Applications :: Netflix Plays Full Screen On External Monitor In Safari On Snow Leopard?

Sep 7, 2009

For the last year I have been searching for a way to play Netflix instant streaming content on my external Cinema Display connected to my iMac. Once a movie was playing full screen on the external display if you clicked on anything on the main display the movie would fall out of full screen and back to window mode. This is highly annoying and I really wanted a solution.

I ran across Plex some months back and they had a Netflix plugin which solved the problem, or so I thought. While Plex could play movies from Netflix full screen on the external display without falling out of full screen, it came with a host of compromises. The first compromise was that in Plex my instant queue never reflected what was actually in my queue. Recently I had 116 movies in my queue and Plex reported only 80 of those. Worse if one of the movies I wanted to watch was missing I would try to use Plex's Netflix search function and Plex would still not find the movie. Some titles simply could not be found through Plex, a problem the author acknowledges and says he is working on with no ETA. The other issue I have with Plex is that the fast forward and rewind functions that work so well in the Netflix browser based player do not work at all in Plex, making navigation in a movie painful within Plex.

So tonight I set out to look for an alternative to Plex, I came up empty handed. Then I had an idea, I searched my Mac for the Silverlight plugin and when I found it was greeted with a window stating that an update was available. This has happened several times before and each time I updated with the hope that Microsoft fixed the external monitor viewing problem, but it always remained. So this time I updated and proceeded to run my usual test which is to put a Firefox browser window on my external display, play a movie, and then click the full screen button. The movie went full screen which it always does, then I clicked in my other Firefox window open on my main display, as always the window on the external monitor fell out of full screen.

Dejected I went on to my second test which is to perform the exact same sequence I just described but using Safari instead of Firefox. Again it went full screen on the external display but this time something was different! The window where I clicked full screen froze and a new window opened behind it in full screen. Now I had two windows open on the external display, the smaller frozen one and a full screen one playing the movie behind it. I minimized the small window which left only the full screen one playing on the external display. Then I clicked on a window on my main display and the movie continued to play full screen on the external monitor! Thinking it was a fluke I closed Safari and tried it again, it worked perfectly!

This is awesome now I can play my Netflix movies on my external display in full screen without any issues and I have all of the features of the Netflix browser based player, in particular fast forward and rewind.

One last thing, prior to this working playback in a browser window was extremely choppy for me. Plex did not play choppy and it was another reason I was using it for playback. Now in full screen with the browser based player through Safari there is absolutely no choppiness.

Just for reference here is everything I am running:

OS X 10.6
Safari 4.0.3
Silverlight plugin 3.0.40723.0 (which interestingly is dated July 23)

Even though my system told me an update was available I am confused by the July 23 date of the plugin. Maybe it wasn't the plugin that solved this but rather my newly installed Snow Leopard in conjunction with Safari 4.0.3? Whatever the case I am thrilled to report that it finally works!

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MacBook Pro :: External Monitor Only Plays Full Screen Videos?

Oct 1, 2010

I just hooked up my macbook pro to an external monitor. Now, when I watch videos and what not, they will ONLY work in full screen. If I want to watch the video in a window, the sound will play but video does not. It may have something to do with Flash?

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Applications :: Quicktime Plays When External Monitor Connected

May 16, 2010

Recently, my quicktime (with Perian installed) stopped playing AVI files - giving me the whole 'The movie is in a format Quicktime doesn't understand' business. This made no sense to me as AVIs were playing fine previously. Nothing I did could fix the problem. HOWEVER, just today I plugged in an external monitor to test something out; lo and behold, quicktime is playing AVI files just fine again. What's going on?! Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

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OS X :: Full Screen On External Monitor?

Mar 8, 2008

I have my MBP hooked up to my TV. I was trying to get Front Row to run on my external monitor without having to move the Menu Bar over, but I quickly realized that was not going to be possible. My next idea was to play the videos straight from iTunes and just make them Full Screen. Having the videos playing over there works okay (my MBP screen is still normal), but as soon as I press Full Screen my MBP goes black. Is there any way to run full screen iTunes on my TV without losing functionality from my MBP?

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Applications :: Play Netflix In Safari Or Netflix?

Jul 7, 2010

anybody using Netflix? I love their service, and I just discovered netflix app for Plex. It makes things even more awesome. I have connection speed at about 15M. I wonder if I should watch video streaming on safari or plex? Will there be any difference in quality? If anybody have tried both, please tell me your thoughts.

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OS X :: The Full Screen Viewing On External Monitor?

Dec 4, 2009

How can I watch a movie on my external monitor in full screen and still work on my Macbook Pro? Every time I go back to work on my Macbook I lose the full screen viewing on my external monitor.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Use Full Screen App On A Second Display In It?

Apr 22, 2012

How do you used a app in full full screen on a second display in snow leopard.

