OS X Yosemite :: Clean Install Running Very Slow?

Nov 30, 2014

I recently had a new hard drive put in my 2007 iMac and have been experiencing some problems.  I did a clean install of mavericks, then upgraded to Yosemite and the machine has been very laggy, finder and all programs included.  I saw a few posts about FileVault being an issue but I checked and it is turned off. 

I should also add that the machine was running fine on Mavericks, slowness only started after the Yosemite upgrade. 

Problem description:yosemite running extremely slow EtreCheck version: 2.0.11 (98)Report generated November 30, 2014 at 9:08:54 AM CST Hardware Information: ℹ️  iMac (24-inch Mid 2007) (Verified)  iMac - model: iMac7,1  1 2.4
GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2-core  3 GB RAM Upgradeable  BANK 0/DIMM0  1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz ok  BANK 1/DIMM1  2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz ok  Bluetooth: Old -



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MacBook Pro :: System Running Slow - Need To Clean Install

Sep 13, 2009

So I upgraded to Snow Leopard about a week ago, and my Macbook pro seems a little slower and it beachballs now and again. I am wondering if I should do a clean install of Leopard and use that for a while, until SL is updated a few times, or maybe clean install and then put SL onto that. Which do you think is best? My other questions are as follows:

I was doing TimeMachine backups when I was using Leopard, and these have carried on when I was using SL. If I clean install, will I be able to choose just to copy my files over from the TM backup? Is there a way to do a clean install of SL, or do I need to do the Leopard install and then upgrade to SL again.

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OS X :: Imac Running Slow / Can't Clean

May 23, 2010

I am an absolute Mac virgin I have never used one before this is my first experience with them. We bought a imac for our daughter purely for the virus free factor and the computer just looked so good the graphics etc.

Anyway we have had the system now for over a year we all love it and have worked out the basics. My problem is that lately it has become very sluggish and jumps out of Safari a lot, Safari closes unexpectantly. It takes ages for even Word or anything to come up. What can I do to clean it up and make it run faster again. What do I go into.... I need the hows, wheres and whats?

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Intel Mac :: It's Running So Slow - How To Clean Up

May 18, 2012

How can I clean up my Mac?  Our desktop is running so slowly!  I think it's from all the crap my daughter is downloading...


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OS X :: Clean Install Of SL On Machine Already Running SL?

Oct 8, 2009

Is it possible to wipe my umbp (already running 10.6.1) and clean install SL? I have the up-to-date install disk.

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OS X Yosemite :: Slow Responding IMac Running 10.10.1

Nov 30, 2014

I have a 27-inch, Mid 2011 running the 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5.  I currently have 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 in four slots (4 each).

When I uploaded OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and shortly after uploaded CleanMyMac 2 I started to experience tremendous latency in processing speeds on all applications.  Running CleanMyMac 2 multiple times and removing no longer used apps to free up space did little to resolve the issue. 

iMac, Other OS, SLOW OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

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MacBook Pro :: Running Very Slow After Update To Yosemite

Dec 8, 2014

My Macbook pro is running extremely slow after updating to Yosemite. What can I do to solve this problem?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

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OS X :: Super Slow File Transfer After Clean Install

Jul 4, 2009

I first submitted this in another section of the forums thinking it had to do with my external HD, to only find out later it's a problem across my entire iMac, not just the external. It's nearly impossible to transfer files from anything other than my internal HD *to* my internal HD. What I mean is, when I try to move a file from my external HD, a shared computer via ethernet, or a mounted .dmg, it's transferring at something like 1mb per second or less. I got my copy of Leopard (10.5.6) 2 Fridays ago (I know, I'm late), and first did an upgrade. Everything was wonky, so I did an archive & install. Everything was still a little unstable feeling, so I opted for a clean install. I moved all my precious files over to my LaCie FW HD, confirmed them, and started onto the clean install and let that run while I slept. When I woke up, I had a brand new fresh installation of Leopard with the glorious BG, and I couldn't have been happier.

