OS X :: Bootcamp Trackpad - How To Fixed Scrolling

Mar 7, 2009

I just installed vista 64bit on my Early 2008 macbook pro, and the scrolling is TERRIBLE. Yes I installed the drivers, and yes I installed the boot camp update.Does anyone know how I fix the scrolling?

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MacBook :: How To Get Trackpad Fixed

Oct 8, 2009

My trackpad chooses when it wants to work. The multi-touch works fine , but t sometimes takes like 5+ clicks for anything to register. This is in Windows and Mac osx.

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OS X :: PDF Scrolling With Trackpad In Leopard

Jul 11, 2009

I just wanted to verify if other people experience this too. Ever since I upgraded to Leopard over a year ago, PDFs scroll like **** from the trackpad, both in Preview and in Safari. They scroll painfully slow, and then suddenly jump to way too fast. I don't understand why they don't just scroll naturally like everything else in the OS. They used to scroll fine in Tiger.

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MacBook Pro :: Why Does It Right Click Instead Of Scrolling On Trackpad

Mar 27, 2012

Every now and then my trackpad acts up. When I scroll down/up (2 finger swipe down/up), it does a right click instead of scrolling. I bought this brand new at the apple store and its acting up within less than a month. I don't want to have an exchange if they'll give me a refurbished looking one.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Scrolling With The Trackpad Is Not Working?

Dec 2, 2014

My scrolling with the trackpad is not working on my Macbook Pro with Retina Display. It is brand new.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 8.1

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Click Struck - No Scrolling?

Oct 28, 2010

The trackpad "click" seems to be stuck down. I can "tap to click" but because it's clicked trackpad commands dont work. no scrolling with two fingers etc.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Enable Trackpad Momentum Scrolling

Jun 20, 2010

I was playing around with the newest Mac's today at a Best Buy and noticed that they have a feature called "momentum scrolling" under their trackpad preferences.

I have the older 13 inch Macbook Pro's with the glass trackpad, and it appears that feature is not there in system preferences. However, I can't imagine that the slightly older trackpads are not capable of momentum scrolling in Snow Leopard.

Does anyone know of a way to enable momentum scrolling for the previous gen Macbook Pro?

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PowerPC :: Trackpad Scrolling On G4 - Free Alternatives?

Jul 15, 2010

I have sold my 12" powerbook g4 and want to know if there is any software I can install to have trackpad scrolling for the new owner. I used to have the beta of Sidetrack but its now a paid for app. Are there any free alternatives?

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MacBook Pro :: Scrolling Through Webpage Using Trackpad Jerky

Jul 17, 2010

I had a Unibody Macbook, the newest rev. I decided to upgrade to a 13" MB Pro today at Microcenter for $999. Biggest reason was honestly I hated the white and I decided to not get a iMac but instead pair a 30" HPZR30 to the MB so went with the Pro for aesthetics and small processor bump. I took the Kingston SSD out of my MacBook and put it in the MB Pro, reset the PRAM/NVRAM and it boots right up. Everything works but for some reason the scrolling through a webpage using the pad is a bit jerky. Comparing it to my Macbook which I put the 250gb drive from the MB Pro in its perfectly smooth. I can reload the system if I need to but how is the scrolling on others '10 MB Pro's? I can tell a huge difference in the keyboard, its much more solid on the MB than on the MB Pro, I assume because they left some gap/spacing for the LED back lights.

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MacBook :: How To Alter Scrolling On Trackpad With Retina

Sep 11, 2014

When I'm on my old MacBook computer (version 10.6.1), when you scroll up on the trackpad with two fingers, the page scrolls up. And the same for scrolling down on a page. Now when I bought my new MacBook Pro with Retina (version 10.9.4), when you scroll up on the trackpad, the page moves down...? And when you scroll down with your fingers, the page moves up... It's very confusing and I would like to change that if possible. I want to scroll up and have the page move up. Is there a way to do this?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Air :: 11 Inch Trackpad 2 Finger Up Scrolling Not Working

Dec 10, 2010

Not sure if this a known issue or just me but I found this morning that two finger scrolling upwards doesn't work on my MBA when I am browsing in Google Chrome. I observed it works in other apps including Safari. Thought of taking it to the Genius Bar then gave up because of the hassle of going through the replacement as I already put in full body zagg on my MBA.

