Applications :: Safari 5 Not Loading Hotmail?

Jun 9, 2010

Ever since I downloaded Safari 5, I have been unable to access my hotmail. I've tried deleting cookies and still nothing.

I've also tried Firefox and my iPhone's Safari and it works fine.

Has anyone else been experiencing these problems?

Lets hope that not another Safari release breaks hotmail (Safari 4 anyone)

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OS X :: Hotmail / Facebook And Gmail Not Loading On MacBook

May 3, 2009

I can log into Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook on my Macbook, using Firefox or Safari, but then that's it. The pages stop loading and I can't do anything like read a message or post a comment. All other websites work, so it's not an Internet connection problem. I've erased cookies, cleaned out my cache, changed my MTU, DNS, etc., but nothing works. I've also scanned for spy software and found nothing, which leads me to believe the problem has to be with my Macbook/operating system.

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Applications :: Hotmail Doesn't Work With Safari 4 BETA?

Feb 24, 2009

Hotmail doesn't work with Safari 4 BETA?

It is not working at all. I cannot view my mail or anything.

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Applications :: Nothing Is Loading In Safari?

Mar 16, 2010

When i try to open safari i get this

nothing is loading correctly...

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MacBook :: Safari Not Loading Websites Until I Click Stop Loading And Reload It?

Apr 1, 2010

I am Having some issues with Safari (I am using 4.0.5), if I open up a website the screen stays white like it normally does for a sec to load a web page but the loading icon keeps spinning and spinning and spinning....... until I click the "X" stop icon and reload the web page. As soon as I click the reload icon the webpage loads up instantly, it is getting really annoying and would be great if anyone has a fix. This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen frequently and then be fine for a few web pages and then start up again.

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Applications :: Safari Not Loading Some Pages?

Jan 21, 2008

I have a weird problem with Safari that has been bugging me. At seemingly random times it doesn't load a page. Usually it is the second page of a website I visit. This means that the homepage [URL] for example) loads fine. But when I click on a link on the page (to go to sports or politics), it starts loading and then does nothing. Like this:

The New York Times often doesn't load at all. I have no problems at all with some other sites, like wikipedia or Macrumors. Firefox and Camino do not have these problems.

The problem started when I was still running Tiger and Safari 2 on my MacBook. I since started using a MacBook Pro and moved all my data and settings with the Migration Assistant. The MacBook Pro runs Leopard, but Safari 3.0 has exactly the same problem as Safari 2 had on my Macbook. I tried the following:

- repair permissions

- removed all cookies and set my preferences to accept all cookies

- cleared cache

- manually removed the .plist-files for Safari from the Library

All to no avail. When I log in using the built-in Guest Account on my MacBook Pro, Safari runs fine.

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Applications :: Safari Crashing On Loading

Feb 25, 2009

If I load safari it come to crash.. I cant see window.. but if I uninstal it then its going good. Do you think it can crashing it some program? Do have anyone same problem?

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Applications :: Reinstating Safari 4 Loading Bar?

May 8, 2009

I've started using the Safari 4 (beta) and like most people can't believe they no longer have a loading progress bar, I've copy and pasted the "fix" link into terminal as suggested, which works on my imac G5, but my macbook pro won't have a bar of it!...

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Applications :: Safari 4 Not Loading Pages

Nov 25, 2009

Safari 4.0.4 on my Macbook Pro is incredibly slow. I type an address in the Safari bar, open Firefox, navigate to the same address, have it load, quit Firefox, and have Safari not even loading a little bit of the page yet. Most of the time it loads background colors (like the light gray at the top of this forum) but then slows to a crawl when trying to load the content.

I've tried reseting Safari, not having topsites as homepage, opening DNS, disabling IPv6, deleting a file in the pubsub folder and disabling the fraudulent site warning. All of these things were on the Apple's official discussion forums.

While these seemed to have helped a little, Safari 4 is still ridiculously slow compared to Firefox.

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Applications :: Safari Not Loading Certain Pages?

Aug 2, 2010

So it's only happened over the past month or so but Safari doesn't want to load some websites. The BBC iPlayer and macrumors funnily enough don't like to load at all and just freeze out and was wondering if there is any way to try and correct it if anyone has any idea what is going on because i am clueless!

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Applications :: Safari Lags When Loading Pages?

Feb 22, 2009

Got my blackbook a few months ago now and love it. But ive noticed that when browsing it seems to start loading a page but then halts for like ~5seconds and then finishes loading the website.

Now i tried loading the same websites on my windows machine in firefox/IE7 and i dont see that problem.

But what i did notice was it happens in safari and not in firefox on the mac.

