MacBook Air :: External Samsung Monitor Gone Pink Using Belkin Dock

Dec 12, 2014

I bought a Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express HD Dock and connected my Samsung monitor (1920 x 1080) using the Thunderbolt through connector. The monitor looks pink, sometimes green, whatever – not balanced color. When I connect the monitor directly to the Thunderbolt connector on the Mac, it's fine.

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Hardware :: Connect My MacBook To An External 19" Samsung LCD Monitor?

Feb 14, 2007

I'm trying to connect my MacBook to an external 19" Samsung LCD monitor. I connect using a standard Apple mini-DVI to male DVI adaptor, which in turn is connected to a third party female DVI to female VGA adaptor, which in turn is connected to a VGA cord which connects to the monitor (male on both sides).

My monitor shows up in the System Preferences display settings, where I can control everything properly, but the screen is black. I can move my cursor over to the other screen, so it seems the MacBook can recognize the monitor. The monitor connects fine using the VGA cord to a Thinkpad.

Is there any inherent with this connection configuration?

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OS X :: Can't Get MacBook To Connect Properly To Samsung External Monitor XL2370

Apr 26, 2010

I used to have a mac Mini that connected so effortlessly to the monitor and allowed the full resolution (1920x1080). But I'm trying to do that with my MacBook (as I recently sold my Mini) and I'm unable to get it to do what I want to. I have Snow Leopard. It would not allow me to do anything until I updated the OS. The monitor was not recognized at all. Except I noticed when I plugged it in, the macbook screen would I figure it's recognizing something. But in display settings, detect display wouldn't show anything, neither would restarting. That is, until I updated Snow Leopard.... Anyone know why this might be? And now that I've been able to get something on the display, I'm still not at all satisfied. The resolution is terrible. It will not allow me to choose anything other than the resolution on my macbook screen, but over 23" it just looks terrible. Not only that, but the Macbook screen stays on. I want the mb screen to go off, and full resolution be on the external monitor. I can choose another option for an extended desktop but that's just ridiculous. I have no desire for anything like that.

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MacBook Pro :: External Display - Samsung 27' Syncmaster SA550 Monitor Won't Connect To It?

May 2, 2012

I Late 2008 Macbook Pro. My needs have shifted lately, as I am now using it mostly with an external display. I ran it into my 23(?) LG 1080 LED monitor with no problem. I recently bought a Samsung 27' Syncmaster SA550 monitor. I am in love with it, however I cannot find a display size that fits the monitor. I am currently running the 1080p resolution setting on my computer but it is easily 2-3 inches too small. And with overscan its too big to see my menu bar and dock at all. Running at a 24-25' screen size is still much better than my 15 inch macbook pro screen, but it would be awesome to use all of the 27 inches of this monitor. I have been unable to find a working setting, if there is a trick, or a way to setup a custom size As well I am running this as the sole display (not dual screens)

Pro, iOS 5.1, External Display: Samsung SA550

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PowerPC :: G4 And External Monitor (Samsung 20") Optimized 1600x900 On It?

Mar 6, 2009

I'm looking to get an external monitor, a Samsung 20" . It is 16:9 ,1600x900 / I wonder will I have problem to get the optimized 1600x900 on it? I will be using the mirror mode. I've been using an old 19" LCD 4:3(died). I used mirror mode, and the LCD at ~1280 x 1024. I'm worry if I don't see the 1600x900 option in the display preference menu.

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IMac PPC :: Display On Monitor Pixelated And Pink?

Apr 13, 2012

The display on My IMac G5 running 10.5.8 is pink and the images are ghostlike! My screen saver is neon green! Is my Mac dying? It has done this before and after I was doing my work for a few hours, it come back to normal and shocked my eyes! This time it has been going on for about 4 days now!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Hardware :: Connecting MacBook To Samsung Monitor?

Jan 13, 2009

I have a 2.4 GHz Aluminum MacBook which I'm trying to connect to a Samsung T220HD LCD monitor/TV.
I'm using the Mini Display to VGA adaptor.

