MacBook Pro :: Failed To Load Resource - Network Connection Was Lost

Sep 10, 2014

I am uploading a 2 gb file into my application using chrome in my MacBook Pro, i keep getting an error (FAILED to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) when the file is 100% uploaded and the file starts uploading from the beginning (1%... and so on). This issue is not happening when i am doing the file upload using chrome in my windows 7 machine. I Also noticed in the same MacBook if i upload through Safari i get the same error (failed to load resource the network connection was lost).

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Connection Failed Trying To Find Network Drive

Jan 22, 2009

My company uses a network drive attached to our router. I can connect to the drive fine, but only after a fresh reboot. If I turn on off the MBP or hibernate it, when it boots back up it tells me it can't find the network drive. Trying to reconnect to the network or turning airport on and off doesn't work. I have a mac mini that i never shut off that never loses connection, only the laptops.

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MacBook :: Unstable Network Connection - Won't Load Any Site

Nov 5, 2010

What happens is that i attend a school, where we are 700 people using the same internet. Actually it's divided into 4 sections, so there are probably 250 in my group. This network is protected by a WPA2 password, and has additional login forms, which gives the school the ability to check all in- and outgoing transfer. However, I have lately been getting some problems connecting. What happens is that I connect, and it works for about 2 minutes. Then, it just won't load any sites and just keeps trying to load until it finally admits that it can't retrieve the server. It's my third year. and I have never experienced this before, so I thought: Well, gotta be the school's internet, but i haven't heard of any other ones having this problem. This makes me worried that my macbook's airport extreme card is broken.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem, or maybe could give a hint towards a solution? I am running a 13 inch macbook unibody (the silver one), with the newest system and all upgrades installed. Problem is: The airport extreme card is located in the display. I don't get why, but it makes me not want to change it myself, should it be destroyed.

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MacBook Pro :: VPN Connection Through Network Connect, NC Does Not Load Anymore

Mar 8, 2012

I recently purchased a Mac 10.7.3. I was never a Mac user, so I am kind of lost.I was connecting through VPN Network Connect at work, but it recently stopped working. I read a few support stuff saying that there is a bug with the new JAVA update, Juniper Networks and Apple updates. I am not sure if that's what happen. This is the message that I get when I try to load Network Connect : System extension cannot be used The system extension “/usr/local/juniper/nc/7.1.0/nctun_tiger.kext” was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product’s vendor for an update. After I hit cancel and try again, I no longer get the message, but it just loads endlessly.  I tried deleting NC and reinstalling it, but it don't work.  I tried running the tunnel through Google Chrome rather than Safari. I tried Java updates. Nothing works.IT at work is not Mac friendly and the company that manages all the VPN access is also not that savy and says it's my problem. Given that I am not too familiar with Mac yet, I can't get out of it on my own.  

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Connection Failed When Accessing MPB Over Network

Jan 30, 2008

I'm working on a friend's MPB and when ever I try to connect to it from mine (I created the network from my MPB which is almost identical to his), His MPB shows up in finder, but it always says "Connecting..." and then "Connection Failed". Sharing is enabled on his MPB and the firewall is disabled. I have been through everything that I can think of to try and fix this, short of re-installing Leopard. His MBP came with Leopard pre-installed, so there is no need to worry about the upgrade messing things up. I have checked from a MacBook and that one cannot connect either, but both connect to mine with no problems.

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MacBook :: Turned On - Computers Lost WiFi Network Connection

Apr 12, 2010

For the past few months I've been using my mid-2007 MacBook (running Snow Leopard) with a Samsung external TV/monitor (with the MacBook's lid closed). I had no problems whatsoever in terms of internet connection to my D-Link DIR-655 router. Yesterday for the first time since creating this setup, I took the MacBook with me somewhere. When I returned the MacBook to my network (closed lid, plugged my monitor back in), I started having WiFi trouble. The WiFi was initially running very slowly and then not at all. The WiFi icon on the menu bar was showing regular strength, however.

The complicating factor here is that when my MacBook is on, all other computers on the network show getting WiFi signals but the connection isn't working for them either. When I turned off my MacBook and powered down/up the modem and router, other computers could connect successfully. (But when I turned my MacBook on, the computers lost connectivity to the internet. I've already played with the router's channels without success. I also made sure there weren't any unnecessary items in my Mac's DNS listing.

