Mac Pro :: How To Upgrade Graphic Drivers In Windows?

Dec 16, 2010

I have the 5770 card and want to know if I need to update the drivers.

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Windows On Mac :: OS X Disc Missed Out Graphic Drivers?

Aug 8, 2009

I've installed Windows XP with Service Pack 2 a couple days ago - figured out the drivers stuff and finally the OS X disc ran flawlessly, installed most of the drivers for internet, audio and isight, whatever. I thought it's done so I installed GTA: Vice City on my Windows XP - when I tried launching the game, it gave me an error stating 'Couldn't find enough video memory'.

So I went to Start>Run and typed in dxdiag which opens the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. I went to 'Display' and found out that the category under 'Device' is completely blank with DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct3D Acceleration stating 'Not Available'. Am I missing out the graphic driver or something? Anyone here explains it and provide a link where to install these required drivers. By the way, I've tried installing the driver off NVIDIA's site but still it turns out funny.
Using iMac 10.5.6 - 2.66 GHz - NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

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Windows On Mac :: OS X 10.6 Drivers From Upgrade Disc Viable?

Nov 1, 2010

I've been trying on and off for the past two years to install Windows on my Mid-Late 2008 MBP (C2D,10.5.8). The first time I tried it, I partitioned fine, got XP installed and went to install drivers from my OSX disc, but there were some errors and I couldn't get the trackpad/other essential drivers installed, even when I downloaded the drivers direct and put them on via USB or from the Mac partition. So I tried again a few months after having deleted the partition, but this time I couldn't partition it properly.

I just purchased the SL upgrade disc and I'm now thinking of putting Windows 7 on this. This prompts a few questions that I hope you guys can answer.
1. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but just to check, will 64-bit Windows 7 work on my computer?
2. Will the drivers included on the 10.6 upgrade disc be sufficient to install Windows, or will I need my original install disc (which would be a pain to get)?
3. I'm getting Windows 7 through one of my school's programs, and it'll be an .iso. Obviously if I just burn this to a disc it should suffice, but will it cause any problems with the installation via bootcamp? As far as I know, unless my school's been doing some shady business it's!

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MacBook Pro :: System Freezes On Low Graphic Games / Update Nvidia Drivers?

Apr 17, 2007

I have a macbook pro
Model Identifier:MacBookPro5,5
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2.53 GHz
Memory: 4 GB

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M:

Chipset Model:NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
VRAM (Total):256 MB
Vendor:NVIDIA (0x10de)
Device ID:0x0863
Revision ID:0x00b1
ROM Revision:3427

It is incredible slow - freezes constantly unless on very low graphics in games like World of Warcraft so i'm assuming i need to upload graphics. So i went to the Nvidia website, and tried to update driver by following steps correctly, selecting the correct options, etc and it said it couldn't update for my system..How do i update my software so i can play without freezing?

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PowerPC :: Upgrade Graphic Card Or G5?

May 30, 2009

I currently have a G5 Power Mac Dual 1.8Ghz with 3GB Ram and 9600 Pro Graphic Card.

It will cost me about ?180 to upgrade to 4GB Ram with the Geforce 7800 GS Graphic Card.

Sell my G5 and upgrade to a G5 Dual 2.5 or 2.7Ghz for about the same ?180 cost.

If anyone knows which one will best please let me know.

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MacBook Pro :: Windows 7 Not Loading NVIDIA Drivers / Requires Bootcamp To Load Drivers?

Oct 19, 2009

I recently installed the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system onto my MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have the most basic Macbook Pro 13 inch with nothing fancy added. Whenever I load up the Windows 7 OS on my Macbook, it never utilizes or even realizes that I have the NVIDIA graphics card in my laptop. It instead believes I have some integrated graphics card that cannot even run the most basic of PC games. I know my laptop can run these games because on OSX it runs multiple games with higher requirements than these games I am trying to run on Windows.

Basic question: How do I get bootcamp or whatever else to make Windows 7 realize I have a NVIDIA card and drivers. Sorry if I am coming off as stupid or confusing.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install NVidia Drivers / Drivers Not Compatible With Hardware

May 27, 2009

So i am trying to change my apple boot camp drivers to nvidia's, but i think i must have downloaded the wrong ones, or done something wrong. I tried to install Geforce/Ion driver release 192.62, (from nvidia's site, i selected gefore 8 series) and when i ran the setup it said: 'nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware' . My questions are:

� Which drivers should i download? a link would be great.
� Are there any pre-requisites i must do, such as install version 170 first?

I am using an iMac 24" with 4gb ram, 500gb 5400 rpm HDD, and 8800 GS 512mb.

