Applications :: ITunes 9.2 Not Remembering View Settings

Jul 13, 2010

Anyone have any idea why iTunes 9.2 doesn't seem to wan to remember my view settings for that I've configured for each of the various sections of iTunes (i.e. Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, etc.)?

If I switch to my Apps section, I've noticed that it consistently shows me my list of apps in 'List View' which I hate. If I switch it to Icon View, then go about normal use of iTunes for a while (browse other sections, perhaps sync my iDevice, perhaps quit the app and re-open later to listen to music, etc...), upon returning to the Apps section, it will once again show me my Apps in 'List View'.

This is just one example, but it would seem that all of the view settings across the board are simply not how I had previously set them up, and changing them to the way I would like them to be setup only works temporarily (as everything strangely gets switched back again in the near future).

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MacBook Pro :: ACD Remembering Settings And Layout?

Jul 3, 2009

Does the system remember your settings or "layout" when connected to the display and when not. for example. i wan the dock on the external display when plugged in and ill be able to have more tool boxes open in photoshop... but when using it portable.. id have a much different set up...

does it remember how you have it set up when an external display is connected and when its not? or do u have to keep re layying apps and toolboxes etc out - and also movign the dock to the external screen.

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MacBook Pro :: Not Remembering Volume Settings

Nov 9, 2009

I'm not sure if this is just me or if everyone experiences this but I usually shut down my computer when I'm not using it for long periods of time. When I boot up my computer it will remember the settings I have for the internal speaker but when I plug in my headphones it always goes to 3/4 volume which is way too loud for me. Is there a way I can get it to remember my headphone settings too?

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OS X :: View Settings For Each Folder?

Dec 11, 2008

I've seen this in the Apple store... different folders can remember different view settings.

On my MBP (10.5.5) different folders can remember their own settings like icon size and spacing, as well as file arrangement and sorting. But the view settings (icon, list, columns, cover flow) do not differ per folder... if you switch in one folder, every folder will have that view setting.

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OS X :: System Wide View Settings?

Jun 20, 2010

Am I correct in the assumption that if I set the view options on the top level (OS-X HDD, for example) and select 'Use as Defaults' any folders below that (i.e. everything) will assume those settings?

If so, it doesn't seem to be doing that for me. I'm constantly coming across folders that I need to set the view options manually...

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ITunes :: Crashes When Try To View Movie Selection In Grid View?

Mar 15, 2012

itunes 10.6 after upgrade when i select movies grid view it crashes every time works fine in all other view modes

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Applications :: ITunes Fill Up Screen View?

Jan 23, 2009

I just bought a Mac and I'm loving it but I can't seem to make iTune fill up the screen. I've done the zoom thing and it just takes me between the mini-player and a screen that fills up about 1/2 my screen.

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Applications :: How To View ITunes Top Songs By Genre

Apr 7, 2009

I know you can view the top songs downloaded by genre on the iPhone by genre, but I'm having trouble doing so on iTunes.

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Applications :: ITunes View Options - Different Layout

May 10, 2009

I saw someone elses itunes and they had a different layout than mine, but did not remember where he changed it at. His had three columns that filled the top half with like artist, genre, album. And then the bottom half had the selection of whatever was highlighted on the top half.

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Applications :: Unable To View Homescreen From ITunes

Nov 16, 2009

I have iTunes 9.0.2 and when I first upgraded to 9 I was able to view my Homescreen from the Applications tab and rearrange my apps. Lately all I've been seeing in the Applications tab is a list of my apps with check/uncheck marks next to them. The Homescreen view that should be right next to that is simply not there. Any ideas on what to do (besides reinstalling iTunes)?

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Applications :: How To View All Accounts Linked With ITunes

Aug 22, 2010

I have a massive iTunes library. I also know that I have used many iTunes store accounts, is there a way to see what accounts my iMac is authorized to play?

I do not have access to some of them any more and I want to reset the password and update each one to a newer email and write everything down somewhere.

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OS X :: System Wide Folder View Settings?