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OS X :: Network Connection Failed / Disconnect Every 5 - 10 Minutes

Nov 12, 2008

Since I installed Leopard on my Macbook, AirPort (network) disconnect every 5-10 mins then I have to turn the airport off and turn it on again to got it reconnected. I went several time to different apple stores but I have nothing resolved from them. they created a new user account, reinstalled Leopard etc,. I used many networks at home, school and public and the problem is still occurred. I am using a linksys router.

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OS X :: Unable To Connect To Local Wireless Network / Gets Connection Failed

Aug 9, 2009

I have five Macs in the house, all of which can see each other on the local wireless network...but...for some weird reason, none but when they try to connect, I get �Connection Failed� after several minutes of silence.

When I click �Connect As...� in hopes of getting a login screen, nothing happens at all. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

The sharing settings on the MacBook are identical to the ones on the other five. Of course, the MacBook can connect the other direction to everyone, including my brand spankin� new MBP.

Any clues, oh wise ones? I�m stumped. What is it about getting into a simple MacBook that has two G4s and two MBPs scratching their heads?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Not Connect To ANY Wireless Network/connection Failed

Sep 12, 2009

I have one of every type of the newest Macs: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro. Since upgrading them to Snow Leopard, none of them will connect to any wireless network -- regardless of the router (AirPort, Linksys, Cisco, etc.) and regardless of the type of security (open, WEP, WPA, etc.).

Every time I attempt to connect, I get the message that the "connection failed." Here's a 20 second screen recording of what's happening.

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ITunes :: Received A Message Stating Network Connection Lost

Apr 20, 2012

I keep seeing an error message that my connection was lost when trying to purchase anything on itunes

MacBook Air

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Windows On Mac :: How To Connect To Network Resource

Mar 10, 2009

I had originally put this in the Mac OS forum, which did not garner a response. Perhaps I should have place this question in the Windows on a Mac forum. I am trying to figure out how to connect to a network resource through a mac. With my windows pc, I can simply open up windows explorer and type in the path to the resource (e.g. //shared_drive). How can I do this with a Mac?

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OS X :: Unable To Login To Network / Login Disabled And Connection Failed

Apr 15, 2010

G4 MDD networked with Mini for approx. 3 years now via a LinkSys BEFSR41 wired router. Ethernet cables are CAT6's with gold-plated ends. Did an erase/install (+ updates) of Panther on G4. ISP is Comcast Cable. Just upgraded my Motorola modem from Surfboard 5100 to SB 5101 yesterday. My network settings are ok...file sharing is turned on...I can ping each 'puter from the other (showing my connection is good).

I have internet access (showing that the router is still good according to Cisco). Now, however, I can't even bring up the window on the G4 asking for my pw....all I get is connection failed, no response from the server. From the Mini, I get Unknown User, incorrect password or login is disabled. I haven't a clue what the problem can be. Everything I do daily depends upon the network connection.

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MacBook Pro :: "Network Connection The Communication Device Selected For Your Connection Does Not Exist?

Mar 16, 2012

The internal modem in my PowerBook Pro (mid 2010) shows up as "not connected" in the Network pane of system preferences, but I can't figure out how to get it to connect. When I enter my phone number and click the connect button, I get an error message: "Network Connection The communication device selected for your connection does not exist. Verify your settings and try reconnecting." Say what? It says it exists in the System Preferences, shows it in the list on the left. How can it not exist? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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MacBook :: Unable To Share Network Connection / Connected Via Ad-hoc Network?

Dec 31, 2010

I have Alltel Mobile Broadband. Up until the other day, it's been working fine. I'd set up a network on my macbook after connecting to the Alltel network, then I'd enable internet sharing. Then my iPod Touch, iPad, etc would all be able to go online.

The past couple days, however, the connection just won't share.Anyone have any idea what could be doing this and how to fix it?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Force System To Use Second Connection Of Network Connection List For Internet Access?

Jul 5, 2012

I have a MacPro Early 2009, 2 ethernet ports.Ethernet 1 is connected to the LAN and Ethernet 2 is connected directly to a SSL Matrix console (an audio mixer), whom driver needs the used ethernet port to be first of the list in the Network connections list in System Preferences.So when I browse internet I can't use the Matrix's software, and vice versa.I had to create 2 different network positions to browse internet and to work with SSL Matrix, one with Eth 1 first place, another one with Eth 2 first place, and I always have to swap positions.Is there a way to force OSX to use by default the 2nd connection of the list for internet access? 

