Laptops :: Erasing IBook G4 Laptop - Information On Newer IMac For Synchronizing Two Computers?

Jun 29, 2010

I have an old iBook G4 laptop and a newer iMac (OS 10.5.8). Since getting the iMac, I've neglected the laptop and so the info on it is old. I would like to synchronize these two computers and bring the laptop up to date with the iMac. Basically, I'd like to erase the laptop and then have it be a copy of the iMac. Given that I'm not very techie, how do I do this please?! And how long would it take? Thanks for any help.

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Laptops :: Erasing Hardrive On IBook Without Reinstallation / CD Drive Not Working?

May 14, 2010

I have an old iBook that I just want to completely wipe clean and install windows XP on (I know...blaspheme). Before people start questioning why I would do such a's only because I need the laptop for DJing in which I have an external sound card that only works with Windows. The main problem is that the CD drive doesn't work so I am uncertain how to go about erasing my hard drive and installing XP via USB.

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Applications :: Synchronizing Adobe Lightroom On Two Computers?

May 11, 2009

I am looking for a way of synchronizing my Adobe Lightroom on two different computers - a desktop and laptop. I use Apple Mac computers. Is there a way of doing this? Can you do it in Lightroom itself, or would File Synchronizing software such as Super Flexible Synchronizer

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OS X :: Synchronizing Desktop With Laptop

Mar 16, 2009

Did a search about synchronizing and the existing threads are a bit old, so I'd like to reopen the discussion. Here's the situation: I would like to have a setup where my Macbook Pro is completely in sync with my Mac Mini. Emails, files, settings, favorites, etc. Ideally, I want complete transparency in that I can work on stuff on my laptop, shut it down, come home and sit down at my Mini and be completely ready to continue working.

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OS X :: Erasing All Information On Macbook

Jun 15, 2009

putting my Macbook up for sale and was wondering if there's a quick way of returning the Mac to the settings when it was new?

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ITunes :: De-authorize 3 Computers From It Without Erasing My Music Library?

Jul 4, 2012

What is deauthorizing computers with i-tunes and not losing my music library; it is what the dialog box states when it pops up?

Info:iMac, iOS 5.1.1

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ITunes :: Update On MAC (laptop) To The Newer Version?

Jun 18, 2012

Im trying to update my ITunes on my MAC (laptop) to the newer version so I can then be able to update the latest updates for my Iphone-3G. I don’t require a complete reinstall just need to be able to update my itunes.  

What I have tried so far is I had my MAC search for update’s and it said that I should update to (ITunes version  10 . 6 . 3 ) So I asked it to do the update but after 2hrs of waiting for it to download/update it then puts up a message saying the following- (In order to continue installation, please close the following application: ITunes).  

When I tried to do this another message comes up that says- (The update ITunes can’t be installed. The following install step failed: run preupgrade script for Apple mobile device support. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)  

I have also tried to run the update while having closed ITunes before I even start the update but the same problem happens after waiting about 2hrs.

Some one that had the same problem said this might be happening in the older operating systems. But that does not make sense because surely Apple want customers who own a MAC and i-phone to still buy from iTunes.

My MAC is about 4-5years old. I have a i-phone.3G,   

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PowerPC :: Would I Be Nuts To Switch From A Newer Desktop PC To My Old IBook G4

Oct 27, 2007

I had bought an iBook G4 back in July of 2005 and that ended up being my main machine for about a year. I had to switch back to Windows since so much software that I needed only ran on Windows and it just made more sense. Just this past February I replaced that machine since it was having some serious issues and wasn't worth the time or money to troubleshoot. The machine I have now has an Athlon64 x2 4200+, 1GB RAM, a 320GB hard disk, the standard DVD writer, and I installed a GeForce 7600GT 256MB video card in it. The iBook has a 1.2GHz G4, 1.25GB RAM, a 60GB hard disk, and a combo drive. I have a 160GB external hard disk and a DVD writer to hook up to it.

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MacBook Pro :: Transfer My Information From Laptop To It?

