Applications :: Mobile Me Itunes Syncing?

Nov 9, 2009

Do you think they will ever add wireless itunes syncing to mobile me? or just wireless syncing period?

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Applications :: Ical Is Not Syncing With Mobile Me Account

Sep 22, 2010

My ical is not syncing with mobile me account. I anyone else having issues today?

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OS X :: Syncing Mobile And Documents?

Jul 16, 2009

Is there a way to get my everything in my Documents folder onto my iDisk without having to actually moving the former? I tried symbolic links which worked for DropBox, but for MobileMe, I got an error saying that it's not compatible with symbolic links.

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OS X :: Podcasts Not Syncing Correctly To Mobile Devices?

Oct 11, 2010

After installing iTunes 10, I have been having problems syncing my podcasts between my iPhone4 and my Mac.

Hardware details:

[a] iPhone 4, iOS 4.1

[b] computer - 2010 Core i7 MBP running 10.6.4 and iTunes 10.0.1:

Issue description:

[1] Podcasts if played on the computer *will not* sync correctly with mobile device; the podcast on the iPhone will ALWAYS overwrite the podcast on the computer (i.e., if podcast played most recently on computer, but still unplayed on iPhone, podcast will show as unplayed on computer after sync).

[2] Podcasts if played on the iPhone *will* sync correctly with the Mac (i.e., if podcast most recently played on iPhone, podcast will show as partially played or completely played, at the correct stopping point, on Mac after sync).

[3] Songs on the iPhone when playing will sometimes begin in the middle of the song - as though if they were a podcast picking up where I left off. The songs are all iTunes Store purchases, and they are correctly marked as Music, with the "remember playback position" box left UNCHECKED.

Wanted to ask whether other folks are having similar issues, and if so, whether they've been able to find a solution. If not, and you're having a similar problem, wanted to ask if you could take a quick second to send a quick feedback/bug report to Apple: [URL]

Historically, I've seen Apple be responsive to customer issues - but it's on us to let them know this is a problem.

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MacBook :: Syncing All Contacts From Mobile Phone

Jun 5, 2010

I've been trying to sync all of my contacts off my old sony ericsson phone onto my macbook, so I can then sync them onto my shiny new android. How do I do this? Every time I use iSync nothing happens.

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Applications :: Hide Mobile Accounts In IChat / Contacts For Mobile Aim Shows Up

Feb 11, 2010

I just used Chax to combine my AIM and Facebook accounts in iChat, but I just realized how many of my friends use the stupid mobile feature for AIM, so they all show up in my buddy list when they really arent available. Is there anyway I can hide those mobile accounts in iChat?

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Applications :: No ITunes Without Mobile Me Account?

Nov 14, 2010

So I want to get rid of mobile me... But my mobile me account, is my iTunes account name and password. So if I get rid of my mobile me, does that mean I will no longer be able to access the music I purchased?!

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Applications :: Mobile ITunes Library And A Local?

Sep 29, 2009

I have a MBP that I take to work with me every day. I like listening to iTunes at work and at home. I have a pretty large library so I moved the library from my MBP to a nice 500gb external HDD. So while Im at work, I plug it in and poof, Im off and running with my tunes.

I keep a copy of that library on my home server also.

Now here is where I get lazy. At home, Im much more mobile with my MBP. I take it on the deck, I have it in the basement, I bring it to the kitchen, garage, ect... I dont like carrying the external HDD around all over the place.

So recently I opened iTunes using the Option-click command and selected my home server as the location for the library. The very same library I keep a copy of on the external. iTunes gave me an error about not having a library file in that location. So I copied the library file from my external to my server and tried it again. iTunes loaded up but...

1. Im missing 50% of my artwork, artwork I spent a while collecting.

2. When I switch back to my external drive, iTunes gives me the same error from above. So I have to copy the library file to my external drive from my server and then back again when I want to switch again. (Hope that makes sense.)

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Applications :: Separate Passwords - Itunes And Mobile

Jul 13, 2010

I changed my mobile me password today because I didn't like it being the same as iTunes which I share with a few family members. In the past I had them the same but now wish them to have seperate passwords, is this possible? Today I changed my mobile me login password and it changed iTunes too.

