Mac Pro :: Domain Name System For Active Directory On Computer?

Mar 20, 2012

When I try to bind my mac to an active directory domain I get the error message (“An invalid Domain and Forest combination was specified. You should enter a fully qualified DNS name for the domain and forest”). I have tried so many things,nothing works?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Software :: Active Directory Between VM's In Parallels?

Dec 6, 2007

Hey everyone, i'm starting to learn active directory in windows server 2003 but what i want to do with parallels if possible is setup a XP VM so i can see the effect of the changes/rules i setup in active directory.

Is this possible within Parallels or is it a pipe dream as it would be a fantastic learning tool.

The hardware it would be running on is a 24inch 1st gen iMac with 2GB of Ram.

What do you guys think and if it can be done what do i need to make sure of when it comes to setting up parallels?

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Software :: Microsoft Active Directory In Mac OSX?

Nov 2, 2008

I work for a college as an IT Support Specialist and currently the only thing I have yet to find that I can use in mac OSX is Microsoft Active Directory. I use this to search for computer names as well as to remove and add computers to our college directory. Do you know of any way to use this in Mac OSX. As of right now I am running parallels on my machine but Active Directory is the ONLY thing that I use in Parallels and would like to find a way to use it in Mac OSX (Leopard). If you need anymore info just let me know.

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OS X :: Won't Work / Software Options For Active Directory

Jan 30, 2009

I am the Mac administrator for my company and I am looking at bringing the Macs into the Active Directory realm. Since we have crept to over 100 Macs (most laptops) it has gotten a little more difficult to manage. I have researched two products, but haven't done any testing yet. The products that I have researched are Centrify Direct Control and Thursby ADmitMac. Direct control seems to be a bit more useful with machine policies. While AdmitMac seems a little light in it's scope.

Has anyone worked with either of these? How did it work out? Is there any other products that I should consider?

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OS X :: Home Sync And Active Directory Oddity

Apr 8, 2010

We have approx 20 systems, laptops and desktops - running 10.4.11 and 10.5.8 - that are syncing a local home directory with the user's specified home folder in their AD profile. As a standard, we are syncing their desktop and documents folders. This all seems to be working well, except for the fact that everything in the documents folder syncs, except for their Microsoft User Data info. We have gone so far as to blow out everything in the back up folder and start fresh, but still no Microsoft User Data folder. We have our users on Office 08.

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Software :: How To Bind Leopard To Active Directory

Jun 4, 2008

I'm trying to bind my MacBook Pro to an active directory. I have the DNS records setup to point to the right DNS server (which is the active directory server) and then when I go into Directory Utility and type the name of the active directory it gives the following error:


Unable to add the domain.

There was no response from KH. please check that the address you entered is correct.

I also tried KH.local which is the actual domain name but got the same problem. I tried going into terminal and pinged kh.local and it came back with a response.

P.S. I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.3

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Software :: Unable To Bind To Active Directory

Jan 23, 2009

I am unable to Bind any of my Mac Clients to Active Directory after upgrading to Mac OS 10.5.5 and 10.5.6.

I am now running 10.5.6 but the problem started when I upgraded to 10.5.5, 10.5.6 did not resolve the problem. The Directory Service Plug-in will not authenticate my username and password.

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OS X :: Long Time Accessing Active DIrectory Shares From OSX

Jun 17, 2010

I have several 1-2yr old MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard and up-to-date patches etc. They are on the same network as a Windows Active Directory Domain, managed by Small Business Server 2003. There are approx 50 PC clients and these two macs.

The macs are not 'joined' to the domain and simply exist as nodes on the subnet. They get their IP from the domain controller and their DNS points to the DNS server/Domain Controller. The users have AD credentials that they use to connect to and use domain shared drives and resources. There is no problem getting list of computers however...

I am experiencing LONG delays (10-30 seconds) when trying to browse active directory shared resources.