Jul 3, 2012

I recently bought a new Macbook Pro Retina and I need to transfer the data on my old Sony Vaio.

Info:MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)

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MacBook Pro :: Synchronizing Files Between It And IMac

Mar 25, 2012

I have a 6 year old Macbook Pro. It has a number of files in the Documents folder which are unique.  I want to sell it but before I do so I want to transfer just the unique files across to my iMac.  Is there software that will let me do this?  The documents directory is 15 GB in size.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Laptops :: Can G3 Laptop Boot Off A USB Port

Feb 28, 2010

I'm considering buying an old G3 500 Mhz laptop. Seller says it can't boot by itself, either through its own hard drive or an OS Panther installer in the cd drive. It does give the welcome chime but the screen then displays the folder with the question mark. So it's either the hard drive or the logic board. Anybody try to boot off the cd thru an external cd drive (with its own external power supply)? There is no firewire port on this model. Yeah I know I'm supposed to press the option key before the welcome chime.

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Laptops :: Connecting Macbook Laptop To A Projector?

Aug 24, 2010

I am having problems displaying my presentation through the projector system.

I have the DVI connector for the macbook 08, connected to "InFocus" projector, I setup the display monitor, turned on the mirroring and I just get my laptop screen to display.

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OS X :: Time Machine Backup Will Restore The New Laptop With All The Old Laptops Files?

Mar 17, 2009

apple is sending me a replacement UMBP. I'm keeping the current one until the replacement arrives and then using a time machine backup on the new one. My time machine backup will restore the new laptop with all the old laptops files, programs, preferences, emails, everything as the old laptop's drive was without having to reinstall everything? Correct?I guess I could always swap drives as well, that might be quicker.

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Desktops :: Change Administrator Information On IBook G4?

Jun 10, 2010

I just inherited an iBook G4 from a friend and would like to change is ownership/administrator information to my own.

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Laptops :: IBook G4 Display Goes Dark

Aug 11, 2009

I have an iBook (OSX 10.3.9)that's been great for the last couple of years. However the last week or so the screen goes dark for no apparent reason. You can still see through enough to fiddle around and hit shut down...and after it shuts down, and I restart seems normal...that is until the next time. It's happened about 4 times in the last three days. A couple of times on battery and once plugged in I think. It's like it goes to sleep but you can't hit the space bar to wake up. Also seems like maybe an energy saving deal gone awry.

Now for info that may be pertinent: I dropped this laptop(in it's case) about a year ago. Holy crap..all docs would only read in magenta. No black no color only magenta and a "photograph negative" looking image for background or any graphic. I was sure it was dead duck and fried but kept trying it periodically. After about a month, after giving up...I turned it on and it was if nothing was wrong. Weirdest deal. It's been fine ever since.

I thought perhaps I was too lucky...and assume this may be a result of that fall.

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Laptops :: Ibook G4 Won't Connect To Internet

Nov 13, 2009

my mother with her ibook g4. She lives next door in a side by side house and gets her internet from our dlink router. The signal seems to be working as my wife's laptop gets the internet in our house. My mother has a dlink booster in her house that seems to be getting the signal as its light is flickering which means it's working. Her ibook seems to be getting the signal as all bars on top are black. When trying safari or mail an error shows that the server can't be found.

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Laptops :: How To Reformat IBook To Reinstall OS X 3.9

Feb 17, 2010

Someone has suggested that I reformat my system to help eliminate problems with my version update. I have an ibook G3 128+512 mg ram 900 mhz white case 12' It had a Mac osX 2.8 verion. I updated to Mac OS X 3.9. I have had problems ever since with firefox versions not working and crashing. I have not been able to use flash or adobe flash because they won;t load. Flash or adobe flash won't load on Safari, either. How do I a reformat. Will this erase my hard drive. Is this the same as a clean install.

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Laptops :: Is It Possible To Speed Up IBook Video

Apr 15, 2010

I've got an iBook G4, 1.2 GHz, OS 10.4.11, 125 gb HD, 1.2 GB RAM, usual 32 MB vram.Thing is, the video speed isn't quite what it used to be. YouTube vids used to run just fine, about 2-3 years ago. Now, of course, it's choppy at best. Ditto Hulu and pretty much any other online video.