I know the adaptor works b/c I can connect it to another external monitor at my work.

When I connect the MB to the monitor, the MB sees it b/c "Syncmaster" shows up after I detect displays. However, nothing shows on the T220HD screen. Sometimes, the LCD simply says, "There is no device connected."

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MacBook :: Turning Samsung Monitor Vertical

Jun 14, 2009

I connected my Samsung syncmaster 215TW with macbook - via minidisplay port reduction to DVI. when I turn the monitor verticaly, nothing happens... do I have to install some aditional software to my macbook?

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Laptops :: MacBook Pro And Samsung Monitor - Quit QuickTime

Dec 28, 2010

I've been using my 15" MacBook Pro (purchased late 2009) running 10.6.5 with a very old 23" Apple Cinema Display for a year now with no problems. I use both the laptop screen and the external monitor at the same time. Recently I tried switching to a Samsung SyncMaster 245BW since the Cinema Display is starting to show its age in terms of picture quality. Everything works fine until I launch QuickTime or any application that uses QuickTime (iTunes for example). This causes the Samsung monitor to jump back and forth very quickly from a screen full of snow to a normal screen over and over and over, rendering the external monitor useless. The only way to get it to stop is to quit QuickTime, unplug the external monitor, and plug it back in.

The same thing happens when I try switching external monitor resolutions from 1920x1200 to anything else. The only refresh rate available is 60hz. All others are grayed out. My MacBook Pro apparently has just one graphics card since the energy saver preferences don't include the option to switch between better graphics and power saving.

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MacBook Pro :: Samsung Monitor - Text Looks Jagged / Blurry

Dec 23, 2010

I just recently got a Samsung P2450H 24" monitor and I've connected it into my MBP with a mini Displayport > HDMI adaptor and with a HDMI cable. I've changed the default setting from AV to PC in the Samsung Monitor menu as recommended by others on this forum, and now I'm getting the maximum 1920 x 1080 resolution available on both Windows 7 and Mac OS with no overscanning issues etc. Everything fits on the screen. However, the text and font on websites looks a bit jagged and a bit blurry on Mac OS and I'm not sure why. If you stand far away, it's not that noticeable, but sitting at a reasonable distance (say 2 feet), you can definitely notice it. It just doesn't look that sharp in general.

People have said HDMI connections don't work that well on Samsung Monitors and I'd be better off with a DVI connection, but I can't see why there would be a discrepancy between the two modes. Which leaves the other reason - that this is an inherent issue to do with all Samsung P2450H models being affected with Mac OS, and not the cable itself? Has anyone experienced the same issues I've just alluded to? Perhaps I'm just being pedantic, but I'm pretty sure blurry/jagged text shouldn't be a characteristic of this monitor.

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MacBook :: Checking Monitor Compatibility With Samsung Syncmaster Xl2270

Dec 31, 2010

macbook 2.16GHz
OS X 10.4.11

I received a Samsung SyncMaster XL2270 as a gift. I would like to use it as a desktop monitor for my macbook when at home, but the driver included with the monitor is not mac compatible.

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Hardware :: Connect 15" Macbook Pro To Samsung 214T Monitor - What Cables Required

May 20, 2009

Can I connect my 15' macbook pro to samsung 214T monitor? What cables do I require? I only recently switched to mac and previously worked on a PC for photo editing using a samsung 214T monitor Rather than buying a new monitor I would rather use the 214T as I really like it and it is accurate. Plus I prefer the matte finish.

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MacBook Pro :: Samsung XL2370 Monitor To Hook Onto MBP 15 - Image Is Pixelated And Blurry Green

Jan 29, 2010

I just bought a Samsung XL2370 monitor to hook onto my MBP 15".

Problem: the image is pixelated and blurry green. I can slightly see the background though. Screen works fine on a Windows pc. Before I hooked up a 19" on my MBP and that also worked.

