Applications :: Unable To Burn Dvds In Toast / Sense Key And Sense Code?

Jan 26, 2009

I use Toast to burn DVDs. But recently my MBP Superdrive has been refusing to play ball. Whenever I insert a DVD and set up Toast to start the burn, I get:

Sense Code = 0x73, 0x0x

I also own an external DVD/CD drive (USB2) which I use with my little ASUS. So, I plugged my external drive into my Mac and tried Toasting again. But:

Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03

So, either my Superdrive is fragged, or my external drive is fragged, or both. But the external works fine with my ASUS. And it sounds like a longshot both are fragged with the Mac. Maybe the DVDs I'm trying to burn to are fragged. Or it's a software glitch in Toast. Or....

my Superdrive is fragged for writing. Other posters have had problems with their Superdrives too. BUT my external is fine. So it must be either Toast or the DVDs, right?

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Intel Mac :: Internal DVD Burner Failed To Write Sense Code 0x02

Mar 30, 2012

iMacrunning OS10.7.3 have been burning DVD sucsessfully Using Toast 11, but now receive error message Sense Key = Medium error sense Code 0x02 No seek complete.  Tried different blank DVD's same error. What does the Code mean?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: G4 Imac Won't Burn To DVD-r - Sense Key Is Blank Check?

Dec 9, 2006

I have a 17" g4 imac 800ghz with a super drive (not a new computer by any stretch)I'm getting two errors one follows the other when useing toast first i get Drive reported an error: sense key = blank check sense code = 0x00

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Software :: Unable To Burn Cd Via Toast / Invalid Command Operation Code

May 8, 2008

im running mac os x 10.4.6 on a g4 powermac. ive got toast 9, but whenever ive tried to burn a cd, it gives me the following message " sense key = illegal request sense code 0 x 20 invalid command operation code" and then "couldnt set up the track for writing"

although I have been successful in burning a cd from itunes. im guessing its something to do with the settings, but im completelyey stuck.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Burn DVDs Back Up Snow Leopard .dmg In Toast 10 Or Disk Utility?

Jan 14, 2011

I am getting errors when I attempt to burn my back-up Snow Leopard .dmg in Toast 10 or Disk Utility. Is my superdrive faulty? Here are my error messages.

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Applications :: What Format Does Toast Use To Burn DVDs

Jan 25, 2009

I've been burning DVDs and I've noticed Toast needs to encode the movie before it burns it. What exactly is encoding? Is it converting? Also, what format does Toast use to burn DVDs?

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Applications :: Unable To Burn Videos Via Toast / Burn Files From A Network?

Sep 17, 2010

It is supposed to be the best burning package on mac. But I doubt it. I convert videos to dvd-video format using the absolutely brilliant windows7 application convertxtodvd. Please dont tell me to use a mac application instead of it. I tried it many times, there were always several problems(slow speed, subs etc). This is not the case here.

So, I want these dvd-videos in Video_ts format, to be burned in dvd disks using toast. It is supposed that video_ts folder are a standard folder, no matter the system you use. But toast has a different opinion. When I drag the folder in the dvd-video window, it asks to re-encode the video!!!If I try to burn this video_ts folder in windows machine using 'nero', no problem at all, straight burning! I really cannot understand why this happens.

Another problem I have is that the files I want toast to burn, usually reside to network computer. Is there any way to burn files from a network computer(win) using toast? Can toast access network or not? If not, I have to manually copy files to local disk, several minutes spent for copying gigabytes just to be able to burn them.

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OS X :: Toast 9 - How To Burn DVDs

Mar 26, 2010

Several years back I tried burning DVDs using the internal DVD drive on my iBook, and what happened is that everytime I burned files to the DVDs, I couldn't go back and add more files. So I was only able to save files one time, then the DVD was no longer usable for burning files. I know there is a setting that will allow you to continue saving a few files at a time. How exactly do I do that?

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Hardware :: Toast 9 - How To Burn DVDs

Mar 26, 2010

Several years back I tried burning DVDs using the internal DVD drive on my iBook, and what happened is that everytime I burned files to the DVDs, I couldn't go back and add more files. So I was only able to save files one time, then the DVD was no longer usable for burning files. I know there is a setting that will allow you to continue saving a few files at a time. How exactly do I do that? Would that be the Write Session mode? I have the LaCie DVD drive connected to my iBook G4, running OS X 10.4.11.