I seem to recall something from years and years ago, back in the Classic days, of how you could let the graphics use regular RAM to supplement the vram, something like that - the end result being that it would play smoother than before, kind of a speed bump for the video.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Transferring Files From Older IMac To Newer IMac?

May 3, 2012

Have a new (for me) iMac and need to transfer all 10.4 files including mail, etc.from an older iMac to my newer one whioch is running 10.6. 

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Laptops :: Fix IBook Blank Screen With Heatsink Fin

Jan 16, 2009

I'm trying to fix the blank screen but I don't want to use any heat. I found this method. This is the only one I found that didn't use a blow torch or such. [URL] Do any of you know where I can get a heatsink like that or if just the fins are available anywhere? I'm not sure what to search for when I do it online and I tried different variations but all the heatsinks I find have fans. I don't want to spend more than I have to since I don't need the fan. I also don't really want to buy online unless I can't find it in a retailer.

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Laptops :: Replace IBook G4 LCD Screen With PowerBook G3?

May 15, 2009

I have an iBook G4 (14-inch screen, 1.42 Ghz.) and it has a cracked screen. I also have a PowerBook G3 PDQ (14-inch screen, 233Mhz.) with a good screen. Question: Can you swap the screens even if they were made 7ish years apart?

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Laptops :: Ibook G4 - Fan Runs And Black Screen

Jan 7, 2010

My ibook G4 turned itself off and when I tried to power it up the fan turns vigorously while the screen stays black. Thats it.

Prior to this I was doing some pretty heavy music importing and during that time the fan was going nuts (I then stopped importing)...also while it was charging it the past few nights the light on the connector would go out and it stopped charging while it was still plugged in. This was the first time it happened and it happened 2-3 times.

Like for most people my entire life is on that computer along with a very important document that I need to access ASAP. What could be the issue...not the logic board!

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Laptops :: G4 Ibook Charger Stopped Working

Feb 2, 2010

I have a 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 (1.2) version 10.4.11 ibook that was purchased in May or June of 2005. Lately, out of the blue, the power chord has stopped working.
The light that indicates the computer is charging goes on for a second and then promptly turns off and stays off; the laptop is then running on battery power; it is almost dead.
When it tries to connect (before turning off) it makes a sound like a lightbulb that is flickering and trying not to die.

This could be an outlet problem, I suppose (I will have my dorm check on that), but think it might have gotten fried when I was home for christmas because our house has ancient outlets and I usually have to use the two prong adapter there.

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Laptops :: Unable To Know About Screen Resolution On Old IBook

Mar 16, 2010

I have an old iBook graphite SE (466MHz G3 320RAM), which I haven't used for quite a while. I have loaded 10.3.9 on to it and it's working fine.

The only problem I have is that the screen wont display the the full width of a page when I am using Safari (1.3.1), I have to scroll from left to right to see everything, (screen set to 800X600). Other applications seem to be ok. I realise that it's all pretty old stuff but can it be fixed?

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Laptops :: Using Connecting IBook G4 Wirelessly To DSL Modem?

Mar 23, 2010

I recently changed providers and started DSL. I have a modem with built-in wireless capabilities. Set it up for my desktop (wired) and all worked well. My son has an iBook G4 running 10.4.11 - same as my desktop. It has an Airport card in it so we figured he should be able to connect to the modem wirelessly. Set it up and it worked well for one day. Following day it would not connect.

I set up the wireless connection with WPA-PSK selected and channel 9 selected. Made sure the iBook was set the same. When prompted for the password we get an error message stating there is an "error" connecting to the modem. Using the set up assistant for the Airport card yielded no change.

Today we turned off the WPA-PSK and he can connect with no problem. I'm not entirely comfortable with WPA shut off. I read something that implied the password needs to be a certain length to work for some settings - notably WEP. I used an 8 character password for the PSK.