The reason I am trying this, is because when i play some online games, i often get bad lag spikes, but that chat is still running. Someone recommended me to 'update my drivers'.

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Intel Mac :: Upgrade Graphic Card In 21,5" To 1Gb?

Jun 20, 2012

Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB) on my iMac or replace it, any one know about that?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Updated iOS, 10.7.4

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MacBook :: Unable To Install Windows 7 Drivers / Old Drivers Are Installing

Oct 11, 2009

I have a Macbook plastic, 2.4 GHz intel core 2 Duo with 2 GB of ram.My Mac is currently running on OS X, i used to have a 40 gig partition Windows XP, a couple of friends of mine where talking about how much they liked Windows 7 and finally i had had enough blue screens to say, sure ill switch, why not?... assuming it would not take longer then lets say a day at most, i set off on my quest.

FWI, im running an older model Macbook that was bought refurbished (not sure if that has anything to do with my problem). anyway i removed my previous partition, then using Boot Camp Assistant i repartitioned a 40 gig section for Windows 7. Then ran the installer. I have a copy of Windows 7 ultimate 86x. The Windows boot screen turned up, i had to reformat the partition so that i could install, no problems there. after all said and done the installation worked perfectly, up to a point... First problem that appeared was the lack of sound. i fixed that by downloading Realtek's High Def sound drivers.

Then it was the rest of the drivers for the macbook. heres where i run into my problem, i have the Mac OSX install discs 1 and 2. inserting the first disc the option of the auto run of the setup popped up i clicked run. and instead of the same old install drivers option all i have is the option to install the software that lets macbook airs share cd/dvd drives... needless to say i got frustrated and to put it lightly pissed off...

unsure of wtf was going on i looked it up online and really couldnt find anyone with the same problem, i found a web page saying that i should have the windows auto update itself and that should fix the problem. it did not. i dont know what the hell is going on. and im about this close to reinstalling windows xp and telling windows 7 to go **** itself...

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Graphic Display Upgrade On Mac Pro 3,1 2x3,2GHz Quad-core

May 18, 2012

Anyone know if I can upgrade my Nvidia GeforceGT120 with the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 per Mac on my MacPro 3,1????? I have a 30inch cinema display and a Wacon Cintiq 21". Could I connect both of them on this card?

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Applications :: Windows 7 Drivers - Unable To Find Drivers

May 4, 2010

I can't find the answers I know its been asked before.

Its the 2010 MBP 13"

I have Windows 7 Professional 64bit running through parallels 5 and it seems to be missing alot of drivers (wireless most importantly, but also audio etc). Where can I get these, is it the same as bootcamp drivers( are they on one of the disks that come with macs?).

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PowerPC :: Graphic Card Upgrade For 2004 DP 1.8Ghz Power Mac G5

Aug 15, 2010

I have a June 2004 revision Power Mac G5 (DP 1.8Ghz) with an AGP slow that is dying for a more powerful graphics card.

I have had the machine since new and have it paired with a 23" Cinema Display, Magic Mouse, BT Apple keyboard, 4GB of Kingston RAM, a pair of 500gb internal HDs, several TBs of external storage, Logitech Z2300 speakers, etc. We also have a new 15" Mac Book Pro, a 13" Mac Book, an Apple TV, Airport Extreme, etc. The desktop doesn't get a TON of use but it is still snappy enough for a lot of what I use it for.

However, since I installed Leopard on it, the OS is nowhere near as fast as it was before (with respect to UI graphics, etc).... I should have expected the newer OS would take more of a toil on the system (especially the graphics card) then did Tiger.... the system has only the factory-installed 64mb GeForce card.... I'm assuming that Leopard, probably more than Tiger, can draw from the GPU for graphic-needs/UI work and I'm assuming that a new graphics card would make a difference....

I just need help deciphering the cards that are available.... 9800XT?? X800??? Any advice on compatible 8x AGP cards would be AMAZING.

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Windows On Mac :: Finding 8,1 Drivers - How To Install Drivers

Sep 17, 2010

I've installed a legit copy of Windows XP, SP2. Nothing works, not my webcam, not my internet, not even the full resolution. The first time around that I did this, I had the DVD that came with my iMac, I installed the Windows drivers stuff off of it, and everything worked perfectly.

Can anyone point me in the direction of either a replacement for that DVD (.iso image or something?) or simply the required drivers that will let my iMac 8,1 connect to the web?

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Windows On Mac :: Widows 7 Drivers - Cannot Get Drivers

May 20, 2010

I boot camped my Macbook Unibody 13" (bought early 2009) with windows 7. However the bootcamp version was 2.0. I now cannot get drivers from the 3.0 bootcamp update.

