MacBook Pro :: Stereo Headset Mic Not Working

Mar 4, 2010

So I bought this Logitech ClearChat Stereo headset at Walmart today. It doesn't work. The headphone portion does, but the mic doesn't. Yes, the switch is switched to "on". Now it does say on the side of the packaging that it will not work on Apple hardware, but I decided to give them a try anyway, finding out that it doesn't work.

It's just 2 standard 3.5mm plugs (one for the mic, and one for the headphone). I don't see why it wouldn't work. I have a cable that has the same 3.5mm plugs on both ends and I can plug one end into my iPhone and one into my MBP's line-in, start playing music and the audio will work. I guess it really meant what was on the side of the box, but I'd like to get this working. I've read a few reviews for this on Newegg of people getting it to work on their MacBook's.

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MacBook Air :: Bluetooth Stereo Headset On Mba?

Feb 6, 2008

i was wondering if the bluetooth on mba's support A2DP for bluetooth stereo headsets? this would be very useful since the headset jack on the mba not 100% compatible with all headphones

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MacBook Pro :: Headset Microphone Not Working On Win 7 Under BootCamp

Apr 19, 2012

Yesterday I bought the steel series 7H gaming headset (no USB external soundcard included) to game in hardcore pro Korean mode on my mac once in a while, but when I try to connect it to windows 7 (under bootcamp), I get no input from the microphone! The headphones do work, but the mic doesn't. I have a 2010 15" i5 macbook pro. I have reinstalled all the cirrus and realtek drivers, and nothing. The mic connects via line-in. headset webpage: [URL]

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 15"

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MacBook Air :: Using Stereo Air Wirelessly?

Jun 10, 2008

I bought my Air last week and love it. It's my first mac and it just keeps impressing me more and more. I'm now trying to go wireless as much as possible. I was looking into having my home stereo play wirelessly from my Air and I see I can do it if I have the Airport Express for $99 bucks. Problem is, I just bought the Time Capsule! Last thing I need is another router.

It's so annoying that they didn't put this wireless stream feature into the TC, but I understand that's how they get you. But I'm wondering if anyone knows any other way I can get my Air to wirelessly play on my stereo. I like to sit on my couch and listen to my iTunes or a website and not have to plug it into that little jack.

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OS X :: Can I Use Macbook As Stereo Output

Sep 20, 2009

I have to link my external mixer to a set of speakers. Rather than buying stereo speakers, can I just get an RCA cable to run from my mixer's output into the 3.5mm jack (next to headphones jack) on my computer?

Will the sound then rout from my mixer through into my computer's speakers?

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MacBook :: How To Connect Stereo Microphone

Dec 7, 2010

I have a stereo microphone with a jack of ~6 mm and I bought a converter to 3.5mm but.. it does not seem to fit into the socket, I dont want to push harder to break anything there. Even if it fitted I still dont know if it would need additional software. Does anyone know how to connect it?

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MacBook Air :: Does The MBA Stereo Out Work As A Mic Jack

Nov 12, 2008

the iPhone, new iPod touch and classic can use their headphone jack as a mic in with the new iPhone headphones for voice recording... can the MBA?

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MacBook :: Finding Bluetooth Car Stereo?

Aug 13, 2010

Im sorry if this is a repeated thread, ive searched the internet without finding a clear answer.

I am trying to play music from itunes on my macbook (aluminium model) through my BT head unit in my car.

The way I understand it is that both the macbook and head unit have to be a2dp compatible? which the macbook didnt include as part of the Leopard build.

Im pretty certain the head unit is compatible as i can play music from my blackberry both from the music player and through the internet (youtube streaming).

I have the Pioneer deh-6100bt.

The head unit can 'see' the macbook but when I press connect, all I get is error.

The macbook does not find the head unit at the moment.

Is there something I can download for the macbook to make it work, is there something in the settings that will fix it?

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OS X :: MacBook Does Not Recognize USB Headset Mic Unless Plugged Into Hub

Feb 25, 2010

Here's my puzzler of the moment: I have a Creative USB headset (the Fatal1ty gaming headset for Mac, which I bought at an Apple store). It's been working fine via USB (with the notable exception that it stops working easily if even slightly jostled).

In the last few days, however, it stopped working when plugged directly into the Mac. The audio out still works, and it shows up as an audio input device, but when selected it does not detect any incoming audio.

I assumed it was a headset problem until I tested it plugged into a USB hub - plugged into the hub, it works fine.

