Hardware :: How To Open Apple Wired Keyboard To Clean (Spilt Coffee)

Sep 10, 2010

Any advice/links re how to open up the Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad? Spilt some coffee and some of the keys aren't working properly. Link to the Keyboard I'm Talking About

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MacBook :: Spilt Apple Juice Over Keyboard - Buttons Sticky

Mar 2, 2009

So I spilt a cup of apple juice over my Alum. Macbook and it seemed fine at the time after I tried to dry it. But now around 5 or 6 of the keys are really sticky, and take a while for them 'rise' again after being pressed. Has anyone got any tips on how to clean the keyboard properly? Or should I just take it into Apple?

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Hardware :: How To Use Home End Key On New Wired Apple Keyboard In XP

May 21, 2009

Now i use the macbook with XP

i got the new apple non numpad wired keyboard today i found i can't use Fn + <- for Home Key like my macbook.

i must config something before use ? how i can config it?

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Wired Keyboard - Differences Between One With And Without Number Pad

Sep 1, 2009

I want to get the apple wired keyboard (not the wireless), but I'm undecided on which version. Is the shorter wired version a lot more cramped than the longer one, in respect to the majorily used keys, or is the spacing the same between the characters for both keyboards. I never use a num pad normally and would like to free up a little space on my desk, but I'm worried that the rest of the keys will be more cramped and uncomfortable to type on.

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Intel Mac :: Apple Wired Keyboard Drops Out Of Control

Jan 31, 2012

A number of times now my Apple brand Wired Keyboard has droped out of control. The letter keys work fine, but things like enter, return, the volume keys and more everything in that line will not operate. OF course, then waking it up from sleep becomes a problem and to get that back or any of the usual control I need to restart.

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Mac Pro :: Reinstall Updated Drivers For My Apple Wired Keyboard?

May 29, 2012

I have a Macpro 1.1 running Lion 10.7.4 and I the apple wired keyboard with numeric keypad that isn't working. I am looking for the updated drivers to reinstall.

Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Hardware :: Magic Trackpad Sits Next To The Wired Keyboard From Apple?

Jul 31, 2010

Does anyone have any idea / images of how the magic trackpad sits next to the Wired keyboard from Apple. It looks by the images that the wireless keyboard is slightly more angled than the wired version. Just wondered if anyone has any pictures of how the trackpad sits next to the wired keyboard?

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Intel Mac :: Apple Wired Keyboard Allegedly Drawing Too Much Power

Mar 13, 2012

Whilst working on my iMac as per normal, I get this little window that pops up declaring that a USB decice is drawing too much power from my computer and as as a result, one or more of my USB devices has been disabled. 

This is not an alien dialogue box to me, I have seen it many times. The problem this time is that, when I removed all my devices to see which one was causing the message to pop up, I discovered that it was my keyboard that was misbehaving. 

When the message pops up it states that the offending device has been disabled. This cannot be the case however, as I am able to press enter to close it, and if the keyboard truly is the problem then I shouldn't be able to close it with enter because it would have been disabled... right? 

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My keyboard is the standard wired + number pad one shipped free with new iMacs. It's not a custom one, it's apple stock through and through.  

The baffling thing is that this has only just occured. In the year or two since I bought my iMac it's never been a problem.  

Yes I have tried using a different USB slot, and no that doesn't fix it.  

This box keeps popping up unless I disconnect my keyboard which of course is no way to use the computer, and I don't have a spare keyboard handy.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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Intel Mac :: Clean The Keys On An Apple Keyboard?

Jun 14, 2012

how to clean the keys on an Apple keyboard?

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MacBook Pro :: Spilt Water On Keyboard - Backlit Not Working

Dec 11, 2009

This is the damage. Everything works expect the backlit keyboards. How much would a repair cost?

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MacBook Pro :: Spilt Tea - Right Side Of Keyboard Not Light Up Brightly

Jul 31, 2010

A few days ago I knocked over my tea on my new MacBook Pro. (I bought it less that 2 months ago.) I quickly soaked it up, blew a lot out with compressed air, and turned it upside down to let it dry. When I turned it back on I noticed a few keys were sticking. I did my research and one suggestion said to put a drop of water and/or alcohol on the key and just work with it. I know this may sound stupid, but I felt more comfortable with this than to start trying to remove keys. I dried it again and everything seems to be in working order.

All the keys work, and as far as I can tell the internal is okay (unless the sugar/tea is slowly eating away at it, which just makes me sick to think about). The right side of my keyboard, where my tea was spilt, doesn't light up as bright as the left. Is that because I damaged the light, or the tea stained the keys a different color. Does this mean I'm going to have to remove keys to get it clean anyways? Or should I just count my blessings, ignore it, and never drink near my Mac again?

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MacBook :: Keyboard Damaged After Coffee Spill?

