ITunes :: Can Disable Prompt For Password When Start It

Apr 20, 2012

When I open iTunes, I am asked for a password, TWICE. I don't wish to use automatic downloads at this time, and I don't need to tell my computer that more than once until I change my mind, as opposed to twice every-time I open iTunes.

MacBook Pro, 2 GHz, 2 GB, Mac OS X (10.6.8), PCI Express/34 for Firewire 800 External Drives

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OS X :: How To Disable Password Prompt On Installations

May 1, 2009

I'd like to know how to stop Mac from prompting me with the 'Enter an administrator account and password' dialog, I'd just like to install things, I do have a 'Managed' account (with Parental controls), but how do I stop that? is there a setting?

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OS X :: Disable Password Prompt / Keeps Asking For Master Password?

Jul 18, 2010

My Mac OS X keeps Asking me for a Master Password in my OS X ?? How can i stop this ? It is rather annoying to always type this in.....

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Disable Password Login At Start Up

Dec 10, 2014

Since installing Yosemite 10.10.1, every time I turn on my MacBook Pro I have to Select User and then login with my password. I don't want this, since I'm the only user and it wastes time. This didn't used to happen before installing Yosemite. I can't find the button in Security and Privacy that turns this off!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Applications :: Make ITunes Forget Password For Purchases - Disable?

Dec 27, 2010

When making a purchase on the iTunes store, I checked the "remember password for purchases" box. I'd like to disable this. I went into preferences and clicked "reset warnings" and all that, but it still remembers my password when making purchases. Anyone know how to disable this?

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OS X :: Password Prompt Before App Install?

Oct 12, 2010

On my MBP, I get prompted for a PW before any program gets installed.

On my iMac, at times I get prompted, other times I don't.

I just downloaded handbrake and installed but there was no PW prompt.

The day before I installed a plug in for Quicktime and was prompted for a PW.

How can I get so that I get prompted for a PW every time before anything gets installed?

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OS X :: Stop The Password Prompt?

Sep 24, 2009

this seems pretty basic, but I can't seem to find a way to turn off the password prompt in Mac OSX.

I have an account for my parents, and they don't need a password, but if they try and install software etc - it comes up with the Password Prompt window. Obviously, you don't enter anything into the password field and just continue on, but seeing how there is no password in the first place, why does it still ask for one?

I've been a Mac user for a few years, but have never came across this - I always use a password

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OS X :: Screensaver Password Prompt Timeout?

Sep 14, 2007

I have enabled the prompt for a password when waking from screensaver and this works fine as long as I respond to the password prompt quickly. However, if I don't respond fairly quickly then the password prompt disappears leaving a black screen with just the mouse pointer visible. No matter what I type I can't bring the password prompt back up and therefore can't gain access. The only way I can do this is to press the power button and wait for 5 minutes or so before bringing it back out of sleep and typing my password more quickly.

The machine is a new iMac 2.4G 24" if that makes any difference. All latest updates applied.

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OS X :: Disabling Login Password Prompt?

Jul 9, 2008

I would like to disable the login password prompt when I boot the computer. I cannot seem to find a way to do that.

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IMac :: Password Prompt On Startup?

Mar 28, 2009

I do not know if this is in the write section, but oh well.

I pressed "option" to switch between drives but it came up that I needed to put in a password. I know the password anyways. Here is what I am getting at, is there any way when I boot my computer it can ask me for the password before getting to the desktop?

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OS X Mavericks :: FaceTime Password Prompt?

Jun 21, 2014

Both iCloud and FaceTime are continually prompting for passwords.  Hitting 'cancel' usually dismisses the iCloud box, but the FaceTime box just keeps reappearing. 

I don't want to enter either password until I'm ready to, and I especially could care less about FaceTime because I don't use it on this computer.  It can go away completely.  So how can I shut it off and tell it to stop bothering me?

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Start A New Email Without Prompt To Rebuild Coming Up

May 7, 2012

In outlook mail a box came up saying to rebuild database which I did. I clicked done when finished.When I went to email I can now receive emails and reply to emails but I cannot start a new email without the prompt to rebuild coming up.Once this prompt comes up I have to rebuild again as the swirly thing prevents me from doing anything else, so I end up in a circular pattern and consequently can't use outlook.

Microsoft Outlook for mac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Turning Off Password Prompt With SMB File Sharing

Nov 3, 2008

Looking to stop the password prompt from coming up every time I try to delete a file after enabling SMB file sharing for my administrator account (while working with files in that account). Everything else works fine with regards to file sharing.

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OS X :: Password Hints From Screensaver Login Prompt

Jul 20, 2010

First of all, how do I get my password hint to show up from the screensaver login/password prompt? I have my password and hint set up so that only people close to me will be able to figure it out in case they ever need to use my laptop, however at the moment the hint doesn't even show up. Also, I'm aware that you can change the text to the login page for user accounts, but is there any way to change the text for the screensaver login prompt? If so, where would I find it in "Library"?

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MacBook Pro :: When Do A PRAM Reset They Prompt For Password

Mar 12, 2012

when i do a PRAM reset, they will prompt me for a password or serial, may i know what password or serial is that?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook :: No Password Set But Prompt Keeps Coming On Startup

Apr 20, 2012

I used to have a password on my Macbook but I got annoyed of having to type it in every time I closed/opened the lid and the Macbook woke up. I got rid of the password through my system settings, but the prompt kept coming up when I opened the Macbook, but there was no password. I would just leave the password field blank and hit enter. Okay, no big deal. I just restarted my Macbook because it was lagging with video, and its asking me for a password to start up. I tried leaving it blank and just hitting Log In, the prompt shakes back and forth. I tried my old password before I got rid of it, the prompt just shakes. I don't have a password, why am I getting a prompt on startup and how do I get past it.