Apr 26, 2010

something that really bugs me, all random folders have different View Settings (CMD+J) is there anyway to change EVERY folder on Finder to have the same settings?

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OS X :: Completely Reset Finder View Settings?

May 17, 2010

is there a way to: reset/apply specific settings to all Finder windows/folders?

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Applications :: ITunes Grid View Are Not Displaying Tracks

May 10, 2009

I keep iTunes open and running at all times and haven't noticed any issues all day today. I just went into it to play a track and when I opened the album from grid view, the tracks seem to be invisible. I can click on them and play them,If I view in List or Cover Flow views, tracks show up fine. It's only Grid view that has problems. While it does show the grid of album art correctly, it's just when opening an album that a problem occurs. And I've confirmed that it's only in music albums, both in the main library and playlists, but not so in the Grid view of TV Shows; that functions properly and shows episodes when opened.

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Applications :: ITunes 8.0.2 - Export EQ Settings?

Jan 30, 2009

I've reinstalled 10.5.6 and I am manually dragging over my important files from old system (also 10.5.6).

Both systems have iTunes 8.0.2 installed.

I'm trying to import my EQ settings in iTunes (that I created) but have no luck.

I've read elsewhere I need the .itl file in the iTunes folder, but iTunes 8 doesn't seem to offer one.

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Applications :: Fragmented Album From ITunes Store In Group View?

May 15, 2008

A couple of days ago I bought a new album off the iTunes Store. No issues were noted with the download but when I display the Music or Purchased lists of media in the Group View then iTunes displays the tracks like they are from separate albums. The tracks are part of a compilation album ("Eddie Halliwell Presents Fire It Up") but they should all be displayed as items of the same album as a list of tracks beside the album artwork.

I've attached to this post a screenshot of part of what I see, which shows a normal album at the top and a few of the fragmented tracks from the new album below. The Group View has been sorted by Album.

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Applications :: Multiple ITunes Library Settings On Mac?

Mar 10, 2010

I want to manage 2 iTunes library on my Mac, one for my musics and the other one for my Podcast, ITunes U, Movies and TV Shows. The reason why I want to do this is because I keep my songs on my Mac HHD and the podcasts and video files on my External HHD. I built these two libraries, the podcast library is setted to copy the files directly into the EHD iTunes folder, and my songs library don't, I manage it myself. The problem is that when I quit one library and open another, the preferences are imported, they have the same preferences. How do I manage to keep one preference in one library and another preference in the other?

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Applications :: Unable To View Calenders In Week View / ICal Calendars Disappearing From Menu

Feb 13, 2006

Earlier tonight I opened iCal, only to find that none of my calendars were there. it was completely empty. However, when I changed the view from "Week" to "Month" all of my events were listed (in the proper color) on the appropriate day, but I still had no list of calendars on the left. Subsequent changes between "Day" "Week" and "Month" view continued to display the events properly, but nothing showed up in the calendar menu on the left.

I repaired permissions same thing happened.I trashed pref (forgot the exact filename)�same behavior. I use .mac to sync between computers, and I use Missing Sync to sync to a Palm T|X.

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Applications :: Itunes Won't Restore Iphone / Can't Find Settings

Sep 18, 2010

the only solution i've found that works is i have to re download itunes everytime to make the restore or upgrading my iphone work, i've tryed the recovery mode and the dfu mode itunes just sits there after the final loading process, so my question is is there a way i can get it working back to normal without having to re downloading itunes.

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Applications :: ITunes Not Showing What Song It Has Shuffled To / Unable To View Track Info Box

Sep 2, 2010

Select Shuffle Mode. Pause your music, or make sure nothing is playing, then go to Minimize view.

Now hit FFW or REV. What appears in the track info box? Nothing, right? iTunes doesn't show you what song it has shuffled to. It only works if you are playing, not in pause.

Surely this is wrong? Sometimes you want to select song before playing it, right? This works fine on my Ipod. Everyone else have this problem?

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Applications :: Disks Burned On ITunes Not Playable - Wrong Settings?