Apr 30, 2012

I spilled coffee on my macbook about a month ago and put it into a bag of rice for a week to try and get the moisture out.. but it had been turned on for a while after it was spilled, so had already done some damage. Basically, the hard drive seems to be completely in tact: all of my files are still there, unharmed, and the screen works perfectly.Only a few of the keys on the keyboard, however, work... basically just the top row, space bar, and enter keys. Also, the mouse pad stll works to move your finger around on, but every time i click with it it acts as if the CONTROL key is being pressed down, and therefore uses a "right-click" function rather than a normal click! this is ok for opening some things?I sm a broke student and am trying to work out how to fix this with the least money possible.. have seen online that you can buy an entire top case for the mac and replace that (my house mates are fairly computer savvy and would be able to d that for me)... but how do i know if this will fix it? could it be something with the logic board instead?  

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Laptops :: Spilled Coffee On Keyboard Wont Start

Aug 12, 2010

1...spilled coffee on keyboard

2...let the thing dry out

3...wouldn't start or even light power light

4...took apart and cleaned off coffee from circuit board with isopropal alch and tooth brush and let dry

5...eureka...IT LIVES

6...after 1/2 hour died again

7...next day...works for 20 minutes and dies

what should i do...is there a log that will tell me the why it is failing?

might it self heal?

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OS X :: Spilled Coffee On Keyboard - Not All Keys Behaving Correctly

Feb 18, 2010

I just spillt my coffee on my macbook keyboard. The spill was localized to my keyboard, fortunately, and no other components were affectes, which is great. All my letters and numbers are 100% there. Some of my punctuation is a bit off - my apostrophes become semicolons, for example, I don:t know what to do. I:ve also got a bunch of other odd problems going on but only when holding down shift. I removed my ram and reinstalled it as part of my clean. Because a lot of my punctuation issues only occur with modifier keys, I think I might have broken something during the deep clean )I was messing with RAM, etc...0 but I:m not to experiences with hardware repair.

What should i do??? Do you think it really is software and updating my keyboard firmware will do good? should I go to iFixIt and pick up a new keyboard? given a guide, I could do the repair myself if it comes to it.My backup plan is to do a full heart transplant - pull the HD and put it in another computer. I love my alumium macbook though, and I hope it doesn:t come to that.

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OS X :: When I Open Java Site It Just Comes Up With A Coffee Cup?

Feb 15, 2009

whenever I open either of my web brousers (safari, firefox, opera) and I open any java site then it just comes up with a picture of a coffee cup. In all the browsers java ais enabled and it is definately installed.

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Hardware :: Unable To Use A Wired Keyboard To Set Up A Wireless Keyboard

Apr 4, 2009

I've just bought a Mac mini to use as a media centre, and I picked up the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse while I was at it. It wasn't until I got home that I read the "requirements" section on the side of the mouse and keyboard boxes, where it states that an existing keyboard and mouse are needed for setup.

I have a USB mouse, but no keyboard (my other Mac is a MBP), and nowhere to borrow one from (all my friends have laptops).

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MacBook Pro :: Dropped Coffee Now Keyboard Broken And Trackpad Sticky

Jan 7, 2011

I had a bit of an accident and dropped some coffee on my Macbook Pro 13" Unibody. It's been about a week, I didn't touch anything because I wanted it to dry but it seems something went wrong and the keyboard just won't work anymore. The backlight still works and the trackpad still works too, although it has gotten a bit sticky (like the keyboard). I didn't have AppleCare for this computer, and am still in my first year of warranty.

Is there any chance that I could work out a deal with Apple about buying AppleCare and them fixing this? Considering AppleCare would be 219.99 since I am a full-time student, this would be a way better deal for me then having to pay for the Uppercase (which, as it seems, is the only way to fix my keyboard) which starts at around 280$, plus labour (which I would do myself). Otherwise, does anyone know a good website for refurbished parts for Macbook Pro (in my case, the Upper case with keyboard and trackpad)?

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MacBook Air :: Spilled Coffee On The Keyboard And Wont Accept Password

May 4, 2008

Brand new macbook air. Got a coffee spill on it.

Immediately shut it off and cleaned what I could up, but some coffee got in the keys on the right hand side.

So now, when booting, there is no 'BONG' start up. It asks for a password to login, but it won't accept the right password (like the keys are pressing the wrong buttons) - pressing the 'enter' key during this process puts a character up in the password screen like a different key is being pressed.

Can't log into it. Haven't disassembled it yet to see what I can see, but looking for advice. My wife just bought this for her business (first nice thing she's ever bought herself) and is mortified to have spilled coffee in it after only 4 days.

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MacBook :: Coffee Spill - Still Turns On, But Mouse And Keyboard Are Faulty

Apr 26, 2009

I recently spilled a little bit of coffee on the corner of my MacBook. It didn't get past the F key and only was about three rows of keys. Less than 1/8 cup.