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth Headset Not Connecting?

May 26, 2012

I bought my first MacBook Pro a couple of days ago. I am trying to learn everything, but the bluethooth is not working. I have a rocketfish bluethooth headset and when I pair the MacBook shows it's "Not Connected" but the headset is flashing like it has been paired. When I try to play audio to it, the audio comes from the computer.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Headset Jack Does Not Function At All

Jun 1, 2012

I have a MBP 13" running os x lion 10.7.4. The headset jack does not function at all. I can hear crackling in the headphones but not actual sound. I have attempted the the PRAM reset but I guess my timing is off because I keep running into the boot menu. I have a pair of Dre. Pro's that I am using and work fine on everything else I own.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Connect A Headset-with-microphone To It?

Jun 23, 2012

How do I connect a headset-with-microphone set to my late 2010 MacBook Pro to take advantage of Mountain Lion's (OS X 10.8) dictation feature? 

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4), 4G RAM, 500G HD, AEBS-N

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OS X :: Getting My Airport Express To Work With My MacBook Pro For My Stereo?

Apr 4, 2009

I am sooo frustrated with setting up and transmitting a signal from iTunes to my Airport Express from my new MacBook Pro. my dyslexic brain to blast through my stereo? I can't get NUTHIN to work, and there are so many approaches.

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Applications :: Music Not Recorded In Stereo On MacBook

Apr 18, 2009

So I got a Mac assuming it would easier and superb for making music, I've been trying to record vocals for music on my macbook using either Garageband and I just downloaded Audacity and in both situations (programs) when I am in stereo what I've recorded doesn't come out the left side of my headphones, is this normal? is there a way to fix it? should I just record in mono?

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MacBook Pro :: Wireless Connection Between It And Stereo System?

Apr 12, 2012

What, if any, are the options for a Wireless connection between MacBook Pro and my stereo system? I'd like to play music from iTunes. etc. 

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MacBook :: How To Use The Corded IPhone Headset With VOIP

Feb 19, 2008

What I find is that I start to naturally use the same headset when I'm using my MBP - just because it's often round my neck anyway.

Wouldn't it be great if I could use the MIC from the headset with the MBP as well? Then I could use it properly for iChat/Skype calls.

I'm wondering if it should be possible for someone to manufacture an adaptor that fits the special 4-contact plug on the headset, and separates off the mic part so that it creates 2 normal mini jack plugs, that could be plugged into the MBP headphone & mic sockets. Would be great. Anyone heard of such a thing?

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MacBook :: Logitech H150 Headset Does Not Work On It

May 5, 2012

I have a Logitech H150 headset for flying in flight simulator and my headset does not work. I've tied it on my iMac and it still doesn't work. What should I do?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Connect External Mic (gaming Headset) To It?

Jun 28, 2012

I just made the mistake of buying a gaming headset that has the two audio jacks, input and output. Realizing that Macs dont have the right audio input port now. Before I take them back, is there any way I could get them to work? The sound is fine, but the mic doesn't work obviously. But I do have a pair of wireless Turle Beaches that I use for my Xbox 360, is there anyway I could take some of the connections from that to get this headset to work? Or do I just need to take it back and get a USB headset.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: Weird USB Headset And Skype Volume Options For System

Feb 23, 2009

I was on a SkypeIn call and everything was working perfectly. Half way through my call, another SkypeIn call came through that I rejected. The second I pressed the reject button, the headset volume decreased by half. When the call finished I played around with the volume settings (from the headset itself, from the keyboard and from within system preferences) to no avail. I removed the headset and plugged it back in. No change. I restarted - no change I shutdown - let things sit for a few minutes and then started up again - no change Here is where it starts to get a little weird. When I play iTunes or some such similar application the volume plays at a normal level but as soon as I use Skype or some other random applications (voice mainly I think) the volume is very low again.

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MacBook :: Headset With The 2 X 3.5 Miniplugs Would Work For Skype Phone Calls

Jun 4, 2010

has audio and headphones 3.5 mm females. I would like to know if buying a cheapo headset (with mic) with the 2 x 3.5 miniplugs would work for Skype phone calls or I would rather get a USB headset

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MacBook :: Redirect Sound Output To Go Through The Audio Input 3,5 Mm Stereo Jack?

Jan 1, 2011

I had a 3,5 mm stereo jack in my audio output on my macbook, and it broke inside. Is it possible to redirect the sound output to go through the input jack?

