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OS X :: Mount ExFAT Partition - Running HD On External Dock?

I'm using 10.6.5 and recently I found a hard drive that has an exFAT partition on it. I suspect that partition contains the TrueCrypt container that I've been looking for, but I can't seem to be able to mount it on OSX to get to the files within that partition. Is there any way I can mount this exFAT partition? I'm running the hard drive on an external dock.

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MacBook :: Partition On External Drive Won't Mount?
I've got an external 500gb Seagate drive with 2 journalised for my time machine backups and the other for holding audio samples for my drum machines and such. All of a sudden today the audio partition won't mount but the time machine partition still works fine. I go into disk utility and it shows ther but just says unable to mount when I try to mount it. It suggests first aid so I verify and repair numerous times and it says everything is ok. I can boot up Ubuntu in VMware andboth partitions are visible and all the files are there....everything is just as it should be. I was using 10.5.7 and just upgraded to 10.5.8 tonight and nothing changed.

Posted: Aug 17, 2009

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IMac Intel :: External Drive Partition Won't Mount?
I have a partition on my Iomega external drive that won't mount. The drive has 2 partitions. One I use for back up works fine. This other one is visiable but won't mount. I have run disk utitility and it says everything is fine but says it isn't journaled. It won't let me turn on journaling and won't let me get it mounted, what can I do?

iMac 2007 20 Inch Alum
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Jan 27, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Format External Drive To MS-DOS (FAT) Or ExFAT ??
Which format would be most appropriate for reformatting my external drive whilst keeping it compatible across platforms (mac and windows)?? 

MacBook Pro

Posted: Mar 19, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: External Drives Won't Mount After Running Repair Permissions
None of my external drives will mount after running disk permissions. Drives work fine on my mbpro.

None of the external drives show up in disk utilities...

Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Sep 22, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Anyone Format External Drives In ExFAT Format?
I'm using Macbook Pro(2010, 10.6.6) and a PC with Windows 7. I need to transfer image files from both laptops to an external drive. I formatted the external drive in exFAT and wanted to know if there are any problems that might occur in the future. I already know there is an issue with such programs as Carbon Copy Cloner. I primarily need the drive for backup of the images and not system backups. Do you have any file corruption or other problems formatting in exFAT?

Posted: Jan 9, 2011

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OS X Leopard :: External HDD Doesn't Mount, To Mount
This is my second external Hardrive from WD. The first one broke, had to send it back. Then they gave me the one I currently I have and IT broke. It does not mount. I used Disk Warrior to get some of my important files. My question is, if I re-partition the drive, will it mount again? Or if I erase everything on it? I don't have the money and go out and buy another one.

Just some notes: When I connect it to my Mac, the icon in the disk utility is grayed out. I tried repairing, verifying, but it won't work. It also did not work on a PC. I was very surprised that I was able to retrieve files using Disk Warrior.

Mac Pro Dual 2.66 Ghz, 10 GB Ram, Logic Studio, WD 500GB/16 Mb Int. HD SATA
Mac OS X (10.5.7)
Kontakt 2, GPO , PreSonus Firebox, Unitor 8 Midi Patch

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

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OS X Leopard :: How To Mount Partition At Specific Point
How do I mount a partition at a specific mount point? For example I see a Vol01 disk image, which is a partition of one of my hard drives, sitting on my desktop. Under the disk utility it says that its mount point is /Volumes/Vol01. How do I mount this partition as a file system at /Users?

Power G5
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Dec 4, 2008

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OS X :: Bootcamp Partition Wont Mount After 10.6.2 Update?
as the title suggests, ive just installed 10.6.2 and now my bootcamp partition,which i've names 'Windows HD' has dissapeard from my desktop and icant get it to mount using Disk Utility.i simply get the error:Mount failedThe disk "Windows HD" could not be mounted.Try running First Aid on the disk and then retry mounting.Ok i just tired booting into bootcamp and i get an error moments later that it cant read the disk and i have to restart.surely there must be a way to force it. i've tried restarting.i've got vital things on that partition needed in order to keep working and now im getting behind from another problematic snow leopard update

Posted: Nov 10, 2009

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OS X :: Boot Camp - Cannot Mount Windows 7 Partition
Summary: Can't mount Win7 partition in OSX. NTFS-3G installed.

