PowerPC :: Wireless Pci Card For G4?

Sep 6, 2006

I have a 450mhz powermac g4 that I am using for a simple file server in my house. I was wondering if there are any pci cards that have mac drivers, that would work. In order to steam movies and stuff, the card probably has to support 802.11g.


PowerPC :: Should/Will A PCI Card Work In PCI-X

Jul 25, 2010

I asked this earlier but, never a decent answer and a few people asking if I have PCI-X and PCI-Express mixed up which made no sense for what was being asked.

I have a PCI USB2.0 card rev2.2 that I removed from my old G4 MDD.

I upgraded to a used G5 2ghz DP (M9032LL/A) system which has "three open full-length PCI-X slots: one 133MHz, 64-bit slot and two 100MHz, 64-bit slots" from what the specs on [URL] says.

I was told that a PCI rev2.x card will work in a PCI-X slot but when I tried the system didn't even power on.

So... should it work? does it matter which PCI-X slot? or was that guy confused between PCI-X and PCI-e?

Hoping it will work because 3 USB ports isn't enough when you have a WACOM, Scanner, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, USB Drive, etc...

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Mac Pro :: USB 2.0 PCI Card - Difference Between PCI And PCI Express

Feb 3, 2008

more USB 2.0 ports for my Mac Pro (early 2008). Which one should I get? at's the difference between PCI and PCI Express? I had added a USB PCI card in my G4

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PowerPC :: Better Graphics Card For PM G5 PCI-X?

Apr 29, 2008

I had recently purchased a 2nd hand G5 PowerMac with dual 1.8GHz processors and PCI-X slots. I think it was released in November 2003. It's a great machine, but suffers from its lacklustre 64MB graphics card. My Mac man told me not to bother, but I would like to investigate the option further. What do you think is available and where would I obtain one of these things? Oh, I should also ask the most important question...is it worth it?

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PowerPC :: Using Quicksilver IDE PCI Card?

Aug 29, 2008

I have an M8439 800/1.5/160/DVDRW 10.3.7 / 9.1 classic. I want to run Digidesign Pro Tools v5.1, which requires OS9 and an IDE HD to record to. I have purchased a WD Caviar SE - EIDE HD Question: can I just run it inline with the operating (boot) HD off the ATA bus, or do I need to get an IDE PCI adapter card?

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PowerPC :: PCI Card Not Appear To Fit In G5 Slot?

Jun 17, 2010

I just got a G5 power mac (dual 2.3GHz) and bought one of these: [URL] as an airport substitute. When trying to install the card it doesn't appear to fit in the PCI slot. Am I right in thinking it should fit? Since it's a PCI card and the G5 has PCI/PCI-X inputs?

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PowerPC :: PCI E SATA Controller Card G5 Dual 2.0 GHz - Backward Compatible?

Oct 7, 2010

Looking for a good PCI (32 bit) esata controller card for my G5, im considering these two cards but dont wanna shell out the cash $110. I want a card that can handle more than 4 drives, RAID 0,1 and 5 compatible. [URL:...] The sonnett card is waaaaay to expensive... But, the Off brand card is more like what im looking for just needs to be $30 cheaper. PCI-X will work too, because its backward compatible with 32Bit PCI

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PowerPC :: Will Additional PCI Gfx Card Slow Down G5 General Graphics Performance

Jan 28, 2010


1) I am in the possession of a June 2004 PowerMac G5 DP 1.8.
2) It's the AGP+PCI variety (not PCI-X, not PCIe).
3) It's running Leopard 10.5.8
4) I've got an Ultra 6800 DDL installed.

Main Question:

What is the best way to add another (3rd) monitor?

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Mac Mini :: Swap Out Mini PCI-E Wireless Card In 27"?

Jan 22, 2010

Anyone tried swapping out the Mini-PCI-e for anything else?

Ive been following the custom upgrades and ive upgraded every Mac computer ive bought over the last few years - its now time for me to change the studio as its running an aging G5! But ive fallen in love with the 27" IMac - my head says no, my heart says yes yes yes!