Info:imac 2ghz g5, Mac OS X (10.4.11), imac ghz g5

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OS X :: External Monitor Not Working Properly With Snow Leopard

Jan 17, 2010

Recently I installed the Snow Leopard OS on my Macbook Pro, previously I had 10.5 installed. However, now when I connect my Macbook to my flatscreen TV (Panasonic Plasma), using a mini display port cable to an HDMI cable, there's a black border around the edges of the picture. Before the Snow Leopard upgrade I was able to view the entire screen area of the Plasma TV, without any borders. The only thing I've done differently since then is install Snow Leopard. Does anyone know how I can fill the screen with image without using the zoom option on the TV screen, as the zoom cuts off some image at the top and bottom?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: 1920x1080 Not Possible For External Monitor After Update

Apr 1, 2012

Since I updated Snow Leopard to Version 10.6.8 on my MBP15, I can't use my SyncMaster P2770 HD (Samsung) in its highest 1920x1080 resolution anymore. I can choose 1920x1080 in the monitor-preferences, but having done that the resolution remains at 1680x1050 @60Hz (I can see it and even the monitor's info-menu says, that i still use 1680x1050 @60Hz). I use a Mini DisplayPort to VGA-Adapter and a VGA-cable.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Hide The Dock On Full Screen Automatically

Mar 11, 2012

Usually when I watch something on full screen the dock dissapears. However, a few days ago after installing a new software update the dock is still shown when Im wathching something on full screen.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook :: View Full Screen In Snow Leopard With Keynote?

Mar 27, 2012

How can I view my Keynote slides in full screen view with Snow Leopard?

Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Video Only Works In Full Screen Mode?

Apr 19, 2012

So this problem started yesterday where whenever I try to play a video (youtube,or any other site) neither the sound nor image works, but whenever i make the video fullscreen, everything works perfectly. It's a bit annoying if I want to watch a video or listen to music off youtube whilst doing other things.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Hardware :: Blurry Text Using OS X Snow Leopard On External Monitor?

Sep 14, 2010

I have a macbook pro and when I connect it to my external ASUS VH226H, 1920x1080 22" moitor all the fonts except the ones that are part of the OS not in external software are really blurry and rubbish. I've used the following apps and it all looks terrible: Coda, Firefox, Safari, Adium, Adobe CS5. I've tried changing the font smoothing options via terminal and it has made no difference.

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Applications :: Unable To Use Safari Full Screen

Feb 4, 2008

On my MacBook (running Leopard) Safari 3.0.4 will not go fullscreen, instead it leaves a small gap between the bottom of Safari and the bottom of my screen.

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Applications :: How To Make Itunes And Safari Full Screen

Nov 12, 2010

I finally bought an iMac 27" today. very excited! i have a problem that i am starting to think is the do you make itunes & safari full screen

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Applications :: Finding Safari 5 Full Screen Extension

Aug 14, 2010

Safari extension to enable full screen browsing? I tried to look for one, but couldn't find anything. This seems like it would be the perfect application of Safari extensions.

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Applications :: Netflix Not Streaming HD With Safari?

Sep 2, 2010

Netflix recently announced that they will steam HD content to mac and pc users, but so far it does not work for me. I'll pick a show I know is in HD and play it, but while it shows the HD icon in the lower right, when I mouse over it the icon's pop-up displays the "allow HD button" checked and above that reads "not playing in HD"

I've tried this with several different sources with the same results. Anyone else with this problem? Is there a solution?

BTW, I meet all of Netflix's requirements for streaming to PC in HD:

Silverlight 3 or higher

A screen resolution of at least 800 x 600

A high-speed internet connection at time of playback (typically 5 Mbps or higher)

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Applications :: Safari Full Screen Viewing - Keystroke Combination?

Jan 20, 2010

A few weeks ago my 16-month old daughter was banging on the keyboard of my iMac. Somehow, she managed to get a full-screen (no tool bar, no menu, no scroll bar, just a big full screen image) of the webpage I was looking at on Safari. Does anyone know the keystroke she must have hit to make this happen?

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Applications :: Can't Watch Instantly On Netflix With Safari 5?

Jun 7, 2010

can't watch instant watch on netflix w/ safari 5. this is what it says:

"Watching instantly on your computer

Our apologies � streaming is not supported on this browser.

Complete System Requirements

To watch instantly, you'll need a computer that meets the following minimum requirements:

Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Vista or Windows 7
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; or Firefox 2 or higher
1.2 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
An Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.8 or later
Safari 3 or higher; or Firefox 2 or higher

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Applications :: Stream A Video On Netflix Or Safari - Crashes?

Dec 27, 2010

Every time I attempt to stream a video on netflix, either on safari or firefox, it crashes.