So I finally got around to installing Win 7 on my iMac through boot camp. During the install I deleted the partition BC created and reformatted. (I've now learned this is a bad way to do things and I should have just hit 'format' - as I understand that would have left me with the Boot Camp configuration all OK on the Mac end of things). I did the whole delete-the-ati-drivers nonsense and it's installed & running well on Win7. What I can't do now is mount my windows 7 partition in Disk Util so I can write some files to the partition in Snow Leopard (or mount the disk for VM/Parallels). NTFS-3G is installed. Is there a way to get this fixed so that I can accomplish without reinstalling Win7 (again)?

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Setting System Not To Mount Partition By Default
I just installed the Windows 7 beta via bootcamp on my macbook. During the install process I had to reformat the bootcamp partition from FAT32 to NTFS. So, from OSX, my windows partition is basically useless. Every time leopard boots, it shows me an "untitled" partition belonging to windows. The problem is that I'm a bit of a neat freak and like to keep a tidy desktop. I usually just manually unmount the volume when OSX boots, but it would be nice if there was a way to tell the system never to mount the partition by default.

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Jan 17, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Unable To Mount Disk Partition
I'm unable to get a disk partition to mount. The partition has/had 10.6 installed and I was probably doing something I shouldn't have while installing windows on a separate partition. Since then, I am unable to start-up from that mac drive. I had to create a new partition and install OSX again. When I open disk utility it sees the old drive but it is grey-out. When I run repair disk everything is ok but once I click to mount the drive I get a message that "The disk could not be mounted. Try running repair disk and then retry mounting", which seems to be an endless cycle that does not work. I've tried using Techtool and Drive Genius and they recognize and "repair" the disk but I am still unable to mount it.

iMac 24" 3.06
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
ipod touch v3.0

Posted: Dec 1, 2009

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Not Mount XP / FAT32 Partition
I have a Mini 2.26 Core 2 Duo with 2 GB 1067 DDR3 RAM and a 160 GB HDD. I'm pasting the system profiler specs:

Macintosh HD:
Capacity:125.49 GB (125,493,575,680 bytes)
Available:101.22 GB (101,216,739,328 bytes)
File System:Journaled HFS+
BSD Name:disk0s2
Mount Point:/

Capacity:34.2 GB (34,202,451,968 bytes)
Available:13.77 GB (13,774,503,936 bytes)
File System:MS-DOS FAT32
BSD Name:disk0s3
Mount Point:/Volumes/BOOTCAMP

The partition "Bootcamp" can be seen from OSX, but when I restart and use the option button to select an OS, it just hangs up on a white screen and never loads the choices. Booting without the option button defaults to OSX. I have also tried to repair the disk in disk utility. I can definitely wipe the partition and reload XP, but I'd love an alternative. I've backed up the XP partition on a different HDD, so I'm ready to go. As this is my work rig, I have to get this resolved correctly.

Posted: Jul 28, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: How Big A Partition If I Want To Clone The Install Disks To Mount
I just got a 1TB external FW800 to use TM with my iMac 24 and my MacBook Pro. I read about just cloning the install disks to a partition to be able to boot from. I have always just installed the disks to a hard drive partition. How big a partition do I need to just clone the install disks to make a bootable partition?

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
24" iMac Core2 Duo (750GB HD)

Posted: Mar 16, 2009

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OS X :: Partition Won't Mount After System Crash And Reboot
im running OSX Leopard on my Macbook Pro and I have a mobile hard-drive attached. My bittorrent client, Azureus, is likely accessing one of the three partitions on the external drive when, for some reason, my system hangs. After a while i I just hold down the power button to force a restart.

After it starts up everything works fine, except that the partition that was in use wont mount, although the other two will without problem.

All the partitions show up in disk utility. If i try to mount the troublesome partition from within disk utility, I get a dialogue box saying the mount failed and I should try first aid. When I try to repair it with "Verify disk", it tells me that the volume "appears to be ok".