I immediately pulled the power plug and turned it off.

I left it to dry for a day upside down and turned it on. Everything seemed fine, except that after a little while the mouse started to right click on its own and when I typed, it was a combination of letters and numbers.

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Hardware :: Wired Or Wireless Keyboard - How To Know About It

Jul 24, 2009

Along with a first mac mouse, I am also looking to buy a keyboard for my MBP for use at home when connected to the 24" screen.

The big question is however, the small wireless or the fullsized wired apple keyboard?

Are therer any issues with the bluetooth connection? Like, does the MPB need to have booted completely before it is "active" or will it be active from the boot chime? (this could be usefull when needing to boot into bootcamp )

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Power Mac :: New Wired Keyboard Will Not Work?

Mar 4, 2012

I just purchased a brand new wired keyboard from apple for my imac G5, I was told it would work with what i have running, leopard. I followed instructions, plugged in

and checked for upadates, there was none, but the volume button is not regonized, the volume button instread brings on gadgets, or make the gadgets leave, in other words, some keys work for something else, or not work at all.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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Hardware :: Wired Keyboard With Keypad Is Not Flat - How To Fix It

Mar 28, 2009

Just bought a new wired keyboard with numberic keypad. It isn't flat and wobbles anytime I use the keypad, arrows, and even delete/backspace.

I know that the keyboard has received mixed reviews in regards to manufacturing and quality but has anyone else had this problem?

Want to know if I have a good chance of having the same problem if I return it and try another one.

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Hardware :: Spacebar Goes CLUNK On New Mac Wired Keyboard?

Jan 22, 2010

I've just purchased a wired Apple keyboard for my mac mini. I'm moving from el cheapo to the wired keyboard.Its nice, the keys are silent but the space bar produces a clunk sound when depressed.Is that normal? As the other keys are silent.

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Hardware :: Wired Slim Keyboard Dont Work With PS3

Dec 22, 2008

I have the Wired Apple Keyboard and I'm wondering why it wont work with my PS3? People say it works with it but its a no go for me.

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IMac :: Wireless Keyboard And Wired Mouse Sometimes Not Working?

Apr 11, 2010

I've had my imac for over a year and a half now with no troubles. But, the last couple of weeks my wireless keyboard has not been working. A message pops up saying that the connection has been lost. Then, the wired mouse moves around....but won't select or highlight anything...the 'click' doesn't work. Then all of a sudden everything goes back to normal.

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Hardware :: Number Pad Not Working On Aluminum Wired Keyboard?

May 1, 2009

My number pad hasn't been working lately. It looks like some kind of setting has taken effect and I'm not sure how to fix it. For example, my numbers are now directional movements for my cursor: 2 moves it down, 4 moves it left, 6 moves it right, 8 moves it up, and 1, 3, 7, and 9 move my cursor diagonally. My Logitech MX Laser mouse works fine but somehow clicking gets disabled. I have a feeling these problems are related somewhere.

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IMac :: Went Back To Wired Keyboard - USB Ports Not Easily Accessible

Dec 13, 2010

Last month, I upgraded to the new 21.5 inch IMac from an older IMac and I really have loved the cpu/gpu improvements. However, I have never liked the bluetooth keyboard - namely, the lack of easily accessible usb ports. Not having those two usb ports on the keyboard is equivalent to the old-style pc towers that had the usb ports only in the back. It just doesn't make sense. With the bluetooth keyboard, I found myself always reaching around to the back of the imac body. So I went back to the wired keyboard.

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MacBook Pro :: External Display And Wired Keyboard - Brightness Keys?

Oct 18, 2009

I use my MBP hooked up to an NEC display with an Apple wired keyboard. Is there any way to have the F1/F2 keys still control the brightness on the MBP display? They currently don't do anything.

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IMac :: Finding Wireless Keyboard More Cramped Than The Wired With Number Pad?

Nov 9, 2009

Are the keys on the new wireless keyboard (late 2009) more cramped and smaller than on the wired keyboard, or is the only difference between the two the addition of the number pad?

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Mac Mini :: After Last Update Wired Keyboard Fails - No Longer Responds

Apr 2, 2012

I have a Mac mini (~2008) running Snow Leopard.I updated my software today (haven't done this in probably several months) and immediately afterword, my Apple aluminum wired keyboard no longer responds. (The mouse when attached through the keyboard also no longer responds.)However, the keyboard still functions just fine on a separate MacBook Pro that I have, it just won't work on the Mac Mini. (I tried different USB ports with no difference.)

I wasn't smart enough to write down what upgrades actually occurred prior to my last update, but there were only 4 items (I think one was Safari, one was iTunes).If there are no better ideas, I guess I will have to try a system restore from Time Machine which predates my latest bad "update". I'd rather not have to go there if I don't have to.

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