I tried the menu but no luck. And when I choose the auto adjustment a message appears 'not available'.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting To Samsung P2370HD 23" Monitor - It Does Show The Entire Screen

Jul 3, 2010

I just got my Sammy HDTV/Monitor, which is a 23" 1080p HDTV. However, when I connect my MBP via my mini-displayport to HDMI adapter, the screen gets cut off on the top and the bottom. I have tried to switch the resolutions from 1080p to 720p, but it still does the same thing. It gets off both when I use the external as a secondary monitor and when I mirror the displays and use it as a primary monitor. When I turn overscan off in System Prefs, the 1080p image shrinks and there are black bars around all sides (however, it does show the entire screen). Does anyone know how to fix this? I want to get the most out of my recent purchase, and I know this is possible because I've seen it.

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OS X :: Samsung Monitor Resolution On Mac?

Apr 15, 2010

I just purchased a Samsung Series 4 Model 530 monitor, 32 inch, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Can this effectively be used as the main monitor for my new Mac Pro laptop? I can NOT find this resolution in the prefs anywhere, and do not know if I can really use this monitor. I work in print design, and as a result, I am always viewing typography in great detail.

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Mac Pro :: Possible To Run Maximum Resolution On Samsung Monitor?

Jul 4, 2009

I read a few posts that seem to indicate that non-mac monitor cannot display higher them 1680x1200 when connected to a Mac computer. A friend of mine is planing on getting a new Mac pro with a 30" Samsung monitor (2560 x 1600). Will he be able to run the monitor a max resolution?

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Mac Mini :: Refurb And New Samsung DVI 21.5 Monitor

Feb 19, 2010

I love my new mac-Mini refurb and new Samsung DVI 21.5 monitor. My MacGeek score went from 341 on my 2001 466 mhz G4 Digital Audio model to 3044 on the new 2010 2.26 base Mac-MiniStartup is unreal fast... Applications move so much faster as it should be! *Hard to believe that this little box is 10 times the CPU speed and 6 times the hard drive @ 25% of the price in 2000.

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Desktops :: Using Mini DisplayPort To VGA With A Samsung Monitor

Mar 14, 2009

I have the standard 13" aluminum macbook, and I was looking into getting the 'Mini DisplayPort to VGA' adapter to connect my 22" Samsung monitor. On the Apple website, I have seen nothing but horrible reviews about the connection cable, saying that it exclusively does not work with Samsung brand monitors and TV's. On the other hand I only see good things about it connecting to other devices and monitors.

Can anyone shed any light on this? It's already ridiculous that i have to pay the 30$ price for this cable just to use an external monitor, the least I can do is know that it will for sure work.

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Mac Pro :: 2008 With FREE - Samsung 22" Monitor

Mar 30, 2008

I have just stumbled upon an amazing deal at [URL] Apparently, you can get a brand new Mac Pro with a 22' Samsung LCD monitor for only $2794! Here is the link to their website..

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Hardware :: Which Monitor Best / Samsung Versus Dell

Sep 5, 2009

I'm doing up my setup sometime in the near future, and this includes getting new dual monitors for my PC, or to use to expand my MBP.

The Dell is �40 more expensive (24" usually seem to be this expensive compared to 23") Does anybody know which one actually has the better display?

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Hardware :: Samsung 2243BWX Monitor Same Resolution Via Dvi And Vga Connectors?

Jun 13, 2010

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2243BWX monitor attached to my Mac Pro 1.1 [OS X: 10.6.3] that refuses to display at its native 1680 X 1050 resolution.

System Pref incorrectly sees the display as a "SyncMas461". I've tried attaching the monitor via DVI & VGA connectors with no difference. Any advice?

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MacBook :: Using External Monitor With New MB (2.4GHz)/monitor Sleep?

Oct 16, 2008

I picked up a new MacBook yesterday and I noticed a weird issue when coming out of "monitor sleep" mode, not regular sleep mode.

When I move the mouse, the external monitor shows what you see in the picture, kinda like a TV with no signal. The MacBook screen works fine so what I just do is unplug and re-plug in the DVI plug and everything is good again.

