Applications :: Fastest / Lightest Office Suite?

Dec 30, 2010

i have mbp13 2.4ghz 4gb ram (mid-2010), open office runs very slowly when i'm using few apps at the same time (few ff tabs and such),

what is the best solution for me? which office suite is the fastest and the lightest?

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OS X :: Finding AIM/Office Suite For Panther 10.3?

Nov 29, 2008

As I have stated around for my forum posts, I'm going to be working on my cousin's laptop

She has an iBook g3, 10.3 Panther, 500mhz, 128MB RAM, 10 or 20 GB hard drive...

She really wants to use AIM on her laptop. My question for this is, has AOL come out with a download that supports Panther for IMing? I downloaded the latest release of their beta release for AIM for Mac, until I noticed it was for 10.4.9 or later.

Or... is iChat a better to use with Panther?

And now my next question is... she needs an office suite. Is there an iWork version that will work with Panther... or a Microsoft Office Suite for Panther? Or does [URL] have their suite for Macs too... I looked on their website and they do have a version... but I wasn't sure if it was compatible with her laptop.

I have tried finding disks to stick Tiger on her laptop... but I can't seem to find anything. Another bad thing about it is that she had no restore disks come with the laptop when she bought it off eBay... so if I did something and something gets stuck... I wouldn't be able to revert back.

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Software :: Finding Home Office Suite?

Jul 26, 2009

Which should I get? I am tempted to say "Apple!" but I might was well as use OpenOffice and live with its limitations if iWork doesn't provide better compatibility with Office.

I was also thinking of Office 2008 (Home/Student Edition), but I am not sure if it is worth it.

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Windows On Mac :: MS Office Suite - 2010 Via VMFusion 3.0 Or 2011?

Nov 7, 2010

I'm switching over to a MBP in a couple weeks after being a lifetime user of a Windows-based computer. I am an engineer and for the foreseeable future will be using a Windows-based computer, namely the Microsoft Office Suite. This might be a lame, but one of my biggest concerns is the transitioning process that I would have to go through to learn the new Mac Excel 2011. I know exactly where everything is the Windows version, but spent more time than I thought I would have to when I went to visit the Apple Store and played around with Mac's version of Excel.

The Microsoft-Apple designers definitely didn't have strict limitations on making the two versions to be close copies, in terms of table structures. In theory, I would like to use Window's Office 2010 on my new MBP instead of Mac Office 2011. However, I'm interested in hearing advice on why this might be a good or bad idea. Is there anybody else that chooses to do this, or are there gains by using Mac's Office software exclusively that I haven't considered.

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Software :: Microsoft Takes Aim At Google With Online Office Suite

Jul 13, 2009

Microsoft on Monday announced plans to begin widespread testing of a new version of its market-leading productivity suite for Windows PCs that will tie into a series of new Web-based Office applications similar to those offered by rival Google.

Presenting at its Worldwide Partner Conference 2009, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said it will soon invite tens of thousands of customers to start testing Microsoft Office 2010, which features broadcast and video editing in PowerPoint, new data visualization capabilities in Excel, and co-authoring in Word.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft also said it plans to take Office online, with a new series of free Office Web applications aimed at combating the encroachment on its space by arch rival Google, whose online document and spreadsheet applications have been growing in popularity.

The ad-supported web suite will reportedly be available to more than 400 million Windows Live consumers at no cost. It will also be accessible on-premises for all Office volume licensing customers and via Microsoft Online Services, where customers will be able to purchase a subscription as part of a hosted offering.

"Office Web Applications, the online companion to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications, allow you to access documents from anywhere. You can even simultaneously share and work on documents with others online," Microsoft says on its Office 2010 Technical Preview site. "View documents across PCs, mobile phones, and the Web without compromising document fidelity. Create new documents and do basic editing using the familiar Office interface."

Microsoft, which also announced that it is streamlining the number of Office editions from eight to five, said customers will be able to purchase the new suite sometime in the first half of next year. The company made no announcements related to future versions of Office for the Mac, which will more than likely also tie into the new Web-based suite once it materializes. [URL]

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Software :: Best Mac Office Suite Choices - Office08/NeoOffice3/iWork09

May 18, 2009

Since this is an often-asked question for switchers, I'll share my experience with Office suites on my Macbook Pro with Intel Duo 4GB Ram running 10.5.7.