I started to move my files over manually (I wasn't using the migration assistance because I was organizing my files as I went considering time was not an issue), and first on the list was my music. I opened up iTunes, set my prefs, and started to import from my external HD. ..I just assumed it was taking a long time because I had around 7000 files of both music and video. But when I went to work, came home, took a nap, woke up, and it still wasn't done, it made me wonder. I assumed it was Spotlight doing it's thing on top of the iTunes import, and left it alone. But now when I'm trying to move over files only a few mbs, it slows to a halt. I tried to install Adium from a .dmg by first moving it into my Applications folder.. it's something like 50mb and it took about 10m. I had been expecting to drag the icon over and here that "ding" you hear when a file has successfully moved. The funny thing about this is that, when I look at the Activity Monitor, nothing's really doing much of anything. So then why is it taking 5hrs to move over a few gigs? Here's a screen shot:

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MacBook Pro :: Migration Assistant Running Slow (Yosemite 10.10.1)

Dec 5, 2014

I'm currently attempting to set up a Macbook Pro using the migration assistant, transferring circa 89GB from a macbook air, and the estimated time is in excessive of 24 hours, i'm using a lighting cable, and both Machines are on Yosemite (10.10.1) the latest version.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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MacBook Air :: Running Slow Even On Recovery Mode - OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Dec 7, 2014

My macbook air running slow even on recovery mode when I press Alt + Power it takes me to Mac os Utilities the mouse barely moves, I erased every thing on the hard drive so I can install a fresh copy of mac os but I couldn't because every time I try to boot up from the USB that got the mac os it takes for ever to load the OS for installtion, and some times every thing freeze when I'm on the Mac os Utilities mode.

MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite (10.10)

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MacBook Pro :: Running Slow Since Installing Yosemite From Lion

Dec 8, 2014

Mac started to run slow every now and then, updated to yosemite and now getting worse, slow to open programmes like iPhoto (getting jammed when using), websites and switching between the two.  Get a coloured wheel often.  More worryingly recently when waking from sleep, the left half of my screen is distorted like an old unturned TV!!

Have included the etracheck report for info:  

EtreCheck version: 2.1.1 (104)Report generated 8 December 2014 21:37:40 GMT Hardware Information: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) (Verified)  MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro8,1  1 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 2-core  4 GB RAM Upgradeable  BANK 0/DIMM0  2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok  BANK 1/DIMM0  2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok 

[Code] ....

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.1.x)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Clean Install Garageband, Getting Disk To Slow 10005 Error?

Feb 21, 2012

I run a computer business. My customer gave me a white macbook core duo. I upgraded to 2gigs of memory from 512mb. I then purchased a full copy of snow leapard and did a clean install. I setup garageband for the first time. This is all I want to use the computer for. I don't deal with macs in my business. I only work on windows. So, I thought this computer would be nice just to use to setup a small recording studio. I did everything by the book and now when I record I am getting the disk to slow error 10005. This happened after I recorded about five songs. I checked the we and it seems like this error has been around for years with frustration and no resolution. My question is this. Should I just buy another computer or waste my time trying to fix this error. I don't mean that in a bad way. Since this error has been around for so long, I don't to spend all my time working on the computer when I could be recording. What would you do?

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Garageband

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MacBook Pro :: Running So Slow On Startup And Apps Are Very Slow To Open Like Around 5 Minutes

Aug 24, 2014

I have this MBP 13'' Mac OS X 10.7.5 running a 2.4GHz i5, 4GB RAMs and 500GB storage.The problem started yesterday when I was typing on Word and I copy pasted something from the net (chrome browser) then it froze.I waited for around 5minutes and still frozen with the spinning wheel, then I decided to turn it off by pressing power for 10 seconds restarted my

MBP then now it running so slow on start-up and apps are very slow to open like around 5 minutes. Every action that I try to do like clicking on the apple in the upper left it freezes showing a spinning wheel and it will take time to show the drop down options. I checked disk utility and it said that HD is ok, done verify/permission verify and repair.

I checked the activity monitor noting the ram/CPU usage and its normal it even tells that 2GB of ram is not use.It shows not responding in the activity monitor if you open an app for around 5mins then it opens or it will crash.I already done the 2 kinds of reset and did not work.BUT it opens normally in Safe mode. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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Intel Mac :: Slow Running - Steps For Making It Smoothly Running?

