Applications :: Parallels 5 Extremely Slow To Launch

Nov 16, 2009

Parallels 5 on 10.6.2 has been extremely slow to launch for me. The icon will bounce in the dock for about minute, then hang for another a minute or two, then finally launch. Tried reinstalling, repairing permissions, etc. However, it seems that disabling the spotlight fixes the issue, so it's apparently related to that...but I don't want to have to disable spotlight.

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Applications :: PS CS5 Extremely Slow On OS X?

Jul 9, 2010

I don't really know what is wrong, it's a fresh installation and it's just extremely laggy, liquify is slow as heck, drawing and doing anything is just choppy or buggy. Heck, my MB is more than decent for PS, so I don't know what is going on!

CS4 ran fine with no lag, and CS3 on my old p4 with 512mb ram runs smooth as silk with no lag, even when I use liquify, and even then it's only allowed to use 170mb of it.

I know this is a well known problem and I am not the only one, but I just wanted to know what exactly is the problem if anybody has managed to fix it, and a lot of the menu's and window structures are a bit off/messed up as well, it seems to me that a lot of unneeded yet subtle changes were made, and it's annoying as well.

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Applications :: Excel 2008 Extremely Slow At Plotting

May 20, 2008

I'm trying to use Excel 2008 (I wish I still had my old 2004 CD with me) to do some plotting and it's near impossible. I'm plotting spectrum data off of an optical spectrum analyzer, so we're talking some 3000 data points. I select the data, create a chart (annoying as hell in itself) and once the chart shows up I can't do anything without at least a 10-20second wait, I can't select an axis, move the chart, rename it or anything. Why is this so slow and is there anything I can do to speed things up? Doing such plotting using an old school Excel on an old computer running Windows 2000 was no problem at all.

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Applications :: Safari Has Been Acting Extremely Slow And Loading Webpages Weird?

Jun 1, 2009

Recently, Safari has been acting extremely slow and loading webpages weird.For example, when I went to MacRumors, I get this half-ass loaded version (see picture).

I have to reload it several times to get it to function correctly. I tried resetting Safari and emptying the cache but those did nothing.

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MacBook Pro :: Slow To Boot / Launch Applications?

Sep 30, 2010

I have had my mbp15 2.4ghz i5 wth the stock drive for some weeks now and overall am quite pleased with it. However I was expecting to be blown away by the speed of it since I am coming from a 1st gen eee and a dell optiplex gx270 2.0ghz p4 4x256mb ram from 2003 but I am not! In all honesty I must admit that I was expecting more, battery life is great and number crunching is far superior on this i5, but my P4 running Ubuntu 10.10 boots in around 17 seconds from cold start to gnome while the MBP15 with OSX 10.6.4 takes roughly a full minute for a full boot, that is around the same time my win7 boots and no where near ubuntu 10.10, is that normal?

Also I did a very scientifically sound experiment starting numerous apps like chrome, safari and opera. All of which take multiple 'bounces' to start where in ubuntu chromium starts near instantly. Of course I couldn't even begin to run adobe cs5 on the p4 or the eee, but in lighter apps there is hardly any difference. I know a sandforce SSD would make a world of difference here and it is on my wishlist for 2011, but even with a 2010 HDD I was expecting more compared to the 2003 dell.

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OS X :: Extremely Slow Start Up

Mar 21, 2009

my Mac's start up is fine, until I get the the window with the bar that says "OS X starting up". This is the *really* slow bit. I am grateful for the fact that my old Power Mac is yet still faster at starting than my PC, but it is a whole lot slower than it should be. When I say "should be", all the Macs at school, or at the apple shop barely show the start up bar window. Ok, granted that they are a great deal newer and faster, but after a clean install of OS X on my machine, that bar was there for a maximum of 5 seconds. Now it usually takes 20-30 seconds.

Right, on to the things I have already tried:
* Cleaning out login items
* Turning off auto login
* Checking all my fonts
* Disabling the unused fonts
* Cleaning cache files and restarting twice
* Unplugging all of my hardware, bar the monitor

Even after trying everything on this list, plus a few hundred restarts, it is still booting up slowly. Does anybody have anymore ideas? Also, if somebody could please let me know where the log for system start up is stored, I will look through it and post it. Also, I should note that I am running OS X 10.4.11 'Tiger'.