I've gone back and forth. I currently have installed MS Office 2008, NeoOffice 3, and iWork 09.

Office 2008 opens the slowww-est of the 3 and can't open any macros contained in Excel sheets I email from my Windows counterpart at work. I have suspicion as to why the macros were taken out, but it's my conspiracy theory at best. M$ says they'll return the macros with the next Mac version of Office due in 2012-ish. Entourage 2008 is NOT a feature-for-feature match Outlook-clone and doesn't direct sync with iPhone..has to use iCal as a conduit and that is marginal at best. Forget integration with Google.

So far, the M$ Office 2008 software has had more support patches than any other software installed on my Mac. Regrettably, I have to open Word docs sent from my Windows work computer and even then, formatting doesn't stay the same. What's up with that?

Bottom line is, I've read other user recommend using MS Office 2004 for Mac since it does include the macro support for Excel.

NeoOffice 3 is a free derivative of the free OpenOffice 3 that was recently released and often has enhancements not found in OO3. NeoOffice has found a home in the Dock as I use it alot for home-base quick document or spreadsheet use. I like being able to create any type of document without having to open another program and can save my work in a default MS file-type(.docx, .xlsx, .doc) in case I need to email it to the office. I haven't tried the Presentation piece of this suite. There isn't an email client included in this Office suite.

Bottomline is, NeoOffice is a great piece of software and the free price tag shouldn't negate it's value. It's cross-compatible with M$ Office and adds a few tweaks that make it more Mac-friendly.

iWork 09 was recently purchased as part of the Mac Box set mainly because I wanted OSX 10.5.6(with all the updates) and iLife09 and it was cheaper to buy it this way. While I haven't tried out the more intense parts of iLife09, it shows great promise as I find myself using it more. You can export your documents into Word and it hits/misses being 100% perfectly imported into Word. I like the media integration and the ease of use of dragging and dropping, which is a core strength in Mac software altogether. I was up and running with Pages alot quicker than I had with Word or even the dreaded Word 2007 with its changed interface....another personal UGH! for me.

Bottomline here is, $79 is a great price for a suite that includes Pages(Word), Numbers(Excel), and KeyNote(PowerPoint) and integrated well with the Mac media suites. Apple seems committed to continue making iWork a viable work suite. I'm hopeful one day that Apple will merge iCal and Mail together so it can be an Outlook killer.

Overall, this one is a toughie. Most worksites use M$ Office and depending on how much work you want to put in so you can keep using an alternative, I'd recommend a combo of NeoOffice 3 and iWork. Heck, sometimes the Mac Office .doc and Windows Office .doc files don't import and display exactly anyway, so I would save the $150 and spend the $79 on iWork and add the free NeoOffice. Use Pages for your word processing and NeoOffice Spreadsheet for excel-type needs.

If you're just getting starting and on a budget(ahem, college students), NeoOffice is the way to go. Just plan to get iWork at some point.

As a "I have to say this".....if you have to work intensively with Word or Excel from the office and at home/on the road, then bite the big bullet and purchase a copy of Windows XP, Office 2007, Parallels 4.0 and install them. Not the most desirable option since it runs between $400-$800 to do this(depending on the version of Office08 you get), but it may be necessary if it's work-required. Or, choose to not do work at home.

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MacBook Pro :: What's The Smallest, Lightest Bag

Jul 23, 2009

I'd love to get a laptop bag that doesn't feel huge yet still offers good protection. I know there are a billion threads on the subject, but I've not seen one devoted to the search for a small 15 inch bag, so I'm throwing this out there.

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Applications :: Fastest RSS Reader?

Jan 29, 2009

I have around 10 RSS feeds, and have NewsFire set to update every 5 minutes, and it didn't seem to want to update all the RSS feeds. So I just cut it back to like every 30 minutes, and it still doesn't seem like it updates. Like it'll alert me with one update in about 2 hours, and then when I manually update it, like 20 things pop up!

I checked each site and they are all updating on the same time slot, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Is just 10 RSS feeds too many? That would seem weird to me...

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Applications :: Finding Utility Suite?

May 23, 2010

i have an older iMac that can run kinda slow at times I was wondering if anybody knew of any good utility suites for Mac

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Applications :: Which Ftp Has Fastest Download Upload Speeds

Dec 16, 2010

I am trying to find a ftp app that can download and upload as fast as possible which ftp app for mac is best for speed?