My 24 inch Dell monitor worked fine with my M1330 and other computers so I know it's not that. Does anyone have the same issue or maybe give me some light on this?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Waking Monitor / While Using External Monitor

Jun 27, 2009

I have a 22" Dell external monitor on my MBP. I know that I just close the cover to my MBP to shut off the screen. What do I do in those instances that I want to use both screens? There has to be something simpler than restarting the MBP?

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MacBook Pro :: Detects An External Monitor But No Display On The Monitor?

Aug 5, 2009

As said, my current set up is an HDMI - DVI cable (HDMI to monitor and DVI to adapter) and my DVI - mini DisplayPort adapter, everything is connected fine but when I turn on the monitor, it says cable not found... and nothing is displayed on the screen but on the Macbook side of things, it sees the monitor is connected (I can extend the screen and leave the screen) but other than that, it appears I cannot get an image on the monitor, pressing every button on the monitor does not work either.

Any other information that may seem necessary, let me know. I tried clearing my PRAM and clearing the power and such but nothing seems to work.

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IMac :: External Monitor - Bad Mouse Tracking When External Monitor Off?

Jan 9, 2010

I have a 27" i7. I have a 24" DVI Montior hooked up to it via MDP->DVI adaptor. When the 24" Monitor is on, everything is fine. When I turn the monitor off, the magic mouse tracking on the 27" screen stutters. I am not kidding - it took me ages to figure out that to fix I either need to turn the other monitor on OR disconnect the MDP->DVI adaptor.

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MacBook :: External Display - Recognize Samsung When Plug In And - Automatically Adjust Settings

Apr 8, 2010

I've connected up my external monitor, which is a bigger Samsung 1600x900 and and I'm having some issues.. I'm trying to get the MacBook to recognize the Samsung when I plug it in and automatically adjust the settings, so I don't have to muck around with the settings every-time. Is there anyway of doing this? oh and disabling the MacBook's display so it doesn't detect it as a second monitor?

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MacBook Pro :: External HDD Dock Options - Internal HDD For External Use

Jul 16, 2009

A few months ago I bought the NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive adapter. I was going to purchase my first laptop and knew there would be drives I could take from my G4. This was my first real experience with USB 2.0 and boy do I hate it. I do mostly video editing and I very regularly transfer huge amounts of data from drive to drive. USB 2.0 waaaaay too slow compared to what I was used to. Hours to transfer 40Gbs. I now regret not getting a FireWire enclosure.How does everyone feel about those HDD docks that take SATA drives? To me it seems very economical. I understand a smaller bus powered drive would be good for travel because a dock or larger drive needs a power source.

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Hardware :: Powerbook With Broken Monitor - Force Boot To External Monitor?

Jan 31, 2010

I have a G4 powerbook with an LCD that only displays the top 25% of the screen. I've been using an external monitor with it just fine. Today, I reinstalled the OS and ran into a problem. The main OSX startup menu (you know, where it asks for your location, timezone, personal info, etc) is prompting me for information, and I can't see the forms to fill them in! The external monitor defaults to "extended" as opposed to "mirrored", and the forms are embedded, meaning I can't drag them over to my external monitor. Obviously, if I can't fill out these forms and get to the desktop, the laptop is completely useless.

Does anyone know how to force the external monitor to be "mirrored" from startup? Is there a keycommand?

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OS X :: Monitor Suddenly Goes Completely White / External Monitor Goes Black

Jul 30, 2005

I have been using the latest macbook pro 13.3" since April 2010. Over the last week the monitor suddenly goes completely white and the external monitor goes black. The laptop becomes unresponsive although the programmes opened continue running (e.g a skype voice call would continue without interruption although the monitor is all white).

The only solution at the moment is to press the turn off button for a few seconds then switch the laptop on again. It will then work normally until for no apparent reason this happens again.

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OS X :: External Monitor As Only Monitor With Laptop/software For Customization?

Nov 9, 2008

Is there a way to use my external monitor as my only monitor when connected to my mbp? Or, can i clone my display, but at separate resolutions? I am able to do this on windows with nvidia software, is there software that allows further customization?

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