If the user clicks on a domain PC that has shared resources, the list of resources take forever to appear. Once it does appear, access to the resources is fast. If another program is opened and the user browses the network for resources, despite the fact that they already have a connection to the domain resource, there is another LONG delay before the resources are displayed again.

The problem is not wrong credentials as they are not being challenged to re-authenticate... it just seems to hang until something times out and then it tries whatever method ultimately gets the mac to talk to the NTFS domain shares.

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OS X :: Won't Work / Dropping Connection To Active Directory Upon Restart

Mar 12, 2008

Every time the computer is restarted, the machine permanently loses its connection to the domain. After the initial binding, the Directory Utility light was green and it told me the computer had connected to the server as expected. However, after restarting, the light turns red and Directory Utility tells me that the server is not responding and no domain users can login. Nothing fixes it except for a rather disruptive and time-consuming unbinding and rebinding to the domain.

Obviously "don't restart the computer" will only work for so long, and already the user has restarted their computer once "out of habit" (which hopefully we will be able to break, lol), but still, I'm looking for a good way to fix this problem permanently.

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Add To An Active Directory Group Using A Script?

Mar 1, 2012

I am managing a bunch of Macs and we are using Active Directory groups to assign certificates for 802.11x. I am binding the device to AD using JAMF software and was wondering if I could use a script to then add the deive to an active directory group. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Active Directory Pass-Through Authentication?

Apr 19, 2012

I have been reading through the Lion Server pages for Active Directory and came across the following question. Does the procedure listed in the URL below allow the users whose Macs are joined to the OS X server, to login with Active Directory credentials. Pass-through auth. for lack of a better term. [URL]...The procedure reads as if it is just joining the server to the domain and not configuring authentication. 

Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Home Folder With Active Directory?

May 15, 2012

Our users logon to our 2008 Windows Domain and their windows home folder comes up as a folder called 'Work' on the mac taskbar. This is fine.When they open Microsoft Word e.g. and do a save you can't see this  'Work' folder in the Finder tree. Do I have to set up some kind of script - I just want a shortcut to this 'Work' home folder in can you put one there automatically?  Is there any easy way so if they save to their mac 'Documents' folder it just get's re-routed to their  'Work' folder?

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: 10.7 Can't Stop Kerberos... To Use Active Directory

Jun 13, 2012

Im having all kinds of 'not found' issues with lion server but i think alot of them may stem from not being able to stop kerberos from running on Open Directory.Therefore currently im running two Kerberos realms OD and Active directory.. When I try and stop it in terminal it errors see below... 

shutting down kadmind
kadmind shut down
shutting down kdc


then on server admin it shows kereberos for OD as "running".. still so i know it hasn't worked?

Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X Server :: Creating Active Directory Users From Workgroup Manager

May 3, 2005

I'm trying to setup our xserve so our clients will authenticate against AD but have their prefs managed by OSX Server. So far I've got the clients logging on ok,group folders mount nicely and I can see AD users and groups from workgroup manager. But when I try to add a home directory for an AD user I get - 'Got unexpected error Error of type -14140 on line 1127 of'. I get the same if I try to create a new active directory user so it looks like workgroup manager is having problems writing to the active directory.

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Active Directory And Local Admin Account?

Jun 27, 2012

We have a local Admin account on all Macs, enterprise wide, for local and remote administration.

All Macs are joined to Active Directory. Our users DO NOT have Admin rights. 

On ALL our LION Macs (10.7.4), when joined to Active Directory, we lose functionality to the local Admin account.

We can log into the local Admin account, but the desktop is useless. Nothing opens. We cannot create any files/folders without getting an Access Denied error.

AND then best part... everything on the Desktop, files/folders, are gone! Almost like a bran spankin' new account. With no access to anything locally. 

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Can't Log In To Profile Manager Or My Devices With Active Directory Login

May 21, 2012

I have an OSX Lion 10.7.4 Server set up with Profile Manager and it is joined to AD. 

I am able to see AD groups in the Profile Manager groups section. I can also see and add AD users and groups using the server app. 

