MacBook Air :: Turn On Trackpad Clicking That Just About NEVER Use Think Click Button?

Mar 16, 2008

For people to start getting use to not having a button with the track pad and only learn to use multitouch like how it is on iphone?I realize now that i turn on trackpad clicking that i just about NEVER use my think click button. Also the click button is so small i'm thinking they did it on purpose so it'll force us to use multitouch.

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MacBook :: Palmrest - Clicking Acting Like Trackpad Button

Aug 30, 2009

The whole typing level surface (track-pad, palmrests, keyboard) are all acting like they're the trackpad button. If I rest my palms on the palmrest, it's registered as a click. If I press the keys any harder than super lightly as I type, it's a click. The issue is much worse when my laptop is on my lap as opposed to a hard flat surface. Sometimes, I seem to lose total control. I'll be using the trackpad to navigate around my monitor, and it will act as though I'm constantly clicking (following links, dragging icons around, etc). It's getting REALLY irritating. I know I'll most likely end up having to make the journey to the Apple Store, but I thought I'd try here first just to see if anyone at least has an idea of what could be causing this.

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Hardware :: Macbook Trackpad Button Double Clicking

Jan 25, 2009

title says it all really. Every time I touch, even lightly the button below the trackpad I get a double click. It's making it impossible to highlight text and windows automatically go into the dock if I try to move them. Is it something serious or could I just try and fix it by dismantling and cleaning it? I'd rather not take it apart, to be honest.

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MacBook Air :: MBA Trackpad Button - No Right Click?

Mar 7, 2010

I've been considering either a MacBook Pro 13" or a MacBook Air. I'll probably wait until the next MB Pro refresh (looks to be toward the end of March), and either pick up a new one, or possibly a refurb (of the earlier models) or close-out. Not sure yet.

I'm a long-time Mac user, on Macs exclusively since 1987, so no stranger to the platform.

I was checking out the MacBook Air (Apple Store and Best Buy), and noticed something about the trackpad.

It has the "button" at the bottom. But - try as I might - I could not configure it to do a "right click" (that is to say, press "towards the right" on the button to display a contextual menu).

I was able to go to the "trackpad" preference, and was able to set up the "two-finger touch" to invoke the "right click". But there seems to be no way to use the right end of the trackpad button itself to do this.

Is this correct, or did I miss something?

By comparison, it is easy to set up the MacBook Pro to do a right-click, even with its "buttonless" trackpad.

But this feature seems missing from the MB Air.

Is it?

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Turn Off By Clicking Shut Down Button

Jun 18, 2010

So everytime I try to turn my macbook pro off by clicking the shut down button it does the usual turning all software off and then going to the desktop with the dashbord going away and the little circle coming up but it just stays like that forever until I force it off by pressing down the power button. What should I do? I just got this laptop around 6 months ago

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MacBook Air :: Trackpad Click/Button Not Always Working?

Jan 23, 2009

Just bought my MBA about a month ago. Recently it started doing something weird, mostly on the dock icons.

Sometimes when I go to click on an icon, it doesn't do anything, regardless of whether I am clicking, double clicking, or pushing the button below the trackpad. I end up having to move the cursor off of the icon and back on once or twice before it will let me click.

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MacBook Air :: Trackpad Click Button Not Working Properly

Feb 26, 2009

basically i havent had my macbook air that long (few month, maybe few more) but all of a sudden the click button on the trackpad has almost became slightly annoying, that when you press it slightly it clicks in as if youve clicked but nothing has happened, and then i press a slight bit more (normal pressure for a click) and it works normal. its just really annoying and it seems to be getting worse at one end, and ideally id like it to stop.

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MacBook Pro :: Hard To Click And Drag With Left Trackpad Button?

May 17, 2012

It feels like there is less room for the left button to press down and the right button clicks loudly when I press down on it. Everything still woks in terms of clicking but it's so annoying to have to press down harder than I have to.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: (Early 2008) Unresponsive Trackpad Button Not Register Click

Sep 7, 2009

I've noticed that when I try clicking on the trackpad's button, most of the time it will register the press and other times it doesn't. The button, physically, doesn't feel any different whether it registers the click or not. The button "clicks" down like normal and doesn't feel loose. Also, when I click and hold on the button and try to move my finger around the trackpad to highlight text or drag a folder, most of the time, the computer acts like I let go of the button and pressed it down again multiple times. While it does this, my finger remains on the trackpad button without being lifted. I recently upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard but the problem occurred even with Leopard installed. I'm unsure as to whether or not this is a software or hardware issue. Could it be that there's something lodged under the trackpad button to cause this? If so, how would I be able to check under the button?

