PowerPC :: Install Linux On An IBook G4?

Sep 19, 2008

I'm looking for a very easy to install Linux on my old iBook G4 and I would like it to support my Airport card without having to do much configuring. Is there any Linux out there that would be suitable for me? I'd like for it to run fairly fast as my G4 is only 256mb RAM.

I do remember looking into this before but, at that time, the only useable Linuxs didn't have immediate support for the Airport card and you needed to download these drivers and install them from the command line interface and it was very confusing.

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Software :: Install Linux On IBook G3

Sep 12, 2009

I want to put linux (preferably Ubuntu) on my iBook G3 Dual USB. By reading this article I would assume I should go with either Ubuntu or Kubuntu 5.04. What I would like to know is if I should use a later version of Ubuntu (7.10, 8.04, etc...) or should I use Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) like suggested. My iBook has a 10GB HD and 384MB RAM. Also will the Airport card and video out on the iBook work?

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PowerPC :: Reinstalling OS From Linux On IBook?

Sep 30, 2008

got an IBook with its original install disks. OS 9.2. It has Linux on it now and works ok with that. I want Mac OS back on it but when I try to install it tells me that it can't find the hard drive. So thinking that I might have the wrong disks, ( i got it used so not positive 9.2 is correct) I got OS 10 and it does the same thing. When I get to the part that it asks 'where' do you want to install it show no disks at all except the CD drive.

Any Ideas what I need to do? As I said the disks are there and functioning because Linux is installed and works. Is there some type of Utility that I need to run to put a Mac partition back on it? That's my only idea that I can think of. If so what and where can I get it?

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PowerPC :: IBook Has A Broken Hard Drive - Can Run A Live Linux Usb?

May 31, 2009

My iBook has had a broken hard drive for a while now. I have tried loading a Linux live cd on it, but it's mostly useless because of having no storage. I want to be able to use it on the go. Is it possible that i could use a linux live usb, such as damn small linux, and use the memory on said flash drive instead of a hard drive? How would I go about doing this if I could. Keep in mind that it wont bother me that I won't have much storage space. I really only want to use it for web browsing on the go.

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PowerPC :: Install Linux On Powermac G4?

Dec 14, 2007

FYI I have a powermac G4 dual proccessor with mirror drive doors. im running mac os x 10.4. I am wondering if anyone has installed linux on a similar machine, I would like to know more before I try it. what version is best (ubuntu I heard is good?)? Must you reformat a drive or can you install in on a new internal drive? any information really.

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PowerPC :: Can I Port An IBook G4 Install To An IBook G3

Apr 19, 2009

I just bought a parts ibook from ebay, but I managed to fix it, except there was no hard drive. I currently have a 6 GB HD in it with OS X.3.9 on it, but I want tiger. I have the tiger family pack, so I have a license for it. It only has a CD-ROM drive, so I am wondering if I can buy a 40 GB HD, and clone the one from my G4 onto it.

ibook G3- 500 MHZ
192 MB RAM
currently has 6 GB HD
ibook G4- 1064 MHZ
1.25 GB RAM
Combo drive
40 GB HD

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PowerPC :: IBook - Getting Kernal Panic When Trying To Install OS After HDD Install

Aug 19, 2008

I just replaced the HD in an iBook G3 I have laying around with a toshiba 40gb. The install went fine and I formatted it in disk utility using mac os x extended (journaled). I ran it for errors and it checked out fine. I also ran the apple hardware test CD and everything checked out there too. The problem is I am getting a kernal panic no matter what I do. I started off installing 10.3 and the first disc installs fine, but then when it restarts it gets an instant kernal panic. I tried 10.4 with the same results. Then I tried the 10.2 discs that the iBook came with and it would get the very last step of the install on the 1st disc and would not go any farther. It said "one minute remaining" for over an hour.

I have taken a picture of the error log that shows up and you can see here: The top line got cut off but it says "panic(cpu 0): Unable to find driver for this platform: "PowerBook4,3" Like I said, everything checks out hardware wise and i have tried three different versions of OS X.