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OS X :: Keychain Prompt On Safari / Asks For Password Everytime?

Feb 22, 2009

For some unknown reason (well to me at least) I keep getting the following come up when I surf the next with Safari. I have done nothing as far as I am aware to the settings & my imac worked fine for the passed 4 months

Anyone have any ideas??

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Applications :: Using Multiple Chat Acounts / Username And Password Prompt Box?

Dec 16, 2007

in tiger, whenever iChat was launched, it asked for a username and password but now in leopard, when iChat is launched it automatically logs into my account. multiple people use iChat on my computer and i just want to know if in leopard there is a setting to bring up that box that asks for sn and password like in tiger and panther. i've been messing with the preferences and i cant find anything.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Why Does Screen Saver Prompt For Secure Disk Image Password

Mar 17, 2012

I go into System Preferences->Dektop & Screen Saver.  As the program "loads" availabe image sources and such I get a pop-up requesting a password to my secure disk image. Yes, I have a secure disk image in my home directory. Yes, the secure disk image is currently "locked" (Not mounted in finder). 

I click cancel (a few times, probably 2 maybe 3 times) and things continue along fine. I select a photo source that I want for a screen save and exit peferences. I then go an start the screen saver (I'm using Hot-Corners). I get the message "Looking for pictures....." for , well...basically forever... 

Sure enough I touch the mouse to leave my screen saver and there is the pop-up again.  Asking for me to unlock my secure disk image. 

I thought this might be related to Spotlight.  I tried reading several threads and have gone as far as taking my entire hard-drive/volume and putting it into the "Privacy" tab under spotlight. 

how I might get it so the "Desktop & Screen Saver" stop prompting me to unlock my secure disk image?  (WITHOUT having to make sure the disk image is unlocked before I sleep my screen or open the screen saver utlity) As always, I am only speculating that this is Spotlight related so that could be a red-herring.... 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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Mac Mini :: Clicking On User Does Not Bring Up Password Prompt In Fast Switch

Jun 12, 2012

I have two users on my mac mini running OS X 10.7.4, both are administrators. When I click on my username in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select the second user, I can type in the password and "rotate" on over to the other user. However, from the second user account when I try and go back to the first user via the same process, no prompt appears when clicking on the user name from the drop down in the top right of the screen.

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Restore Prompt Before Deleting Podcast?

Mar 26, 2012

Restore prompt before deleting podcast or anything in itunes for that matter?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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ITunes For Mac :: Creating A Recurring Login Prompt?

Sep 11, 2014

when I try to sign in on the iTunes Store page, (inputting my password correctly, with no incorrect password written in red anywhere) iTunes just gives me another prompt to sign in, then another and another. I have tried reinstalling. What can I do? 

iTunes Ver. 11.4 64bit

iMac, 14,3 21.5, 16GB DDR3 256GB,, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), i7 4770s 3.1GHz Quad

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Applications :: ITunes Accept Incoming Connections Prompt?

Nov 17, 2010

The most recent iTunes update 10.1 has caused a prompt box every time I open iTunes that requires me to "allow" incoming connections. I have added iTunes in the firewall settings as always allow but still it comes up over and over. I do not have this problem on my two other macs that I updated the same day. All are running 10.6.5 and have identical iTunes libraries but for some reason my iMac will not stop prompting me over this. Is there a fix that I am not aware of?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Disable The Active Applications At Start Up?

Mar 31, 2012

If I forget to disable the active aps in the dock, when I restart my Mac it takes a longer time to start up. How do I disable that feature?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: How Can I Disable The Password Window

Jan 31, 2009

When I install a new program I get a window that pops up asking me for my password. I don't have a Master Password for my computer, I left it blank intentionally so all I have to do is click on OK and the program installs. Likewise, sometimes when I delete some items on my computer this same window pops up.How can I disable this most annoying Password Window?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Disable Login Password?

Jul 12, 2010

I want to disable my login password. Basicley i want to push the power booton the laptop to come on and have access to my programs and apps without entering a password. Saftey is not a big issue i am the only one using the laptop. I still use a keychain password so not just anyone can install and change whatever settings or programs they want i like this just don't want to use a password to log in.

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Software :: Disable A Macbook Password?

Nov 9, 2009

i can get into my daughters account but hers is limited what can i do i dont have disk

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Disable Password To Desktop

Nov 30, 2014

I have just bought the new Mac Mini,but when the screen comes up it has a football icon in the middle of the screen below that it says type in password (To get to your Desktop}

I hadn`t a clue what the password was so Looked in my book at all the passwords.

I tried them one by one then I struck lucky I typed in this password which I new that it wouldn`t work but to my surprise it worked.

how I can to the desktop without these passwords. In system preferences you can change it,but it says then you will have to remember two passwords.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Mac Mini 2007

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OS X :: Disable Screensaver Password - Using Administrator Account

Jan 6, 2010

I am a network administrator and an mac user. No one else is my IT dept knows anything about macs so I have been given the responsibility of managing our 5 or so Mac's in the company. I've been able to figure everything out fine, but I have one user that insists on turning on the screensaver password on his computer. Now on windows, you can unlock a computer using an administrator account but on mac this is not the case. I want to disable the option for the screensaver password but I do not know how. The user is a local administrator on the computer because that is needed for a few things but he is making it impossible for me to work on his computer because of the password. Also, I've tried telling him not to enable it but he seems to not care what I think.

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Windows On Mac :: VMWare Always Asks For Password - How To Disable

Feb 22, 2010

Each time I start VMWare Fusion 3.0.2 it will ask me to type in my password. How can I turn that off so that when I click the "Start Up" button it will go straight to booting without asking me for password?

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