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MacBook Air :: Extremely Slow Internet On 11.6

Dec 18, 2010

So i just got my macbook air today, and im loving it. The only problem is that the internet on this thing is SLOW. I have pretty decent internet at home, both my pc and macbook pro (2007) is fine. But on the MBA, a normal website takes minutes before being completely loaded. I just tested all my computers on, and my mbp was able to get 11.86download and 0.84upload, while my MBA get 0.45download and 0.15upload Is anyone else getting this problem?

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OS X :: Mac Extremely Slow At Copying Files

May 28, 2009

I just did a clean install of the mac and I'm noticing it is extremely slow at copying files back from an External HDD. It is on USB 2.0 connection, and still going maybe 10MB/minute. This is the speed I'd expect from a 1.0 connection. I've checked the wires, everything is connected. I thought maybe I'd speed it up by using an External DVD drive to copy the 20GB music library back from the DVDs rather than the external -- but the external DVD drive showed the same slow speed. The drive didn't even seem to spin up to read faster (like it normally would, it reads/writes quicker than the slot drive on the imac).

It just ran as slow as possible, with the same slow transfer rate. I've been going for a couple hours or more now, and only have 4GB of 16 copied over. I'm guessing there could be a reason for this that I'm missing. It's a fresh install, all updates installed on this Tiger 10.4.11 OS X. External is formatted HFS+ and the iTunes library does not contain any single file over 4 GB, or even close to 1GB. (just music/library files). There has been no problem with the media before.

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MacBook Pro :: Swapped HDD Is Extremely Slow?

Jul 25, 2009

I just dropped in a WD Scorpio 7200 320GB drive in my mid-2009 mbp. I successfully cloned my previous drive. It took forever to boot the first time and every subsequent time. It takes hours to install the os fresh after wiping it. Not at all how I expected the swap to go. What do you all think? Swap it out for another because this one is a bad egg?

I have done a guid partition and it is formatted in mac os x extended and journaled.

When i boot from my old drive, now in a usb enclosure, everything is fine. However when I access the new internal drive it hangs and just doesn't play well with it at all.

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Mac Pro :: Extremely Slow Pioneer DVR-112D?

Aug 30, 2009

My '08 mac pro has a pioneer dvr-112D in it and it seems to be extremely slow when ripping DVDs in windows/bootcamp. It will take 30+ minutes to rip a DVD whereas it only takes 9 minutes on my PC. I ran the Nero discspeed benchmark and it says the drive is only reading at ~10X max at the end of the test. The drive should be good for 18X right?

This happens in both XP and windows 7.

I've checked that DMA mode is enabled so it's not an issue of it being in PIO mode.

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MacBook Pro :: Is Running Extremely Slow While Having 4GB Ram?

Mar 18, 2012

Using a Macbook pro 10.6.7..4 gigs of ram...Was using it earlier Today 100% fine...Than I come back home and go on my macbook to see its running RIDICULOUSLY SLOWWWWWWW..And by slow I mean the mouse movement has tracks and re starting literally took longer..Opening firefox took forever...What the **** Happened?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mac 10.7 Extremely Slow But No CPU Activity?

Apr 18, 2012

I recently ran monolingual and installed Sophos antivirus.  I think the problem started after Sophos free antivirus for Mac. But now the computer frequently displays the spinning wheel but Activity Monitor shows no CPU activity.  While this happens I can not do much with the computer.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Mac Extremely Slow And With Spinning Bal?

May 31, 2012

Yesterday morning during working on the mac, the system started to become extremely slow till the point that even the mouse didn't respond any longer and I only got the spinning ball showing. No webpages opened up any longer and closing the program I was working in (Sibelius 7), took a very long time.   

I did a system clean with Onyx (for Lion), did a virus and trojan check and followed the advice on the Viruses page in this forum on checking the firewall. It wx  After that everything seemed to be OK and the system was fast again. Now after about 1 hour working, again it styartys to show the same symtoms, getting slower and having the spinning ball showing up more ad more. 