Does anyone experience this? I was just watching them fine the other day, but now I can't.

I'm about to cancel my membership, because I can't watch anything.

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Applications :: Netflix Streaming Causes Firefox/safari Crashing?

Jan 18, 2009

When using either Firefox or Safari, recently, to watch instant movies via Netflix, the browser unexpectedly closes. Sometimes it gets to the buffering stage. I've cleared all my private data (history, caches, cookies...) and redownloaded flash/shockwave. I have the most current Silverlight too.

Any ideas? It worked perfectly since I've had it (about a month or two), up until today.

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OS X :: Full Screen On Only One Monitor - How To Know About It

Sep 14, 2007

Trying to watch a vid in itunes on my external monitor but when I try to go fullscreen it blanks out my MBP's display so I can't do anything else.

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Hardware :: Using ITunes Full Screen On Second Monitor

Feb 15, 2009

I've got a 24" iMac, with a second monitor attached for multi-tasking. I watch a lot of podcasts, and was wondering if there was a way for me to watch movies/tv/podcasts on the external monitor, in full-screen, while using the monitor on my iMac for other tasks.

When I put itunes into full-screen mode, both screens are used, making the external show the movie, and the iMac go black.

Any suggestions would be great!

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MacBook Pro :: Keep Flash Full Screen On Second Monitor?

Jun 11, 2010

With Flash 10.1 out now is it possible to keep flash full screen on my second monitor while working on my macbook pro screen?

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MacBook Pro :: Connector For External Display (24 Inch Monitor) With Full Resolution?

Apr 20, 2010

I've just bought a MBP 15" and am wondering if I can connect a 24 inch monitor too make it a extended display. Can someone make a recommendation on what monitor (24 inch) display to buy? And Which connector to get so I get full resolution on the external display?

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Mac Pro :: Using Dual Monitor / Watching Full Screen Videos In VLC?

Aug 3, 2009

I know this is a pretty elementary question, but this is my first time using a dual monitor setup. What I would like to do is be able to browse on one monitor while watching video files full screen on another monitor. Is this possible? If so what do I need to do to make it so the smaller monitor doesn't go black once I enter full screen on the larger monitor?

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Mac Pro :: Can Run Full Windows 7 64-bit But Not Full Snow Leopard 64-bit?

Dec 7, 2009

How come I can run 64-bit Windows 7 on my first gen Mac Pro, but I can't run Snow Leopard as completely 64-bit (with the 64-bit kernel). What am I missing here? Is it truly a hardware limitation or is it just a software block that Apple has put on these machines?

I always thought that you couldn't run Snow Leopard 64-bit Kernel because of the EFI32. After installing Windows 7 successfully, it makes me wonder if the inability of running full 64-bit Snow Leopard is just an artificial limitation.

What's the deal? I could be completely wrong about all of this. I'm still confused about the EFI32 thing. Can someone shed some light on this?

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MacBook Pro :: HDTV Monitor Not Full Screen When Connected To Powerbok?

May 1, 2007

I'm using a DVI->HDMI cable to connect my Powerbook to my Sony LCD TV. The Sony's native resolution is 1366x768. For some reason my Powerbook doesn't want to switch to this resolution. I can get 1280x720, but this leaves a black border around the images the whole time.

I've tried setting a custom resolution using the trial version of SwitchResX but to no avail. It won't do it.
Anybody have any similar experiences and possibly found a fix?

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Hardware :: Full Screen Flash Video On Single Monitor?

Jan 22, 2009

I currently have my MacBook hooked up to a second 20" display. My problem is that I want to play fullscreen Flash video, eg. from BBC iPlayer or direct from the BBC site, on one monitor and not have it affect what goes on on the second monitor.

Each time I open a Flash video on my MacBook monitor in fullscreen, if I then click anywhere on my second monitor, the video always falls out of fullscreen mode back into windows mode. Is there a way round this? I'd like to watch this content fullscreen but do other tasks on my other primary monitor.

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OS X :: Leopard Upgrade To Snow Leopard ... The Same As The Full Version Of Snow Leopard?

Jun 13, 2009

... long time reader, first time poster!! So I'm doing it. I'm switching from PC to Mac. I've been waiting for a while now and the new MacBook Pro's have convinced me. I'm buying the 13 inch this week.

However I'm slightly worried about the upgrade to Snow Leopard in September.

My question is if I buy a new MacBook Pro this week and upgrade from the current version of Leopard to Snow Leopard will it be the EXACT same as the version of Snow Leopard that ships with new MacBooks after September?

Is the upgrade just the same as the full software version available post September? Does the upgrade it just detect if you have the previous software and installs as if it were the full? Or does it just "patch" things depending on what's different from previous versions?

I can wait till after Snow Leopard is released in September 09 if it is different to Leopard upgraded to Snow Leopard.

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