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PowerPC :: Cannot Install OS On Clamshell IBook

Jul 22, 2006

I bought 25 clamshell 466mhz graphite IBooks and whenever I put the HD in and put a disc in the drive to try to install an OS nothing happens, so I pressed the option key and this blue screen with a lock on one side and an arrow on the other, with a space to write in, in the middle. Now what I need to know is what should I do? I can put these things together like no one else but when it comes to software I'm lost. I'm going to try to attach the picture of what the screen looks like but I'm not too good at that either. But if someone can get these things up and running I'll give you a complete (no power cord) graphit clamshell for free.

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PowerPC :: Cannot Install Leopard On An IBook?

Dec 17, 2007

I've bought a iBook from eBay for my mum and grabbed a copy of Leopard, but every time I try and install it I get the following message:"Install Failed - The installer could not validate the contents of the 'BaseSystem' package. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."I know the disc itself is fine as I previously used it to install Leopard on my Macbook. I've also just bought a brand new 1Gb stick of memory from Crucial as I read in a few places that "this message is due to faulty RAM in 99.9% of cases".

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PowerPC :: Ibook G3 Won't Install Tiger?

Nov 7, 2008

my problem is the following, I have an Ibook G3 which Disk Drive is busted. So i'm trying to install Tiger To it (PPC) by using Target Disk or Disk Target (w/e) mode connecting it with my Mac Book Pro. I restored the Ibook with the disk utility on the MBP putting as source the installer for tiger which I ripped off the img file from the the retail version I bought. And so I rstored it to the HD of the Ibook, takes about 15-10min(Maybe less) and done. When I turn on My Ibook it automatically boots into the installing of OS X process. Everything goes smooth until I get to the part that I have to choose the destination but I can't choose anything because the HD for the Ibook won't show, it doesnt show any possible destination for me to save to. I have read the read me files and everything on the software and about the option botton on the "destination" part but the botton cannot be selected. I read something about the formatt of the Ibook for tiger to work and I have it in "Extended (Jornaled)" and i'm upgrading it from Mac 9 classic, but the drivers for mac 9 aren't installed since I accidentally (w/o knowing) erased everything on the hard drive the first time I did this with the Disk utility.

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PowerPC :: Ibook G3 - Install A New HD With Leopard

Feb 23, 2009

I have a G? ibook that due to the size of its processor will not allow and upgrade to leopard.If I install a new HD with leopard pre-installed will it work in the G3?

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PowerPC :: Can't Install Os X Tiger On G3 Ibook

May 18, 2009

my hard drive freaked out on my g3 ibook so i went to reinstall tiger on it...i can't get it to boot from an external dvd rom and start the instalation process...it gets a kernel panic and the only thing i can do is shut it off...is there anything that i'm not doing or is the hard drive fubar'd?

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PowerPC :: Can't Install Tiger On IBook?

May 2, 2010

I've got a Tiger Retail Disc that I've used on 2 previous machines without a hitch.Now, I urgently need to install Tiger on a 12" 800mhz iBook G3, yet after thirty minutes, it tells me to Try Again!Some erros tell me that there are essential files that can't be copied."Unable to copy package source file /System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg/Contents/Resources/BundleVersions.plist"Some files for Essentials may not have been written correctly"

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 1.33 Won't Install OS X 10.3 Panther

Jul 24, 2010

I was tryin to downgrade my ibook G4 to Tiger from Leopard,but when I inserted and tried to install the Tiger,it says it can't coz need to have a lower OS installed on it, sans my installation of the Panther DVD which came from my iBook many years ago.

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PowerPC :: IBook Leopard Install - Macbook Pro Dvd?

Sep 6, 2010

I've just bought an iBook G4 and want to put leopard on it - can I use the leopard dvd that came with my macbook pro or do I have to go and get an OEM one from apple?

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PowerPC :: How To Install Tiger Onto Ibook Without Cdrom

Nov 12, 2007

I have an external firewire drive and I made an iso of Tiger (from Original CD). I used Disk Utility to make what I think to be a bootable firewire drive.I selected the ISO as the source and the External as the Destination. When I hook up the external to the ibook and hold down the options key I have a gray screen with a refresh and and right pointing arrow.