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Applications :: Toast 10 Titanium And Snow Leopard - Unable To Burn

Oct 5, 2009

Toast 10 takes a while to open ... it gets to open after a bit ... I then can add files for it to burn on a dual layer DVD .... but when I press the Burn button ... the program ends up sending me continuous messages of it can not burn and repeats this message in a never ending cycle.

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Software :: Getting The Error Code 0x8002006E When Trying To Burn DVDs?

Jun 10, 2008

I'm getting the error code 0x8002006E when trying to burn DVDs. I am able to burn CDs and the drive reads data and audio CDs and data and video DVDs.

I've tried the two fixes suggested on Apple forums without success. The first was to trash the and the second involved removing the battery, hold the power button down, and pressing alt, command, R, P and the power button down until I heard the two chimes. Neither worked.

I've used Verbatim DVD+R and TDK DVD-R disks without success. I've used the Verbatim disks for months with no problems.

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Burn Dvd / Only Plays CDs And DVDs And Burn CDs

Sep 16, 2008

My new DVD burner will play CDs and DVDs and burn CDs, but will not burn DVDs through the finder. Will getting TOAST definitely enable me to burn DVDs? I don't really need it otherwise and I would rather not buy it unless it will definitely enable me to burn DVDs.

This is my burner:
G5 PowerMac

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Applications :: Burning DVDs With Roxio Toast Titanium 5.2.1?

Sep 6, 2003

I bought Roxio Toast Titanium 5.0 and downloaded the 5.2.1 update so I could burn some DVDs on my iMac (which is about 2 months old). I set it to record a video_ts file from one of the DVD discs that I've ripped to the hard drive. It records the files and verifies, then it says that the DVD was burned fine. The problem is that when I try it on any DVD player, the disc will not play. It won't play in a stand-alone DVD player, on the iMac nor on my PC. I checked what was burned, and all the files were recorded fine. I've gone through 6 discs with the same result. The only time it recorded anything viewable, was when I set it for "disc copy" and even then, the entire DVD was not recorded because of some error and when I popped it in the player, the portion that was recorded was very pixelated and unwatchable.

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OS X :: Unable To Burn Video_TS Folder In Toast / CSS Encryption Disk Error

Nov 27, 2008

I have been trying to backup a few .avi files I have onto DVDs and after reading over the forums I have aquired ffmpegx and Toast 8. I place the avi file into ffmpex, encode it with the dvdffmpeg format. But once i burn it with toast, it takes the original wide screen avi file and stretches it to full screen.

I tried re-encoding with the DVD 16:9 setting selected with ffmpeg and it seems to look better in a preview, but when I try and burn the Video_TS folder in Toast it gives me the CSS Encryption disk error, which I do not understand because I'm not copying a copyrighted dvd.

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OS X :: Unable To Burn CD / DVDs In Finder

Jul 18, 2010

I was trying to burn a few MP3 for a friend of mine today outside of iTunes (ripped from flv). I threw in a CD-R and was prompted to choose what to do. Because it was a simple burn, I was going to use finder. For some reason, I can't. This is the window that pops up when I try to choose "Open with Finder" Code: The operation can�t be completed because you don�t have the necessary permission. Not sure whats up with that seeing as I am admin on my MBP. I have repaired permissions and that didn't work. Weird still, I can burn in iTunes and Toast. Anyone have any ideas of what is going on?

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Software :: Unable To Burn Movie In Toast / Process Gets Stuck On Preparing Stage

Sep 15, 2010

I am trying to burn a 2GB Quicktime movie to a DVD-R using Toast 8. The file goes through the encoding process then gets stuck on 0% the "preparing" stage. Has anyone had this happen and how did you fix it.

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Applications :: Toast Titanium 8 Burning - How To Burn Mov File

Jan 24, 2008

I have a .mov file from iMovie that I would like to burn on to a DVD. I am using the latest version of Toast Titanium 8 (which I bought as an update from Toast 6 in the hope that it would fix the problem) but I keep coming up with Error messages.

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Applications :: Toast 9 Titanium Multi-DVD Burn Failed Half Way

Feb 26, 2009

I'm backing up loads of files to DVD, I dragged all the files into Toast and started burning, letting Toast organise the files across multiple DVD. On DVD 11 of 18, there were some drive errors, and Toast crashed.