The problem is it doesn't have the ins and outs for a proper pro machine and no PCI-E of course...but im willing to live without a couple of PCI-E cards for this beautiful machine, especially as im planning on putting two Intel X25-M G2's in, in a software raid 0 config by removing the opitcal drive (as I have done on my macbook pro)

which got to me thinking, i'll have all my network access via ethernet - so I wondered, any chance i can pull that wireless card out and swap it for something else...perhaps thread something out of the CD slot and around the back?

I need some bigger storage on here, so i'll be using the FW800 port for a 2tb 7200rpm external drive, however, i still need FW400 devices and I dont want to slow the FW800 drive down by daisy chaning them on...so...

Any chance one of the mini-pci-e to firewire 400 adapters will work in the iMac and in OS X?

Also ive seen this "PEMINI2X1 is a PCI Express Mini to PCI Express X1 adapter"[URL]

Any chance you could use "some" PCI-E cards with that outside of the imac, im thinking specifically the UAD-2...

Getting either extra FW400 port, or a PCI-E card externally via that slot would enable me to go one of two ways to having the perfect system for me.

Any just to confirm, im right in thinking the 4 USB ports run on two separate USB buses?

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Mac Pro :: Wireless Card Addon For The Mac Pro Plugs Into A Mini Pci-express Port

Jun 17, 2009

So question! The wireless card addon for the mac pro plugs into a mini pci-express port. Being on gigabit, I really have no use for it, and there are tons of other solutions for bluetooth. So, could I, for example, put a mini pci-express SSD drive in there or something exciting like that?

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Mac Pro :: Good FW800 Card PCI Express Card?

Oct 20, 2008

Just realized that all the firewire ports on my 8-Core Mac Pro share the same bus. I need to capture video from a HDV camera to a firewire hard drives and I get hickups and slow downs that cause dropped frames. Can anybody share any links to what FW card to get to and where I can buy it from? Anything that does not cost to much? Please only post links of cards you have used or read good reviews using it on a Mac Pro. Also what slot would I put the card in? I want to make sure the slot is not also sharing a bus with something else.

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Mac Pro :: PCI Slots - Remove The Bottom Card For The Older Card To Work?

Dec 21, 2008

I'm in need of some guidance. It took me a little while to get my GTX280 into the 1st slot in my mac pro but I'm just wondering,

In order to boot into os x can I just leave the 280 in the 1st slot and put the old 7300 gt in the 2nd slot ?

Then I can turn the power off from the 280 and it will default to the 2nd slot rite? Or must I remove the bottom (280) card for the older card to work?

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PowerPC :: Wireless Card For Emac?

Sep 9, 2010

I bought this refurbished computer, which has Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard PowerPC G4,1.42 GHz, Single Core,512 MB, and 80 GB hard drive. I'm told it can probably use an Airport Express card #A1026. Is this correct? And, I was also told I would have to plug in the antenna. Anything else to get? (I already have a Netgear Router #WGR614)

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PowerPC :: Compatible G3 Wireless Card

Oct 26, 2010

I've been given a PowerBook G3. I'm not sure which version it is or anything. But its a PowerBook G3 because it says on the screen. How do I find out exactly what machine I've been given and what wireless card to have a look for. I wouldn't mind spending a couple of quid on ebay for an old second hand airport card just for fun really. Its got os9 on atm. I've got an old osx10.1 disk somewhere I might try and update it a little.

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PowerPC :: Wireless Card For Mac G4

Jul 10, 2008

I have a power mac G4. My tech man says I have a generic wireless card installed. I have tried to use internet connect but it does not see it. Also when a do a summary of the network the card is not detected. Finally, no Airport option ever comes up to connect to. It is not available. Anything I can do or do I need to find a mac pro in my area?

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PowerPC :: Wireless Card For G5 Tower?

Nov 20, 2008

i have to get a wireless Wifi card or wireless USB stick for my 2.5 Quad G5 Tower. What are the best options for me? Should i get a USB wireless stick from OWC or should i get an internal Wifi Card? Can i use the latest PCI Express Extreme WiFi card on an old G5 Tower?

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PowerPC :: G4 Wireless - No AirPort Express Card?