Mar 21, 2012

my 4 year old IMac 2.4ghz intel core 2 duo with 2gb running 10.7.3 has been running really slow since I installed photoshop CS4 and upgraded to lion ( I have 137gb of free space on hard drive) I mean it wont quit out of photoshop I always have to do a force quit and most applications run really slow. Do I need a new computer , what should I go for to have a smooth running mac?Was thinking of a new IMac 27-inch: 2.7GHz with 4gb memory. 

iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: After Clean Install Snow Leopard, Can't Install Bundled Application (ilife)?

Apr 2, 2012

This is the first time i reinstalled(clean install) my snow leopard on my MBP. All went fine but then i inserted the disc for bundled application (which contains the ilife apps) but it keeps failing. 

It says that "the installation failed. the installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. contact the software manufacturer for assistance". 

I've also done my research on this matter. I've gone thru a few steps i tried as below without success: 

1)normal install - fail

2)repair permission - fail

3)install in safe mode - fail

4) install using another admin acc - fail

5) made an image out of the disc and install - fail

6) used a similar disc(my dad's since we have identical version) - fai

7)updated my system and install - fail

8) reinstall the mac - fail 

i cant think of any other solution as im a bit noob when it comes to mac. is there any other things i could try before taking it Apple?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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IMac :: Unable To Install Clean Snow Leopard / Instructions To Install On Internal Drive?

Dec 20, 2009

The internal hard drive on my early 2009 iMac is being replaced but I have to reinstall Snow Leopard myself.I did search in MRoogle and at Apple and cannot seem to find instructions on how to perform a clean Snow Leopard install on an iMac internal HD.

Can I do this? And if so how? Or do you think I should try and install Leopard on the existing Hd in the iMac? I still have these discs but have to get the SL applications install disc out of my drive (it's stuck and the iMac won't boot past the blue screen).

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Why Is Macbook Pro Running So Slow And So Slow To Reboot

Jun 6, 2012

I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop and I'm having an issue while editing. After editing around 8-10 photos in Photoshop the computer starts running unbelievably slow. After each 8-10 photos I have to close down everything and reboot. Even the reboot process is super slow as I have to force quit each application usually 1-2 times to get it to close. Is this normal? I have a 2011 17" with 2.2 GHZ i7 with 8GB ram. Is there any setting that I can change or be aware of.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Want To Do A Clean Install But It Didn't Come With The Install Disks?

Nov 28, 2010

i just bought a macbook pro and i want to do a clean install but it didn't come with the install disks. is there a way to do it without buying new disks?

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OS X :: New Leopard 10.5.6 Install - No Choice For Upgrade Clean Install?

Jan 27, 2009

I purchased the new Mac Box Set with Leopard 10.5.6, iLife '09 and iWork '09.

I was 50/50 on which type of Leopard install I wanted to perform today.

Looks like the disc made the choice for me and performed, what I'm assuming, is the upgrade. All of my files, settings, etc. were intact after the reboot.

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Windows On Mac :: Win 7 Retail - Install Over RTM Via VMWare Or Clean Install?

Oct 22, 2009

I have the Win 7 RTM currently installed on my Mac Pro, on a dedicated internal hard drive. I'm running VMware 2.0. I have the retail version of Win 7 arriving today. Anyone know if I can just install through Windows, i.e., while running my existing Win 7 installation via VMware, or do I have to go through the whole clean install via Bootcamp routine?

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Intel Mac - How To Clean Up Mac, It Is Getting Very Slow

May 31, 2012

I have noticed that my MAC is really taking a long time to load programs & on-line content. Is there a way to clean up whats on here? I remember with the old PC you could defrag and do a disk clean up? Is there such a thing with my IMAC? It is 4 years old & I am running the latest software versions.

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OS X :: SL Upgrade VS Clean Install VS Archive And Install?

Aug 25, 2009

I have many questions but few clear answers. What would be the benefits of doing a clean install vs. an upgrade? I have an iMac 8,1 which supposedly is eligible for a 64 bit kernel. Would I have to do a clean install or an "archive and install" to get the 64bit kernel? Also, can someone explain to me exactly what an "archive and install" is/does? From the name, I'd assume it would back up your HDD to an external storage unit, then do a clean install, but I'm probably way wrong.

One more question. If I so happen to choose to do a clean install, would Time Machine be an adequate way to restore all my data after the update? Any help or answers to any of the above questions would truly make my day. You will also be rewarded $1,000,000,000 in Happy FunTime money.