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MacBook :: 2 Finger Trackpad Scrolling Causes Browsers To Crash?

Jun 26, 2009

Hello. Has anyone consistently experienced web browser crashes with both Firefox and Safari whereby you are scrolling down a page using 2 fingers and the trackpad. I was blaming Flash but it is happening all the time with even static pages!

Has anyone got any ideas or fixes or indeed is anyone else experiencing this?

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MacBook :: Trackpad Scrolling - Page Moves Down - Invert?

Jun 28, 2009

I have a problem with scrolling using the trackpad. It is somehow inverted: when I scroll down, the page moves down (so it follows the content, just like the iPhone). But I want to have it back the way it was. Is that possible?

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OS X Mavericks :: Flickering Words When Scrolling Using Trackpad Online?

Jun 27, 2014

I have a brand new macbook pro, 2012 standard version, with Maverick. It has 8 gigs of ram. 

I have a number of problems with it and I'll do my best to explain one -what happens when I am online and scrolling using my trackpad. The words get lighter as I scroll, shimmering or flickering, until I stop. Using Chrome, the blue links actually bleed into the rest of the words. It is barely noticeable if I use a wired mouse with it. (I don't have a wireless one) but using the trackpad is pretty bad.  

It also does with my MAIL program if I'm scrolling through the messages using my trackpad but doesn't do it when using my mouse. Is this normal?

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Scrolling Results In Font Size Change

Apr 25, 2010

I have a new macbook pro. Scrolling, i.e. 2-finger, on the trackpad often, but randomly, results in font size changes (e.g. in Safari, mail, etc.); in word and powerpoint it often changes a word or paragraph to subscript or superscript. This also happens often with cursor movement on the trackpad, i.e. single finger sweeps. It appears that trackpad usage is randomly triggering command+ or command-.

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OS X Yosemite :: Safari 8.01 Updates Has Caused Trackpad To Loose Scrolling Functions

Dec 4, 2014

Ive updated safari to 8.01 this morning, and now when using safari, after a few minutes the multi gesture functions on my trackpad stop working.  I can scroll down pages, flick across windows etc.  even the accuracy of the cursor is limited  (in editing this i tried to highlight some text to delete, but i had move about 10characters the left to get the ones i wanted). 

Using a 2014 Mac Book Pro Retina with Yosemite and wireless trackpad

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Mac Pro :: Jerky Browser Scrolling In Bootcamp?

Mar 27, 2008

I just installed XP Pro using bootcamp on a separate drive (bay 2) in a brand new mac pro. However, things seem a bit jerky all over- especially when browsing using either firefox or IE 7. I have been trying to figure out whey and can't . It is particularly bad when browsing. its almost unusable.

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp 3.1 - Trackpad Sensitivity

Jan 25, 2010

Is the trackpad sensitivity still a problem for anyone else with a MacBook Pro? I'm using Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) on a 2008 Penryn non-UB, and downloaded/installed the new 3.1 update manually and the Trackpad is still incredibly sensitive with accidental clicks galore and "dragging". What options do you have under the Trackpad tab, on the Bootcamp 3.1 Control Panel? I have:

One Finger:
-Tap To Click

Two Fingers:
-Secondary Tap

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Windows On Mac :: Keyboard And Trackpad Not Working On Bootcamp?

Oct 27, 2008

I've probably had Bootcamp running for almost a six months and last week I got on my Windows like normal. But to my dismay my trackpad, mouse, and keyboard were not responding. It just seems completely random since I didn't change anything or do anything different. Anyone have any solutions besides reinstalling?

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Windows On Mac :: Trackpad Super Sensitive In Bootcamp

Nov 2, 2009

I dual-boot OS X with Windows 7 (Home Premium) on my MacBook Air and the trackpad is super sensitive in Bootcamp. It's not the cursor speed, but the accidental "mouse clicks" while moving the cursor across the screen that have become troublesome (I daytrade securities in Windows, and a rogue mouse can be an absolute back-breaker). The only resolution has been to disable "tap to click" in the Bootcamp Control Panel. I've seen dozens of aged threads across the web regarding the issue that unfortunately provide no real solution for this. Do you have any solutions of your own?

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MacBook Air :: Trackpad Doesn't Work In Bootcamp With Windows7?

Nov 16, 2009

I got everything else to work except the trackpad. I installed all drivers and still I can not tap to click, nor scroll with the track pad.

