OS X :: Unable To Work With CPU Temp / Can't Control Temp

Nov 1, 2009

I was just adding some Quicklook plugins when my temps started to soar. I have restarted, repaired permissions, removed said plugins, and tried other accounts. Nothing is lowering the temps. Weird thing is is Activity Monitor is showing NOTHING using the processor nearly enough to jump my temps to 85 C with nothing running.

I'm "controlling" the issue for now by ramping my fans to full speed. Even with this I am hovering around 70 C...a good 10-15 C above what I am normally at (and was at 30 minutes ago).
*Note: Normally running fans at 6000rpm would give me temps in the mid to low 40 C range

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With CPU Temp / Sending Warning For High Temp

Mar 19, 2010

I downloaded a program to monitor my late 2008 unibody Macbook Pro's temperatures. Just a few minutes ago while playing music/playing an ONLINE game real briefly it warned me that my CPU temperature was too high. (167˚ F) Is that too high of a temperature? What should the "range" be?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Temp / Temp Rise After 10.6.3

Apr 6, 2010

I have a MacBookPro5,4 2.53GHz with one fan and only the 9400M. After updating to 10.6.3 the operating temperature seems to have risen from about 43 degrees C to about 48. It has been getting warmer here in Japan so the ambient temperature is different but I still think this rise in temp. is due to the update. I have smcfancontrol installed and set to 2500rpm instead of the normal 2000, but it seems to be not enough to keep the temp. under control, as it did before the update. Any relatively hard use of the cpu and the temp goes up to 60 degrees.

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IMac :: Unable To Work With Temp / Frozen

Apr 27, 2009

It just froze on me about 20 min ago. All I was doing was listening to iTunes and browsing the music store. I looked at the temp of the computer and it seems kinda high, I don't know too much about this.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Work With CPU Temp / Shutdown

Nov 22, 2009

screenshot taken while converting movie to ipod/iphone format*

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OS X :: Won't Control Cpu Temp / Shot To 60c

Sep 23, 2009

I've used my computer everyday this week at school at home. At school I usually only have safari/textedit open. My cpu temp NEVER GOES ABOVE 45C
no matter what I'm doing since I just take notes/surf the internet.

Last night I decided to update to 10.6.1. I was playing some odst, but I decided to leave my computer on and just shut it down thinking that when i switched it back on tomorrow (today) that the update would take affect. os x does say I have 10.6.1 but as soon as i switched my computer with text edit running my cpu temperature shot to 60c and its stayed that way up till now. I can't find my cpu being used by some random processed but as I'm a real temperature freak, this is kind of annoying. Has anyone had this problem with 10.6.1 (10.6 is fine). My computer is a Late 2008 15" u Macbook pro

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Mac Mini :: Won't Control Temp / Fan Shut Down

Mar 3, 2010

Im running a Mac Mini 2.1 on OSX. Using SMFanControl its showing me 1600-1700 rpm and a temp of 151F as i type this but spikes between 140-170F is this normal? I have to run a fan behind the computer for any kind of gaming or else it shuts down ( due to heat im sure )

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Mac Pro :: Won't Work With CPU Temp / Goes Up To 65

Jul 5, 2009

I've just been watching something on BBC Iplayer (using opera) and the CPU temp is up to 65 (with ambient temp 33). Is this normal? (finished watching and it's now at 60.) Also, the last few days I noticed the mouse button not working properly, sometimes I need to click twice for it to actually work, and if I was holding down the left button to drag, it kinda lost it's connection (so while dragging and moving things around the desktop they'd stop while the cursor still moved as I was still moving the mouse... and the mouse button was still pressed in all that time). I'm thinking it could be to do with temps as it has been really hot here lately (but then shouldn't the fans kick in?).

I've done an archive and install but it was still the same last night (mouse 'click' seems to be working ok right now). I 'think' the temps have been going up to 69, but I didn't make a note for sure. Should I do a clean wipe and install in case one of the programs is conflicting or something?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Temp / 165+ F

Sep 14, 2009

I just started using the aluminum MBP 15" and used to have 13 Macbook aluminum. and as far as i can tell the 13" did not get as hot as my 15" I just installed a fan and temp controller and even with running the fan higher then default os 10.6 temps reached 165 F I freaked out and cranked up the fan to 5000 RPM and temps dropped so far. So, How hot are these MBP supposed to get until it no longer safe?? And its not even close to being where the MBP is: sitting in my office on a desk where its cold and i have to drink tea to stay warm.

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Temp And Fan Rpm

Feb 10, 2010

im running at cpu temp of 82C with my fan running around 2000 rpm with the mbp in my sig. Is this a normal temp to fan rpm ratio? Why is bothers me is that im use to my Mb flaring up its fans every time it got hot.