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Applications :: Whats The Best Fastest Torrent Software For Mac

Jul 9, 2007

The popular ones now (as i noticed) are :-



which is better?(if you tried them both!)

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OS X :: Transferring Applications From Old To New / Copy Adobe CS4 Suite

Sep 1, 2009

Is there a way to transfer applications from one mac to another? The Adobe CS4 suite is really what I'm trying to copy over.

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Applications :: Run CS3 Suite Strictly Off External Drive

Oct 12, 2009

Is it plausible to be running CS3 off of my external hard drive? I'm currently running Leopard(10.5.8) with 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 512 SDRAM with a baby sized hard drive of 60 GB along side my 250 GB USB WD Passport External. I understand the rights given by Adobe that I wont be able to run CS3 Suite on any other computer seeing as its registered to this one but its more or less just to save room on my internal drive.

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Applications :: Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS4

Oct 27, 2009

So I used to be a student when I had the last Creative Suite I bought, and am not now, although didn't have the chance to graduate so obviously the money isn't rolling in from designing (for the most part) and apparently this crap cost $1700? Anyways I suppose I understand the pricing, but would be unable to buy the $400 Student Edition so was wondering, would ebay be a good option? I found this:
and the guy seems to be legit but I am still weary about it. Also seems like the guy has a hard time selling them and was wondering if anyone has had any luck buying the stuff off of ebay?

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Applications :: Fastest Connection To Download Itunes

Nov 27, 2009

I'm downloading a movie on iTunes... and it's taking forever. Is this normal? I mean I may not have the fastest connection, but it's still DSL. experienced some slow downloads?

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Applications :: Finding Adobe CS4 Master Suite OS X?

Feb 8, 2010

Iv'e just installed Adobe CS4 Master Suite which installed fine. Then I entered a serial number followed by running a special script...

As soon as i installed the adobe updater kicked in saying there were rucks of updates, the big question is, can I update the apps, or will it mess the whole suite up?

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Applications :: Whats Fastest And Best Video Converter For Mac

Apr 13, 2010

Looking to encode all my video DVDs etc, for my library. I have an Apple TV, PS3, iMac (2Ghz Core 2 Duo) and iPhone. I have been using Handbrake which is great, use the Apple TV preset which plays on all the devices listed I have. However I'm just wondering if there is a paid for, or free program that is faster or better in any respect for converting? I know H264 is CPU intensive, so is Handbrake going to be the best and fastest anyway?

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Applications :: Adobe Creative Suite (Education Version)?

Jan 21, 2009

I'm a senior in college and am about to buy the 17" MBP. I also would like to buy the Adobe Web Premium CS4 software while I am still able to use my student discount. My question is, is the education version the same as the retail version? And when I eventually want to upgrade it (out of school) will I be able to? Also, will I be able to use the software for work once I graduate? I'm not really sure about all the details, but want to take advantage of the education discount while I still can.

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Applications :: Adobe Design Premium Or Master Suite?

Apr 10, 2009

I'm a college senior soon to be venturing out into the workforce in the fields of advertising and public relations. I love design and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Photoshop and InDesign - but plan on venturing more into web design and teaching myself how to make an awesome website. My school has really good discounts on Adobe software and so I'm torn over whether to purchase Design Premium at $300 or the Master Suite at $500.

I don't know how to use most of the extra tools in the Master Suite - but think that some of them could be good tools to learn. Those familiar with the software. I know this is a good deal. Should I go ahead and buy the whole package even if I'm not sure when I would use the extra features of the Master Suite?

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Applications :: Installing Office And Removing Office 2008?

Oct 27, 2010

Ready to install Office 2011 for Mac. Currently we are running Office 2008 for Mac.

What is the best way to eliminate Office 2008 and to ensure a clean Office 2011 install?

For most Mac programs, I would normally drag the application folder to the trash, and then do a library search for some entries related to the program. Will this work for Office 2008 to Office 2011? I ask because the M$ installers seem to more than simply add the app to your app folder and update the libraries - and don't get me started on the horrors of the Windoze registry errors.

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Applications :: Is Mac Version Of MS Office Is Incompatible With MS Office For Windows?

Jan 2, 2011

Somebody told me that Mac version of MS Office is incompatible with MS Office for Windows .