Posted: Apr 27, 2009

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OS X :: Using External Drive With HFS Partition And NTFS Partition?
I am trying to format my external drive to have (2) partitions. A NTFS for backing up my Windows computer and a HFS for backing up my MacBook Pro.

This is what ive tried:

1.) Create 2 partitions on my Mac in Disk Utility. 1 partition HFS, 1 partition FAT32. After doing this both show up in OSX but neither one shows up in WinXP. I was hoping the FAT32 would show up in WinXP so I can convert it to NTFS.

2.) Create 2 partitions in WinXP using Disk Management. 1 partition is NTFS and 1 is FAT32. Connected the drive to my MBP and both partitions mounted in Finder. I then opened Disk Utility and tried to "Erase" the FAT32 partition to HFS. The process seemed to be working but then it changed the name of the partition to disk1s1 and nothing else. The partition doesnt mount in Finder or WinXP.

3.) Create 2 partitions in WinXP using Disk Managment. Both partitions as NTFS. Connected to MBP and both partitions mounted in Finder. Opened Disk Utility and tried to "Erase" one of the NTFS systems to HFS. Same thing happen as #2, renamed the partition but didnt do anything else. The partition doesnt show up in Finder or WinXP.

Posted: Feb 12, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Cannot Mount An IOmega Firewire 400 Drive Partition
I have a firewire 400 iOmega external drive with two partitions. Recently, one of the partitions does not mount. I have analyzed it as much as I can with the disk utility and also with Drive Genius 3, but none of the utilities can identify an error, yet I cannot seem to mount this partition.

27" Intel-based iMac
Mac OS X (10.4.6)

Posted: Oct 12, 2010

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Hardware :: Quit Booting From OS X Partition - Drive Won't Mount
I have a G3 Pismo laptop with a 30GB drive. The drive has an OSX partition and a classic partition. However, it recently quit booting form the OSX partition and will not mount this. Disc Utility run from DVD will not repair it. I have used Tech Tool on it three times. After the last "repair" Tech Tool said the volume passed, but it still doesn't mount. I tried using it in Target Disc mode with my G4. Still, only the OS 9 volume mounts. Toast will not create a disc image, so I guess I'm screwed. My only options at this point are older classic utilities. Is there any chance that Disc Warrior for OS 9 will get this volume to mount so I can copy things, format,and reinstall?

Posted: Dec 16, 2010

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Mount Partition - Grayed Out In Disk Utility
I can boot into bootcamp with no problems. I have been wanting to be able to open the bootcamp in Parallels. Here is the issue:

1. The partition 'disk0s3' is greyed out in Disk Utility. It is not mounted. Mounting does nothing.

2. For reference, the Windows 7 is formatted as NTFS. It is a Windows 7 64-bit install

3. Verify disk does the following:
Verifying volume "disk0s3" ** /dev/disk0s3
Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: efbbbf
Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click Repair Disk.

4. repairing does the following:
Verify and Repair volume "disk0s3" ** /dev/disk0s3
Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: efbbbf
Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can"t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.

I have stuff on the Windows partition that I don't want deleted. I'm really stuck on this -obviously, I can just continue to boot into bootcamp, I just would rather open it from Parallels. I'm not sure what or if I made some mistake in setting up Bootcamp, I thought I followed the directions to that. I do know I formatted the partition as NTFS during the install - as I think Windows 7 requires it. I have tried installing NTFS-3G - it is installed, but didn't do any good when trying to mount the drive.

Posted: Dec 26, 2010

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Partition Won't Mount In OSX
I decided earlier today that I wanted my boot camp partition to be bigger so I made a disk image of it with winclone and then proceeded to restore my HD to a single partition and then partition it again with boot camp assistant.

The partitioning went fine and then I had two partitions. I then went to restore my system with the mac clone image and this process went fine and I can now boot up into windows with the partition.

when I am in OSX the bootcamp partition will not mount. When I go into disk utility and try and mount it from there I get an error message that says "the drive cannot be mounted, try running first aid on the disk and try mounting again

Posted: Jun 5, 2009

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Applications :: Running Windows Based Image Mount
How can I run it without WM Ware Fusion or Parallels? Is there an app where I can run it somehow without such programs?