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OS X :: Necessary To Install Additional Drivers After Upgrade

Aug 25, 2009

I got my first Mac (15" MacBook Pro) in late June, so I will be receiving my Snow Leopard disc within the next week or so. This will be my first reinstallation of OSX. I will not do an upgrade however - I'm still going to do a clean reformat/reinstall. So, is it necessary to do additional driver installations once you have finished installing OSX? I know on a Windows machine, after you install the OS, you really need to go through and install drivers for most of your hardware. I'm wondering how this works with OSX.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Detect Graphic Card Through Boot Camp?

Jan 13, 2010

Installed windows 7 today (geniune copy) to play the Star Trek Online open beta, managed to download and install it, but when I go to play it, it crashes. Went to performance information and tools and under graphics it says: Total Memory Not Detected and everything is 0MB apart from display adapter which says 6.1.7600.16385 and monitor resolution.

I have a 24" iMac 3.06Ghz with 8800 graphic card. Few weeks ago I had windows 7 installed for dragon age, ran like a charm, but I got rid of partition (dont ask why)

yes I have installed the bootcamp drivers!

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Intel Mac :: 27" Gaming On Windows 7 Overheating And Graphic Freeze?

May 27, 2012

When i play battlefield 3 in WINDOWS 7 on my brand new iMac 27" i 7, after some time the computer gets EXTREMLY hot and graphics start to freeze. Im 100% sure its the graphic card/ processor who gets to warm. It sounds like the fans runs on full power to.  (it only happens in windows) 


IMac 27" 3,4 Ghz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB graphics
Windows 7 (full updated)
OSX Lion (full updated)  

My earlier iMac from 2010 gets so hot that the motherboard and graphic card burned off, and apple gave me a new iMac.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 8 GB Ram

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Windows On Mac :: Drivers Won't Install - The Package Requires A Newer Version Of Windows Installer

Mar 30, 2009

Ok, Here is the scoop. I am trying to get Wifi to work on my macbook while on XP. When I put in the disk and it says "The package requires a newer version of Windows Installer. Would you like to update?" I say yes and it says "The requires resoruce update is missing." and if I click no it says "The operation is aborted." or something.

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Windows On Mac :: Boot Camp 3.1 Drivers Support Then Tells Computer Will Not Run Windows 7 64 Bit?

Jul 11, 2010

1 - I have an early 2008 iMac 24" and ordered Snow Leopard disc from Apple
2 - After installation of Win7 64 bit and problems with boot camp 3.1 drivers support then tells me my computer will not run windows 7 64 bit and sends me a list of non-compatibles. Sure enough mine is one.

3 - Several respondents help me and it appears that 64 bit will run but still trouble with keyboard/mouse.4 - uninstall 64 bit and install 32 bit and related boot camp drivers5 - numeric keypad on apple keyboard still does not work with office 20106 - just tried to update drivers for win 32 but it says more current ones are installed??? I guess that is from the attempt to install 3.1 for win 64 unsuccessfully?7 - Now support lists computers that will not run windows 7 and mine is not on that list.

right now i'd be a happy camper if someone could just tell me how to get the Apple keyboard that came with my iMac and the numeric keypad working when in Windows or Office.

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Windows On Mac :: Lost DVD Of Snow Leopard And Want To Install The 3.2 Drivers On Windows 7?

Nov 23, 2010

I have just installed Windows 7 via bootcamp and everything went smoothly, the only problem is that i have lost my DVD of snow leopard and want to install the 3.2 drivers on windows 7, however it is to my understanding that i need to install 3.0 from the DVD first. Is there any way around this without ordering another copy of snow leopard? ?25 might not seem a lot but on a student budget i would rather not shell out.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Work With Windows 7 Boot Camp Drivers

Feb 15, 2009

So i installed windows 7 on my macbook (not aluminum) and when i go to install the boot camp drivers off of the retail leopard CD i get an error that says that I can't because it only installs on vista or XP. My laptop came with Tiger CD's so i can't get them off of there.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Parallels/finding Network Drivers?

Apr 22, 2009

I recently installed Windows vista using going through parallels because my bootcamp failed a while ago. This partition also acts as my bootcamp. Well The internet on parallels works fine because it is using osx network, but when i boot into bootcamp the network drivers seem to be missing. I cant figure it out, but it says the ethernet and network drivers are not there. I cant find the drivers on the internet anywhere and when i use the vista disk i have it still does not want to install them.

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Windows On Mac :: Apple ALum Wireless Keyboard Windows XP Drivers?