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Laptops :: Mac G4 IBook Not Boot Up Black Screen

Jun 25, 2010

I just had a quick power interruption for about a second while I was using my laptop. The laptop shut down and will not boot up. The screen is black. Any ideas on what is the problem?

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Laptops :: Ibook Wont Turn On And Cannot Switch?

Dec 8, 2010

my ibook wont turn on ?Sometimes it does, often not.Is it the switch on the top panel as when it does start-up it works fine

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Laptops :: IBook G4 Black Screen Fan Spins At Start Up

Nov 23, 2009

Does not boot, I hear chimes, fan spins black screen.

Tried to reboot with OSX disc holding c. I'm lucky I got my disk out?

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Laptops :: IBook G4 Black Screen Except For When In Target Mode

Sep 11, 2010

1st time posting to this forum. My iBook G4's (1.2 Ghz) screen flashes grey/white for a brief second upon startup and then remains black. No ghosting at all... simply black screen though computer is running fine. Later, I decided to connect it to my desktop Mac and restart it in Target mode, and was surprised to see the standard blue screen with moving Firewire logo screensaver on my iBook's screen - no different than anytime before when I've booted in Target Mode.

I ran Diskwarrior on my iBook's HD from my Mac desktop and all was clean so not a HD problem. Btw, I used SuperDuper to copy my iBook's HD to Disk Image for backup.

With some semi-calculated guessing on my part, I had come to the conclusion - prior to seeing the Target Mode screensaver on my laptop's screen - that the LCD screen had gone bad. As a result of what may have been flawed reasoning on my part, I purchased a used replacement screen off eBay from a reputable seller. I will be getting that replacement screen in a few days (including working inverter board).

My question here is can the LCD screen actually be bad and need replacing IF the Target Mode screensaver works beautifully on it? And the follow-up question is if it's not a bad LCD screen, what might the more likely problem be? It doesn't seem like it would be a backlight problem because moving yellow/orange Firewire logo of the screensaver looks fine.

A couple of things probably worth noting here:

Earlier before first experiencing my black screen issue, the power cord was accidentally jerked by a passing foot when laptop was on floor. It was enough of a jerking motion to move the laptop's position on the carpet but I didn't think it was that bad at the time... now wondering if something may have been pulled loose inside.

As those familiar with the iBook will know, the power connector light is orange when computer is turned off and it's also orange when laptop is in Target Mode (with the screen seeming to work correctly). However, when not in Target Mode and turned on with screen black, the power connector light is green as it normally would be. Is it possible the screen is powered via Firewire port when in Target Mode and therefore bypassing some screen power situation via the power connector? Obviously the power connector must be working if i'm able to power up the iBook without the battery installed.

Now for the other bit of info which seems important to me and I'm embarrassed to even admit to here.. Just prior to experiencing my black screen problem, i was plugging my power connector into an electrical outlet near where I was going to use my iBook... In the past, I have always done that PRIOR to plugging the power cord into my iBook. Regrettably, that time I already had the power connector plugged into my iBook. While attempting to plug the connector into the electrical outlet, the prongs did not easily slide into the outlet and I heard some popping sounds which didn't seem too bad at the time. But it was immediately after that when my iBook's screen failed to start up.

Thanking anyone in advance who may be able to offer up some expertise regarding my situation. Also I should say that I am running OS 10.5.8 on my iBook. I realize the easiest thing for me to do to get this matter resolved would be to simply take the unit into a local service center for repair... but the value of the iBook at this point wouldn't be worth spending a large sum of money for repairs I likely can do on my on. Over the years, I've learned how to follow direction pretty well when it comes to replacing defective items inside my desktop computers, so I'm not terrified of doing same with my iBook.

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Laptops :: IBook Screen Display Is Grainy And Difficult To Read?

Aug 14, 2009

have an iBook 12" the screen and the screen is very grainy, disintergrated image and text?Loads up perfectly and functions are all good , just hard to read the vague image.Any clues?Supposedly it has had the motherboard replaced by the dealer who said it is the screen. But not sure if i can believe this.

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