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With SSD Temp / Running Hot

Sep 10, 2009

Does the macbook run cooler with an SSD instead of a traditional hdd? My 13" is running quite hot so I'm looking at ways to reduce the heat.

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Hardware :: Won't Work With SSD Temp / After Installation

Mar 10, 2010

So I just installed the new 200GB OWC Mercury Extreme SSD (SandForce Chip) in my 2008 Penryn (non-Uni) MacBook-Pro.

Seems pretty fast and all, but iStat is displaying a temperature of 263 degrees?#!#$%@@#

I know this thing can't be operating at 263 degrees, though I placed the temp monitor at the exact same location it resided on my prior 5400 RPM hard drive. Not sure what the problem could be.

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OS X :: Won't Work With Temp / Overheated And Shutdown

Mar 20, 2010

Alright I am wondering what temperature the computer has too get too in order to shut itself off. what I mean is, at what point will the compute shutdown or crash before it overheats? I think my mac mini (07 model) is getting too hot and it shut off a few mins ago (not gracefully shut down more like someone yanked the powercord out ) and I think that the shutdown may be related to heat problems.

idle temps: (celsius)
CPU heatsink:60

Fan RPM:5100rpm

Load Temps (celsius)
CPU heatsink:64

Fan RPM:5500rpm

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With CPU Temp 100C / Fan Still At 2000RPM

Mar 14, 2010

I've notices a really strange behaviour with my 13" MBP. The fan simply doesn't go faster on high loads, which results in a CPU temperature that is far beyond the operation specification Intel provides.

Seems as if the SMC controller is kind of broken. I tried to reset it, but that didn't change anything. A PRAM reset also didn't work.

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MacBook :: Won't Find Recommended Temp / Can't Work With Settings

Feb 7, 2009

I was wondering wat the recommended temperature for the macbook 13". I've got SMC fan control and it shows mine it 56C but i set it to Higher setting but it doesn't stay onto the minimum speed i set it.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Find Normal 2.53 Ghz Temp

Jul 10, 2009

Whats the normal temperature suppose to be for the CPU? Mine is at 72 Degree's Cel. I tried using smc fan control on my new MBP and set the fan speeds higher and it didnt seem to work so I used fan Control which Worked my Cpu's temp is 72 Degee with fans spinning at 5000 rpm is this normal?

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PowerPC :: Won't Work With G4 Temp / Can't Work With Average

Sep 21, 2006

Just had to replace the logic board on my PMG4 DP 1.25GHz machine. For the life of me, I can't remember the operating temperature before I swapped the board. Currently it's running at 130F - 140F. This seem about right for the other folks running these machines?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Install Firmware Update / Can't Work With Fans And Temp

Feb 8, 2010

I'm nervous to install the Firmware update 1.3. As I've heard from a lot of people the update has crashed their mac. I know it has to do with the fans and temp. My Mac book pro is running at 135 F at 2000rpm is this ok? Is it too overheated. Should I install the firmware I'm so nervous to install it just in case it breaks. Here's the rest of my specs...

Model Name:MacBook Pro
Model Identifier:MacBookPro3,1
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.2 GHz
Number Of Processors:1
Total Number Of Cores:2

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OS X :: Won't Work With CPU Temp / Can't Work With Average

Mar 2, 2010

Is it normal for my CPU to be averaging 75�C? sometimes 80�C. I've a 3 windows from FireFox open, Thunderbird and the finder window.

iStat says the following:
HD 34�C
CPU 74�C
Enclosure Base 33�C
Enclosure Base 2 33�C
Enclosure Base 3 30�C
Enclosure Base 4 35�C
Heatsink B 60�C
Northbridge 47�C

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IMac :: How To Find Out The CPU Temp

Sep 23, 2009

How do I find out the CPU temp of my iMac? Its Intel 2007, running Tiger. Also, what is the idle CPU temp of this machine?

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OS X :: Looking For Location Of Flash Temp Files?

Sep 18, 2010

I'm not sure if this is the right section. I'm looking for location of flash temp files on SL. I'm running latest version of flash and safari.

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Mac Pro :: IStat Menus CPU Temp Backwards?

Dec 29, 2010

I have a 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 with dual Xeon 2.66GHz. One of my favorite apps on my Macs is iStat Menus for which I purchased a family pack. I am running latest version 3. However, when I added it to my Mac Pro I am getting goofy CPU temp readings. At idle I am reading about 60C on one CPU and 55C on the other. But then if I fire up all the cores (Handbrake for example) then the reported CPU temps DROP to about 48C and 43C (notice same differential of 5C between CPUs). All the fan speeds stay the same so it is not extra cooling kicking in. Seems to be reading the wrong thing.