Jul 2, 2009

Having problems with the Audio, Brightness and eject button keys after windows xp automatic update. Buttons sometimes work after a shutdown and restart, sometimes not. Tried the Bootcamp 2.1 reinstall but didnt help much. Where the heck can i get drivers for the bloody thing?

Apologies for the lingo but im quite frustrated. it takes apple yrs to fix one problem but only for another to appear.

I already gave up on Realtek doing something about their crappy sound quality (despite releasing a new driver every two weeks) and the mighty mouse freezing after hibernation unless u press the left button like a man possesed!!

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Windows On Mac :: Download Specific Drivers In Windows 7 64 Bit, Or Stick To The Apple Ones?

Jun 10, 2010

Apologies if there are other specific threads like this, I did do an MRoogle search but couldn't find one.I've just got a new 15" 2.66ghz i7 MacBook Pro, and have Windows 7 64 bit ready to install. My question is, once I have it installed, with all the Snow Leopard drivers and 3.1 update, should I continue to download drivers from the manufacturers's websites, or just stick to the ones that Apple hands out in their updates?I suppose I'm specifically asking about the NVIDIA drivers. Should I install the most recent drivers for the 330m, or again just stick to the Apple ones?

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Windows On Mac :: IBoot Camp 3.0 ATI Drivers - Try Windows Update Instead ?

Sep 2, 2009

I'm not convinced that the drivers that Apple provides, even if they come from the hardware manufacturers, are as good as they could be. The reason why I say this is that, prior to installing Snow Leopard and Boot Camp 3.0, I had been playing Dawn of War 2 on an ageing MacBook Pro with an ATI X1600 chipset under Windows 7. What I found odd was that after I had reinstalled Windows 7 and used the Snow Leopard DVD to install the Boot Camp 3.0 drivers was that Dawn Of War started to complain that my display drivers were incompatible with the game. Figuring that I hadn't had this problem before I uninstalled the display drivers Apple provided (from ATI) via the Device Manager, restarted Windows and let Windows Update find drivers instead (again, from ATI). This seems to have sorted out the problem.

If you are having problems with drivers then perhaps letting Windows Update try to find them may be the answer as this seems to have worked in my case.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 - Installing Latest ForceWare Drivers?

Sep 8, 2009

I'm trying to install the 168.81 ForceWare drivers for my 9600M GT (256MB) in Windows 7 x64. The drivers from Boot Camp on the Snow Leopard DVD installed fine. I want 168.81 because I always like to have the latest drivers for everything.

Anyway, when installing it, it says something about not having the required hardware and it won't install.

Is the Boot Camp drivers the only way of having the latest drivers.

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Boot Camp Windows 7 Drivers?

Feb 5, 2010

I recently got a windows 7 home premium, my macbook pro is a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo, 256 mb 8600m gt, 4 gb ddr2 667 mhz ram, 15.4, but I cant find drivers for it anywhere, Im running snow leopard 10.6.2 and boot camp 3.00.1(software update wont get it to 3.1) I install windows then I try to find drivers but I cant, the guy who sold it to me didnt give me the snow leopard cd now I need to find drivers for it

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows Drivers On Bootcamp?

Sep 10, 2010

So I got windows 7 installed on my 2010 mbp but when I went to install my windows drivers via my Mac osx disc I realixed I couldnbt find it.

Is there anyway to install all the drivers/apple software without my OSX disc? If not, how do I go about getting a replacement disc from apple?

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Bootcamp Windows 7 Drivers?

Oct 29, 2010

We'll after a mamouth effort today which had me thinking that I'd bricked my Mac, I've finally got Windows 7 installing throught using refit, bootcamp didn't want to work with my external dvd drive.

Where do I get the native bootcamp drivers to ensure my mac works properly in Windows mode? Are they on the Snow Leopard disk ? I recall in the past in the past that bootcamp used to make the drivers for you and burn them onto a CD but wasn't able to get past the partition stage, so don't know what the process is?

The graphics driver is the most important, I'm using one of the intel core duo original imacs, so I think its ATI.

Also any ideas where I can obtain a osx tool for managing partitions, I was showing about 5 partitions on the windows install, so would like to clean things up a little?

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Windows On Mac :: Unibody Macbook And Windows 7 - Looking For Drivers

Apr 18, 2009

Ive been loving this Macbook Pro 2.66ghz so I decided to get back into gaming. I installed my Windows 7 beta(Build 7000) and then installed Crysis. Now, when windows 7 got done installing it did "windows" updates and installed a Nvidia driver update. My question is this, are their any other drivers that I need for graphics or gaming? Also, what general settings are used for crysis on this model? And last is their any way I can get sound working correctly? It wont work for some reason and I have lost my button controls.

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