Oct 18, 2010

Early on after I got this G4, I messed with the settings in iTunes some and the first time I burned a disk and tried to play it in my car, it would not play. I burned about 10 different disks using 10 different settings (although I don't remember the particulars now). Never could get any of them to play. I have iTunes 9 and I wonder if anyone can tell me if it's possible to go back to default settings, or change the settings so disks will play on any standard car CD player? I just don't have the knowledge to do.

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Applications :: Opening Only Previous Itunes Library / Lost New Settings

Dec 25, 2010

I went to open my itunes and it said "itunes needs a library to open" then it would only let me choose a library that was dated to last july. I clicked on it and it opened my library from that date. I am really mad because it will now only open that library and im missing almost a thousand songs that have been downloaded since then. Why can i only open a previous library? Are all the songs, movies, and other settings that i have changed in the last 6 months gone?

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Applications :: ITunes Not Automatically Download New Podcasts / Can't Find Settings

Sep 28, 2009

I'm subscribed to about 10 differet podcasts, and I just realised that there hasn't been a new episode of any of them in a while. I right clicked them all in turn, and chose Update Podcast, and lo and behold, a whole slew of episodes started downloading. For some of them there are even more than 1 episode that hasn't downloaded. Can anyone tell me why iTunes doesn't automatically download new episodes of these subscribed podcasts? iTunes is set to check everyday for new episodes, but simply seems to have not bothered! This has happened a few times before too.

EDIT - From iTunes saying that there are no new episodes of any of my subscribed to podcasts, I've ended up with 20 downloads after manually checking.

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Applications :: ITunes Unable To View Video Podcasts / Gets Stuck And Won't Play Video But Plays Audio

Oct 11, 2010

I listen to and watch a lot of podcasts. Quite often, after I am done listening to a Audio Podcast I will watch a video podcast. Some times it gets stuck and won't play the video but plays audio fine. Anyone else have this problem?

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Applications :: Unable To See All Files In Icon View / Files Are Visible In List View

May 21, 2010

I noticed that finder is not displaying all files when I look at folders with lots of files in "icon view" mode but they do show up in "list view" Same thing happened with the computer at work. I'm using OS X Leopard on both.

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OS X :: Allowing / Remembering Account Passwords

Mar 15, 2009

I mistakenly clicked on "never for this site" when asked if Safari should remember the password and and ID. How do I obviate this allowing password and account to be remembered?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Keeps Remembering My SSH Key's Password?

Aug 30, 2009

I specifically am making sure that Snow Leopard is not allowed to remember the SSH password in my keychain, but for some reason now when I login with my ssh key it IS NOT asking for my password now.

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MacBook :: Remembering My Login Info?

Apr 17, 2010

so i just got a new unibody MB...and with my old one this worked...

when i lets say come to these forums, i have to login in right...well i have my login info saved via firefox, so i just just type the first letter of my email and click on the email, and it auto enters it...all good. but

on my past MB, when i got to these forums (or any login page) my stuff was already sitting there, and i just had to click submit. this is what i want again.

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OS X Yosemite :: Remembering Password Request

Dec 7, 2014

I want to stop seeing "do you want to remember your password for this site" (paraphrased). I have a password manager that I am totally happy with, and the keychain request keeps popping up during my logons.

iMac, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1), 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1333MHz

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Its Not Remembering Network Username And Password?

Apr 2, 2012

I have had this problem since starting at my current office. (Over 16 months.)  I inherited a computer from a previous staff person.  Each of my computers have been Macs. (3 different computers in 16 months.)  We are mostly a Mac computer office but our Active Directory and File Server are both Window PC's.

Whenever I try to log in to the file server I get the request for the my network user name and password.  The window already has a user name but it's not mine.  It is the user name of a previous user of my original computer (From 16 months ago.). I say original computer because I now have my thrid computer which I migrated from the first and second one. I'm sure whatever the problem it is has come along with each migration. I have looked in my Keychain Access and found the network password item for the file server.  When I opened it my username and password are correct.   

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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