Oct 21, 2006

I just got a 17" Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz. My friend that sold it to me said that her wireless always had a really weak signal but in recent time, unless she was in the same room as the router it was really hard to get a decent connection. She said she took it to an Apple store but her Apple care was expired and they said they'd have to send it out for 5-7 days. Today I just tried it out at home, where I normally (as well as everyone else in the house) have full signal from our router, this computer gets a bar or two max.

I was adding in some more RAM to it so I figured I'd take it the rest of the way apart. So, in doing so carefully because I could not find a diagram at all that matched this computer, I found that there is not a Airport Extreme card in the computer at all. Is that right? Is the wireless built in now? (or maybe for that year). Is this a common problem that the signal fades?

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PowerPC :: Wireless Card For A 1.8Ghz IMac G5?

Mar 29, 2008

would this fit?


if not, where can I get one that will?

Am I better off getting a USB wireless N reciever?

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PowerPC :: Who Stocks G5 (DC And Quad) Airport / BT Wireless Card?

Jan 23, 2007

I want to buy this item:

The bluetooth/airport extreme card for my PCI-e Dualcore 2.0ghz G5. I'm happy to install it myself. However I am leaving to go back to the UK on jan 31st, and sweetwater don't actually stock the item, and it will take a while to get it to me unless they expedite it from Apple and charge an extra $42 or so, which is too much for me. Anyone know who might actually stock the item and be able to send it out quickly?

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PowerPC :: G3 BW & Wireless Card Limited To Mac?

Apr 1, 2008

I have a G3 BW, 400mhz, 1gb ram. I would like to add wireless since it's away from a wired connection. Am I limited to the Mac-compatible pci cards? I have panther OS on it and can upgrade to tiger but hear that it runs best in panther so I'll wait. I've seen some drivers that you can buy which will make a select number of non-mac wireless pci cards work, but not really sure how well these function - Thoughts? Experience?. Plus I don't want to sink a ton of money in it, it's running very well now, actually quite well. I hope to spend less than $30 for a used or new wireless b-g pci card if possible. Does anyone have any budget cards that they are using sucessfully? B, G wireless specs are fine, I don't have N.

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PowerPC :: Boost Of Speed / Reception From Wireless Card?

Aug 17, 2008

I got myself a PowerBook G4, trying to weigh my options as far as upgrades go. The airport inside this laptop gives me horrible reception, always has, always will. Would a wireless card give me a significant boost of speed/reception? If you have experience with it, please add your input as I'm trying to justify this purchase if it will have benefits. Example, I'm in my bedroom, 2 floors down is the wireless router (not that far away), and sometimes reception drops to 0...I'd like to have a solid connection.

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PowerPC :: How To Access The Airport Card Settings To Get Wireless Connectivity

Mar 4, 2009

I just installed the Airport extreme wireless card on my emac, but I have run into some problems:

1)after installing the card, the mac took a very long time to start up, I tested to make sure it was the card: everytime I started it up without the card, it did the normal thing, but with the card, it took a long time

2)after finally starting up, nowhere can i find where/how to configure the wireless. When I go to configure the network, it has all options, but the airport card option is not usable.

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PowerPC :: Unable To Connect To Net - Ibook Clamshell G3 Has Wireless Card?

Feb 26, 2010

I bought a G3 Clamshell Ibook today and I don't know how to connect to the net with it. So I did some reseach (btw I know nothing about Mac's nothing at all. This is my first one!!) and there is something about an Airport card. So my question is how do I check to see if my computer has it. If it does then how do I access the net.

If not, please, please tell me there is another way to get wireless on the thing cause I don't think I can install a wireless card on a computer. I would not even know where to begin.

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Power Mac G5 :: PCI - X Card For Firewire?

Nov 26, 2007

I have a great G5 Dual Processor, and would like to add a PCI-X card to give me more Firewire connections. I have been all over the internet and made a lot of phone calls, but no one seems to have a clue as to where such a beast may be found. If not, are there any work-arounds?

Mac OS X (10.4.10)
Run several Macs at work & home

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Mac Pro :: ESATA PCI Card Freezing OS X Up

Jun 18, 2008

I installed a Dynex eSATA pci-e card into my Mac Pro. When i attempt to shut down, it never works, it hangs up with a blank screen and the wheel going round and round forever. Also, If I try to start up with an eSATA external drive on, it will never fully start up-just hangs up again. It will work if I plug the eSATA cable in after booting, then turn on the external drive, and likewise, eject it and power off before shutting down. I really do not want to have to go through this every time I start up / shut down.