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Applications :: ITunes Mobile Applications Folder Location

Jan 23, 2010

Is the there a way to force iTunes to store my mobile applications on my external drive automatically?I have my library set to an external and all my music, movies, etc goes onto the proper location except the mobile applications. I know I can use the consolidate library command, which will move the apps to the external. But as soon as I d/l another app iTunes begins saving them to the default folder again.

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Applications :: ITunes Syncing To 2 IPods?

Mar 12, 2009

Is it possible to have 2 different iPods synced to the same iTune program on the same computer??

I have an old 5th Gen iPod classic, and I'm considering getting an iPod touch to double as a PDA-type device.

Will syncing the new iPod un-sync the old one? or will it just work okay

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Applications :: Syncing USB Player With Itunes

Feb 9, 2010

If I get a conventional mp3/aac player that uses standard USB storage, if there something I can get that will sync it with my Itunes collection? I figure there would be two ways; it could just copy the Itunes directory which always has things sorted by artist, or it could try and duplicate my playlists as folders. I'd prefer the latter. Does anyone make software that does this?

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Applications :: Itunes Not Syncing One Song?

Apr 5, 2010

I have one song that will not sync to my iphone. It is a 43min long Nike running track which itunes gave away for free last year. I would love to listen to it as I run but I can't find it on my iphone. It is checked in itunes and I have it set to sync my entire music library so it should be on there. Any ideas?

If it matters I have changed my email address that I use for my itunes account since then but to my knowledge all of the older music I bought with that account still syncs perfectly fine.

Also it shows up that it is on my iphone when I look at it in itunes but not on the iphone when it is not connected. I watched it sync saying updating that track on the phone too.

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Applications :: Syncing To ITunes On New Computer - How To Fix It

Jun 10, 2010

I just got a new MacBook Pro and transferred all my music/movies/apps onto it. However I haven't synced my phone to it yet.

I'm worried something will go wrong or all my apps will be rearranged which I really don't feel like dealing with right now.

Before I go and sync it does anyone have any advice? What should I expect? Once I sync it, can I choose to sync it to either computer?

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Applications :: ITunes Locks UP When Syncing IPhone 3GS?

Sep 14, 2009

I upgraded to the new 9.0 version of iTunes and now my iPhone won't sync. Every time I try t it gives me the eternal windmill.... Solutions I've tried include the following:

-Plugging in iPhone while not connected to the airport

-Recreating iTunes Library

-Rebooting iPhone


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Applications :: ITunes Library Sharing / Syncing?

Sep 22, 2009

I keep all my iTunes files (podcasts, audio, video, etc.) on my main Windows 7 desktop. I just got a Macbook Pro and so far I've been using the sharing feature in iTunes to listen to my music on the MacBook. I've just set up file sharing on my windows 7 pc and now I'm able to see all the actual files on my MB. I was wondering if there was any way that I could just point my MacBook to the same directory that my windows 7 pc uses for iTunes and have the SAME library file on each computer. when I make changes, add songs, etc, to either computer, the library files would sync (update) the new information and I'd basically have an exact replica on either computer. Of course I realize that this would mean that my Windows 7 desktop would basically be the host for all these files and would have to remain online which is no problem. And I realize that I'd only be able to have one iTunes open at a time, which again is no problem. So basically I'm just wondering if there are any programs that could allow me to do this? I've seen programs that copy all the files from each computer and have them in sync that way, but like I mentioned, I don't want the actual files on my macbook. The windows 7 will be the host. I just want to sync my library files so I can make changes on either computer.

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Applications :: Syncing Two ITunes Libraries Without Automator?

Nov 16, 2009

I currently have a lot of different songs on my iMac and my MBP and I was wondering if there was a way to sync the two without having to use the automator approach found here [URL]

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Applications :: Syncing 2 ITunes Accounts On The Same Macbook Pro

Apr 26, 2010

I just bought a new MBP and have transferred all of my music, apps, etc. via my iPhone. My question is, can I sync my wife's iPhone on the same computer without having her iTunes library mix with mine? IMO, her music kinda sucks and I don't want her music, apps, etc. mixed with mine the next time I sync my phone.

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Applications :: ITunes 9.2 Not Syncing Aperture 3.03 Photos?

