network that uses time capsule? Also, how will I know that airport express is extending my range? When I view my wireless networks, should I see my airport express as one of the wireless networks that I can connect to?

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Hardware :: Can I Use An Airport Express To Extend A Network Using A Bwrg500 Router?

Jun 11, 2010

Can I use my Airport Express to extend my wireless network while using a Bountiful BWRG500 wireless router?


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Hardware :: Apple Airport Extreme MB763LL/A, Can Use Two Of These To Extend My Network?

Oct 12, 2009

I made an addition on my house and the reception in the new area is weak, can I purchase two MB763LL/A wifi units and then have them talk to each other (I can run a cable between the two units if that speeds up the network, currently the sheetrock is not installed on the addition).

Warm regards,
David Cappell

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Hardware :: Can Airport Express Join Or Extend Existing Network Created By Other Router?

Jan 18, 2009

my router is linksys and i want to let my airport express join the network created by linksys wirelessly, would that be done? i was told at apple store that airport can extend existing network, what the problem is?

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Hardware :: Time Capsule (Base Station) / Airport Express (Range Extender) Setup

Mar 24, 2008

I picked up a Time Capsule 500GB and an AirPort Express 802.11n today. I am trying to setup my network as follows.
Time Capsule as base station
AirPort Express as as range extender

I would also like to set up the AirPort Express to use it's ethernet port to provide internet for my DirecTV HR20 HD DVR. I've currently got everything connected and running, and the HR20 gets an IP address, however, it says that there is no internet connection.

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OS X :: What Does AirPort Extreme / Express Do

Jun 13, 2005

Can anyone explain to me Airport Extreme and Airport Express and their functions?

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OS X :: Airport Extreme & Express ?

Feb 16, 2009

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station and a Airport Express sitting in boxes, never being used.
Our house is already equipped with wireless connection through our DSL and Linksys router. (was in place when I moved in)

I was thinking of getting a time capsule for back up, but not sure if I could get it up and running with the Linksys or not.

Can I use my Express as an extender for using my laptop in the backyard? will it talk nicely with the Linksys?

What are your suggestions/opinions? I hate to see my beautiful Apple products sitting in boxes.

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Hardware :: Having AirPort Express - Need To Get Extreme?

Apr 20, 2009

I need to be able to plug in an ojo internet video phone into my existing system. Problem is there's not an ethernet wired out connection on the airport express. Can I buy a router and hook it directly to my cable modem, then hook my airport express into that wired router or will that cause issues for my airport express?

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Hardware :: Using AirPort Extreme With Express?

Aug 1, 2009

I use both an Extreme for its dual band capabilities, as well as an Express to make use of AirTunes. I've recently moved into an apartment that has caused me to have to rearrange how certain things are set up. Before I had the cable modem plugged into my Extreme, but due to where everything is now it would be more practical for it to be plugged into the Express. Does this matter? Will I be able to use the extra features of the Extreme if it is just the 'extra' router on the network? Or does the modem need to be plugged into the 'main' (Extreme) router?

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme On 5.0 And Express On 2.4?

Dec 30, 2009

Just wondering if this will work. I have a non-dual band "n" AEBS that does EITHER 2.4 or 5.0 GHz. I'd like to set the AEBS to 5.0 GHz and have my 3 AX connect to it for use with Airtunes. So far, no problem. However, can I setup a fourth AX to host for a 2.4 GHz network and allow my iPhone to connect to it and in turn control a laptop that is connected wireless to the 5.0 GHz network. I think I'd have to setup 2 different subnets, but am not sure if the devices would then be able to see each other? I was going to buy the latest dual band AEBS, but I've been reading about many problems with the 5.0 GHz range.

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Hardware :: WDS Using AirPort Express / To Extreme

Apr 29, 2010

Is anyone using an ap extreme to extend their network using express as a relay [wds] to and extreme. If so how is is working out for you. I am thinking about getting a new express I have the 1gen express and having issues using it to the new extreme, but before I plunk down the $$$$$ I'd like to get some feedback.

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Hardware :: Combining An Airport Express And Extreme?

Sep 2, 2010

I currently have an Airport Extreme as my router. I would like to be able to wirelessly play music over my stereo, and therefore would like to purchase an Airport Express to achieve this functionality. If I were to add the AP Express to the network, would it act just as an access point and therefore I could play music wirelessly from my network? Or would it want to create a second network SSID and therefore I would have to switch between networks to play music etc?

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Hardware :: WDS - Extreme Paired With Three AirPort Express?

Oct 14, 2010

So I have recently set up (and eventually got working!!) an Extreme paired with three Airport Express units as well as an Apple TV (latest Generation). Only problem I have is that in one of my rooms (the one furthest away from the Extreme) the Express is struggling a bit and on Air Tunes the signal drops out quite frequently when playing music. So I am considering adding another "wired" Extreme upstairs to this room to cover that end of the house. In addition I was thinking of putting another Express in my sons room - to also cover the garden.

My question is - is there a limit to the number of units you can have talking to one another _ I think they are working in WDS configuration (the wizard took care of it eventually so I don't know for sure) - and I am sure i read somewhere that you can only have 5 devices running in a WDS network? Would the Apple TV be classed as a device or is that simply a wireless client?

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