Applications :: Moving IMovie (Events And Projects) Folders

Feb 13, 2009

Is there anyway to move the top two iMovie folders (Events and Projects) into one single folder? When I try and do it in Finder, iMovie then won't read the files.

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Applications :: Moving Imovie Events And Projects

Feb 4, 2008

i wish to move all of my iMovie work onto an external hard drive.However, upon doing this, everytime I open up iMovie, the projects and events are all empty. How can I get the application to read from the external?

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OS X Mavericks :: Storing IMovie Events And Projects On Time Capsule

Aug 21, 2014

All I can say is Apple hasn't made this one as easy as drag and drop.  Have tried many configuration options on my TC, keep getting a message that the iMovie can not be moved required by the OS? 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), iPod 30G, iMACs old (10.4.10) & New, MacBook Pro & PowerBook G4

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Applications :: Moving Projects From Cubase SX3 To Logic Studio 8?

Nov 28, 2007

ive been a PC user for long but recieved my macbook a cpl of days ago, and this weekend im gonna start the incredible work load of converting my Cubase SX3 projects into Logic.Since Cubase suck there is no easy way to "consolidate all tracks...", to mix down each channel to a separate track automatically. I will have to do it manually. Track by track. 50+ projects, maybe 15-20 channels in each. Anyway, that was not a question, but this is.

1. Is there any easy way to copy midi tracks from Cubase to Logic? Just the information that tells the chosen instrument how to play. Not any instrument setting, just the track information. I hope you get what im after. Maybe i should rephrase, Is there any way to copy MIDI information from Cubase to Logic?Even tho i will mix down the miditracks aswell i want to save the information in case i want to try playing it with one of Logics synthesizers instead of the instrument i used in Cubase.

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Applications :: Looking For A Mac Notes App With Folders/projects?

Jul 10, 2010

Can anyone tell me if there is a good notes application that lets me organise notes into categories/projects/folders. I am looking for something that has both a mac and an iphone version and will sync multiple macs and iPhone over the web using mobile me for example.

I'm not looking for a task manager - I'm already using omnifocus for that and in an ideal world I am looking for something very similar to omnifocus but that is notes based rather than task based.

I'm not looking for a files/documents depository either - I use Evernote for that.

Just need simple text notes..

Edit - I have found Soho Notes which basically does what I want, (mac client, iphone client, notes in folders, mobile me sync) but I find the interface a bit cheesy with all those icons...ideally looking for something a bit more minimalist - I like the look of Mori and Mark/space Notebook but they don't have iphone versions...

Edit2 - Having looked further into Soho Notes, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the syncing and corrupt databases...I have also looked at MacJournal which is along the lines of what I'm after but again quite a lot people having problems with the sync by the sound of it so still looking...

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Applications :: How Do Put IMovie Events In The Correct Year

Feb 18, 2010

My camcorder is fairly old, it uses a tape, however it still downloads directly to iMovie digitally: don't ask.When I download it, I press import from camera. Then a window pops up and I press record, then it records the tape. However, once it makes a new event for it, and sometimes it imports under 2003! And I can't put it under the correct year!

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Final Cut Pro X :: Crashes When Try To Open Library (containing 10 Projects And Events)

Sep 4, 2014

I am unable to open a FCPX library (containing at least 10 projects and events). 

Final Cut attempts to load the events and projects in the library but after about 5 minutes the program shuts down and I get an Apple message giving me the option to report the problem.

All other libraries appear to work fine. I am guessing that the last project created within the affected library is corrupt.

I have tried removing the render files in that last project  and I have copied the library to another drive and neither worked.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), Processor - 2.2 ghz intel core i7

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Final Cut Pro X :: Removing Events / Projects From Library Manually

Jun 26, 2014

Removing either Events or Projects from the Library manually (deleting from package contents on drive)?

Any reason there could be a problem?

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Final Cut Pro X :: Temporarily Removing Events And Projects From Library 

Jun 27, 2014

Experiment Results: Temporarily removing Events and Projects from library 

REASON: I wanted to test removing events and especially ram-hungry projects from FCPX 10.1 to unclog the app a bit. I've been getting lots of spinning wheel time and dropdown windows saying projects unopened and unneeded were being loaded. 

METHOD: I copied a library to another drive and experimented by manually removing some events made up entirely of projects. Why not remove them? There seems to be hysteria about manually touching the library but no one relates an actual incident that highlights how things can go wrong. 

I copied a library to another drive and experimented by manually removing some events made up entirely of projects.  The projects are early versions of segments of feature length doc I most likely will never need to bring back in. After removing an Event that had only Projects, FCPX opened no problem and a lot quicker. 