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Intel Mac :: Its Running Extremely Slow

Jun 7, 2012

My iMac is running incredibly slow. Takes 5 to 7 minutes to load just about everything. I can't get on Internet because then my wifi shuts down.

Info:iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: IBook Running Extremely Slow?

Nov 13, 2007

I was recently given a (supposedly) non-functional iBook. I reinstalled Tiger on it, and it did fine through the installation and initial startup. However, everything runs really, really slow. It will work normally for about 5 seconds, and then slow to a crawl. Opening system preferences just took 5 minutes. The beach ball shows up with nearly every click.

Anyone know what this means? Bad ram? Bad HD? It is the 14" 1.42 ghz model with 756 mb ram.

Oh yeah, the reason it was presumed dead was because the previous owner smacked it on something, and the LCD screen is bashed up. The rest of it seems physically fine, but it was subject to some sort of impact.

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MacBook Pro :: Extremely Slow Connection Through AirPort?

Jul 30, 2009

So when I use internet to connect to my WiFi connection, the speeds are at dial-up levels. My MacBook is almost right next to the router. After plugging ethernet in to it, it's going as fast as DSL should be.. 10-15x faster than it is over wireless. I understand that wired is always a little faster, but the difference shouldn't be this drastic. What should I do?

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OS X :: Ssh Login From Mac To Linux System Extremely Slow

Dec 16, 2009

ssh login from my 10.6.2 mac to a linux system is extremely slow -- about a minute to get the login prompts. In comparison, ssh login to the same linux machine from putty.exe on Windows XP is almost instantaneous. I have tried adjusting the parameters on both client and host, without much improvement. However, the "1" protocol level seems a little faster. I have setup the keys ("2" level), and that works (without need for pasword), but is still very slow.

I installed putty from macports onto the mac. I got it to work using the "1" protocol level, but it is just as slow as from the terminal command line. All of the above tests were done on a local network with addresses like, so I don't think DNS is a factor.

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OS X :: AFP Connection Response Time Extremely Slow

Aug 12, 2010

I'm running Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro. I often connect to a Linux server sitting at the office through afp. It connects fine, but very quickly the response time of the folders becomes extremely slow. Granted there are fire walls and network magic and whatnot between here and that server that don't exist inside the network at the office. But I feel as if this is a more recent phenomena. Connections in this way have been a little sluggish in the past, but now it's consistently unbearable--beach balls and unresponsive Finder windows. I have an internal RAID pair, and extra drives, and shared connections all talking to this machine.

Which clearly causes the occasional "hiccup" in the system. Like sometimes I wait for folders to load, or like VMWare pausing for a few seconds when trying to access some of the Mac drives. But, for the most part, the system works fast and fine. I've tried to watch the Activity Monitor while accessing the Finder windows on the server. And, all that I've learned is that FireFox is big resource hog, and that Finder barely registers any CPU effort when I click into those drives. Speakeasy tells me I'm getting around 14 Mbps for network speed. The server itself seems to be running fine (according to top and snappy terminal responses). [URL]

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OS X Server :: Extremely Slow Network Logons

Sep 11, 2006

I am in charge of a building level network at a primary (k-2) school. The problem I am having with our computer labs is that the student logons are extremely slow. The lab is running Emacs with 1.25 G4. 512 DDR, and Mac OSX 10.4.7 Appletalk, Bonjour, and LDAPv3 are enabled in Directory Access. They are also running DHCP for their IP. The server is a Xserv running Mac OSX Server 10.4.7 with 2 ghz G5 and 512 ddr.

I recently upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4.7 on the server. There is one drive that maps on logon. The dock, System Preferences, and logon are managed for the students in Workgroup Manager. They are all directly connected to 10/100 switch my office/server room/switch closet. Dose anyone know a way I can make the network logons faster? It is taking almost 2 to 3 minutes for an average student to load. The funny thing is it is very sporadic. Sometimes they will get on quick and all is well. Some times it tells me their home folder is missing or the dock has all kinds of stuff it�s not supposed to have. Sometimes they can�t even logon! It dose not seem to be a specific computer�. Its random on what logon times or if the student account will work.

