Hardware :: Airport Extreme Not Forwarding Airdisk To Connected Airport Express Network?

Apr 25, 2010

I have an Airport Extreme, with two USB hard drives connected to it. The Airport Extreme shares these disks to my wireless network via Airport Disks.

Upstairs I have an Airport Express, that wirelessly connects to my Airport Extreme downstairs, and extends the wireless network so I get a good wireless reception upstairs.

My problem is, that it does not seem like me Airport Express does a good job of forwarding my 2 USB Airport Disks to the extended wireless network upstairs.

For example, when I use the AirVideo iPhone app to stream video from my USB Airport Disks I get a server connection error when I go upstairs and the iPad/iPhone switches to the Airport Express networks. I cannot reconnect as long as it is on the Airport Express network. If I turn the airport Express off, and thus switch to the poor wireless reception from the Airport Extreme, I can connect to the USB Airport disks again.

The Airport Express is connected to the Airport Extreme in bridged mode.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme (Wireless N) Join Express Connected To Internet?

Mar 22, 2010

I have an Airport Extreme Wireless N router (the previous rev that does not have guest network), and an Airport Express Wireless N. My cable modem is, unfortunately, not in the same place where I need my router, since I want to hook my desktop, ethernet printer, and other devices up to the airport extreme router. So, is it possible for me to hook my cable modem up to the Airport Extreme via ethernet, and then somehow connect my Airport Express router to that to get out to the net? I want my laptop to join the router, not the Airport Express, so I can gain access to my printer and files on my server hooked up to that router while still maintaining an internet connection.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme And Express On Same Network?

Feb 15, 2009

I already have an airport extreme to go along with my new alum macbook. But my wife's pc laptop and my iphone are only G wireless and not N so when they are in use it slows the network way down. If I bought an airport express could I link them together on the same network (to share printer and HD on the extreme) and have one handle the N traffic and one handle the G traffic?

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OS X :: Network - Comcast - Ethernet - AirPort Express / Extreme?

Jun 21, 2009

I finally convinced a friend to get a Mac and bragged about how easy everything works. He got a new iMac (loves it!) and signed up for Comcast High Speed Internet. Now there is a new MacBook in the house so I explained that all he would need is the AirPort Express in order to share the internet wirelessly for both Mac's. I went to set it up and I screwed everything up, after hours of work I not only couldn't get the Express working, I had to leave him without even ethernet internet. That's really all the info about his setup I have at the moment. So I came home to examine my own setup which is very similar: we both have the same Comcast modem (Arris TM502G) except I have an AEBS and he has a Express.

So I came home to examine my setup, it has been a while since I set mine up but its been flawless wirelessly (I never used the ethernet before). So, I plugged a ethernet cable in to the AEBS and connected my MBP. Works great. So I want to try to cut out the AEBS and just connect via ethernet from my MBP to the cable modem, that's where I start getting IP address problems. When an ethernet cable is connected to the AEBS my IP address is and works fine. When I cut out the AEBS and try to run ethernet directly from my modem to my computer my IP Address changes to and I get an error message saying that "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect" and sure enough, I can't. Network Diagnostics tells me to configure via DHCP and restart the modem, still no luck. As I was searching tonight I came upon some discussion about Comcast limiting MAC addresses or something?

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Hardware :: How To Use Airport Express With It To Extend Network Or Still Need The Extreme

Aug 16, 2009

Can the new Time Capsule be used as a stand alone router or do I have to connect it to my existing Sky router?
I believe people on here call it bridging.

Can I use Airport express with it to extend my network or will I still need the Extreme?

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Hardware :: Wireless Printer Can Be Connected To Airport Express Network?

Sep 12, 2010

Question: Can a wireless printer 'join' an Airport Express Network? The printer in question is not near my router, can the printer join the network wirelessly so that I can print w/o a USB connection?

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Hardware :: Express Doesn't Expand An Airport Extreme Network?

May 1, 2010

I just bought 3 airports: 2 new double band Airports extreme and 1 "N" airport express.

I have one of the Airport Extreme #1 connected to the DSL router and have configured the network, both 5 and 2.4 I have the Airpot Extreme #2 to expand the signal of the network (I realized that the Airpot Extreme as a bridge it only can replicate one of the networks 5 or 2.4. Is replicatiog the 2.4 network).

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Hardware :: Unable To Set Up Airport Extreme AirDisk On PC (Win 7)

Dec 15, 2009

The Airport Extreme has been a joy to setup and use but have made no progress on setting up a shared disk.

I just picked up an early 2009 Airport Extreme and wanted to set up the disk through the USB port. When in Airport Utility, I can see the drive connected under the "Disks" tab--but this is as far as I can get setting it up. None of my PCs can see this drive at this stage--but the Airport Extreme obviously knows there's a drive connected.