I have enabled the "Can Enable Remote Management" check box for Domain Users through Profile Manager. I have also added Domain Admins to the Workgroup group in the Server app. I'm not sure that I want or need either of these options, but they were suggestions to try. I am not able to log on to the Profile Manager or My Devices pages with AD logins. 

I found these directions about nested groups in Workgroup Manager [URL] but I don't have a [URL] local group or any groups like are shown in the picture. 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Can Configure 10.7 To Have The Same User Settings For All Users Using Active Directory

Jun 21, 2012

Adding 10 IMACS with OS 10.7 to my active directory domain. I would like for all users to have the same basic user settings at log in. how I can configure the MAC clients.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Server Loses Active Directory Binding?

May 15, 2012

I am running an open directory/active directory network.  Authentication is from the Windows server 2003 active directory.  It has worked fine until the last month. Now clients stop authenticating & when I  check the AD plugin it says network accounts are not available.  I can force the server to unbind, then renew the binding & everything works great.Is there any work around or fix for this other than upgrading the windows server to 2008? 

OS X server, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X Server :: How To Use Tiger Server - Clients With Active Directory

Dec 15, 2006

I have a few labs that will be running Tiger. I have an XSERVE that is running Tiger Server. All of my users are stored on a Windows 2003 server in AD.

I know how to bind an OSX machine to AD. What is the best way to set up my mac labs/Xserve so that when the users log in they get their home folder on the Windows server but have their preferences managed by Workgroup manager?

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Connecting To 10.7 Server Via SMB And Active Directory?

Feb 9, 2012

I am running a 10.7.3 Lion Server bound to Active Directory.  There are only several local admin users on the machine; everyone else authenticates against AD.  AFP connections work fine, using both local and AD accounts.  SMB connections work fine if you use a local account but any AD account is rejected as having the wrong password when connecting via SMB.  I've tried using the adusername trick (our AD server is named "ad") even though you're not supposed to need that with 10.7.2 and above... it doesn't help. 

I have tried both a Windows 7 client and a 10.6 client, specifying SMB as the protocol in the Connect To Server dialog.  Both fail, and they also take several minutes before reporting the bad password (the slowness in responding is yet another problem I've read as being an issue).  Checking the kdc.log file on the server I see: 

2012-02-09T09:54:22 digest-request netr: failed user=AD\dlennie DC status code c000006d
2012-02-09T09:54:22 digest-request: netr failed with -1073741715 proto=ntlmv2
2012-02-09T09:54:22 digest-request: od failed with 2 proto=ntlmv2


I am using the full DNS name for the server, and on my test clients there are no firewalls or other network issues that would prevent connection to the server. We're mostly Macs here but the Windows users become a rather vocal group when something doesn't go their way.  The confusing part to me is that AFP authenticates just fine and SMB doesn't.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), OSX Lion Server

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OS X Server :: Mac OS X Server Working As Active Directory - How To Know About It

Dec 25, 2010

i want to learn one think about Mac OS X Server 10.6.i have got 300 clients Windows and i want to setup Mac OS X Server work like a Active Directory same as Windows... (User's Account,Profile ....etc) is it possible with Mac OS X Server or not ?

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Migrate Local User Profile To Active Directory User Profile

Mar 22, 2012

I have Macmini 2.1 2007 year

After install 4 GB RAM (work only 3 GB) i install MAC OS X 10.7.3

Now i joined Macmini to Domain Active Directory 2008 R2. Joined via standard tools.

Macmini have a local user.

How i can migrate all settings, all data local user to Domain user? 

When i used MAC OS X 10.6.8 i can joined to Domain via Likewise Open, and after i can use Likewise tools for migrate.

But now, in MAC OS X 10.7.3 i can't joined to domain via Likewise... and use migrate tools. 

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Computer Id In File Sharing Is The Old One Before Joined Windows Domain?