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MacBook Pro :: Clean Install Possible With Any Other Install Disk

Jul 8, 2010

I have recently done a Time machine back up of my MB Pro 15" then wiped my hard drive trying to clean it up so I could install Windows 7 with Boot Camp. I had my original Install Disk which I forgot was Tiger, Having used one of my brothers company licenses to upgrade to Leopard but that disk is now with him in another country. So now I can not restore from my Time Machine backup. I have a Leopard Install disk for a Macbook Pro 13" which I also own. Is it possible to use this disk to re-install Leopard on my 15"?

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OS X Yosemite :: Automatic Clean Up Of Icons - How To Disable This Feature

Dec 11, 2014

How do I disable this feature? It was automatically enabled when I attempted to sort my icons. I cannot undo it as the option is now greyed out.

iMac, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Clean All Existing Settings Of Mail And Start Again

Dec 3, 2014

I have (Yosemite) Mail linking into BT.  I have a problem that occurred with Mavericks and continues with Yosemite Mail. Mail works fine for a month or two then goes wrong... almost a pattern!  Usually I put it right by deleting the account and set it up again and it works for a while.  I am so frustrated because I do not understand the intricacies of software and programming.  Now it is refusing to send emails in both my and my wife's account.  iCloud works (after I deleted and set it up again).  But I need our BT separate accounts.  Is there a way of deleting all the old bits and pieces of files that might be 'remembering' bad settings and starting again?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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OS X :: Which One Is Better - Install/Archive Or Clean Install?

Aug 13, 2009

I'm a newbie, forgive my question but I just did an Install and Archive yesterday, but I don't know if I really should be doing a CLEAN INSTALL...

FACTS - I have an MB403LL/A (2.4GHz C2D, 2008 Early Peryn) which I use to make music with ProTools 8 LE and Reason 4.0.

- Upgraded RAM from Corsair to OWC RAM (4GB)

- Before the Install & Archive yesterday I was experiencing problems with Safari freezing up and not being able to relaunch. I believe this was due to the RAM, hence, I bought new and better RAM.

- I could not boot up my MacBook one morning, so I trouble-shot it and the only thing I could do was Re-Install the OS X.

- I did the Install & Archive with the OEM Samsung RAM and put in the OWC RAM AFTER that.

QUESTIONS - I would like to really have a fresh install of everything but not sure if there is much difference between the Clean Install and the Archive and Install? (I would just move the files I need to my external HD)

- With the Clean Install - will I be bringing my MacBook back to where it was fresh from the factory?

Should I buy the AppleCare for it? I was thinking of upgrading but there is not much difference in performance to what I have... 2.4 C2D at 4GB RAM...

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OS X :: How Often Do You Clean Install?

Mar 25, 2009

So I bought my Macbook August of 2007, and have only Archive & Installed when Leopard came out.

I don't have any noticeable problems yet I know a lot of people wipe their computer clean, back-up any important programs and files, and then re-install their OS. Do a lot of people do this?

I kind of want to but it's my first time doing it so I don't want to mess anything up or forget something I need, etc.

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OS X :: How Can I Use The UTD For A Clean Install?

Sep 4, 2009

I am getting my UTD disc next week sometime, and I would like to know how to do a clean install with it.

Before I would put the disc in, then go into the install process through finder, the computer would reboot, and then I could access disc utility from the top bar and just erase my disc.

Then I would continue and install the new OS on my blank hard drive. With the UTD disc, I hear people saying that you have to delete a file on the disc? Which file is this?

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MacBook Air :: Clean Install Over 9gb?

Nov 10, 2010

just got my MBA today and followed the clean install sticky here. However, I did not get the options to remove some of the software listed in the instructions.

I just checked the space and it looks like that the install took around 9GB of space? Is that correct? Bear with me where as this is my first Mac...

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MacBook :: How Do You Do A 'clean Install?

Jul 4, 2009

Basically, the guys at the Apple store said the hard drive on my 2008 entry-level Mac book had died so I went out and bought a new one from Western Digital.

But when reinstalling, the screen froze on 'verifying destination volume', then packs up and suggests I start again.

Searching this forum I see that others have had this problem and that one solution is to perform a 'clean install'. My question is, how do I go about doing that?

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