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Stuck - How To Turn On Tap To Click

Apr 17, 2012

My trackpad is stuck and will not click at all.  

I can still make the cursor move and am able to get into System Preferences and go to the Trackpad settings, but I am unable to click the little checkbox that allows me to turn on "tap to click". If I had tap to click turned on I could use my computer as normal. 

FYI - I am traveling, I have no spare mouse/trackpad, there are no mac stores anywhere near by, the battery is brand new, I have no tools to remove the battery, and I need this fixed by tomorrow morning. 

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Air :: Track-pad Is Right Clicking When Clicking The Left Button?

Jun 5, 2012

I recently split a bit of coke on my macbook now my keyboard doesnt work and my trackpad is right clicking when i want to left click.

MacBook Air

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Hardware :: Turn Off "Clicking And Cursor" On Magic Trackpad?

Aug 2, 2010

Is it possible to disable the "clicking and cursor" aspect of the Pad and only use it for scrolling and gestures? I would want to use it for my left hand while still having my mouse act as my cursor and clicking device in my right. I just wouldn't want the two to interfere.

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MacBook :: Disable MB Trackpad Button But Not The Whole Trackpad?

Apr 8, 2009

My MB's trackpad button is spoilt, I think there's something wrong with the spring which makes it unclickable and sometimes remains pressed.

Is there anyway to disable only the trackpad button but not the whole trackpad? Tapping still works, but the MB mistakens it as dragging sometimes because the button is stuck as a pressed button.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Click On Play Button In DVD-player / Button Becomes Purple Square

Feb 19, 2012

When I click on the play button in DVD-player, the button becomes a purple square. Has someone got a solution?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook :: Touch Pad Button Not Clicking

May 18, 2009

I have a 1 year old MB and I've noticed recently that the button on the touch pad no longer has a physical click to it. It still works but it feels (perhaps) mushy. Could this be the start of a bigger problem?

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MacBook :: My Trackpad Always Clicking

May 31, 2012

I have an "old" Macbook 13'' (2007) and i'm experiencing a trackpad problem: my mac behaves as if i was always pushing down the trackpad button.In this way i drag what i don't want to drag, i select what i don't want to select, etc., and it's impossible to use my mac at all.I have had this problem before, but it stopped after a few minutes. Now I'm stuck.I have OS 10.6.8, updated firmwares. I just resetted the pram.I suspect it's an hardware problem.Using a mouse won't help since there is no "Ignoring trackpad when mouse is present" option in my preference pan.for my purpouses deactivating the trackpad and using the mouse would be enough.

Info:MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6), eMac

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MacBook Pro :: 13" Trackpad Not Clicking

Oct 11, 2010

The trackpad works fine for tracking, but the left or right click won't work anymore. It works fine if I use an external mouse though. For the last 5 months I've been using the "tap to click" feature. I believe that is what it's called. It works fine like that. Hopefully I didn't word this too badly. I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is and how much this would cost to repair it?

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MacBook Pro :: 13inch Trackpad NOT CLICKING

Sep 14, 2009

I have a serious problem with my mbp. I can scroll, I can move around the screen, but I cannot click, anywhere. I restarted my computer to no avail. What do I do?

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MacBook :: Trackpad Not Clicking Properly

Jan 5, 2010

I've only had my white Macbook for nine months, but the last few months I've had trouble clicking the trackpad. There are times when I have to force it down. The right side of the trackpad seems to be the most problematic. I tried to ignore it, but it only seems to get progressively worse.

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MacBook Pro :: Unibody Trackpad Not Clicking

Jun 2, 2010

My late 2009 13" mbp trackpad clicking funtion stopped working. The one figure tap jestures still work and click, but when i physically push the trackpad down and "click" it doesn't work. Anyone have any advice? Nothing was spilled on it or anything abnormal like that.

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MacBook Pro :: Why Is Trackpad Clicking On Everything That Pass Over?

May 15, 2012

I've been having some difficulty using my MacBook Pro lately. The trackpad is acting up. It's being extremely sensitive. When I am trying to navigate on my computer, it is very difficult for me to click on things, let a alone get to the thing I want to click on because as I move my mouse across the screen, it clicks on everything that it passes over. I have shut down my Pro, and nothing seemed fishy in system preferences! 

