OS X :: Software Update Failed To Check For Updates?

Mar 22, 2010

I've been working on a FireWired External Drive and Software update installed some SnowLeopard/midi/audio updates on the external drive. I then restarted going into the Mother ship that also has SnowLeopard to bring that up to date.

When i checked for updates using the software update there is message that sezs :

"Failed to check for update. There was a problem communicating with the web proxy server (HTTP)."

I am on line posting this message so it can't be an Internet server problem on the Mother ship ( the main Macintosh hard drive ).

What does that message really mean and how do i fix that?

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OS X :: Software Update Takes AGES To Check For Updates?

Aug 12, 2009

I have a REV A MBA running 10.5.8. Since i got the machine, it takes forever to show available software. After clicking "software update" from the apple menu it sometimes takes 6 minutes to check if there's anything new. Is this normal?

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Intel Mac :: Error - Software Update Can't Check For Updates

Jun 15, 2012

i am facing below probelm on my mac ... i have done all the ip setting on my mac  Error is software update can't check for updates because of a network problem mac.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Check For Software Updates Only Itunes / Random Other Updates Show Up But Not Security Updates

Mar 14, 2012

When I check for software updates only itunes and random other updates show up but not security updates or safari update. When i check installed updates I realized my last security update was 2011-004 and I still have safari 5.0.6.

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OS X :: How To Check Failed Login Attempts

Nov 17, 2009

Is there a way to check the number of failed login attempts? I would like to know when someone is trying to get into my computer.

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OS X Mavericks :: User Launch Agent Failed Using Etre Check

Jun 17, 2014

Ran Etre Check and this User Launch Agent program failed. Is there any way I can locate it and remove it?   

User Launch Agents:    [failed]    com.apple.CSConfigDotMacCert-[...]@me.com-SharedServices.Agent.plist

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook :: Software Update Failed - EFI Firmware Update 1.4?

Mar 3, 2012

Superdrive Firmware Update 3.0 fails each time, /Applications/Utilities/SuperDrive Update.app asks me to quit all apps and try again which I did but of no. I also retried with a reboot.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Parallels Desktop 5: Should I Leave "Check For Updates" Enabled

Aug 4, 2010

I have successfully installed Parallels Desktop 5. By default the program checks for updates every week. Should I leave updates enabled? How really necessary are they?

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Applications :: Setting Apps To "Check For Updates Automatically"?

Sep 19, 2010

I have almost all my apps set to check for updates automatically. Most of them will most likely not update for a while. Does having all my apps set to update automatically slow down the computer. Seems like them checking every time will put a dent in my cpu usage.

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OS X :: Downloading Mac Update - Failed

May 13, 2009

I tried downloading the Mac OS X update from the update utility, and that failed. Then I went straight to apple and downloaded it from their website and it took about an hour--and I have a fast internet service! Once it finished downloading, I started the installing process. It installed, and then said it had to restart. I had to hard boot it THREE times because it would just freeze on the blue screen of death. Then it restarted on it's own three more times. Now FINALLY, I'm back up and running, but I've had some weird error messages and my Macbook Pro seems to be acting weird. Any other "success, or should I say fail" stories?

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OS X :: Won't Boot After Failed Combo Update?

Dec 2, 2010

Have a G4 desktop running 10.3.5 that I tried to combo update to 10.3.9. The update was stuck at 30% for a long long time. I just figured it might take awhile and took a nap. I awoke and there was an error message that the update could not be completed. It said to try the update again by downloading it and then opening the package manually. So I was going to do that but a bit later the computer froze up and I had to force shutdown.

Upon booting the screen didn't boot all the way; only partially and then screen goes black. I ran Disk Utility from Install Disk to try to Repair the hard drive. It said keys were out of order. Later it said repair couldn't be completed because of an error.

I am running the Mac now from a Firewire drive with 10.3.2. I want to update the Firewire drive to 10.3.9 and want to make sure the same thing doesn't happen.

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OS X :: 10.6.5 Combo Update Mounting Failed?

Nov 16, 2010

Every time I try to download the combo update from Apple I'm getting the message "Mounting Failed." Does anyone have a fix for this or know why this is happening?

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OS X :: OS X 10.5.6 / Combo Update Install Failed

Dec 23, 2008

I'm installing 10.5.6 on the family MacBook (white) and it was running 10.5.4 previously, yet hanged when I was updating everything (there was a few updates) so I had to force power off. The Mac says it is running 10.5.6, but I wanted to apply the combo update to be safe. However, it fails when installing (it doesn't get to the stage where it reboots, still in OS X at this stage). It says "The installer could not install some files in "/". Also, repairing Disk Permissions failed too. Prior to the update, everything was working fine - I'm usually full of ideas, but when it is your Mac that is playing up I'm very keen to hear what others have to say.

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OS X :: Latest Update Install Failed At 25%

Jan 5, 2010

I've got a Macbook with with Leopard v10.5-something installed. When I installed the latest update and was at about 25% done with the "writing"-part it suddenly failed. I got a message prompting to restart (I think it said that it was something wrong with the source from which it was writing), when I restart the computer I get another message promting me to restart. My backup is a few months old, so I wonder if there is some way around my problem?