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Applications :: Can't Burn DVDs Any More?

Aug 5, 2008

I can't burn anything...I insert the DVD and choose "write from video_TS folder " or something(i can't remember it correctly).

So,when all of this happens and the window minimize i get an error:
The drive reported an error:
Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03

What am i doing wrong?The DVD says: DVD +R for DATA 4,7GB.This is not the first time i write a DVD but when i bought those blank DVDs from that guy i can't write anything.

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Applications :: Need To Burn Some DVDs - What To Use?

Mar 18, 2009

I just bought a DVD program that has 20 DVDs and I want to burn them so I can watch em in my iPod Touch while on the go. What free software can I use to do this

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Applications :: How To Find A App That Burn DVDs To HDD

May 13, 2009

I'm looking for an application that's simple to use. I need it to burn my personally owned DVD's to my hard drive so I can view them when I don't have the DVD handy.

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Applications :: Which Software To Burn TV Show DVDs

Feb 10, 2009

I downloaded a TV series as a package.

It is .AVI, and I had to use Perian to view it in QuitckTime.. no biggie.

However when I went to burn it to a CD I gave BURN a shot. It had to convert the files in order to be able to create a DVD player compatible DVD.

This process was taking forever...... Is this normal with any program?

What about using iDVD or other DVD making software?? Would it be any quicker at converting?

Open to suggestions....

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Applications :: Converting Files To Burn/play On Dvds?

Jan 21, 2010

Anyone know of a converter that will convert avi,wmv,divx etc to burn on dvd-rs and play on any home dvd player?

I have toast, visual hub and mac the ripper.. vhub converted one to dvd but it only played for 6 secs.. toast convert?

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Applications :: Dual Layer DVDs And Want To Burn The Same Small Movie On Both Layers?

Oct 4, 2009

This is a pretty basic question. iDVD

I have dual layer DVDs and want to burn the same small movie on both layers, one would be full screen, the other wide screen so the viewer can choose.

Is this possible? Is it just a matter of burning one movie at a time; will the comp recognize which layer is empty after the first burn?

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Applications :: Unable To Use Toast Titanium 10

Jan 18, 2010

when I go the DVD-Video section I put all the videos I wanted in and the chapters/Menu I wanted etc.

Then it said that I had a mixture of both PAL and NTSC (or however you spell it) which I already knew and was fine with because I wanted to test out what my PS3 could read and could not between files of .mkv, .avi, and .mp4 (ironically it play/read everything but the .mp4).

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Applications :: Unable To Use Itunes And Toast Titanium 7

Jul 10, 2010

Having problems importing audio files from itunes to toast. When imported the file becomes distorted and impossible to listen to . Sound file is fine in itunes but something is happening in the transition.

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Applications :: Unable To Drag And Drop From Itunes 9.2 To Toast

Jun 30, 2010

Unable to drag and drop from itunes 9.2 to Toast

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OS X :: Cannot Burn Disk - Toast Will Not Launch

Dec 9, 2010

I can't burn a disk, any disk. Toast was working fine but now won't launch. I reinstalled it twice, threw out the preferences, tried launching it from different users (including Administrator), repaired disk permissions, ran Disk Warrior to rebuild directories... Toast still won't launch. So, I turned to the Disk Utility to try and burn a disk, the "Burn" button is always greyed-out. Serious Voodoo, I can't burn a thing even if I were a fire bug.

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OS X :: Can't Burn CDs Through Toast Or Disk Utility

Oct 28, 2007

I can burn CD-R and DVD+R but I am having a problem burning a cd that is DVD+R DL. Every-time I try to burn that kind of CD through either Toast or Disk Utility I get an error message that says "Unable to burn. The device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media.". I know my SuperDrive is a DVD+R DL it shows it in the system information. Is it mabye the CD i bought? the one I have is Memorex Doublelayer DVD+R DL 8.5gb, 249min, 2.4x

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OS X :: How To Burn Iso Image To Usb Key From Roxio Toast

Mar 30, 2010

since disk utility keeps giving me error on putting the iso file to my usb key, i decided to give toast a try and i couldnt find my usb key at the destination section .

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