ODDITY: Removed Events names still appeared with the twirly triangle beside them tho the event icon didn't appear and the Events were empty. I tried trashing them but couldn’t. I then closed fcpx and removed media. Reopened no problem. Closed.  

Returned Event folders and media to their proper place, reopened no problem. The projects were all there tho their icons were blank at first but then after a couple minutes pics started appearing in them and pretty soon all seemed normal. I opened projects, they worked, no problem. 

Moving projects & media manually between events—This may be where things get dicey, but you could do this manually with earlier versions of FCPX. It's not something I would do normally since ti's too easy to do in FCPX. But since I have this copy I might try it just to see what happens. If you don't experiment it's  not science it's religion.

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OS X :: Importing Projects Into Imovie

Feb 2, 2009

I have imovie 08 on my laptop. I am a teacher and the kids did a project on their computers. I downloaded them to my portable external drive and now want to burn them. I am having a difficult time importing them into imovie.

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OS X :: Delete Projects In IMovie HD?

Feb 2, 2009

According to my Activity Monitor I have very little space left in my Hard Drive. I have cleaned up and deleted all my photos and movie clips,but deleting some projects in iMovie HD would really help, yet I can't seem to work out how to delete them.

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OS X :: Way To Get IMovie Projects On Youtube?

Jul 1, 2009

I'm running iMovie 4, I do believe it is, and youtube is not recognizing my videos as a correct format to upload. The videos are .mov but I also read something about them needing to be mpeg4. How do I convert the videos to mpeg4?

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Aperture :: Moving Several Projects To Different Library On Same Computer

Jun 3, 2014

I have resqued all my photos from my back up, and I was making one single library but I decided to make a different library for " my trips' .. How can i transfer project from my 'New library" to my 'trips library' there are many projects and i want to do it as fast as I can. working on Aperture 3 and an Imac with mavericks.

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OS X :: IMovie Projects In Snow Leopard?

Sep 2, 2009

Just a question regarding projects in iMovie '08. Will they still be intact when I upgrade to Snow Leopard? If I were to do a clean install instead, would they also still be there?

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MacBook :: Unprotect The IMovie Projects

May 29, 2012

Why is it that the projects I made from iMovie and exported to iTunes become protected?  How can I unprotect it so I can upload it online?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4), OS upgraded to 10.5.8

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Applications :: Moving Folders Across Computers?

Jun 29, 2010

I'm running a Mac right now, but I'll be getting a new one this summer. I'm going to give my dad my current computer and get a new iMac, but I want to save as much time reorganizing my setup, so I'll be transferring via Firewire cable. I know how that works, but what I'm really curious about is whether or not I have to re-download all my applications.

Is is possible to just replace the application folder on the new computer with that of my current one (soon to be my father's)? I know that applications on a Mac are kind of like little bundles of information- the icons contain all the necessary code and whatnot (is it obvious I really don't know much about programming yet?), so can I just move the applications directly over, or do I have to re-download them all?

It's not a problem if I do have to re-download them, but to quote a literary character of old, "I would prefer not to." (10 awesome points for the first to tell me who said that)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Open Older IMovie Projects?

May 22, 2012

I upgraded to Lion, and now can't open any of my imovie projects, as "PowerPC applications are no longer supported."

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Applications :: Moving IMovie Folder To External Drive?

Oct 29, 2010

I've been using my internal drive for iMovie files, but have been doing a lot more with the program recently and the folder has gotten quite large. I'd like to move it to my main external drive (a Drobo). Anybody know if there's a way to do this correctly, from within the iMovie program, to insure that it knows where all the files are? (rather than just moving the folder manually etc.) Is there a setting preferences for example, where it tells it where to store the files etc?

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Mac Pro :: Moving Library, Applications And System Folders Across To An SSD.

Oct 8, 2010

Firstly im well aware of the other threads roaming around the forum, but im having troubles with all of the options do this i find. I'm also aware that people might find it hard to believe that someone who has shelled out for a couple of SSD's might be having problems doing this, please, just need the help, no flaming.

Basically, just acquired 2x new SSD's and im wishing to transfer my OS and Applications over to them, so i can boot from them.

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Aperture :: How To Move Photos From Projects To Folders

Dec 7, 2014

I have created many projects. Ie diving pictures from numerous places.