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OS X Mavericks :: 10.9.4 Update Fails With Check Sum Error

Jul 1, 2014

I've tried to download and install Mavericks 10.9.4 update but the installation fails with a checksum error.  I've also tried the manual download/install which also failed.  The message said that the update could not be installed to the default MacintoshHD drive.

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OS X :: Update From 10.4 To 10.5 If It Is Not Showing Up In My Software Updates?

Oct 19, 2010

Read title,

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Applications :: ITunes 12 Update Available But No Updates Available

Nov 1, 2010

Attached is a picture of my iTunes. It says I have 12 apps ready to be updated but then when I click to get them it says there are none available. What does that mean? I definately know that there are updates ready.

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OS X :: Trying To Update Computer And Do The Software Updates?

Mar 19, 2010

I'm trying to update my computer and do the software updates. I ran the Mac OX S update, but it starts and it never finishes. Can anybody help me out with that? I have to update certain stuff, but it won't finish.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Software Update Always Says No Updates?

Mar 14, 2012

It has been almost one month since my MBP (mid 2010) getting a strange issue, that the Software Update always say NO UPDATES, even if there are many updates available. I guess this began since I updated my MBP to Mac OSX Lion Update 1.7.3 (Client Combo). FYI, the App Store can run (download new app or updates) without problem, and I can browse or send/receive mails without problem. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: MacBook Not Booting After Security Update Failed

Apr 19, 2009

While trying to download the latest security update I received a message telling me the update failed and it had been sent to the trash. The trash was empty and I now didn't have enough free disk space to retry the download so I decided to reboot my computer to free up some disk space. I haven't been able to reboot it since. While booting it gets stuck on the 'starting mac os' screen. I've reset the pram and I've done disk and permission repairs and have tried to start it in safe mode, but it won't. While holding the shift key to get to safe mode It still gets stuck on the same screen (though it takes a few more minutes to get there). I don't have the right version of the start up disk as apple replaced my computer but didn't give me a new start up disk.

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OS X :: Security Update 2010-003 Failed To Verify

Apr 30, 2010

There is a thread like this labelled "solved" here with my last 2 posts in it unanswered. But I still can't get this security update to verify. I tried to repair permissions using disk utility and - as far as I can tell it - does repair permissions, but it still doesn't verify. I've even tried downloading Google Chrome and Firefox browsers and they won't verify either.

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Intel Mac :: Power Failed During Update Now Won't Restart?

Feb 5, 2012

Had a power failure while the iMac was doing updates. Now I have a white apple screen and the grey spinning wheel on start and that's all I get. What do I do now?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Software Update Failed, Now Mac Won't Book?

Feb 22, 2012

I ran software update which gave me an error and asked me to restart. I hit "ok" and when the computer tries to boot, it gets to the load screen which in addition to the normal "spinner" now has a loading progress bar. Every time it gets roughly 25% through the progress bar and then simply shuts off.I tried zapping the PRAM and have tried starting into safe mode but neither work.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Restart After Failed System Update?

Jun 19, 2012

my MacBook wonT restart I tried a system update but it failed, then said to restart my computer..now it won't restar. Just get the beginnings of a restart then to grey apple with spinning...nothing!!

Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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MacBook Pro :: 10.6.8 Combo Update Verification Failed?

Jun 24, 2012

Freshly installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3. 

Tried through Software Update, downloading solo via webpage....each time I get verification falied and/or invalid checksum when launching solo.  

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MacBook Pro :: Update Failed At End Of Process - Could Not Be Verified

Jul 1, 2012

Every time it shows in the end of process that update is failed. The update could not be verified. It may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs. I have MacBook Pro 13 inches with Mac OS 01.7.2.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X :: Check Apple Soft Update Download History?

Jan 3, 2010

Is it possible? I remember that the first time i ran GarageBand i had an update available for some free loops downloaded via software update, but i don't remember the pack name.

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Software Update Not Getting 10.7.3 Updates?

Feb 13, 2012

Our software update service is not downloading the 10.7.3 updates. I have updated the server to 10.7.3 but it made no difference. I have start/stopped the service a few times - it as downloaded  a load of multilingual voices post date 7th Feb 2012 and the Security updates for Snow Leopard post date 2//2/2012 just not the 10.7.3 updates. Do Apple put a delay in the server to try to spread the demand on bandwidth?

Clients are updating fine from the server all other services working normally.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Update From 10.7.2 To 10.7.3 - Getting Error That Updates Can't Be Saved?

Mar 20, 2012

I can't get around this error: None of the selected updates could be saved. Software Update can't connect to the update server. Make sure you're connected to the Internet, and then try again. Connection reset by peer.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Software Update Not Installing Updates?

Apr 19, 2012

I recently purchased Lion and was excited to install from the app store. Purchased and it appears to be downloading but stops about 3/4 of the way through and I get an "NSPortTimeoutException" error.  I tried downloading a simple free app and same situation. I ran disk utility and hard drive is fine.  I had no issues with running software update until recently. I thought this may be the problem so I ran software update again.  I gives details regarding several updates. When I attempt to install the updates, I immediately get a prompt to restart my computer. I run software update again and the same list of updates come up.  The updates are not being downloaded or installed.  My Internet connection is fast and reliable. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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