Posted: Dec 9, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: Mount Disk Before Running App Through One Shortcut
There's a game I have on my mac which needs the disc to run, but I don't want to have to put it in the drive every time so I created a DMG which I have set to mount on startup which is ok, but not ideal. What I'd like to do is to find some way of creating one shortcut which will mount the drive and run the game straight away. I have pretty much 0 knowledge of automator and only started using OS X last week.

Mac Mini 2.26Ghz
Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Jan 26, 2010

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OS X Leopard :: Using Network Drives Exfat To Time Machine?
How can this be done?

EMac 1.0 GHZ G4, IBM Thinkpad T43
Windows Vista
iPod touch 8GB

Posted: May 25, 2009

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IMac :: ExFat For Compatibility For Windows Computers Or Only Mac Os X File System
I got this new iomega external usb HDD for backup purposes mainly. what file system should i use? exFat for compatibility for windows computers or only mac os file system? i would like to avoid ntfs

Posted: Dec 27, 2009

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OS X Tiger :: Creating GUID Partition With G Dual 1.8 Running OS X 10.4.11
Have been trying to create a GUID partition on a Kingston 8Gb Memory Stick and on a Hitachi 14 Gb hard drive. In both cases I can select everything I want however when I hit "partition" the disk utility hangs up. I have left hung over night but no partition. Is there some barrier to getting a GUID partition on external media using My G5 with OS X 10.4.11?

Dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac
Mac OS X (10.4.11)
1GB memory 2 hard drives

Posted: Mar 24, 2010

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Windows On Mac :: Running Parallels And Using BootCamp Partition
I have installed Windows 7 using bootcamp with no problems. I now want to use parallel so I can do some things in windows without restarting. I don't want to get rid of the bootcamp install though since I do gaming through it. Now that I've installed Parallel it's asking if I want to use the bootcamp partition in the virtual machine? Do I? I don't really understand.

Posted: Aug 17, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Have A Windows Partition Because NVivo Is Not Running On It?
On my iMac I need to have a Windows partition because NVivo is not running on Mac. 5 G is to small so I need to enhance the partition. How?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: Feb 14, 2012

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OS X :: Any Way To Hide Space Suit Icon (Still Running) In Dock?
So I'm trying to find a way to hide the SpaceSuit icon in the doc while it's still running. The main reason is that I use the command+W to close my applications and sometimes SpaceSuit gets closed accidentally in the process. I added:

right above
and tried dockless, but I've came up short.

Posted: Oct 31, 2010

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Software :: Keeping Icon Out Of Dock For Running Version?
Is there a way to tell Snow Leopard that when a certain app is running, its icon should not be put into the dock? I'd like this to occur only for this one, single app, not for any other apps, whose icons I still would like to see in the dock when they're running. If this isn't possible, no big deal. But if it is, I'd like to know how to make it happen.

Posted: Sep 21, 2009

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OS X :: Not Able To Mount An External Drive
I have this sans digital USB towerraid enclosure, with one, 1TB drive in it. It's formated as NTFS. It was working just fine, but for some reason, I went to connect it to a windows machine today and it basically froze up the computer. so i tried a few things, and it was still freezing the computer.So i connect it to my macbook pro where it normally is, and when it tries to mount the device i get an error from NTFS-3G. I added an attachment of the error it gives. I tried inserting the command line it suggests in terminal , but it didn't really do anything. I'm not really familiar with terminal or how to use it fully.

Posted: Jan 3, 2009

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OS X :: External MyBook HD Does Not Mount
Tore open my WD MyBook to replace the internal disk, and after piecing it back together, it no longer mounts in Finder. Disk Utility is also blind to it-- in fact the only thing that will see it at all is System Profiler.