May 24, 2012

I just installed Lion 10.7.4 named my computer "fx6800". Then I joined my Windows 2003 Server domain with no problems. After that I could not log on to domain with one of my windows 7 machines because it had the same computer ID. Ok no problem I re joined the domain and re binded with the Win 7 machine and then un binded my Mac Lion machine then re-binded with a different computer ID. No problem both machines can log on to AD with separate computer accounts. Then I notice when I opened terminal it was showing the old computer ID. No problem I fixed it With sudo scutil --set HostName "new host name".  

Then when I go to select file sharing in the description to the right under File Sharing On: it shows the path to tha machine is fx6800.domainname.local which is the original computer ID. Also when I select remote login and I believe it shows username@fx6800.domainname.local. I have searched for 2 days and have not come up with anything. I am sure if I reinstall everything it should fix it but I would like to save the time.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: 10.5 System - Partition Inactive - Make Active Again?

Mar 10, 2009

I am using an EXTERNAL seagate 250gb drive formatted with the apple partition map on a osx10.4 system with no problems (intel based). I then plugged it into a 10.5 system (ppc system), it displayed some message which I ignored, perhaps to my peril, and began to backup some files and the transfer was moving quite slow. The drive was unplugged before the transfer was completed. I now try to use the drive on my 10.4 system and even-though the partition is still visible (in disk utility) it is not active (the drive is in black font but the partition is in grey font). Did the 10.5 system possibly make the partition inactive, if so how to do i make it active again? When I attempt to verify the disk, it reports that there is an "INVALID SIBLING LINK" and tells me that the volume needs repair. I try to repair the disc and it fails "INVALID SIBLING LINK" and the "THE UNDERLYING TASK REPORTED FAILURE ON EXIT" I would really like not to have to take this to a data recovery service and I am not tech challenged so I don't think I need to do this as the Hdd didn't fail, I hope.

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Mac Mini :: 64bit Active In System Profiler

Jun 30, 2010

Just tried holding 6 & 4 on my mini during boot-up, it took a little longer to boot the first time (building cache?) and when I checked the system profiler, 64-bit was active!

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OS X :: Directory Utility And Directory App In Snow Leopard?

Jun 22, 2009

Couldn't find it anywhere! Did Apple take this off on purpose? Are they planning something new?

And also something to mention, Server Admin 10.5.6 and Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 DOES NOT WORK on Snow Leopard. The only way to manage my Server is to use Screen Sharing app <-- IT SUCK.

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Mac Mini :: Is My System The Main Computer

Sep 19, 2009

is it your main computer? Many people just have them as a media center, but I use mine as my main computer. I wonder who else uses their Mac Mini as their main computer. Also, what monitor or TV do you have it connected too?

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Software :: Two System Crashes - Need To Restart Computer

Sep 30, 2009

I just rebooted my iMac for the second time after getting a system crash (the grey box on the screen that says, "You need to restart your computer..."). After I held the power button, and turned it back on, this message popped up AGAIN, but this time while it was still on the white screen.

Two system crashes... in a row?
-once while using the computer
-again while restarting it

Why did this happen twice? Overall I've noticed my iMac has been sluggish since installing Snow Leopard. I realized it happens whenever I plug in my Line6 TonePort (which is a USB device which switches the audio to go to my speakers via 1/4" outputs). I don't understand why this is suddenly causing the problem, it's been working fine for the last 2 years.

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Intel Mac :: Convert Old Computer With OS 9 Operating System?

May 29, 2012

how I can convert my old IMAC from "dial up" to go on the internet as high speed? I have an ISP provider for a more modern computer that I own, but I really would like to use my old IMAC on the internet as well? How can I make it compatible with high speed internet? If I try to go on line, the internal modem "dials up". How can I change that and cause it to communicate with my external high speed modem?

iMac, Mac OS 9.0.x, it is programmed for dial

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Intel Mac :: Restart Computer With A System Disc?

Jun 26, 2012

I have to repair an external hard drive and disc utility said to restart my computer wit the system disc and thenrepair the disc. Iforget how to do that. I insert the USC and then hold down some keys I believe, but not sure.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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