Im running leopard with all the updates. Any ideas?

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Applications :: Site Not Loading Correctly In Safari?

Apr 13, 2009

Well for all the main sites I visit with safari they load up fine. But one site and only one doesn't display correctly. It shows up fine in firefox but not in safari. I can use the site alright in safari but I would like it if I could make it display correctly. And I really don't feel like switching over to firefox because I prefer using safari. So is there any way I can fix this issue without having to switch browsers every time I visit the site.

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Applications :: Safari 4 Slow Content Loading

Jan 23, 2010

it seems for me that Safari 4 is very slow at loading content. Most of the time, i am on broadband, but when i go over my limit, i get shaped to a much slower speed. (Typical Australia ISP!)

I noticed that while Safari loads a page, on the bottom toolbar, it says....

Loading "Website" completed # of #.

for example, on "" it can take me quite a while for the page to load, as Safari does not load the content until ALL or most of the content has been downloaded.

is there a way/plugin for safari 4 to load content AS SOON as its been downloaded? I would like to see my pages load immediately as soon as the content has been loaded.

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Applications :: Safari Stalling While Loading Pages?

Mar 24, 2010

Has anyone else had an issue with Safari seeming to get "stuck" loading a particular element on a page? The progress info in the status bar always says "17 of 18" or "42-43". At first I thought it was GlimmerBlocker, but it seemed to reoccur without GlimmerBlocker. Refreshing the page always makes the site load properly, and I frankly have no idea what is going on.

I really like Safari, but the lack of proper extensions kills it. GlimmerBlocker puts a lot of that back, not only adblocking but things like easily searching wikipedia and so on. So I am loathe to blame GB for doing this. A few sites seem to do it on a fairly regular basis (Item 17 on seems to be one of them), although it never happens when loading from the cache, nor is it guaranteed to happen.

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Applications :: Removing Safari 5 Blue Loading Bar?

Jun 7, 2010

Back when I got Safari 3 I remember there was a terminal command to disable the blue loading bar and enable the "Loading" in Safari. Will that work again in Safari 5? Also, is there a way to disable that auto fill? For example when I type ama. It auto completes to rather than defaulting to just which Safari 4 did, super annoying. For example. I frequent So the new Safari remembers what sites I go to, so when I start typing buy. It then goes to [URL] before because that's the last site I visited. Why the hell would they do this in the new version, it's awful.

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Applications :: Finding Safari Blue Loading Bar?

Jun 8, 2010

Rationally, I think I like the blue bar because when a page finishes to load, the whole address bar turns from blue to white, a very noticeable signal. I often start reading while the page loads, so the blue-to-white "flash" is easily registered by my peripheral vision.

Safari 4's purple/gray rectangle was much harder to notice, causing me to shift my focus between the content and the address bar. Now, I can concentrate on the content and let my peripheral vision tell me when the loading is done. Much more relaxing.

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Applications :: Safari And Firefox Not Loading Properly?

Jun 19, 2010

i bought a 15 inch mbp 8 months ago and will never look back. however, recently my safari browser has stopped working properly. when i try to load pages they will stop part way or not load at all. i will have to reload the page several times usually, just to see one page. i downloaded firefox to see if this would work better but it has the same issues. now i am at a standstill going back and fourth between the two browsers trying to check my email and face book once a day, which is annoying because of how long this takes, especially when it doesn't work at all. i think my computer may have a virus but i don't know a whole lot about computers

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Applications :: Safari Not Loading Any Web Page But Firefox Works

Aug 26, 2010

I noticed that Safari wouldn't load a web page. So I went to my back up browser, Firefox. Well it loaded just fine. So at this point, I figured that it may be my schools crappy WiFi/lame firewalls or something of the sort. Well now I've been on my home WiFi for a few hours and it still won't connect. I've restarted my computer a few times and even reset Safari. Safari Version 5.0.1 (6533.17.8).

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Applications :: Safari/Facebook Loading Direct To Another Place

Dec 9, 2010

Firstly, everything on my Mac is updated and in good order. Other websites work fine.

What happens is that when I'm viewing my Facebook news feed and start scrolling down the page (it then automatically loads new posts) my news feed "jumps". In other words, in doesnt keep in order and it jumbles me up back to stuff I've read.

In other words, somehow, loading the new posts causes my Safari to forget where I am on the page and take me somewhere else. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Applications :: Safari Loading Pages Slower Than Firefox?

Feb 8, 2009

Has anyone else noticed that Safari is painfully slow the last few weeks? Mostly the problems are with gmail and facebook, but all sites are slower than Firefox. With both gmail and facebook, I can login fine, but when I click on something (a mail message, a person, a picture), it times out.