MacPro 4,1 8-Core 2.26 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 12Gb Ram

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MacBook Pro :: WiFi Connection Lost Every 5 Minutes

Jun 18, 2012

My Macbook Pro i7 lost wifi connection. I don't know why, but my connection is lost every time. I've other PC, tablets etc. (Windows, iPhone, iPad) and all is ok. Only Macbook Pro i7 have this problem.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), I both this Mac 2 weeks ago.

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Software :: Failed To Load Extension Com Apple Drive?

Oct 8, 2008

Failed To Load Extension Com Apple Driver Applemacriscpc

Still waiting for root device

what should i do?

iBook G4 12"

updated firefox today and tried to update os x 10.4.11 combo update (ppc). I tried to install the update after downloading, but it quit and said it had been moved to the trash and I could open it again in finder. I tried this but it quit, giving me the standard error message. After that I rebooted and then it never booted again. Only the blue apple screen and nothing else.

Then I booted pressing the S key... it opened up a terminal like screen and at present it says Failed to load extension com.driver.AppleMacRiscPCI.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: After Failed Update Some Applications Will Not Load

Jul 2, 2012

After multiple updates failed to install on a restart, including a security and Safari update, many applications on my mac do not work.I am receiving error messages such as this:[code] This leads me to believe that multiple frameworks went missing in the failed update; looking in the frameworks folder, the only ones there are iTunesLibrary.framework, NyxAudioAnalysis.framework, and PluginManager.framework. Where can I download these missing framework/fix the problem if there is more too it than that?Finder, system profiler, system preferences all work. Activity monitor shows everything as normal.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Model Identifier: MacBook1,1

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MacBook Pro :: WiFi Connection Lost After Sleep Mode

Jun 26, 2010

Evey time it goes to sleep or I turn it off it forgets the fact that there is any wireless around. I have to look for the networks. Then if it wants to will find them and trying to connect to my own wireless network (apple extreme) is a challenge. I do have parallel desktop installed, could that be the problem?

Here is some info:
Model Name:MacBook Pro
Model Identifier:MacBookPro5,1
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.4 GHz
Number Of Processors:1
Total Number Of Cores:2
L2 Cache:3 MB
Memory:4 GB
Bus Speed:1.07 GHz
System Version:Mac OS X 10.6.4 (10F569)
Kernel Version:Darwin 10.4.0
Boot Volume:Macintosh HD
Boot Mode:Normal

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MacBook Pro :: Upgraded To Lion And Lost Email Connection

May 8, 2012

I have just made the dreaded change over to Lion and iCloud from Snow Leopard, every thing was working fine however I am not connecting to the mac mail server anymore, I am getting a message which reads along the lines of, Verify the settings for account or try again.The server returned the error: The server refused to allow a connection on port 143.

MacBook Pro

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Hardware :: Internet Too Slow - Cannot Load Pages Failed To Open

Nov 8, 2010

I have the 2 wire AT&T router, connected to my time capsule via ethernet. The internet is super slow. I have 12mbps on my account and says I am getting 10mbps. But the internet is loading slower than that. if I try to open two pages at a time sometimes it says failed to open. and I can never just type google, I have to type I've cleaned all my mac's systems and added and .157. to all the mac's airport DNS settings. What am I doing wrong? I can't call bc they don't seem to know anything about time capsules, airports, or mac's.

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Intel Mac :: WiFi Connected But No Internet - Failed To Load Pages

Jun 6, 2012

I just bought a new iMac yesterday at the Apple store. I connected it at home to install a few programs, and the internet worked perfectly. (I also own an older iMac plus a unibody Macbook.) I go to the office today, and the wireless and ethernet cables connect and show bars, but fail to load any pages off the internet. All of the other computers in the office are PCs and connect perfectly fine to the internet using both wifi and ethernet cables. It's just the iMac.

Here are the stats:
Configure IPv4: Using DHCP
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Iphoto Lost All Photos / Request To Server Failed?