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Wont Install Or Boot From Cd?

Jun 3, 2008

My iBook g3 recently had a new 40 gb hard drive put in. Now when i try to install mac os 9.1 and 10.0.3 ( Both on the same disk labeled for iBook) I get nothing. I hear the CD tray run, but then it stops and displays the flashing question mark. Ive tried booting in open firmware, resetting pram and nvram but it still wont boot.

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PowerPC :: Ibook Freezes During Leopard Install

May 4, 2009

I naively tried to install leopard OS on my 5-year old ibook G4 (with very little RAM). It makes a horrible clicking sound from the dvd drive and freezes on the screen that says its looking for OS 10.4(?) (which is not on the computer). When I reboot it immediately starts the install process, because the dvd is still stuck in the drive, and freezes over & over again.

All I want to do is remove the disc and go back to the original OS, so that I can add more RAM and update the OS properly. (The only motive for the update is so that I can have the same version of Garageband 2008 on both my desktop and laptop so I can work with the files interchangably.)

Is there a way to restart the computer that bypasses the install disc and dosen't default into the install porocess?

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Will Not Install Leopard From Partitioned Drive?

Dec 28, 2010

I have a PPC iBook G4 with 1.3 Ghz and 1 GB SDRAM that I bought new in 2006. I've never had a single problem with the machine, but it doesn't have a superdrive and the OS Tiger capabilities are limiting.

Last year I upgraded to Leopard with a .dmg via FW external drive and loved the interface, but with only a 40GB HD I deleted any app I didn't need. Over the summer I bought a new iMac, but I still need the laptop whenever I'm away from my desk. I tried erasing and reinstalling now that I don't have to keep much data on the drive...interested in getting back those non-essential apps. I've done it before with the exact same resources, but this time it's not working. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me what step I'm forgetting.

Here's what I've done:

1. Connected iBook to iMac in target mode via FW and erased/partitioned HD in Apple Partition Format.

2. Reinstalled Tiger on iBook from original disc.

3. Connected iBook to external drive via FW and restored .dmg to smaller partition on iBook.

4. Opened .cdr on smaller partition, saw the Leopard disc image, set the Leopard install disc as the startup disc in System Preferences. Hit restart button in System Preferences and got the little "not happeneing" noise.

5. Went to desktop and opened the Leopard installer disk image and pressed the install/restart button there. Reboot was slow and dark at first, but ultimately booted Tiger.

6. Went back to System Preferences, selected Leopard install disc as the startup disc again, locked the selection and restarted...booted Tiger again.

7. Tried these tactics again while holding option key and then S key at restart, but the second partition with the installer was never recognized. Tried from Safe Mode, only booted Tiger.

8. Then I tried connecting the external drive again and opened the .dmg, then .cdr from there. Again System Preferences recognized the installer, but it would not boot with the same variables as before.

9. I connected the iBook to the iMac in target disc mode again and ran disc utility, all good. Then I did same with external drive, all good. I made sure both drives and the install disc image were bootable. Tried the boot again from both, all bad.

10. I did a lot of reading on troubleshooting this process and thought it might be a permissions problem, that the installer was not executable. I did a terminal tutorial and managed to make the partitioned drive and disc image both owner enabled. Still the exact same results as when I started.

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PowerPC :: Can Use My Ibook Dvd Drive To Install Apps Onto My G4 Power Mac

Jan 27, 2007

I have a g3 dual usb ibook that has a DVD/CD drive, 640 ram and a firewire port. I just bought a G4 800 mhz tower that has a gig of ram, but it does not have DVD drive (it's a cdrw only). My Ilife install disk is a DVD, is there anyway to use the DVD drive on my ibook to install software onto the G4 tower? Both devices have firewire but if possible I would like to use an ethernet cable connection between the two. I dont have the correct firewire cable(it's expensive).

A second question is i an os 10.3 on my ibook and 10.4 on my G4 tower. Is there a easy way to transfer all my files, settings, ect... from the ibook to the G4 tower? I don have the osx 10.4 install discs either (if that matters).

