OS X :: Using Printer On Windows XP Network (Drivers For MacBook)

Mar 1, 2009

I just set up my printer on my home network, and it works with my two wireless PC's, and now I am trying to add it to my 3 macbooks, but I am having some trouble. I connected to it through system pref > print/fax > selected my printer. It connected and works sweet, but, the driver must be wrong. I was not sure what the driver was so I just chose GenericPostScript but when I print, a blank sheet comes out, no text. The PC's print just fine, but not my MacBook. It is a DELL printer connected to my dell PC, so I am not sure what driver to use. All I know is it is a Dell AIO 926.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Parallels/finding Network Drivers?

Apr 22, 2009

I recently installed Windows vista using going through parallels because my bootcamp failed a while ago. This partition also acts as my bootcamp. Well The internet on parallels works fine because it is using osx network, but when i boot into bootcamp the network drivers seem to be missing. I cant figure it out, but it says the ethernet and network drivers are not there. I cant find the drivers on the internet anywhere and when i use the vista disk i have it still does not want to install them.

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Windows On Mac :: Install Drivers To Access Printer On XP Partition?

May 18, 2010

I just partitioned and installed windows xp (with a lot of help from this forum). Can I download printer software/drivers into windows so that it can access my printer as well as my Mac hard drive? Are there any glitches a novice wouldn't foresee in doing this?

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Network Drivers For Vista 32-bit?

Jul 15, 2009

I tried to install Vista business edition 32-bit (without SP1) on my Unibody Macbook Pro (late 2008 model). After that, I installed

1) Bootcamp 2.0 from a retail Leopard DVD and its upgraded version (2.1)
2) nForce 730i driver (from NVIDIA web site)
3) Geforce 9000M series graphics card driver (from NVIDIA web site)

Currently there are still several driver issues:

1) "Network Controller" driver is not working.
2) "Apple iSight" driver is not working.
3) No wireless device shown up in my device manager.
4) No sound.

I don't have my original MacOSX DVD with me. Does anybody know how to fix those problems?

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Windows On Mac :: No Disk To Install (Network Connectivity) Drivers For XP

Jan 5, 2011

I've successfully installed XP on my Macbook (Late 2009) and now need to install the drivers to get Network connectivity etc. However I don't have my mac disc at hand as I am away travelling at the moment. Can I download the drivers either from my mac or from the internet to USB, then transfer and install them into XP? I have the latest version of OSX and am up-to-date with everything afaik. Running XP Pro SP 3.

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Windows On Mac :: Tried To Install The Network Drivers Via The Original Disk?

May 12, 2009

I've tried to install the network drivers via the original disk that came with my computer, the bootcamp 2.1 disks, and even the HP Broadcom drivers, where none of them worked, does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem, Ethernet works perfectly btw.

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OS X :: Printing To Windows XP Network Printer Using Mac

Jul 15, 2010

Being the only Mac user in my house -however streamlined it is-, does hold a few problems. I have set up my iMac, and have happily joined my Windows home network, file sharing does work easily and neatly but as I found out the other day, printing from a Mac that is connected to a Windows based network can be very difficult. So for a long time now, I have been trying to set up my iMac (connected via WiFi) so that it prints over my home network. The printer; an EPSON TX100 is connected to the USB port in a Windows XP desktop and I have set up Printer sharing. The desktop is connected to my D-Link G604T.

I have added the printer through System Pref: Print & Fax:+:Windows tab: 'network':'computer':'printer' and have tried using both the Generic Postscript driver and the specified printer driver.

When I go ahead and print, the printer icon appears in the dock and then quickly disappears without a printout. I have replaced the ink and paper but still no luck. I have tried the methods suggested on some other threads, but none have succeeded. I would be happy to provide any extra information and try anything. Networked printing works with all Windows computers in the house including a NEC laptop, so why wont it work with a Mac?

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting To Printer With Wireless Network With Another?

May 16, 2009

I am running Win XP Pro, and my wife is running OSX with the printer connected to that via USB. How do I allow my comp, running Boot Camp, to see the printer connected to her comp?

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MacBook Pro :: Windows 7 Not Loading NVIDIA Drivers / Requires Bootcamp To Load Drivers?

Oct 19, 2009

I recently installed the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system onto my MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have the most basic Macbook Pro 13 inch with nothing fancy added. Whenever I load up the Windows 7 OS on my Macbook, it never utilizes or even realizes that I have the NVIDIA graphics card in my laptop. It instead believes I have some integrated graphics card that cannot even run the most basic of PC games. I know my laptop can run these games because on OSX it runs multiple games with higher requirements than these games I am trying to run on Windows.

Basic question: How do I get bootcamp or whatever else to make Windows 7 realize I have a NVIDIA card and drivers. Sorry if I am coming off as stupid or confusing.

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MacBook :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Drivers / Old Drivers Are Installing

Oct 11, 2009

I have a Macbook plastic, 2.4 GHz intel core 2 Duo with 2 GB of ram.My Mac is currently running on OS X, i used to have a 40 gig partition Windows XP, a couple of friends of mine where talking about how much they liked Windows 7 and finally i had had enough blue screens to say, sure ill switch, why not?... assuming it would not take longer then lets say a day at most, i set off on my quest.