May 29, 2012

I have a 2011 intel iMac. It is the (supposedly) powerful 3.1ghz i5, and i upgraded the RAM to 12 Gig. Before buying this machine I had a 2008 iMac and LOVED it, it was superb. But this machine is SLOWER than that one was?! I am running OSX lion, iLife 09 and iWork 11. I am having a nightmare with this machine, it hands constantly, i only have a few apps open and still it can take 5-10 seconds (beachballing) for finder to draw my files when i open a folder. This can't be right. I have reloaded the entire machine from scratch twice by  cloning files off and then MANUALLY rebuilding it (not using Migrate Assistant to ensure to i was not bringing any bad data or bugs across from old installation or old machine). It is slow as a dog, way slower than my old iMac which had a mere 2 Gig of Ram! If i open more than 10 browser tabs in Safari it goes so slow I can't use the internet. The machine crashes at least twice a week and just hands so I have to force shutdown, and my latest error is iPhoto just lost ALL my photos, 5 years worth and gives the error "Request to server failed" but says nothing else of any use. I am hoping to recover them with TimeMachine but wait and see on that score as nothing seems to be right with this machine so no doubt TM will play up as well.

I have VMWare Fusion installed, latest version. It does seem slower when running that, but it still crashed and plays up when that is not running so I am sure that is not the source of any problems, it just makes them a bit worse due to processor usage.Is it possible to get an iMac diagnostically checked (hardware) at an Apple store? It is still under warranty this machine, but I can't drop it off at a store without wiping all my data (clone) to external drive, because I have confidential information stored on it which I can't leave on if the machine leaves my office. I struggled to afford to buy this machine, and thought it would sky rocket my performance and speed after my old machine started to get slow due to age, but even at its worst it was never this bad. I am now a very very disappointed Apple lover, ex-lover?! One final point I should mention, I upgraded the RAM myself, using proper stuff from Crucial. I read that it didn't matter what order the RAM cards were fitted in, is that true or should I try moving them around?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 12 Gig RAM, 3.1ghw i5

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OS X :: Connection Failed Error Keeps Popping Up

Aug 15, 2010

I've recently set up a new home network. I keep getting the following error, which is my computer trying to connect to an IP address from my former network (an external hard drive that was set up as a shared server): Connection failed

The server "" may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again. The only button option is "OK." The error pops up repeatedly. The external drive does not appear in my list of shared servers. Since this IP address is no longer valid and never will be again, how can I make this error go away?

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OS X :: Unable To Connect / Connection Failed

Feb 13, 2009


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OS X V10.7 Lion :: AOL SMTP Connection Failed?

May 2, 2012

When trying to send a message from Apple Mail using my AOL account, I get a meessage that says "server has failed". 

I have deleted the account, deleted all server choices, restarted the iMac, and still keep getting the issue. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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Hardware :: Opening Printer Connection Failed

Dec 6, 2006
I already have the drivers downloaded from HP and the printer connected via USB cable.

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OS X :: Connection Failed Error When Booting Leopard

Nov 24, 2007

Lately, my MacBook's been popping-up window after boot that says, "Connection failed. The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time." I don't know what server my Mac is trying to connect to. How/where can I look to see what's trying to connect, and to shut it off from trying at boot?

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OS X :: Messenger Stopped Working - Connection Failed?

Jan 1, 2010

I have been using both messenger 7.0.2 and the beta version of 8 for some time. I have recently upgraded both to Snow Leopard, and changed my ISP to TPG (Australian ISP). Ever since, when I attempt to connect to messenger (either version) it says the connection failed as I am not connected to the internet. My internet works fine so I am at a loss as to what the problem is.

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Software :: Connection Failed - Access Denied

Jan 10, 2009

We recently installed a mac pro running serverX 10.5.6.(2x3.2 Quad Core Intel Xeon, 16GB 800 MHZ.) I was able to connect to the server from my imac (leopard) and use ARD (V3.2.2) with no problems. Now, since I had shutdown the server for about a week I started it up the other day I am now unable to access it thru our network. On my IMac I try to access using ARD the server lists: "Access Denied". Using GO-Connect to Server I get the message "Connection Failed The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time. Check the server name or IP and your network connection and try again."

I can ping the IP address from my imac. The server is able to access the internet, so I know it's not my network. I have used Disk Utility (on the server) and reset the permissions. After hours on Apple's site and googling I am at a loss. I'm thinking it has something to do with access permissions or something got tweaked at startup (no startup progs in Accts login window) after I turned the unit off for over a week.

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