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ITunes :: Extremely Slow Download From Its Store When On NAS

Mar 25, 2012

Since the latest Itunes update 10.6 I've been experiencing extremely slow download from the store. Set up is as follows (with all the latest firmware and software upgrades done on everything)


Info:MAC Pro 8 Core 3 GHz Xeon 12GB Ram, Mac OS X (10.6)

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Time Machine Is Extremely Slow?

Apr 3, 2012

Runnning OSX Leopard 10.5.8 on a G4 tower with 2GB ram, three internal IDE drives and an external USB drive for back ups. I noticed TM is running really slow doing it's backup. I had it running for two days and saw it copied only 3.8GB of 57GB.  TM backs up all mounted drives correct? Am I wasting my Time with TM? Is it suppose to run this slow or am I missing something?

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Intel Mac :: Runs Extremely Slow And Freezes?

Jul 2, 2012

It all of a sudden started opperating very very slowly, even when doing simple things like clicking the apple icon in the corner, it will freeze or take foreve to open. Its constantly showing the spinning rainbow cursor and it literally takes 20 minutes to turn on. It would take hours to send an email.


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MacBook Air :: It Has Suddenly Become Extremely Slow And Is Always Crashing?

Jul 2, 2012

I have had my Macbook Air for a little more than 2 years. It has always worked pretty well. However, recently I went on vacation for 1 week without my laptop. When I returned home and went to turn on my computer, I noticed that it had become extremely slow. Firstly, turning on my computer has become an abnormally long process. It used to take about 2-3 minutes to turn on. Now, it takes a solid 10 minutes. Not only this, but once my computer has finally turned in, it usually takes another 10 minutes before I can open an internet browser. When I click on the browser (I used Google Chrome) no window will pop up, and after a few more clicks, my screen will freeze completely. Sometimes I will get the rainbow wheel and sometimes the screen just completely freezes without it. Sometimes I will try closing the lid of my computer and then reopening it, but when I do this, the screen stays black for a long period of time even after I have reopened it, almost as if the computer is off. After an excessive amount of key smashing and an abnormally large amount of time, the screen will finally stop being in sleep mode and show my desktop. Even then, my computer will still barely work. Once I finally get a window open and start using the internet, google chrome will end up crashing within at least 20 minutes. The entire screen will freeze, I won't be able to scroll down or exit out of the window, and I then usually have to repeat the painful process that I described above when I attempt to open my browser.

It has been over a week since I returned from vacation, and I deal with these issues every time. My computer has always been fine in the past, why is this suddenly happening? I have tried to remove some of my applications my going into Finder and highlighting the application and clicking Move to Trash, and then emptying the trash. This hasn't helped at all. Do you think that it would help to delete some of my files and data (pictures, documents, screenshots, downloads, ect) or is this irrelevant?  

MacBook Air

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OS X Yosemite :: Mail And Safari Are Extremely Slow

Dec 4, 2014

Since installing Yosemite Mail has slowed to a crawl with a spinning beach ball for 30 seconds or more each time I select a message or a mailbox.  I had a very large (about 5GB) mail file that I have used as a filing cabinet for years.  The only way i could speed it up was to very tediously delete thousands of stored emails and mailboxes (after copying the old mail file to an external disk).  I had this problem on 2 MacBook Pros (1 Retina) and a MacBook Air.  I also have a MacPro (2013) and did not have the problem on that machine although I do not keep large mail files on it. 

In addition Safari takes 10-15 seconds (sometimes longer) to display every web page.  Perhaps it is because the preferences no longer let me select display as received and it is always waiting for the full page do download.  If that is the problem Apple should put it back the other way - many web pages have the bulk of the information available immediately with some stuff taking a while to finish but the info I need is in the first batch. 

I have also had problems with Safari quitting with the error report window for no apparent reasons several time a day. In general I find Yosemite (10.1.1 now) is starting to be as quirky and un-user friendly as Windows - it is a giant step backwards!