FWI, im running an older model Macbook that was bought refurbished (not sure if that has anything to do with my problem). anyway i removed my previous partition, then using Boot Camp Assistant i repartitioned a 40 gig section for Windows 7. Then ran the installer. I have a copy of Windows 7 ultimate 86x. The Windows boot screen turned up, i had to reformat the partition so that i could install, no problems there. after all said and done the installation worked perfectly, up to a point... First problem that appeared was the lack of sound. i fixed that by downloading Realtek's High Def sound drivers.

Then it was the rest of the drivers for the macbook. heres where i run into my problem, i have the Mac OSX install discs 1 and 2. inserting the first disc the option of the auto run of the setup popped up i clicked run. and instead of the same old install drivers option all i have is the option to install the software that lets macbook airs share cd/dvd drives... needless to say i got frustrated and to put it lightly pissed off...

unsure of wtf was going on i looked it up online and really couldnt find anyone with the same problem, i found a web page saying that i should have the windows auto update itself and that should fix the problem. it did not. i dont know what the hell is going on. and im about this close to reinstalling windows xp and telling windows 7 to go **** itself...

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Hardware :: Unable To Install Drivers For Printer / Samsung CLX-3160fn Printer

Oct 29, 2010

Hi, my brand new iMac 21.5" (just 2 weeks old) does not have the appropriate driver for my printer. My printer is a Samsung CLX-3160fn. The iMac has lots of other Samsung drivers, including one that's close (for the 3170 series), but the close one does not work.

Went online to search for driver but was not able to find one for Mac. Does this mean my printer is just not compatible with my iMac?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Delete A Printer And Drivers From My Macbook?

May 9, 2012

how do i delete a printer and the drivers from my mac book

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Printer Software Installed But Drivers Not Appear In List

Aug 28, 2010

Bought a HP Laserjet Pro 8500 A909g. I have installed software but driver never appears in list so there is an option to manually select it. Sometimes the printer then appears and other times it doesn't. Message then appears: If your device is not listed it is not supported by this installer. Downloaded installer again from HP but still no good. Printer is wireless but was given USB cable to connect to Macbook Pro as don't have internet at home and was told it would be no problem. Message now appearing saying if USB port on printer is at front (mine is) do not connect to USB on Macbook. However, it doesn't bother to tell me how to connect it any other way. Nothing in manual. Running out of patience. Just starting working for myself and have clients waiting for designs which I can't even print off.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Uninstall Canon Printer Drivers

Dec 3, 2014

I just installed canon drivers which come in a bundle of unnecessary drivers and take up a lot of memory spaces

also every time i log into my mac it will have a pop up window as below:Do you want the application “ccpd” to accept incoming network connections?which bothering me alot and i decided to delete it and use back my old printer but i unable to undo it.I have been trying to reset my printer ( preferences -> printer and scan ) and also searching for the locale of driver in " library " but still in vain. how to delete the hidden drivers?

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install NVidia Drivers / Drivers Not Compatible With Hardware

May 27, 2009

So i am trying to change my apple boot camp drivers to nvidia's, but i think i must have downloaded the wrong ones, or done something wrong. I tried to install Geforce/Ion driver release 192.62, (from nvidia's site, i selected gefore 8 series) and when i ran the setup it said: 'nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware' . My questions are:

� Which drivers should i download? a link would be great.
� Are there any pre-requisites i must do, such as install version 170 first?

I am using an iMac 24" with 4gb ram, 500gb 5400 rpm HDD, and 8800 GS 512mb.

The reason I am trying this, is because when i play some online games, i often get bad lag spikes, but that chat is still running. Someone recommended me to 'update my drivers'.

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Intel Mac :: Cannot Update MacBook Pro After Migrating, Also Cannot Download Printer Drivers

Apr 23, 2012

I recently migrated from MacBook pro to iMac. Now neither will update nor print. They see the printers on network but say I need to download software to print! When I try to download it gives me Network Diagnostics problem although it is connected! The same error appears when trying to update either computer!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: Windows 7 Drivers - Unable To Find Drivers

May 4, 2010

I can't find the answers I know its been asked before.

Its the 2010 MBP 13"

I have Windows 7 Professional 64bit running through parallels 5 and it seems to be missing alot of drivers (wireless most importantly, but also audio etc). Where can I get these, is it the same as bootcamp drivers( are they on one of the disks that come with macs?).

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OS X :: Unable To Use Network Printer / Error 256 Using Printer Utility

Dec 3, 2010

I have been given an iMac g3 with osx 10.4.11 installed and airport card. My son will have this as his first computer. It is up and running and surfing the net using the airport connected to our home network. I have searched the forums and tried all the results I could find but am still unable to print from the iMac to my network printer.

iMac G3 10.4.11 osx slot loaded, airport wireless. Officejet all in one 6310 usb to pc running Vista. I have tried all the usual SAMBA and LPD methods listed going for generic printer, but get error 256 using printer utility, and NT_status_no_memory when using samba with all the settings, when trying LPD the printer service just stops.