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PowerPC :: How To Use Backup IMac OS X Discs To Install OS X On An IBook G4

Nov 1, 2007

I just bought the new 24" iMac and I looked at the backup discs and they said it could install OSX Tiger. I also have an old iBook G4 I got my moms friend who moved. I know the iBook could handle 10.4 as it has 10.3.9 now but what I was wondering was. If I could install the OS on the iBook from the iMac backup discs. I but the disc in the iBook and it wanted me to restart to begin the installation of OSX but I quickly backed out. Do you guys think If I proceed with the installation it will install smoothly or, should I just forget about it.

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PowerPC :: How Can I Install Leopard On A G3 IBook - Installer Package Cannot Be Used?

Dec 13, 2008

My friend just bought a pretty clean G3 iBook that currently is running Tiger. he wants to hook up his iPhone to his laptop, but iTunes wants him to have Leopard in order for it to see his 3G iPhon my friend downloaded the Leopard update but when he tried to run the update, the laptop gave him some sort of error that says, "installer package cannot be used can anyone throw me a lifeline or two as to what the problem is? he really wants to run Leopard but so far he isn't having any luck.

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PowerPC :: Using OS X Installation DVD In Order To Install Tiger To IBook?

Sep 3, 2009

A friend of mine got an iBook G4 14" with a 60GB HD that wasn't working, so he exchanged the HD, but now he is not able to get the iBook up and running because he doesn't have the installation DVDs for Tiger or any other OSX

My question is, could I use my OSX installation DVD (Tiger) in order to install Tiger to his iBook and get it up and running? I have my original installation DVDs and everything that came with my iBook, but I don't know if those will only work with my computer, or if they're limited to be installed in one computer at a time.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Trackpad Not Working After Fresh Install?

Nov 9, 2009

I just re-installed OSX 10.4 onto my old G4 iBook, and ever since I did the trackpad has stopped responding. When I plug in a USB mouse and check the system preferences under the keyboard/mouse panel I can't even see a trackpad listed, so it isn't being detected at all. I've tried re-installing the OS and it hasn't helped the problem. Ever since this happened The sound also doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm not sure what to do here, but it's pretty important that I get this fixed.

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PowerPC :: IBook's Fan Acting Funny After Fresh Install Of 10.3 Panther?

Sep 19, 2006

I just downgraded my iBook G3 600 from Tiger to Panther to see if it would increase the machine's performance. I did a clean install of Panther, upgraded to 10.3.9, and now for some strange reason, when I boot the machine (even cold) the fan comes on and constantly runs, which it never did before. However If I wake the machine from sleep the fan doesn't come on -- it only happens from a full boot-up (every time).

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PowerPC :: IBook Clean Install Of Leopard Without System Discs

Feb 23, 2010

However, I don't have the iBook's system discs because my mother lost them (she was using the iBook until I gave her my MacBook).

I called Apple to get new system discs, and they sent me an OSX 10.5.6 Retail Install DVD to install on the iBook, but this doesn't include iLife.

Obviously it's not the end of the world if I don't include iLife (even if it is iLife 05), but I think it would help me sell the iBook if iLife was included.

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OS X Technologies :: Install Linux Only Without It?

Apr 12, 2012

the hard drive on my macbook pro has died and i am in a foreign country with my install discs for os x in the attic of my house which is rented out! ive borrowed a friends install discs for his macbook pro just to see if i can repair the disk but its either not working because of the incompatibility or the hdd is just broken. i'm not dead set on using os x so i wondered if i can get a new hard drive and just boot with a linux install. i would like to continue using the firewire port for an external soundcard but apart from that i only want it for surfing and doing some php/apache web development.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7)

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MacBook Air :: Install Linux Along Side OSX?

Apr 2, 2008

I want to install it alongside my OSX install(specifically Mandriva) but I am not sure if it will work in Boot Camp or what not.

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OS X :: How To Install Ubuntu (Linux) Along With Tiger

Apr 18, 2009

I have a old powermac g4 running tiger. I want to put ubuntu linux on it along with tiger. How do I do this?

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MacBook Air :: Install Linux Distro?

Oct 26, 2009

I did a search and did not really see anything on it, but has anyone installed a linux distro on an MBA yet?

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