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OS X Mountain Lion :: App Store Is Extremely Slow

Dec 3, 2014

connecting to the app store is extremely slow especially for updates. Startup is extremely slow as well 

EtreCheck version: 2.0.11 (98)Report generated December 3, 2014 3:12:54 AM EST Hardware Information: iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) (Verified)  iMac - model: iMac12,1  1 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 4-core  4 GB RAM   BANK 0/DIMM0  2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok  BANK 1/DIMM0  2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok  BANK 0/DIMM1  empty empty empty empty  BANK 1/DIMM1  empty empty empty empty  Bluetooth: Old - Handoff/Airdrop2 not supported


iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), OS X 10.8.5

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OS X :: 10.6.4 To Win7 Home Premium SMB Transfers Extremely Slow

Oct 12, 2010

I've a late 2008 unibody macbook pro, a desktop running windows 7 Home premium and my housemate has a new mac mini and we have a lot of media across all devices. What I'm trying to do, is allow sharing between the macs and the desktop PC (where most of the media is), as well as general file transfer (when transferring uni files and the like). I've got them connected and sharing files, but the problem that I have, is that the transfer speed is extremely slow. I'm talking an average rate of 150KB/s (it took nearly 40mins to transfer 350MB of data).

The network transfer speeds on these two devices are limited to 54MBps (Wireless-G) due to our AP (I'm working on getting a better one), but that should still allow for really quick transfers, far faster than what I'm getting. At the moment, they're set up on the same workgroup, and just using the "Network" window in w7 to access the MBP. It's really frustrating that it's going so slow. How to get these transfer speeds up to their correct levels? Or recommend a better option? If I haven't explained anything properly, this is the guide I followed: [URL]

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OS X :: Extremely Slow Transfer Speed From External HD To Macbook

Apr 23, 2009

This ended up being pretty long but I tried to include as many details as possible. If any more information is needed please just let me know in this thread. I have been trying to figure this out all day and it has been driving me nuts. First of all I have a Macbook with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of RAM and am running Mac OS X Version 10.5.6. Also this is the last generation of the "white" macbook that came out in February I believe of last year.

My external HD is a 1TB Rock Mobile Disk. For some reason when I try to transfer files to or from the external HD to my Mac I am getting nowhere near the expected 480MB/s. I do use a Swiss Gear 4-port USB splitter. When I use the splitter I am getting a transfer rate of about 120MB/s and without it I am only getting about 300MB/s. This is of course if I am only trying to transfer one 800MB movie. If I attempt to transfer multiple seasons of television shows it will drop to as low as 40-50MB/s. Also, if I were to be transferring a single season of a TV show. The transfer speed is much faster to click and drag every episode from my HD to my Mac than it is to transfer the entire folder at once. The whole folder might take 25 minutes but one at a time it will only take about 5.

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OS X :: Ethernet Speed Fine - Wireless Extremely Slow

Jul 25, 2009

I have tried internet speed tests on two laptops, one being a macbook and the other being a HP laptop running Windows Vista. I am meant to be getting 10mb download speeds and get it on the Windows Laptop using both ethernet and wireless connections, however when I use the macbook I get 10mb download speeds with Ethernet but not with wireless. I have tried changing the DNS servers to OPEN DNS on both my router and macbook but this did not help. How to fix this problem and get my wireless speeds the same as my Ethernet speeds. I am running Leopard 10.5.7 and upgraded a few days ago, I also used software update to update the rest of my software.

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OS X :: Logitech MX Revolution - Some Times Move Up Extremely Slow?

Aug 2, 2009

Not really directly Mac related, but I seem to be having a problem with my mouse. It worked fine until a few days ago. Scrolling up on the wheel would work fine, then all of a sudden it would move up extremely slow, and it happens when the wheel is pressed into the click position and when its not.

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Hardware :: Logitech VX Nano Scrolling Extremely Slow?

Sep 18, 2009

I was just looking at a long PDF file in preview and got off the computer for a bit. When I come back, the scrolling for some reason got extremely slow! I don't know what the heck happened. I have scrolling on the highest in system preferences and nothing helped. It takes very long just to get through a page. I know I could just use hyper scrolling, but it is still slow and only fast if I spin it all the way, which then goes all the way to the bottom of the page. What could be wrong?

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