I use LPD://user:password@workgroup/server/sharename and same for smb. I have set up a seperate account for the mac on the vista pc with password and started lpd service I've also edited the registry for lmcompatibility, printer sharing is enabled and both machines have the same workgroup name (WORKGROUP).

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Windows On Mac :: Finding 8,1 Drivers - How To Install Drivers

Sep 17, 2010

I've installed a legit copy of Windows XP, SP2. Nothing works, not my webcam, not my internet, not even the full resolution. The first time around that I did this, I had the DVD that came with my iMac, I installed the Windows drivers stuff off of it, and everything worked perfectly.

Can anyone point me in the direction of either a replacement for that DVD (.iso image or something?) or simply the required drivers that will let my iMac 8,1 connect to the web?

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OS X :: Printer Drivers For 10.4.11?

Oct 12, 2009

I have just had to do a system reinstall on my iBook (G4 1.33MHz 512 RAM). I have updated Tiger to 10.4.11as it was available via 'software update'. I can't now print with my trusty Epson stylus color 740 or my Epson stylus photo 895.

When I go looking for drivers on the epson web site they seem to be for systems 7-9 for the 740 and for intel Macs running Tiger for the 895. Both of these printers worked fine with my previous version of Tiger.

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OS X :: Shrinking Printer Drivers?

Jul 15, 2008

Is it even technically possible to shrink that 2GB of Printer drivers down?

Surely they have A LOT in common.

I am wondering if this would / could be done for Snow Leopard.

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OS X :: Printer Drivers Using Almost All Resources

Dec 7, 2008

I recently installed the widget iStat Pro. When i did, i discovered that the (what i presume to be) drivers from my printer are using up all of my processes. In the processes tab, it can go anywhere from 90% to +100%. I have nothing in my login items but iTunes helper and absolutely nothing in the start items. I don't know what to do about this.

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OS X :: Copy Printer Drivers From One Mac To Another?

Jan 10, 2011

I have quite a few printer drivers on my MacBook� USB printers, an AirPrint printer, a printer made AirPrint-compatible via Printopia, a printer hooked up to my AirPort Express, and printers at my university's library that go through the campus wifi connection. Rather than set these up from scratch, I was wondering if there was an easy way to transfer the printer settings from one Mac to another (but not transfer other documents or settings).

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OS X :: Finding HP Printer Drivers For 10.5.8?

Jan 13, 2011

I have a Macbook with 10.5.8 on it, and I installed a driver for my HP Deskjet 5740 printer, but it doesn't give me all the options I used to have (such as grey scale or fast draft).

In reading through the forums I think there is a different driver that I need perhaps? I've tried deleting and re-adding the printer, and re downloading the driver as well.

I've seen some people have solved the problem with Linux drivers for other printers, but I have no idea how this works.

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OS X :: Can't Install Printer's Drivers?

May 22, 2009

I installed leopard after upgrading the hard drive, didnt install any printer drivers, ive just found a 3gig printers folder in Library/Printers, whats happening?

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OS X :: How To Uninstall Printer Drivers

Sep 14, 2009

I have a macbook and I wanted to install my old Lexmark 4300 series printer to it. It wouldn't work with Leopard but it did work for Tiger. So I put the Mac OS X install disc in and did the optional installation, but instead of installing just the lexmark drivers I accidentally installed all of the printer drivers. I want to get rid of all of them but don't know how. I can't find them under applications or the hard drive. I can only pull them up when choosing a driver out of the driver menu when hooking up the printer.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Printer Drivers Is Not Available

Feb 14, 2012

I have a Canon Pixma Printer MP250 how do I get it to work with my Mac. The Canon site tells me this model should be picked up in the software upgrades from Apple though when I check Apple the MP250 isn't listed??

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Windows On Mac :: Widows 7 Drivers - Cannot Get Drivers

May 20, 2010

I boot camped my Macbook Unibody 13" (bought early 2009) with windows 7. However the bootcamp version was 2.0. I now cannot get drivers from the 3.0 bootcamp update.

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OS X :: Printer Drivers Install Location?

Apr 20, 2009

I'm attempting to connect to a work place (windows based) network printer, so downloaded and installed my drivers. Installer says it all installed fine, but when I go to search for it when adding the printer, it's nowhere to be found in the list of installed drivers??

I tried installing it again and rebooting but it still isn't in the list of printers. Can anyone think of why this might be, or just where it would most likely be installed to so I can manually choose the driver?

The driver came as an mpkg file so I tried "Show package contents" but didn't see anything that resembled a driver file either.

One other thing, I have a feeling the printer may be "Japan Only" but the installer contained both Japanese and English Instructions so I'm guessing that won't make any difference but thought I'd mention it just in case.

Printer: Xerox Docuprint c830
Driver: DPC830v10_3_3

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OS X :: How To Remove Unneeded Printer Drivers From Mac

Aug 8, 2009

Right now, my printer drivers folder in /Library/Printers is taking up around 4 GB's. I am trying to clean it up and am wondering what is the best way to remove them? If they are removed.

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