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OS X :: Won't Work With AirPort Extreme, AirDisk And Backup

May 31, 2010

I am experimenting with two drives connected to my new AirPort Extreme. The first is for Time Machine, has been working well. The second is the experiment. The second drive is a storage drive that is usually attached to my iMac and is included in the Time Machine backups of the iMac. My question is if I decide to keep the storage drive on the AirPort then what would be the best way to keep it backed up? Could I run Carbon Copy Cloner from my laptop or would that just be a big mess? The goal would be to backup the storage drive to the other drive connected on the AirPort Extreme. I can live with the storage drive on my iMac if it is felt that this is a bad idea... just would be nice to be able to access the drive without having to have the iMac on... maybe I need to buy a less power consuming Mac Mini to be used as a server.

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Hardware :: Can Airport Express/Airport Extreme Host More Than One USB Device?

Jan 29, 2009

Just a question for those who have used the Airports. Can a USB hub be used to expand the number of devices the Airport can use? i.e., an external hd, a laserjet, and an inkjet.

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Hardware :: Can An Airport Express Extend Range Of Airport Extreme?

Oct 11, 2009

Can it? If it can, would Airtunes still work like normal.

In other words, can I be connected to my Airport EXTREME and Airtunes would still work since the Airport EXTREME and EXPRESS are using the same network wifi-name (the Express is just extending the Extreme's range).

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Hardware :: Setting Up Airport Express Through Airport Extreme?

Mar 9, 2010

I currently have the apple extreme as my wireless router. It works great. I absolutely love it. I have two macbook pro's (wife and I both have one) and use it for my PS3 and Xbox 360. I started a new job and was given a free HP desktop (not my choice, but hey, it's free, so what can I say). The desktop is not wireless and I am not able to put my computer near the airport extreme because my TV already owns that territory. Today I bought the Airport express to use as a bridge (and other things in the future). I have plugged it in. I opened the airport utility using my macbook. It finds my extreme and my express. I select that I want to set up the express. I select that I want to set it up using an existing wireless network. I select my airport extreme. It tells me that it has to restart the express. I wait approximately 3 minutes. It then tells me that the settings to the express have been changed but it's not able to find it.

My main goal is to use the express as a bridge. I have the express plugged in beside the desktop and want to run an ethernet cable from the express to the desktop to allow for wireless capability.

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OS X :: AirDisk And Airport Extreme / Can't Work With Partitions For Specified Users

Jun 16, 2010

I have an external drive connected to my AirPort Extreme Base Station; the drive has 3 partitions, and we have multiple Macs in the house. Is there a way to specify which partitions are available to which Mac? For example, I'd like partition #1 to be available only to Mac #1, and so on.

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Hardware :: Won't Work With Airport Extreme AirDisk / Sending Error

Feb 11, 2010

So around last week my airport has been giving me some problems first of all it allows me to connect to my airdisk for about 30 min, then after 30 min when I click it to use I get this error (Connection Failed)(The server ´┐ŻAirport´┐Ż may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.)

Im really confused it always worked without a problem and now I get this the way to fix it is to restart my airport but then after like 30 min I get the same error.. Its also impossible to do time machine backups as well unless I restart the router a bunch of time.

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OS X :: Airport Extreme Port Forwarding Options?

Sep 7, 2010

I have fibernet (fiber optic internet) I connect directly into the wall, no router. I have my airport extreme hooked up to the internet for wireless connections and my desktop connected into the back of the (router) airport extreme.I need to open ports

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Hardware :: Airport Express Vs Airport Extreme

Feb 13, 2010

I am upgrading from a g wireless router to an n. I have a Belkin right now that I hate. Neither I, on a mac, nor my roommate, on a PC, can get a consistent connection on it. Needless to say it's going back and I want to get an express or an extreme. I had actually bought an Airport Extreme first and it was lightening fast, but I was told that the Express was just as fast, so I went to exchange. The guy at BestBuy told me the Belkin was cheaper and just as fast, so I bought it. I would really like this to be my last trip to the store for a router. Do I need to shell out for the Extreme or is the Express just as fast if all you need is an n router?

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Hardware :: How To Open Port Forwarding On Airport Express

Jul 11, 2010

I have a Linksys and just switched to using an Airport Express for the wireless network. In order to use Desktop Connection (VNC) on my iPad I need to open the ports 5900 (Mac Pro) and 3389 (PC). In 1st pic is my Linksys setup that did this. In the 2nd, is this where I enter the ports (under Host or Tunnel) and what syntax for Address and Length? Or if this is the wrong place how do I do it?

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Applications :: UTorrent - Airport Extreme Port Forwarding

Mar 20, 2009

I recently got the new airport extreme base station and am having some trouble with port forwarding for uTorrent. I am using a MBP. So far I have done the following:1) Assigned a static IP of for my machine2) Within uTorrent | Preferences | Network, I assigned a port of 52003 for the "Incoming TCP Port" Sectio

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Port Forwarding AMule

Apr 3, 2009

Having issues with portforwarding on my new macbook aluminium using the airport extreme as my wireless router. Using the airport utility i scroll over to the port forwarding tab in my airport extreme. I dont know how im doing this wrong..i allow the ports that amule uses (port 4662 (TCP) and a few others for the kad network). Is it as simple as typing in 4662 in the public TCP and private TCP? I still obtain a low id and the online test provided by amule for the port 4662 doesnt succeed. Any help would be great.