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Applications :: Office 2004 Versus Office 2008

May 31, 2010

So here is my dilemma. I got a letter a few days ago from the college I am going to, and it included a list of requirements if we were bringing our own computer. One of the requirements was if we had a Mac, to have Office 2008. I have talked to a friend who is replacing her current Macbook with another Macbook later in the summer, and we decided that when she bought her Macbook, that we could split the price of Microsoft Office for Mac 2008. Now, should I just go ahead and continue on with the plan with my friend, or what? Is there a huge difference in Office 2004 and Office 2008?

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Applications :: Iwork Office For Mac Or Open Office For Mac?

Feb 27, 2010

Whilst still waiting for the MBP refresh, I would like some advice on which office software you would recommend.

I have decided to convert from being a pc user to have a go with a mac as i have heard so much positive info about its OSX operating system.

I have many word files etc (obviosuly coming from a pc).

What would you recommend,

iwork (�55 pre installed)
office for mac (�?)
open office (free)

Which one if all of these will enable me to just plug in my usb stick and download all my word/ excel files and pictures without any issues and edit/ change/send again without any issues.

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Applications :: Office:Mac Versus Office - Windows And Camino Versus Firefox

Feb 14, 2009

I've heard Office:Mac isn't that great, and doesn't make up for what iWork 09 is missing. So I'm wondering what people think about it and why does it get such a bland reputation? Also, do people use a combination of the above? Such as iWork and Office:Windows? Both Offices? I do mainly word processing, some soft Excel work (no hardcore giant spreadsheets...yet), and general PowerPoints for presentations. I have access to cheap iWork/Offices (school discount) and a family pack of the top-level edition of Office:PC (family) so it isn't a big deal to get any of the above.

Lastly, what's the difference between Camino and Firefox? I use Firefox currently and love it, mainly due to the add-ons (weather at the bottom, Gmail alert, skins, page views, other customizations). Tabs seem to be on all browsers these days, so are there any other key differences?

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Applications :: Mac Office 2008 And Powerpoint Versus Office Powerpoint Compatability?

May 8, 2009

I'm sure most people suffer from this but here goes.

So I make a presentation on Mac Office powerpoint, everything is fine. I open it up at university on the PC, all is fine. I maybe change some text on a slide and save it again. Open the same file again on my Mac, and it won't open some silly error comes up saying trouble accessing file from mac HD.

Then luckily I have keynote, so I just open it in that and use that.

Point is why does this happen?? Whilst keynote is better, sometimes I have to edit things on a PC at work or uni and then it becomes a giant mess on my mac.

Is there a quick fix, or will I have to throw Mac Office into my growing pile of Microsoft related garbage.

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Mac Pro :: Finding Fastest Ram For A Mp 2,1?

Sep 2, 2009

I have a nice, to me, Mac Pro 2,1.

Id like to give it a boost..can I replace the 677Mhz ram with 800Mhz?

Im not sure what the fastest RAM the system can support/use well.

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OS X :: Using With Iremote Suite?

Jan 9, 2010

I'm new here . Anyways, an app called "iremote suite". I can't seem to run it on my mac! I have it on my ipod touch, but I can't find the app ANYWHERE on my mac. I am currently using an aluminum MacBook, with leopard 10.5.8. Is this happening to anyone else? I ran the installer many times, and used spotlight to search for it, but I cannot find it.

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Hardware :: Finding The FASTEST 128 GB SSD For My New MBP?

Sep 25, 2010

i just bought a refurb off apple store, MBP intel i7 2.66 15" (on it's way) .. comes with a 500 gb 5400 rpm drive. obviously, no option to configure a refurb...

I'm Thinking to get one of the following:

A) Kingston M-Series or V+
B) OCZ Vertex Pro or EX series
C) Crucial?

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Mac Pro :: Fastest Way To Share Big Files Between MP And MBP?

Dec 10, 2010

I'm wondering about the fastest way to share files (some of them large video files) between two Macs. One is a Mac Pro, the other a MacBook Pro.

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PowerPC :: Finding Fastest G4 Ever?

Sep 24, 2006

Ok I've looked around the net and the fastest dual G4 I see is a 1.8 GHZ upgrade to the 7447 chip that has 512KB of L2. I've seen a single 2.0GHZ g4 updrade but will we ever see a dual 2 GHZ g4? More importantly is freescale or whoever owns the chips now are going to make faster G4s for those still not willing to let go of their g4s (myself included going strong after 4 years) I would like to hold on to my dual 1.25GHZ longer but a 2HZ+ dual G4 seems promising for Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

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