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad In Bootcamp - Drivers / Software To Improve Behavior

Aug 24, 2010

My Macbook Pro, along with what seems like all multitouch trackpads on Windows, has problems scrolling. In OS X, scrolling is smooth, predictable, and natural. In Windows, the page jerks around as if it's having a spaz attack. Does anyone know if there are any drivers or software that would improve the behavior of the multitouch trackpad in Windows?

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Applications :: Has The Keynote Bug Been Fixed?

Jan 28, 2009

I think I speak for a lot of people when I ask all users of Keynote '09:


In other words: has any one using the latest version of iWork and Mac OS X experienced a sudden reboot when pressing the play button?

The horrible sight of an unlit black screen and the dreadful noise of your drive spinning up, quickly followed by a hollow chime letting you know that everything you were busy with and hadn't saved is now Verschwunden?

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OS X :: Airprint Fixed My Mac To PC Print Issues

Nov 15, 2010

I used the air print instructions posted in the ipad forum to get airprint working with my iPad and iOS4.2 and I found one nice little side effect.I have never been able to get printing to work between my win7 pc and macbook. I tried a bunch of things and just gave up to using a dropbox folder that was being monitored on the win7 desktop called print queue (instructions somewhere). There was never anyway for me to easily find my shared printer until now. I fired up settings.app earlier today and was totally surprised to see this. I just thought I'd share.

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OS X :: Are Snow Leopard's Glitches Being Fixed?

Oct 28, 2009

I'm looking to buy Snow Leopard for my early 2007 intel 24" white imac before the end of the year. It currently has Tiger on it. So are SL's glitches being fixed and will all the issues be cleared up before the end of the year?

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Power Mac :: Aluminum G5 Three Lights Fixed?

Apr 30, 2012

I recently bought a G5 2 x 2.7 for a real cheap price (70 euros, yes its true) as the owner told me that the motherboard was bad and had the three lights problem and won´t boot Then I started reading about this problem (micro-fracture) and tried to find a solution for it. First I tried was the "hair-dryer", it worked but as soon as the motherboard got colder then it hanged as the ram problem came back. I was considering the "oven trick" but seemed too risky and also a lot of work to unassembly it, etc... 

I bougth a heat gun for 16 euros (Leroy Merlin). It is able to heat up to 500 Celsius and had two modes. I assumed the low mode may be around 200 celsius or so. Then opened the powermac, and started heating the rectangle area between the two memory banks. Slowly, moving it around, heating (not over the ram, just in the middle area). A few times I turned the max power for the heat gun as my intention was to "melt' the micro-fracture. 

powermac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G5 back from death

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Set A Fixed Wifi Location?

Jun 16, 2012

We have access to two wi-fi networks. One of them is slightly more powerful (closer) so our computers always choose that network by default.But this network doesn´t support wireless exchange of files or anything. Trying to set up an iPod Touch as a remote for iTunes on one computer.I does work if I manually set wi-fi to the right network. Not very family friendly. So back to my headline.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Logic Pro 9.1.67 PT 9, LIve, Reason

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PowerPC :: Headphones Not Stay Fixed In Jack

Aug 1, 2006

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed problems with my PowerBook's headphone jack. The headphone plugs don't stay seated in the jack, resulting in loss of audio in either one ear or both until I adjust the plug, at which point it will almost always happen again. I usually end up having to hold the plug in place to get consistent sound from both ears.

At first, I thought it was just my headphones, so I borrowed a couple pairs from friends and ordered a backup pair from Amazon, all with the same results. I've peeked inside the jack once or twice and everything looks fine...but what do I know? I'll be in downtown Chicago tomorrow and Thursday, so I plan on making a trip to the Apple Store, but is there anything else I should try beforehand? As I recall, the PB headphone jack is part of the logic board, correct?

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OS X :: ITunes Widget Fixed In Snow Leopard?

Aug 26, 2009

Can anyone running Snow Leopard tell me whether or not the iTunes widget has finally been fixed? In Leopard (and maybe even before, I dunno) it's broken in the following ways:
Shuffle button doesn't respond
Dropdown list of playlists on the flip side is empty
No flip animation, only a pause (not a big deal, I know, but still)

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Applications :: Fixed The 3-finger Swipe For Firefox

Feb 20, 2010

I remember it would cause Firefox to disappear. Now it works and immediately goes to the top and bottom of the page.

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