Posted: Mar 31, 2010

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Snow Leopard :: Restoring Image While System Running On Same Partition?
I've system on disk image and I need to install this system on my Macbook pro but I've no system on the laptop and the image on external USB. By the way I don't have the installation DVD to boot from it and use disk utility. And what if I've system installed on the laptop, is there anyway to restore the image while the system is running on the same partition?


Posted: Jan 2, 2011

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OS X :: Running Terminal Command / Connecting To Ssh Through Dock Icon
I've use a terminal command to create a SOCKS proxy through my ssh server (ex. ssh -D 2008 -l user, to which I am then prompted to enter a password, and everything is connected. For the sake of ease of use (as I need to do this frequently), is there any way I can make a dock icon, or something along those lines, so I can just click it, it runs the command, I enter a password (or maybe even not?) and it's all set? I have tried setting up a workflow in automator to run a shell script, but it is unsuccessful, leaving me with "Run Shell Script failed: Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal."

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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OS X :: How To Mount External Hdd Without Logging In
I'm running an iMac with Mac OS X 10.6.4 . It is used mainly as a database server. The database lives on an external hard drive. The problem is that Mac OS X does not mount the external drive until I log in locally. Logging in via SSH is not enough. Does anyone know how I can make OS X mount the external hard drive even if no one logs in?

Posted: Sep 27, 2010

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OS X :: External HD Won't Mount
I recently Installed Windowns on my MBP via boot camp and I also installed a MacDrive 5 day trial version so I could move some files from the external (1Tb WD My book pro) to the windows side. Everything went smoothly and then after my file transfers on the windows side, then in a hurry I just unplugged the firewire cable and shut the mac down. Now when I start up in OS X the drive doesn't mount. I starts up ok and then the only thing I see is a task called "fsck_hfs" eating up my CPU and memory. The drive works fine in windows with Macdrive so it's not a HD failure because all of my files are still there and usable, It's jut that Leopard can't see the darn thing. So how could I get Leopard to see the HD again without re-formating and losing all my files on it?

Posted: Nov 13, 2008

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OS X :: Can't Write To External Drive - Now External Won't Mount?
I've not Time Machine'd in about 3 weeks. After working fine for several months, out of the blue I get this error. I think it was -61? "Get Info" said it was read only. I couldn't figure out how to make it write & read. Now, out of the blue, I can't even mount it.I'm at a loss. My iMac is on it's last legs and I'm playing with fire. I guess the first order of business is to mount the thing but it just does nothing or IDK how to force it to do this?

Posted: Jul 10, 2009

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Snow Leopard :: User Friendly Interface - Running XP On Parallels / Partition
I am new to Mac having used windows previously. I am using parallels with windows XP and office for Mac. So far I found the user interface clumsy, in fact I feel like I have one hand tied behind my back. I think I will need to run windows on a separate partition with office professional for a while until I get used to this system. So far I think Windows is more user friendly. Has anyone experience with running with a partition with Mac OS and XP instead of Parallels. Is this a more productive option? I am new to Mac so I guess I must learn and see if the Mac is as good as it looks.

Mac Pro

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

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MacBook Pro :: Mark On Screen While At Dock Setting With No Programs Running?
There is a mark on the display when I am at the dock setting.and also shows up only when there is a dark colored background. It almost looks as if someone took an eraser to the screen. It is a straight line about two inches long with another two to three inch line curving down from the middle of the top line. It is in the middle of the screen slightly off center from the apple logo on the back. It is only slightly visible and seems to have no effect on the computer, just annoying.

13" MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.3)

Posted: Apr 19, 2010

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OS X :: ICal Dock Icon Date Fade Display When Application Not Running
I was wondering if anybody out there may know why this is happening to my iCal dock icon. When the app is not running, the date on the icon is displaced by like 15px, then when it is launched, the date goes back to the correct position. Check it out:

Posted: Nov 12, 2010

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OS X :: Minimize Feature On The Dock Lags / Running App From Disk Image
I notice that whenever I am running an app from a disk image I notice that the minimize feature on the dock lags, and the only way to fix it is to either log out and log in again or turn off and turn on again. Does anybody have a suggestion how to fix this?

Posted: Nov 8, 2008

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