I've tried resetting safari several times to no luck. Firefox works fine. I'm having the same issues on my mac mini as well as my MBP. Both have 4GB Ram.

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Applications :: Safari And ITunes Not Loading After Liquid Spill

Apr 26, 2009

So don't ask me how but a beer spilt on my laptop keyboard (ibook g4). Afterwards, I quickly tilted it over and then removed the keyboard and dried it with a blow dryer. I later noticed that the computer shut down by itself bc I don't recall turning it off. Anyway, I got a little impatient/curious after an hour and restarted it. Not the smartest I know. It worked and I ran iTunes and played some music for my guests and then also was surfing the net a little. All was fine. Well we all went outside for a little and when I came back 20 minutes later, the computer had gone into sleep mode but wouldn't respond to keyboard presses so I shut it off for the rest of the night.

Fortunately this morning, the computer turned on fine. However, some of my Mac applications are not working, so far I know that Safari, iTunes and iChat aren't opening but iPhoto and Quicktime are. I think all my other non-Mac apps work fine...So then I tried redownloading iTunes but that didn't work either. I also tried opening a song from my Finder and it wouldnt open in iTunes. Basically the icon loads on the bottom of the screen for a split second and then stops. I have the original software so I guess I could reinstall it but I was wondering if someone knew an easier way? I feel pretty fortunate that my cpu works and at least I can use another browser/music player. Not to mention I can always get a new keyboard.

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Applications :: Safari Is Loading Youtube Videos Very Slow?

Dec 8, 2009

I just bought my MBP this past summer and dont know much about it. Every time i try to stream videos rather it be on a "tube-site" or not they "buffer" or are interrupted because of slow loading. I have already emptied the cache and reset safari a number of time and it dosnt help. This issue seems to be getting worse with time, as when i first got it it was fine of course.

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Applications :: Delayed Page Loading Of Safari Top Sites

Jul 31, 2010

Is there a reason for the delay in Safari's Top Sites (i.e. when you load a page, the page is dimmed for a moment, then loads). Is it possible to disable it?

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Safari :: Can't Quit Safari While Hotmail Window Is Open

Jun 18, 2012

What is the problem between Safari 5.1.7 and hotmail? I can't quit safari while the hotmail window is open. I can close Safari from all other websites.

Info:Mac OS X (10.7.2), Same OS on my iMac and MacBookPro

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Applications :: Safari Has Been Acting Extremely Slow And Loading Webpages Weird?

Jun 1, 2009

Recently, Safari has been acting extremely slow and loading webpages weird.For example, when I went to MacRumors, I get this half-ass loaded version (see picture).

I have to reload it several times to get it to function correctly. I tried resetting Safari and emptying the cache but those did nothing.

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Safari :: Hotmail - Can't Attach Files Using 5.1.2?

Feb 8, 2012

OS is Snow Leopard, Safari is 5.1.2 Since migrating to a hand-me-down MacBook (black) I can't attach files to messages in Hotmail. I click the attachments link, and nothing happens. Works fine in Firefox, b.t.w.

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Software :: Yahoo And Hotmail Crashes Safari?

Dec 18, 2008

This is the case, i pen Safari 3.0.4, i enter into [URL] but when i press the mail button i get a crash, same on Hotmail too.

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Safari :: When Try To Open Attachments In Hotmail It Often Closes

Mar 16, 2012

When I try to open attachments in hotmail safari often closes?

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OS X :: Snow Leapord Options To Read Hotmail In Safari Window

Sep 5, 2009

I use a MAC Book Pro with duel intel processors. I have never had a problem reading my hotmail in my safari browser. I also read it in Entourage. After I installed Snow Leapord I have had one small problem and can not figure it out. This problem only happens in Safari when I read some e mails. The letters of the words in the mail are scattered and unreadable. If I copy and paste the text it is readable and looks fine. If I go to Fwd. the message, it is sent in a readable manner. This does not happen in entourage ever. The following is what it looks like on some messages. In the past I got messages from this sender and others with no problems.

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OS X :: Downloaded The Safari New Version - Cannot Send Emails From My Hotmail Account

Nov 23, 2010

Two years ago I switched over to Mac. Now I use only mac. But I don't like to change my email address from hotmail (I still have another gmail address as a standby account). Recently I found I cannot send emails from my hotmail account. Windows live says to upgrade my browser safari. Downloaded the safari new version. Then I found it is not compatible with my operating system OS X 10.5.5. What shall I do? I don' like the way they change software. There should be some solution. Can I buy new operating system? If it says Hardware is not compatible then money go into waste.

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