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Windows On Mac :: Can Use A PCI Serial Card With Vmware

Jan 19, 2010

I have a mac pro and recently bought a PCI RS-232 (serial) card. The operating system recognizes it perfectly but I would like to use them in vmware fusion. Has anyone had experience with this? I see that there is an option to save the output of a virtual serial port in vmware, but I haven't quite figured this out.

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Power Mac :: PCI-E Video Card Options For G5?

Jun 28, 2012

I'm thinking of buying a G5 with a pci-e slot, does anyone know which cards, Apple original and PC flashable, can be used in this machine?

Mac OS X (10.5.8), Gainward Ultra 6800GT

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PowerPC :: AirPort Extreme Card On Late 2004 G5 Mac Detects No Wireless Networks

Jul 4, 2010

I recently purchased a refurbished AirPort Extreme Card and AirPort antenna for my late 2004 Power Mac G5. My Mac is running on OS X Version 10.4.11. I properly installed them, since the computer notes the AirPort Extreme card in the "About Mac" menu. There are a couple of wireless networks near my home and the computer doesn't detect any of them. I've checked out previous forum discussions around this issue, tried some suggested troubleshooting to no avail. Can I presume the AirPort Extreme card is defective? It detects absolutely no signal from the other networks around here. Could the WEP password length of our router have anything to do with it? Do I need to download a driver to activate the AirPort Extreme Card? Could upgrading to a different operating system make it work?

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Mac Pro :: Required PCI Sound Card For The System

Feb 4, 2009

I just purchased a new Mac Pro (); however, I was a little disappointed with the sound card for a $3000 machine. I was previously using an older home-built PC with a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 PCI sound card. Would I be able to swap this sound card into my Mac Pro? I'm not looking to improve the sound quality so much; rather I'd just like to use all of my 5.1 speakers. I figure I've paid for 5.1 speakers, so I may as well use all of them instead of the 2.1 I'm limited to with the ports built in on the Mac Pro.

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OS X :: PCI SATA Card That Won't Break The Bank?

Feb 18, 2010

I'm now on my third Ebay bargain buy that won't actually work, (admittedly this last one was my mistake when I bought a PCIx in error).

So, has anyone actually found a PCI SATA card with internal ports that actually works with OSX, I'm using it on a G4 MDD, dual 1.25�

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Hardware :: HDMI Output PCI/ Card For 8-core Mac Pro?

Jun 20, 2008

What is the best PCI/PCI-e card for the new 8-core Mac Pro, which allows routing of both the Video and Audio output to be routed thru 1 HDMI cable ?

I've seen the Intensity Pro from Black Magic

Is there another card better suited for outputting audio+video via 1 HDMI cable on a new 8-core Mac Pro ?

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IMac :: (New 2010 System) Cannot Mount Mini PCI ESata Card

Nov 19, 2010

My buddy and I just finished swapping the airport card for a mini pci-e sata card in his 2008 Imac and all is well. Unfortunately, we could not get it to show or mount anywhere on mine (2010). We tried everything. We loaded the raid drivers and the none raid. We tried both cards (his and mine) in my machine and still nothing. His Imac mounted his ssd immediately after installing the drivers. Could it be that the new logic boards do not support this type of card? Is there a special driver that I need for the i7? I was hoping this would add 2 more sata ports.

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Mac Pro :: Airport Extreme Mini PCI - E Card - Cheap Way

Nov 22, 2008

I decided to get an Airport Extreme Mini PCI-E WiFi Card for my 2x3.2 Quad MP and after looking around for a while found several selling online for between $49.00-$89.00 which I thought is a little high for what after some research seams to be a pretty generic part. Unwilling to throw my money out the window I bought this part on eBay for a total of $20.00 including shipping: [URL] The card arrived today 9 days after the initial purchase. The installation took about 5 minutes and the card appears to be working perfectly. I'm unable to test the N protocol as my router does not support it but the Network Utility seams to recognize the card as supporting it.

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