Now I want to organize i.e. projects - Scuba Diving Pictures
then   Folder   Bonaire
then  album     different set of  pictures from different days
new folder    Grande Cayman
then  different albums for individual days

I have done this for one project BUT when I try and delete the original project it tells me I will lose all my photos which have been moved...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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MacBook :: Burning Projects To TS - VIDEO Folders On Desktop / Via Toast?

Jan 13, 2011

This is my first post, so please be gentle! I have a 2006/7 White Macbook Core2Duo 2.10Ghz, and I love compiling my own movie compilations via iDVD. The problem that I have is two fold; 1. I burnt 4 episodes of a Public Domain TV Show (3 Stooges) using one of the current menus, and it compiled lovely, burn to disc and verified, but then no sound from the episodes, even though on my master PC, the sound is there, and sound is also present when I copied to my Macbook. 2. I have tried another few discs, each time iDVD states that the disc could not be verified and that the disc is unreadable. Both have been burnt at 6x (my combo/super drives max). Do I possibly need a new drive? Is it worth me burning the project to TS_VIDEO folders on my desktop then burning them via Toast? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'm wanting to delve deeper into iDVD and iMovie as I think they are spot on programs.

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Software :: Need To Keep IMovie Events?

Nov 17, 2010

I shoot video on my Sony HDR SR12 camcorder a import it into iMovie then I use ScreenFlow to edit my video and upload it to youtube. My hard drive is starting to fill up and I was wondering if I need to keep all that video that is in my iMovie events folder or should I be able to use the file that is inside each of my ScreenFlow files?

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IMac :: Hiding - Moving Or Restrcting Photo Events

Nov 25, 2009

I realize that individual pics in an event file can be hidden, but--is it possible to hide the entire event file itself? If it is not possible to do that, can access to the entire photo category be restricted Finally, if neither option is possible, can the event file be moved to a different or hidden location somehwere else in the Mac?

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Mac Pro :: Deleting IMovie Clips Or Events In Order To Get Space Back

Apr 20, 2012

after deleting several GB of iMovie clips and events, the activity monitor tells me there is no gain in free space.

Before I installed Lion, I got the space back.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: IPhoto - Pictures From Two Events Folders Opened Upon Restart

Aug 1, 2009

I have tried checking with people at Apple store but they have failed to come up with the solution. Here is the problem everytime I restart my computer all the pictures from two of my events folders in the iphoto opens up at same time, meaning I have around 25 pictures or so opens up upon restart. I need to close them by using the function command and Q to close all at once. Often Time I hook up my computer to give presentation at work and its quite embarrassing that every one can see my pictures.

MAC OS X 10.5

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ICloud :: Photostream To Sync Events Or Folders In Iphoto?

May 14, 2012

Is that a way for photostream to sync the events or the folders in iphoto?

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OS X :: Moving Folders From One Mac To Another?

Oct 15, 2010

me and my lass are having difficulties moving folders from her old G4 to a new IMAC. photos saved in i photo we can simply put onto the camera sd card and then transfer but as I broke the cd burner on the G4 which I am constantly being reminded of at the moment How do you move folders from one mac to another as they contain pohotos our lass has had for a few years now.

I have no knowledge of computers as it took me two days to find the button to open the CD draw on my own new computer so any answers would need to be simplistic. I think you can just put them on a memory stick or load them onto the SD card of the camera. But how?

And considering I broke the burner on the other MAC our lass isnt that keen on me touching these folders as she doesnt want to lose the phtos.

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OS X :: Moving IMovie's Target Folder?

Aug 15, 2009

I'm interested in doing more movie making but I've been told (and experienced) that movie making takes up a LOT of space so I'm planning on getting an external hard drive for iMovie and using the local drive for apps and the OS. I'm just wondering how to actually move the iMovie Target folder

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OS X :: Moving IMovie Files To External Drive

Nov 13, 2009

OS 10.5.8 and iMovie 8. From a Windows background and still learning the Mac OS. Have started loading movies in iMovie which is eating into disk space pretty quick so i want to move the uploaded and edited product to an external drive. Is it possible to have all my movie files on the external and the iMovie program set to read them from the external when required? If so how would i go about that?

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MacBook :: Moving IMovie Files Via Firewire Between Two Machines?

Mar 12, 2009

I need to import my movies via firewire, but can only do it through my brother's macbook, as my new macbook does not have firewire. Therefore, I imported 100 GB worth of movies onto his computer, then transferred the iMovie Events and iMovie Projects folders onto a hard drive, then transferred them from the hard drive to MY macbook. Now they are sitting on the desk top. How do I get them into iMovie on my macbook, now that I have transferred the files from my brother's macbook onto my macbook's desktop?

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