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Mac Pro :: Calling Someone Via Headset On OS X?

Nov 22, 2008

I just bought a gaming headset to play Left 4 dead. I would like to know if their is a program which I can use on OS X to call people with the headset. I use to do this on my old dell computer with a program that came with it and i enjoyed that feature.

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Hardware :: Best USB Headset For Mac And PC?

Jun 24, 2010

Currently I'm using the Razer Megalodon gaming headset for just about everything. I like speakers but most times I want everything to be around my ears. I'm always looking for the next best thing, and in this case it's a headset that does/has the following:

- Connects through USB
- Goes OVER ears
- Has a microphone

Don't get me wrong, the Razor Megalodon is great but I want to know if theres something with better sound quality.

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OS X :: Looking For Skype With Bluetooth Headset?

May 14, 2009

I currently have skype on my MBP, and am wondering if it is possible to buy a bluetooth headset (such as the jawbone), and use it to talk on skype, through the MBP? Would setting up the headset be as easy as a mighty mouse? or keyboard?

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Hardware :: New Headset With Mic For New IMac?

Aug 3, 2010

Looking for a great headset with mic for my incoming 27" IMac. I assume I need a USB headset since the iMac only has a jack 3.5 out?

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Mac Pro :: Not Detecting Stereo Plugged Into Optical Out?

Aug 25, 2010

I just picked up my new Mac Pro, and have it set up in the living room, much to my girlfriends' chagrin, while I wait for my new monitor to arrive. Anyways, I have it plugged into the TV so I thought to myself, 'why not plug it into my surround set as well?' I went ahead and plugged my stereo receiver into my Mac Pro's Optical Out port, but the Pro doesn't seem to be detecting my stereo, as I cannot select the digital audio as a device for sound output. So, in the meantime, I am stuck with 2.1 through the line out jack.

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IMac :: Connect To My Stereo - Which Cable?

Aug 17, 2007

Just got my new iMac and I'd love to be able to connect it to my stereo system. I tried a simple 1/8" to RCA cable to connect it, but its a bit quiet and very staticy. I see that the line out jack is also a digital out jack, but I'm a bit confusde as to what kind of cable I actually require here. My stereo has a coaxial digital input I can utilize, but the iMac doesn't seem like it would have the same type of connector, even if is a digital output.

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Mac Mini :: Way Of Getting Audio Both To My TV In Stereo, And To My Amp Via Optical?

Jan 12, 2009

I have a mac mini coming this week which will replace my appleTV in the lounge.

I have some questions about how to hook it all up to give me as much flexibility as possible.

I'll be connecting to my HDTV (Sony 40W4000) via HDMI (using a DVI-HDMI adapter). I realise this won't give me audio.

I run my satellite box, DVD player and appleTV through a HDMI switcher to the TV, so firstly, will the mac mini play nice with a switcher box?

Secondly, is there any way of getting audio both to my TV in stereo, and to my amp via optical? Thinking not as there is only one audio output socket which is either 3.5mm line out *or* optical toslink.

If not, then my TV would take precedence as i'll mostly be using it to watch TV. I haven't checked my TV manual yet, but how have people found using separate audio feeds (L/R RCA) into a TV that has HDMI? I'm concerned that the mini audio might bleed through when I'm watching satellite TV or a DVD - how does the TV know when to use that audio vs using HDMI? Not even sure my TV can take a separate signal.

How are people getting audio to their TVs? Might I need to look at using VGA (although that'll have issues with exact scan etc at least it should let me input separate audio, with the bonus of PiP)

Lastly, if I am forced to pipe optical to my amp as the only way to get audio from the mini, does it pipe everything down optical or only 5.1 soundtracks etc? eg are system sounds sent down optical as stereo, and will normal stereo soundtrack movies (mp4/.avi etc) play ok?

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Windows On Mac :: Stereo Mix Boot Camp Win 7?

Oct 31, 2009

I don't have that option here on my 27", checked for newer drivers but mine are apparently the latest ones.

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OS X :: Connect AE To Receiver Via Mini-stereo

Aug 14, 2010

Anyone point in me in the correct direction to stream my iTunes music either thru my AV receiver or PS3?

I'm going to install and set up my Airport Express. Do I need to connect from AE to receiver via mini-stereo to rca cable/toslink cable or can I somehow connect wirelessly to my PS3 and go from there?

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