I must report that the trackpad's clicks aren't as audible, maybe it's sunk lower? 

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Moving But Not Clicking

Jun 27, 2012

When my macbook is awoken from standby the trackpad moves the cursor around as normal but will not respond to a tap or a click. A restart won't get it working again, but a little later it will start working once more. At the moment I can't identify what gets it going, possibly by clicking using the magic mouse but can't be certain of that.

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Close Application Completely When Clicking Red Button

May 23, 2012

I'm a long time windows/Ubutnu user who have recently migrated to Mac OS X and running 10.7.4. One thing which I'm unable to get used to is that while the red button closes a window, the program will remain open until you quit the application using the Menu Bar. One option to bypass it is use the key combination ctrl-q but by doing that all the instances of that program opens up the next time I open that application. Is there a way out?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Unibody Trackpad Clicking Settings

Sep 1, 2010

Just wondering how to adjust my settings with the new trackpad? Would prefer it to be like the older MBP however with the new track pad seems things got all messed up due to the new settings. 3 finger swipe 4 finger swipe. I know to go to system settings > trackpad but from there I don't know how to set it up without all the extra stuff. I did something and now when i double click anything on the desktop it will not open so cannot double click to open things or double click to highlight text. I've tried everything and cannot get it fixed. It will let you double tap the top of trackpad but then you have to scroll to the open and click open. Is there anyway to set it up the trackpad to open icons by double clicking them? Or just dumb down the settings to standard point/click double click to open.

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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Tapping And Clicking Not Registered

Nov 2, 2009

A friend just got a MBP 13 a month ago and despite running all the updates his trackpad will move the cursor but tapping(which is selected) and clicking don't register anything. He's using a usb mouse at the moment so the only thing I can think of is that he erased some drivers, should he do a install and recover or just back up files and do a complete re install? I'd imagine that as the trackpad moves the cursor it's not a hardware problem.

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MacBook :: Trackpad Clicking Doesn't Works

Jan 19, 2010

i have and aluminum macbook 2.0 but recently i have notice that my trackpad dosent really workS sometimes it wont click when i do it or when i try to drag a windows i have to press it really hard and if i try to drag it only one finger its really hard what should i do?

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MacBook Pro :: Late 08 Trackpad Hard Clicking

May 20, 2010

My late 2008 MBP has been experiencing random times where I have to press down really hard (on glass) to get it to click. Obviously hardware related. It makes the "click" noise, but doesn't click on the OS. If I push harder, it picks up a click, but if I let off any pressure, it releases, while still pressed before it "clicks" back to normal. I'm going to keep using it until it's no longer random because I believe I'll have a hard time convincing Apple to fix a trackpad that is currently working perfectly at the repair center. I don't really care that much right now because I'm mainly on OSX, where tap-to-click works (unlike Windows... which only kind of works)

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MacBook Pro :: Clicking Using Tap Or By Pressing Down Trackpad Get No Response

Jun 19, 2010

I got my Macbook Pro a couple of months ago, but lately I have had problems with the trackpad. There are times when I try clicking using tap and clicking by pressing down and get no response. Any possible reason for this?

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MacBook Pro :: Loud Click - No Fan Reading And Quiet Clicking

Dec 7, 2009

I turned on my uMBP today and took it over to my bed, and when I set it on my lap, there was a loud click noise (louder than the normal motion sensor click) and then a quiet clicking noise started up in the left corner. I took a look at the iStat reading and it said 0 rpm for the fan. I'm assuming that the fan just gave out. I took it in to an authorized service provider and he said that he is "concerned that it could be the hard drive." Does that makes sense to anyone? Regardless, it's well under warranty. But now I'm stuck using a crappy PC until I get it back and i'm already in withdrawal!

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MacBook :: Aluminum - Clicking On Trackpad No Longer Responsive?

Sep 6, 2010

I am the owner of an Aluminum Macbook from '08, and I haven't had any issues with my Macbook until recently. I've found that recently, my trackpad has become less and less responsive to clicking and dragging, and it actually got to a point where it would not respond at all (had to hook up a wired mouse). The actual movement of the cursor and multi-finger gestures work perfectly fine though. Has anyone else had this issue? I just wanted to get a general idea before I call up Applecare. Nothing has been spilt on Macbook.

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