I know with Intel that the CPU just reports the distance to Tjmax and then the software reading that number takes the TjMax reading for that particular CPU model and figures out the corresponding Tj. It almost seems to be what is happening is that iStat is reading the "distance to TjMax" and reporting that without doing the math. That would account for the reading working backwards I suppose.

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PowerPC :: Finding EMac HDD Temp

Oct 4, 2007

I was wondering what the 'normal' operating temp for the hard drive in an emac is supposed to be. According to iStat, the hdd in mine is currently running at 77 degrees C. It has only been on for about an hour and a half. I'm pretty sure no hard drive should operate at this temp.

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MacBook Air :: Fans Run Even When Cpu Temp Has Lowered To 50C?

Apr 2, 2008

using Ichat the other day running a full screen chat, and I saw the temp of the CPU rise to about 65C and the fans started spinning up 6200.... That was understandable as the CPU was under load... but after I closed the ichat down, the CPU temp dropped down to about 50C but the fans stayed at 6200 for a long period of time. probably about 10 minutes or so... then they slowly crepted down to 2500.

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MacBook Air :: Wants To Know Heat Sink Temp?

Apr 23, 2008

What is your heat sink temp when the cpu is running hot, like 90+ degree C?

I recently performed the excess thermal compound removal procedure. Now I am worried that my cpu and heat sink are not in 100% contact, due to the very small amount of paste applied.

My heat sink sits at around 50C under normal load (cpu temp ~ 60). But at high load, cpu up at 90+ C, my heat sink is still at around 50-60C. Is this normal?

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Mac Pro :: CPU B Temp Is 126c Is This Normal / Mac Pro Fan Is Like A Jet Plane?

Oct 18, 2008

i've recently bought a mac pro with this spec:-
1x2.8 ghz quad core
2 gigbit ram
320 hdd
ati 2600

my new mac pro was cool in the beginning but, these last days is acting really weird, right now i'm using my mac pro like it's a jet plane about to take off, the sound of the fan is to noisy, i mean i've checked my temperatures and fan speed and i think every thing is normal but this:-

CPU B temp is 126c or 260f
fan speed of the exhaust and cpu fan are between 2700-2800 rpm

this only happens when i run games with high graphic or when i use video codecs ("xilisoft ipod video" convertor avi -> mp4, "submerge" for adding subtitle to movies and xilisoft dvd to ipod convertor) or a program that needs high speed, but the fan and the temp does not cool down even if close all of the application , i can only stop it when i shut down my mac pro , so every time when the noise start, i get this fear and shut down my mac pro for few seconds then i turn it on again to cool it a little bit, and some times it doesn't unless if i turn it off for more than 5 minutes

i even opened my case to look inside and touch my parts (ram, gpu, logic board, cpu) of course after i unplug the power cord , but what i found is that my ati gpu card was very hot when i checked the temps with my fingers i kind of burned my finger when i touch the ati card , is this is normal??

and my istate pro is telling me that cpu b is 126c but the gpu is the hottest part in the computer

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Mac Pro :: 2009 2.66 Quad - Is This Temp Normal?

Mar 17, 2009

I wanted to see how hot my temps would get at max so I ran handbrake for 30 minutes and Cinebench simultaneously over and over. This room does not have A/C. As soon as Cinebench started running the multi core render for a while the machine was at max temp.

CPU A 157 Fahrenheit Northbridge 126 Fahrenheit

Remember, I set the temps to display in Fahrenheit and not Celsius. So I would assume CPU A was maxed out at 70 Celsius.

Is this okay/normal when pushing the machine to a max temp? And what in the world is the Northbridge temp? It just looked important so I listed it. lol

Also how can you tell the temp of the GPU?

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Software :: Looking For Weather App That Display Temp?

Mar 26, 2009

im still pretty new to the mac world and im wondering if there is any sort of weather app that displays the temp on the bar ( task bar ) where the battery indicator is ? Similar to weather bug when you install it on a windows machine ?

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OS X :: How To Delete RAM And Temp Files From MacBook Pro

Apr 21, 2009

What is the best way to completely erase everything on the computer so that it is not in the RAM or temporary memory anymore? I was looking at bikini models and I was redirected to another porn site. It popped up a bunch of other sites too. I would like to get rid of this and start over with this computer.

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Mac Pro :: Temp For Memory Bank A1 Not Shown

Jul 11, 2009

I just received my new 2009 Mac Pro Quad 2.66 and I noticed istat does not show a temp for memory bank a1. It just shows banks A2 and A3. I was wondering if this normal or if I have a problem. BTW I have 3gb of ram. I also have the power supply grinding sound, but that another story.

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