Jun 17, 2010

Installed iTunes 9.2 and now get an error message at end of synch saying the iPhone can't synch because the file can't be found. The issue is limited to photos checked to synch from my Aperture 3.03 library. Those photos have been removed from the iPhone leaving only the photos taken on the iPhone and stored in the 'film roll'. All photos synched from Aperture were removed and won't reload. The Photo tab shows the Aperture app is checked and should synch.

I have repaired permissions and rebooted the iMac. Same issue continues after all this.

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Applications :: Syncing IPhone With 2 Different ITunes Libraries?

Jun 24, 2010

I use a PC and a Mac. I have my music, apps etc on my PC desktop, and my photos and videos on my Macbook.

Just got an iPhone 4, is it possible to use my PC to sync most of my stuff, then plug it into my Macbook and sync only my photos and videos and nothing else?

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Applications :: Syncing IPhoto AND Aperture Library Using ITunes

Jun 6, 2010

I am desperately trying to find a way to sync BOTH my Aperture library and my iPhoto library onto my iPad by using iTunes. I want to keep the Aperture library separate from my iPhoto library as the Aperture library only contains high res images and raw files whereas the iPhoto library is made up of images which were not taken with a DSLR such as point-and-shoot cameras or mobile phones.

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Applications :: Syncing A Single ITunes Library Between Two Macs?

Jul 4, 2010

I have a MBP and a MacMini. I wish to have my iTunes library stored on an external HD (which I will share on the network) connected to the MacMini.

I would like to see this same library on my MBP (presumably just point the iTunes on the MBP to the networked external HD for the iTunes folder??).

But now I wish to ensure that any changes made on one machine (additions, artwork update, playlists etc) are synced and show up on the other, and vice versa.

This should be applicable to both content purchases on iTunes and my own content ripped from my CD collection.

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Applications :: Saving And Syncing Music / Single ITunes Account With Multiple Users?

Jan 7, 2009

I bought an imac 24" 4 months ago and set up individual access accounts on the mac for me and my daughters. I then set up an itunes account for each and I started to pay into their accounts for them to purchase some music and all was fine after syncing each nano with their access account and itunes account.

However, it quickly became apparent that they could not share their music between account even though they are on the same computer. I have tried various searches but to be honest some of the methods suggested I just dont understand hence my appearance here.

Can I now save the music they have purchased etc and take it all to one account and then sync them again with the one itunes account or would i be better to keep the different accounts and change the set-up so that they can see and sync with each others music.

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MacBook Pro :: C2D Mobile I5 & Mobile I7 - Upgrades The Processors?

Mar 4, 2010

this noob understand what the differences will be in terms of pros/cons and overall performance. What about if Apple keeps everything else the same and just upgrades the processors, how would that affect things (hypothetically)?

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Applications :: Transfer Music To External Hard Drive / Syncing Music With Itunes?

Oct 23, 2009

At the moment most of my music is either stored on my Macbook or on an external hard drive. Is it possible to transfer all my music and videos to an external hard drive and then sync it with Itune so that every time I plug it in I can access them?

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ITunes :: Create App Mobile Website On It?

May 29, 2012

How I can create app mobile website on iTunes

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ITunes For Mac :: How To Locate Mobile Device With Yosemite

Dec 9, 2014

how I can locate my mobile device on iTunes with Yosemite? Before the upgrade I always saw my iPod on the left now I don't see it unless it is plugged into my laptop.

MacBook, iOS 6.1

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ITunes :: Syncing Itunes Playlist With Radio Streams Through Match?

Feb 7, 2012

I some local internet streams which I listen to, when I added them a long time ago I couldn't add them to the itunes radio tab :-( but created a playlist.I would like to have those streams available on my laptop but since there is no "music" it does not sync. Is there a way to do this? It would be nice to have them on the idevices as well but there i just use a radio app. 

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Applications :: FaceTime Mobile To Mac?

Oct 20, 2010

You can now download a FaceTime app for your Mac and make video calls to iOS devices. Wish they hadn't left PC users out in the cold. Hoping for a skype update soon!

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Applications :: IWeb Won't Stop Asking About Mobile

Nov 24, 2008

there is a way to get rid of the "do you want to use Mobile Me" window that pops up when i open iWeb. I dont have mobile me and it is some what annoying that EVERY time i open iWeb it ask me. you would think that after enough time of saying no it would learn.

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