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Hardware :: Is AirPort Express Router - Set Up Port Forwarding And Static IP's

Oct 28, 2005

I understand what it is used for and how it works (for the most part) but it is actually a router? Can I get into it's settings with a browser to set up port forwarding and static IP's, etc.? I am looking to replace my Dell TrueMobile wireless router and I want to make sure that I have the right idea about the AirPort Express before I buy.

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OS X :: Are Port Forwarding Settings Saved On The Airport Extreme Or The Attached Mac

Feb 18, 2010

I need up figure out how to set up forwarding for a few programs I use, however, the Mac I'm using at the moment will be replaced soon with a new one. So I'd like to know if port forwarding settings are saved on the Airport Extreme or the Mac connected to it. If it's saved on the Mac, then I would just wait till I get my replacement to set up port forwarding.

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OS X :: What Does AirPort Extreme / Express Do

Jun 13, 2005

Can anyone explain to me Airport Extreme and Airport Express and their functions?

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OS X :: Airport Extreme & Express ?

Feb 16, 2009

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station and a Airport Express sitting in boxes, never being used.
Our house is already equipped with wireless connection through our DSL and Linksys router. (was in place when I moved in)

I was thinking of getting a time capsule for back up, but not sure if I could get it up and running with the Linksys or not.

Can I use my Express as an extender for using my laptop in the backyard? will it talk nicely with the Linksys?

What are your suggestions/opinions? I hate to see my beautiful Apple products sitting in boxes.

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Hardware :: Having AirPort Express - Need To Get Extreme?

Apr 20, 2009

I need to be able to plug in an ojo internet video phone into my existing system. Problem is there's not an ethernet wired out connection on the airport express. Can I buy a router and hook it directly to my cable modem, then hook my airport express into that wired router or will that cause issues for my airport express?

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Hardware :: Using AirPort Extreme With Express?

Aug 1, 2009

I use both an Extreme for its dual band capabilities, as well as an Express to make use of AirTunes. I've recently moved into an apartment that has caused me to have to rearrange how certain things are set up. Before I had the cable modem plugged into my Extreme, but due to where everything is now it would be more practical for it to be plugged into the Express. Does this matter? Will I be able to use the extra features of the Extreme if it is just the 'extra' router on the network? Or does the modem need to be plugged into the 'main' (Extreme) router?

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Hardware :: AirPort Extreme On 5.0 And Express On 2.4?

Dec 30, 2009

Just wondering if this will work. I have a non-dual band "n" AEBS that does EITHER 2.4 or 5.0 GHz. I'd like to set the AEBS to 5.0 GHz and have my 3 AX connect to it for use with Airtunes. So far, no problem. However, can I setup a fourth AX to host for a 2.4 GHz network and allow my iPhone to connect to it and in turn control a laptop that is connected wireless to the 5.0 GHz network. I think I'd have to setup 2 different subnets, but am not sure if the devices would then be able to see each other? I was going to buy the latest dual band AEBS, but I've been reading about many problems with the 5.0 GHz range.

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Hardware :: WDS Using AirPort Express / To Extreme

Apr 29, 2010

Is anyone using an ap extreme to extend their network using express as a relay [wds] to and extreme. If so how is is working out for you. I am thinking about getting a new express I have the 1gen express and having issues using it to the new extreme, but before I plunk down the $$$$$ I'd like to get some feedback.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme Not Connected To Internet?

Jan 19, 2010

I have an airport extreme that was passed down to me when my aunt bought a time capsule. It has worked perfectly for nearly a year. I was out of town for a few weeks and came back to the amber blinking light. I use a cable modem to connect to the internet and a direct connection to my macbook pro works fine. I figured out how to use airport utility and i thought the errors were fixed, as the light is green now....but my laptop (or ipod touch) will not connect to the internet wirelessly.

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OS X :: Airport Extreme Card -not Connected With Internet

Dec 18, 2010

I recently purchased an older model Airport Extreme on Ebay. Came in the original box and looks as though it was never used. I installed it on my G5 single processor which is equipped with an Airport Extreme card. I get my internet from Cox Communications in Tucson via a Scientific Atlanta modem. When I do a diagnostic, it shows everything related to the Airport is green. But, it doesn't work and I have no connection to the internet. What am I doing wrong?

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Hardware :: Combining An Airport Express And Extreme?

Sep 2, 2010

I currently have an Airport Extreme as my router. I would like to be able to wirelessly play music over my stereo, and therefore would like to purchase an Airport Express to achieve this functionality. If I were to add the AP Express to the network, would it act just as an access point and therefore I could play music wirelessly from my network? Or would it want to create a second network SSID and therefore I would have to switch between networks to play music etc?

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